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Draw an inverter. Draw the layout. No, I use a P-well process (or whatever is opposite of what you draw) Redraw it. Draw a 4-1 mux using transmission gates (or whatever they think you don't know based on how you answered #1) What tools do you know? Do you know Verilog (or VHDL)? How many pins was the biggest project you have made? Wha
i am having a 2X1 that select line is X (unknown state) what will be the output. . input may be 0 or 1. if the select is z (high impedance what will be the ouput If select line is X then the output will also be X . Although this depends on the way u have coded if u have used if -else type not considering then ur
does any one konw what is the logic expression of a mux?
Hi friends can u help me solving this digital question To built an 4 bit 2's complement number using 2:1 mux? thanks::::
Hi, I am using two 555 timers to generate two different frequencies. They work great. However, I want to use the 74LS157 2 to 1 mux to control which frequency goes through. When i connect the two out puts of the 555 timers to the inputs of the mux i get strange waveforms out. My select function is changing at rate of around 100 Hz. I hooked the
porosity comes form 'porous'. Its basically air gaps in dilectric layers, which reduces the di-electric constant of the layer. 4 or less inputs in a gate: has to do with its input loading. If the input loading is higher, the propagation delay will be high. May be 4 is the sweet spot, and if more inputs are required, then you'd use 2 gates in par
Can any one post the viva questions and answers for digital electronics lab. The experiments are 1.half adder and full using NAND 2.binary to gray code converter 3.gray to binary code converter 4.BCD to Excees3 code converter 5.binary adder/subtractor and BCD adder using IC 7483 6.Magnitude comparator 7.parity checke
1. your comparator can either drive a chain of tapered inverter- also known as tapered buffer. That generally drives bigger loads with improvement in delay. If you wish to drive even larger load- try reading about Hidh Drive Buffer- i drove 1nF cap using that. But in your case- I guess tapered buffer should help you.. 2. for jitter analysis- expo
Hello all (First post on forum) I understand that I have yet to contribute anything to this community and therefore you will be unlikely to help me, but I'm hoping someone will find it in their heart to offer assistance. Basically I am revising for a University resit exam that's coming up for a Computer Systems module. For the most part, I can
1.Difference between MULTIPLEXER and ENCODER 2.What is DATA SELECTOR?(multiplexer) 3.Give advantages of mux,demux,encoder,decoder,magnitude comparator. 4.What are the minimization techniques available. 5.What is TTL and state its characteristics. 6.What are sequential circuits.Give example. 7.Difference between LATCH and FLIPFLOP. 8.What is
Hi, There will definitely be a problem, if you are using a continuously switching signal as a select. You need to have a clock gating check performed at these points, and if you are getting a violation then you need to fix them before proceeding. The clock gating check can be ignored only in the case when the select signal of the mux is stat
111719 What is the function of Adder and mux in the given figure? Please give me the answer Thanks in Advance.
In the next months i have to migrate a FPGA VirtexII VHDL design (near to million gates) to ASIC. In the original design i use a classic FPGA flow using as main tools Synplify+Amplfy+Modelsim, but i think boundary conditions,timing constraints and layout (even synthesis) in ASIC will be very different and other flow and considerations will be us
Hi, I am a newbee in FPGAs. I have a few doubts. Hope that someone can clear them. 1-Are all FPGAs have volatile memory i.e. they lose program on power down. 2-How can I make my FPGA board so that it can operate as stand alone without the interference of downloading PC everytime I wish to use it. Can anyone site a practical example.
Hi, I have got 2 questions about DSP: 1°) have someone already bootload a DSP (TI c5402) via the HPI port? 2°) Does someone use the KERNEL/BIOS for real time application?? tchuss, :wink:
As we know, data multiplexing is often applied and two main implementation methods are prevalent in FPGA of Xilinx, say Spartan. They are BUFT and the combination of mux and LUT. However, in practice, some expericense informs us that BUFT is not recommended due to its simulation mismatch and poorer performance. Also just for this, Synplify aut
Hello! I'm making one A/D moard with mc and I need more pins. Sounds familiar? I'm in dilema if I should use mux CD4067, but there is quite big resistance Ron. Does anyone have any experience with use of this mux circuits in real aplications. Any better solution? Regards!
