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As far as I'm aware of, multisim doesn't provide a feature to specify component models by s-parameter tables like e.g. ADS does. Only way that I can think of is to find an equivalent circuit for an empirical s-parameter result by parameter fitting methods. and use this circuit in multisim.
Hey everyone, I've been working on a team that's developing an online variant of our SPICE based circuit simulator. What we've done is taken our desktop version, multisim, and brought the most commonly used features into a webapp which works on any computer/tablet/smart phone and has been greatly simplified. The go
Hello, I am designing a voice compression circuit and i use Tc7109 12-bit resolution adc in my circuit, the problem is there is no simulation model for this adc in multisim, orcad, or even proteus. How can I simulate this adc chip? Thanks for your concern.
Problem Statement: Design astable mulitvibrator using op-amp IC 741 for frequency 1 KHz.and peak to peak voltage of 10V and duty cycle less than 50%. Plot its output response and compare with theoretical response. Attached circuit diagram and file of multisim. What to do to see output on (...)
Hello, I'm exploring inverting and non inverting op amp circuits Following a book of mine, I had success with the following circuit using an lmc6001. However, using an opa320 for example, I can't get any amplified signal out of it As a function generator I'm using 1Khz with 100mVp Can someone explain what's going wrong ? How to (...)
Your schematic had wires running around in circles (multisim?). I fixed it. Why did you reduce the collector resistor value of Q2 to be so low?
tested the model that comes in the program and does not provide simulate the wave signal at the output and other simulators like multisim works already using the same circuit. I agree also, if possible, other models of components to add to the program.
Is there anybody who knows how to build hysteresis current control in multisim? If anyone knows it please help me.............
I want to design a circuit on NI multisim which is like: The input voltage of around 100 to 150 V and input Current 10A; The circuit designed should be such that at the output i need an increasing current with the decrease in voltage;in other words the motive behind the circuit design is to have an (...)
Hye.. I want to ask who can show me how to connect bilateral switch 4066 in multisim?? PLZZ
106330hello guys i am new to ADS and i have this assignment of simulating this rectenna circuit along with matching network in ADS i am using ADS for the first time i tried it myself but i couldnt understand how to do it its kind of different from designing in multisim and proteus here is the figure
Hey everyone, So I have this question: In a certain application an output signal with f=500 Hz is affected by a DC offset and a 400 KHz noise signal. Design, Simulate and implement a circuit that will cancel the offset and attenuate the noise signal by around 20 dB. Shall I design first a low pass filter or a (...)
Your design should be fine, and also using multisim for simulation. You can try also LTspice or circuitMaker SV for simulation.
multisim does not seem to know anything about modern electronics.
Do you mean that the simulation time should match the real time? That is what proteus or multisim (NI) is trying to do but bottom line is that the circuit complexity and your system cpu power will play a huge role in the speed that the simulation will be able to achieve but I don't think it matters much because the simulation clock shows (...)
Hi guys, i am working on ecg amplifier and completed my design in multisim 2011 now i want to check how my circuit is going to react with the heart beat signal. so can anyone help how can i generated heart beat at various frequencies from 1hz to 10hz Thanks
guys i need some help about the following sequential circuit, i made it on bread borad and in multisim but not working as it describe :( plz can u guys helo me??? here is multisim file that im trying to simulate
Hi How do u model a rechargeable model in software(multisim) ???? I googled the same question and found that one can find Non Ideal Battery in Education Edition in multisim. I was testing my circuit using a Non Ideal Battery of 12V of capacity 150Ah with internal resistance 5.5mΩ. But here's my problem - At (...)
Hello to you all, am still very new to the platform of a multisim, working day and night to learn it and yet i still dont get it well. i will be glad if the forum could please help me with some relevant, comprensive and precise information and books/materials on how to use it. also, i will be glad if (...)
Hello, right now the workbench is owned by National Instruments and they are calling it now multisim, you can download an educational student version for it from the National Instruments website directly, just follow the link below i want to download this program in last version...someone
I want to simulate my circuit which consists of hall sensor and its signal conditioning. Which simulation software should i use? LTspice or Pspice or multisim? Thanq It doesn`t matter at all. All software packages can do - provided they have a Hall sensor model on-board (I don`t know if there is any). Or do you int
I was just playing with the multisim and I thought of making a series circuit consisting of two capacitors just for nothing. C1=0.1uF C2=0.2uF Vcc=12V so Vc1=C2/(C1+C2)*Vcc=8V Vc2=C1/(C1+C2)*Vcc=4V I must have 8V and 4V across capacitors, but multisim was showing 6.003V and (...)
Hi could somebody please explain this circuit. I do not know how to where to measure an output from this circuit by simulating it to multisim, where can i get data. could any body please tell me how. Thanks79330 This is a brief explanation of the circuit: This logging circuit is adapted to a (...)
Is there an easy way of converting a multsim netlist export file to something that you can import into the applet? Short of re-implementing the whole circuit inside the applet.
Just playing around with the 2 LED flasher circuit in Short circuits 1 magazine in multisim. I notice if you reduce the capacitor value to say 100nF the signal starts to get fairly eratic and untidy. Any tips on cleaning up the signal?
Hello!!! Everyone ... Right Now i am using Proteus for Micro-Controller Simulation... and now have to do some sort of Analog Simulation.... So my seniors told me that.. proteus is good for digital not for analog simulation... and advice me to use multisim... I want some advice regarding this topic... Is it good to use (...)
