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Fact - one of the most important hardware blocks in DSP cores is the MAC (multiply accumulate) unit. Assumption - the simple "shift and add" algorithm is too slow and therefore isn't utilized. Question - what is the most common algorithm used today for implementing modern (...)
Hi, I am working on a school project. I need to be able to multiply two matrices together. The values in the matrices are all signed digits. I need to multiply two matrices like this and add each value to an offset of : X X X = *
An alternative to division is to multiply by a fraction.
i want to do following calculation in C... multiply by .62536 multiply by 9.46344 can any one suggest >>,<< method to solve this prob. ex: for .62536, =(((x <<2)+3)/6) any comments are welcome!! :D:
below is a 8-bit shift and add multiplier code in vhdl. u can take it as reference and design a 16-bit multiplier. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- The multiplier --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (...)
hi, fft operation is basically a repetitive multiply and add operation.There are certain stages depending on the length of the input vector. In the computation of each stage,one bit is increased in the resulting data. In the fix point calculation, this will overflow the data registers. To avoid this overflow of data (...)