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Hello all; i have assigned to design a 40 delay step using nand NOR any standard cells currently I'm just looking at the big picture that i can start from. please any suggestions this 40 dealy step may take a 6-bit input to walk through the 40 steps of about 50 ps thank you in advance
Hi, Normally standard cells would have buffers, INV, AND, OR, nand, AOI (AND-OR-INV), mux, flip-flops, etc, etc. Are you creating your own library from scratch? If you have a bunch of cells lying around (now how does that happen?) & don't know how to group them, I think you should put everything according to technology. If you are trying (...)
Which gate apart frm nand and NOR CAN ACT AS UNIVERSAL GATE ?
No, you cannot derive AND/OR/nand/NOR from only XOR/XNOR gates.