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firstly : i need to implement multiplexer in matlab simulink ? note : mux block in simulink is useful to combine signals into one vector.and i don,t this i need to "select" only one input from all inputs and pass it (natural mux) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- secondly : if i want to implement custom b
1.Difference between MULTIPLEXER and ENCODER 2.What is DATA SELECTOR?(multiplexer) 3.Give advantages of mux,demux,encoder,decoder,magnitude comparator. 4.What are the minimization techniques available. 5.What is TTL and state its characteristics. 6.What are sequential circuits.Give example. 7.Difference between LATCH and FLIPFLOP. 8.What is
I want to know the how a mux is to arrive at the depth of logic for, say, a 4-1 mux with sel. in general, given N inputs and M selects and 1 o/p, how do we arrive at logic levels. thx in advance...
1) Design a circuit which will either substract x from y or y from x, depending on the value of a .If a=1, the output should be x-y, and if a=0, the output should be y-x.Use a 4 bit substractor and two 4bit 2to 1 mux? 2) Realize a full adder using a 3 to 8 line decoder and a)two or gates b)two norgates [size=
Hi all, I have a question about using "process" and "if" statement. Can we use these two statements for describing a pure conbinational logic, say, a 2to1 mux? Will the code be synthesized as logic circuits with latches (therefore not combinational)? The following vhdl code went throught compile without any problems and get internal problem from
Hi friends can u help me solving this digital question To built an 4 bit 2's complement number using 2:1 mux? thanks::::
does any one konw what is the logic expression of a mux?
1)how can i guarentee that my FSM output is glitch free.......... Register the FSM outputs 3)what is the size of LUT if i want to implement two nindependent logic functions of 5 variables.......... 4 input LUT with a Fx mux for 5 variable logic but we cannot use the same slice for another 5 variable