I have a couple of questions regarding this subject. 1. Is there a direct way to export an allegro *.brd file to a pads ascii file? If so, that would make things very simple for my current endeavor. 2. I am using a translator that calls for an extract of allegro for exceptable input format. (*.txt or *.val) How is thi
I have a few questions about LVDS LVDS: (1) The clock pair frequency is different from the data pair frequency. What is the skew requirements between clock pair and data pairs? (2) How should I measure the delay: Is it from the crossing point of the driver differential pair to the crossing point of the receiver differential pair?
Hi, I was until now using DSP with no cache support and so was novice in uC knid of programming. Now I am supposed to port the same into DSP with cache. The DSP in question is Blackfin with L1 and L2 memory. The question is can I move program from L2 to L1 using DMA in background while I am using L1 for program execution. I do not want use L1
Timing and testing in tri-state bus implementation is a problem. The designers don't take more time to trim timing problem by using mux-based bus. In SOC design, all most designs choose mux-based bus, because IP integration is easier. Another benefit of the mux-based bus is to improve bus bandwidth efficiency significantly, eg. AMBA 2.0.
Hi all, I have a few doubts relating to PCB design: 1. What is the significance of 'Copper Pour attached to GND NET' in PCB design? 2. What are the applications in which it is recommended? 3. Where is it not recommended? 4. Is it advisable to select the entire PCB and 'Pour Copper attached to GND NET' OR just fill certain critical areas?
hi, veterans please upload some good interview questions for ASIC\FPGA job hunters. I know there is another post on the same topic. But if anyone has more questions. Pleaseeeeee. help tnx
Hi All, I have a coplanar T-Resonator. It's an open quarter wavelength resonator. I'm using the resonator for substrate characterization. I did 2-port measurement by taking the T arms as port 1 and port 2. My questions are: 1. How can I extract the quality factor due to the conductor losses and the radiation losses. 2. Do I need to take the T
i like the Psoc and the online help.though i am a beginner on it. i have study the PSoc for a week, and have some questions followed. (1)on the DEVICE EDITOR interface,how to define the registers's name,such as DBA00,DBA01,DCA00,ACA00,ASA10,ASB20.. and why? (2)on the DEVICE EDITOR interface,what means about the user module parameter such as 24v1
Hi, I am programming PIC microcontrollers in Assembler. Sometimes I get stuck and don't know how to solve a problem. I think many people know what I am talking about. :) I was looking for a forum where I can ask questions on which I can't find the answers in datasheets. I found this forum. Is it possible to find any answers here? If it is, whic
Hello all, In my design, I need to access the CSRs. For which I have come up with a solution of having a 40:1 mux. But seeing to the size of the mux it is not favuorable to have such a big mux. Can anybody tell me how can I access the CSRs. Is there any way to split this big mux which will not affect the timings of the (...)
I'm starting to collect data to design IC tester and also I would like to integrate IC identifivation circuit. I have a number of questions 1- for IC identification circuit how can I apply the expected test vector to the IC whil I did not the Input and Output pins(i.e the IC can be damaged while try to now its number by appling input to output p
I want to insert Caller ID information on the telephone line so that a standard CLI device can display the number sent to it. I have the following questions. 1. What is the modulation type of CLI data. 2. What is the frequency and amplitude of the CLI carrier and Data 3. What is the packet contents of the CLI transmission. I have tons of in
can somebody tell some interview questions for PCB designer or some other engineering job
iam trying to switch my clock while system running I have used a mux as a concurrent statment so that when power up If FPGA see 1 on an I/o pin it selects clock source 1 and if it see 0 it will select source 2 ... it's a very simple code and working correctly .. --------- entity switclock is Port (c1,c2,mxcon : in std_logic ;
Hi to all, I'm trying P-CAD2002 SP1.I have some questions: - When I re-route a trace the 'loop' (the old trace) didn't delete. Is there a flag or setup to do this command ? - Can P-CAD import nVisage schematic and back annotate to it? Many tanks mkbs :D
I have two questions related to slots: 1) There is a retangular slot in a metal plate, it needs to be fed by a coaxial . 2) There are two cross rectangular slots in a metal plate, two pair of cross points on the edges of the slots need to be shorted, but two short lines across do not connect with each other. Could you let me kno
what do u mean by "mux with comma" ??