Hi Everyone, I am working on generator and interface circuit to generator to be used to charge up battery. I use multisim to simulate the circuit before actually building it. However, I have difficulty to simulate generator loading effect. For example, electrical power generator (powered by wind or water) is delivering (...)
No... EdSim51 is not compatible for this.... You could try NI multisim or any other.... I can guarantee for any specific model of uC....
Orcad multisim
Hi ,guys Recently I have met a problem with 48V power supply. I used a TL431 as regulator. The figure blow is the schematic.I simullated in worked well. 66646 But after I soldered the components on board, the output gave a big ripple(200mV Vp-p,4Hz). I used an oscilloscope and detected a big pulse with the
So many are their like EAGLE, ORCAD, PROTEUS, KiCAD, multisim and their are so many more
I am simulating one battery charging circuit in multisim and using power source as 12 volts DC. The simulation working fine but do not know how to use the linear adjustable battery source in the circuit so I can reduce the battery voltage or increase the battery voltage to see whether the charging starts at low battery (...)
Hi i need to design a 5 bit Sync. Gray UP Counter using JK -Flip Flop any help or circuit of multisim Please Help i have seen 3-Bit counter in Thomas .L Floyd book thanks in advanced
Hello friends, i am designing a dual supply circuit. i drawn it in multisim and it is working well. but when i transferred it to .ewnet file to use it in ultiboard,it shows only few components there,not even capacitors and very confused as didn't found any solution niether in documentation files with software nor in help (...)
Hi to all, Can somebody please address me to a tutor where I can learn how to create and add a new transformer model into multisim 11? Basically I need to simulate a circuit containing a transformer I designed and built myself. Of course I know all its main parameters: number of windings, turn ratio, winding capacitance (...)
I meant that the circuit becomes unstable after some time, so multisim gives an error...and ..umm..why cant you read my diagrams? :P i've tried to make a class E power amplifier
You didn't tell about the actual problems you'll faced in your test. You are only showing a multisim simulation circuit with standard measurement values, e.g. Vpp and Vrms. Thus I wonder, if your design involves a reasonable signal processing for an LCR meter (phase sensitive synchronous rectification or similar)? The (...)
I designed my circuit for my mini project (mobile phone detector) in NI multisim -11 and then decided to transfer the contents to NI-ULTIBOARD - 11 to design my PCB for the circuit. While transferring it shows that certain virtual components cannot be exported. I did some searching in the net and found out (...)
I use National Instruments Electronics Workbench Software. It has the advantage of having a very large library of components. The software has two components - multisim and Ultiboard. 1)Design and test the circuit using multisim. and 2)Implement in PCB using Ultiboard. Eval Download Link: (...)
Hey guys I'm trying to simply assemble a circuit diagram in multisim, sort of a ping-pong game with shift registers but not even one led will light on, the reference document and multisim file are attached below, I had to do the diagram spread through the multisim page for easier troubleshooting but its not (...)
I recently migrated to linux and have been having quite a hard time finding a decent SPICE package. Most of the ones I find (eg. Oregano) are in alpha stages and have no models at all. On windows I used Electronics Workbench v10 and multisim is a very complete package. I also used LTspice but their interface was very (...)
maybe Meters, Multipliers and Shunts can help you. look at section 6, digital panel meter by the way, use multisim to simulate analog circuit instead of proteus good luck
Can someone tell me whats wrong with this circuit? ...Please don't be harsh, I'm very tired. Every time I click play the capacitor goes bye
hi i test this circuit on my multisim simulator and it dos not work What does this mean? Didn`t you try to find out why ? Of course, such a circuit called WIEN oscillator works - if it is designed properly. For a safe start of oscillations the gain of the opamp with negative resistive feedback must be slightl
Hey, I'm trying to do a sun sensor circuit which uses several photodiodes and AD820s, anyone knows how I can do a comparator circuit for the input of atleast 4 photodiodes?
I guess, you won't even see the quartz oscillators work. You may want to look for there output signals in the first place. They can be simulated in SPICE/multisim, but only with special prerequisites. I don't know anything about the involved quartz models, also I wonder, if 7400 is modelled as an analog comonent. Mostly likely it's a "mixed signal"
Hi. Y'all The attached file is one of relaxation oscillators I am using. This circuit specifically uses a TI?s TLC3702 comparator to generate a square wave output. Can you perform a pss (periodic steady state) and phase noise analysis for this relaxation oscillator in multisim? My first software, Cadence, has both simulations. However, (...)
I am trying to model an amplifier circuit in multisim and there's a huge list of transistors that I can use. I can only use BJT NPN transistors... Does anyone have any idea what transistor is most commonly used? I know it varies from application to application, but just for a beginner level, like an electronics lab in a school, which (...)
i ave implemented this circuit on multisim please see this now while making it on breadboard how much variations in the voltage and current wiill take place?what should i do to get munimum variations?whether it will show similar I and V on practical circuits as that of multisim?please help (...)
can anyone help me how to simulate LTC3401 and or LT1307 using multisim? i search in multisim component library but i cant found LTC3401 or LT1307 and other DC-DC buck regulator.. does anyone have a spice model for these components? so i can create them in component wizard, or maybe you already hhave these components for (...)