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multisim is a very bad simmulatos. it has many non convergance and accuracy issues. keep away from it. it is a useless tool. hock
Many, many thanks for the reply, Jony. It was very much helpful. It seems that my questions weren't that much stupid.:wink: If it weren't people like you I would have bade farewell to my studies long time ago! I have downloaded trial versions of both simulators: Yenka Electronics, circuitWizard. circuitWizard: [
i would like to simulate my entire circuit containg 74 series ic and 2 fpga . i would like to see the pspice simulation of the entire circuit alongwith the fpga code. i know it can be done in multisim and i have done it for small vhdl codes. it is no good for large program. can it be done in orcad 9.2 or (...)
Basicly this is a schools pcb package ,I have the demo version and it is very easy to use . there will be an update early next year so you can add your own components. Thay also do livewire (like multisim) and a component module building block program ( electronic tutor). Barrybear
when i buiid my circuit,i cant measure voltage or current of equipments..i can only achieveit with ossiloskop..what can be problem?is it relation with multisim series? Please make sure you have installed the service pack of multisim... there were some problems with multisim version 8 (early version)... when you install
Hello! I have spent last couple of days using multisim and Google and trying to design input circuit to microcontroller (AVR) with following requirements: 1. Incoming signals: TTL-level pulse sensor, open-collector Hall-sensor and automotive switch-type input (+13,6V - open circuit) (...)
is there any software simulation program to simulate simple projects on 8870 dtmf. multisim and circuit matker don't have spice model for 8870. thanks for reply
is there any software simulation program to simulate simple projects on 8870 dtmf. multisim and circuit matker don't have spice model for 8870. thanks for reply
I was just playing with the multisim and I thought of making a series circuit consisting of two capacitors just for nothing. C1=0.1uF C2=0.2uF Vcc=12V so Vc1=C2/(C1+C2)*Vcc=8V Vc2=C1/(C1+C2)*Vcc=4V I must have 8V and 4V across capacitors, but multisim was showing 6.003V and (...)
i think for analog circuits PSpice is the first one and multisim in the second level . but for digital circuits like Micros Proteus is the Top . Why is multisim better in analog than Proteus?
I want to know that tool recommends me to make designs RF, either in a discreet or integrated way. I have multisim, and for what I have seen, it has the possibility to simulate circuits but built discreetly, sincerely i would not know if it allows to simulate circuits integrated RF. I wait comments.
I'm a student so naturally I got the student edition of multisim. The problem I'm having is I find I can't layout even the simplest circuit, because there are only a handfull of components in the libraries. As soon as I get started I find that I don't have most of the parts I need. For example, we were given a simple 2 stage (...)
Hi every one: I am trying to control the process of multisim circuit simulation with varies parameters on Labview by using the connectivity toolkit (beta). My softwares' version: multisim 11, Labview 2009 and Connectivity Toolkit (beta). Desperately, I have been struggling on difficulties when running the Labview (...)
This is a simple overload protection circuit in a power supply. Usually that configuration(the differential opamp and diode) is use to control the power supply whether function in current mode or voltage mode(refer to 2nd attachment). However, i modified it become an overload protection circuit(the part that i drawn in the box). I have (...)
I'm a newbie with multisim and was trying to see a FM circuit posted by E-design. I got a curios behavior . The circuit alone doesn't oscillate until I add a Spectrum analyzer instrument and a probe (probe1). Taking out the SA the circuit oscillate around KHZ . I really don't (...)
i ave implemented this circuit on multisim please see this now while making it on breadboard how much variations in the voltage and current wiill take place?what should i do to get munimum variations?whether it will show similar I and V on practical circuits as that of multisim?please help (...)
I have installed the latest version of multisim11.0 on my lappy and was working on an ac mains frequency monitoring system. I want to simulate the circuit that i have designed, in multisim, and i need to use 74c926(Fairchild) in it. BUt the problem is that i cannot find that component in the library. Is (...)
Hello friends, i am designing a dual supply circuit. i drawn it in multisim and it is working well. but when i transferred it to .ewnet file to use it in ultiboard,it shows only few components there,not even capacitors and very confused as didn't found any solution niether in documentation files with software nor in help (...)
Thank you, hansbe, LvW. I was simply playing around when I drew that block diagram. Truth be told once again (although I have already told it in first post above) that I have never used an amplifier or an oscillator. You can change some parameters such as frequency, you can change amplification gain to any other number (the gain used by me is "2")
I am simulating one battery charging circuit in multisim and using power source as 12 volts DC. The simulation working fine but do not know how to use the linear adjustable battery source in the circuit so I can reduce the battery voltage or increase the battery voltage to see whether the charging starts at low battery (...)