Hi all, I need help for preparing for an interview. Interview will be based on 8051 microcontroller and its interfacing. If anybody have "questions and Answers" type documents on this microcontroller please share. Regards Itp
I'm considering of designing a near EPP-compliant interface from a PC to a SLIC Si3210 evaluation board. The latter has a digital PCM input/output, both transmitted in serial manner. At this point I'm interested in transmitting data to the SLIC. For this I have found an ancient IC, the 74LS166, which is an 8-bit parallel-in serial-out (PISO) IC
Hai, I just finished my first PCB with Easy-PC.But i have some questions : 1.I have single side PCB and I just can not have a right printout of Top Copper.How to print in Easy-PC? I printed a some print-outs from printing&plotting.But i have 6 different pages and i think i selected all.I can not see drill holes of pads.How to print holes? 2
dear all: I have read the paper "concepts and methods in optimization of integrated lc vcos", and i am going to design a complementary crossed coupled lc vco.Now i have some questions on this: 1.what kind of simulation and optimization tool can i ues in this design? now i have only the advanced design system(ADS). 2. how about the o
I learn about microcontrollers from mikroelektronika's tutorial , I think it's cool , at least it made me able to start, anyways, I have some general questions , 1) what is the main purpose of RBPU (bit 7 in option register) , I think it turns the internal pull up resistors in PORTB off and on, but what is that used for? 2) can someone please
HI, All, I am a newbie to use spectre. I have several questions to start with 1. I have do a dc analysis, and an output directory dc.raw/ is created. Howe to see the waveform? I have tried the AWD (analog waveform display) but I can't load the file in dc.raw 2. I have used spp to translate the spice netlist and the input .sp to .scs, but th
hello evry body, my name is kranthi ,i am going to complete my MSc in soc design,presently i am working on MSc porject "memory controller verification using specman". could you plz inform me what type of questions generally they will ask on verification at interviews .. if u had any prvious question could you plz send me will be very h
GP-------------GP SP-----@------SP GP-------------GP GP: Ground Pad SP: Signal Pad @: spiral inductor The other questions are: 1. Do I need to connect two ground pads under the signal pad on each side? 2. Do I need to draw "open" "short" "through" and "load" for calibration?
Dear all, I am a bit new with timing problems and I would like to ask you three questions. So, here we go: First question: In my design I have to control /CS and /RD signals. The specifications says that the /RD signal has a setup time to the asserting of /CS of 0ns (/CS should be asserted at least 0ns before /RD is asserted) and Thold
hi all, here are several questions about phase noise at LC VCO (1). In my opinion,there are four systems: Linear Time Invarant, Linear Time Varant, Nonlinear Time Invarant and Nonlinear Time Varant. If I want to analyze the phase noise at LC VCO, which system is resonable? I ever study some phase noise models of VCOs such as Leeson's, Abidi's a
Hello everyone: Could you help me on the following questions: 1. Which information are included in the verilog model? 2. In which design flow we must use the verilog model? 3. How to deal with the analog signal in verilog model? Can anybody show me a example about ADC or DAC model? Thanks very much.
Has anyone ever used ADS Momentum to simulate a LNA? Is that necessary? I have several questions to ask: 1, how to describe the Low Noise transistor in Mom? I have only a S2P file to make s-parameter simulation in schematic window, so what to use in Mom? 2,How to deal with the ground ports in Mom? 3,How to deal with the lumped componen
Hi there, I am a newbie in this field. I have cpuple of questions that I would like to ask. 1. With regard to data throughput of the DSP system, what govern the capacity of the system. 2. Given a typical embedded DSP application, how to estimate the data throughput requirements of the application as well as the number of MIPS that the embedded
I am in US and have an undergraduate education in RF. I learnt for LNA, Mixer, Oscillator, Filter, Amplifier, Stubs, Couplers with also Design Labs and Actual impementation of them and testing them using only Network Analyzers not the real world. What Interview questions I should expect? Mostly I am looking for any trick questions I have never l
Hi..I am using the software to simulate the transformer. In the documentation of this software, the transformer model is Fig01(attached),but it also said "this is not a circuit model for the transformer but simply a translation of the 2-port z-parameters into a particular circuit rep