So many are their like EAGLE, ORCAD, PROTEUS, KiCAD, multisim and their are so many more
Hey Hi Which of these softwares are used more frequently in Industries Verilog Simulators- ModelSim, Xilinx ISE circuit Simulators- PSpice, HSpice, multisim Thank You
Hi, following is a link that i found. I simulated it using multisim, and the 555 part is giving proper output. but 741 just give
Is there an easy way of converting a multsim netlist export file to something that you can import into the applet? Short of re-implementing the whole circuit inside the applet.
I have EWB Student Suite multisim 2001. I also have four of Richard H. Berube's books with the accompanying software. All were purchased new. They all worked OK with Windows XP. I had to replace my computer and now have Windows 7. Since then I am unable to use all the programs. They all download OK and multisim, (...)
i want one simulator for electrical and power electronics same as like multisim and proteus on electronics, please help me to fine one
Hello to you all, am still very new to the platform of a multisim, working day and night to learn it and yet i still dont get it well. i will be glad if the forum could please help me with some relevant, comprensive and precise information and books/materials on how to use it. also, i will be glad if (...)
Different circuit simulators have different weaknesses regarding convergence problems. I'm not presently using multisim and thus can't help with it's specific issues. There are some general points how to avoid respectively find workarounds for popular convergence problems with semiconductor components. I wonder if you have set realistic rise (...)
Greetings, I run a multisim simulated circuit and real life circuit. The circuit I am trying to simulate is a basic The simulator shows that a
multisim has a LM7805 in its database. It is under Master database/power. There is also a component wizard that lets you import other parts. I guess LTspice will have the same features. Join the LT users group, they have a vast library of components available.
I saw the this example but it dosent say how to calculate the resistors or what transtore to use. a also simulated the circuit with multisim and it has a strange behavior.
i cannot find 4521 and 4017 in multisim
You can find some examples at the following link:
Try simulator orcad-multisim
i designed this 7 segment display by using multisim 7.0 but it didnt work, can you help me complite this display. i have to make this for writing a 6502microprocessor code in order to write "1 2 3 4 5 6" on this display. this is my project of year(for school) please help me. Coution: to run file you must use multisim 7.0
My multisim 7.0 Bill of Materials allows me to do that. What version of multisim are you using? You click "Reports Menu" then "Bill of Materials"?
hi, m creating pcb for my project in ultiboard in signal layer copper bottom its a very easy circuit but.. ultiboard is taking too much time in routing it has taken 5 days but still routing routing and routing m tired.. plz help me i have attatched the ultiboard file plz take a look and tell me whatz wrong with my net list its (...)
Is there any linux circuit simulator as good as multisim?
I've tried to simulate digital circuit using simultating program (Pspice and multisim too). There are MCU part in the database. I just wonder if it can be simulate by the program or just the schematic drawing(useless thing). What 's the range of things that can be simulate under multisim?? Transistor and (...)
Hi everyone; I am trying to simulate the DC working of an OPAMP. I use the LM741CN in multisim Version 7. I have problems with measuring the positive and negative saturation voltage, can someone help me out? When I build the circuit I get results that are to big to be true... When I build the same circuit with (...)
Hi I'm working with multisim 8 to design an Amplifier, but I need 2SJ162 and 2SK1058 MOSFET's, I found this link but when I created these components and simulated the circuit I had an error. I thought that these models are wrong. I hope you can help me. Thx. PD. Sorry but
Hi, multisim 9 has Pole Zero Analysis here it is some info about it Pole Zero Analysis produces the real and imaginary coordinates of the poles and/or zeroes, depending on which analyses are enabled. The Pole Zero Analysis provides precise results on circuits containing passive devices (resistors, capacitors (...)
hello guys i want to know about "multisim".how and where it will be used in circuit designing. --pradeep--
I've just installed Elecronics Workbench multisim 9, and was tinkering with a classic triac/diac lamp dimmer circuit. Waveforms are extremely spikey, inconsistent, and at times just plain wrong. Some signal excursions are even higher than the AC input voltage. If I breadboard the circuit, (...)
Hey guys, I just found out that Eelctronics Workbench has put up a course on learning to use their circuit simulator multisim. The course is delivered online! Normally you had to call them and ask them to send you a copy, but now you can just check it out for free. This course even has some information on using their new virtual (...)
use simulation software like electronic workbench...or has a logic analyser.... try uploading the schematics....
I am designing a subwoofer and would like to include an automatic standby circuit to automatically switch it on/off depending on whether a signal is present or not for a certain period of time. I know that this is easily done with a microcontroller, but I want to do it the harder and more satisfying analog way. I know (...)
Try multisim from . You can analyze through the built in Tektronix CRO.
I personally like multisim because it is easy to use and very easy to learn the commands.