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Anyone know how to plot the near field in hfss?help me please.What is the different between the near fields and the far fields in hfss simulation?
Hi everyone, I will like to obtain a 3D polar plot of the near-fields (on a near-field sphere) of an antenna in hfss but I am interested in the Htotal component. However, under report type "near-field", only the E field components are available. So my (...)
Hi! I'm new and I have a little experience with hfss. I would like to simulate an array antenna (maybe using patch antennas or open ended waveguides) and to evaluate the near field across a plane in front of the array (about 10 waveleghts far from it). I have understood i need to solve only one element and then i have to set up the array (...)
hi, i am trying to design a compact cassegrain antenna where the shaped subreflector is in the near-field of the feed, my problem is that - how to see the near field (radiation) pattern in hfss?? so that i can accordingly design the subreflector surface. if anybody knows the answer kindly (...)
Hi fcolleon firstly select insert near filed setup in the radiation tree and then select sphere secondly after simulation in the results select near filed data and in the results page you can select any plan you want by its theta and phi(fixed theta or fixed phi) I hope it'll be helpful
Hi, Yes I know, but since I use far radiation boundary for my antenna, there is no need any more to use a near field one, and this for the same reason I specified above. I mean that near fields can be plotted anywhere inside the far field radion boundary, so why do I need to use the (...)
Dear Friends, I have to make a near field simulation of dipole antenna array at 11 GHz... Aperture size is 1 meter... 32 dipole antennas are uniformly distributed through aperture (with equal step size) ... Unfortunately, as Tallface65 says, the array factor is not calculated for near field in hfss... (...)
Hi, In hfss, Analyze at you would with Far-field simulation. When Analysis is done, Create a line on which the field is to be measure, then select Result/CreateReport/near-field. Regards.
Hi, Anybody nows the easiest way (or software) where you can import an antenna pattern or structure and check how much is the received field in the near field region or how this field diminishes in the near-field region with an increasing distance from the antenna? The interest here is for (...)
Hi, everyone. I have a question about the antenna near field analysis. In order to analyze the near field of the printed antenna, we need to define the plane for display. It seems to me that we still need the radiation boundary in order to absort all the outgoing radiation wave. But my problem is that the wavelength (...)
Hi, does anyone know that what is the difference of "near field" and "field" in hfss. I try to plot the magnitude of the E-field along a specified polyline. But I cannot use "near field" option but only "field" Option. So what is the difference between (...)
I have 2 projects: The first is the simulation of the radiation in near field of a monopole antenna. In the second one, i want to import the excitation from the first one by using an excitation as a near field incident wave. can any one tell me how can i proceed. Thanks in advance..
Hi, I am trying to simulate pyramidal horn antenna (60GHz) and than consider the field distribution at the different distances from the antenna using far field/near field wave excitations and ?source?, ?target? projects. While near field excitations works well, far field (...)
I have used the near field setup with a line and I then plotted the electric field along this line. My question is whether there is a way to do this with the magnetic field as well? I havent been able to figure this out, and any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Where can I find the near field RFID tag antenna model in hfss? Anyone has recommendations?
I'm trying to simulate the near-field of a circular patch antenna driven by 2 probe feeds that are 90 degrees out of phase. Also, the center of the patch antenna is grounded. The model simulates fine (at 915 MHz), and I'm able to obtain some near-field plots using a sphere via the radiation menu in the project tree. (...)
However, if I run the simulation with an airbox which is just very slightly larger than the antenna size, the simulated values become very close to the measured ones. Makes perfect sense. These low frequency "antenna" tags have negligible far field radiation. They work with inductive coupling in the near field only,
A dipole array is boxed in a rectangular box similar to radiation boundary box in hfss. It radiates at 915MHz. The wavelength at 915MHz is 32cm. The far field is > 16cm. Can the power radiated be measured, say at 10 cm (in the near field) right outside the rectangular box assuming rectangular box is 10cm wide and long? (...)
I want to use metamaterial for near field Imaging and want to show focusing of design is a dipole antenna which is placed placed just behind Metamaterial slab array,now i want to show focusing of field on a plane can i do this in hfss????
I have never used the "near field Setup", so I am not sure how that even works. It might be that you don't want to actually use that setup. If I understand you correctly, you just want to plot the e-field in a plane above the surface resulting from "scattered" field right? If you used a plane wave excitation, then this (...)
Dear colleague, Nowadays the research on near-field Optics more and more concentrated on nanostructures. Is there someone also engaged in this topic? Let's share our experience on calculation, theory and experiment.
Hello, for an optic-design I need data of a near-field measurement of a LUXEON white emitter. I would like to use a Luxeon III but Lumileds told me that it is possible to use the near-field data of a Luxeon I too. Best regrads, cube007
I make some research on the probes for near field measurements, if you can help me by your ideas or documents I would be thankful to you.
some paper about near field measurement
hi, If any one has informations or documentations about near field measurements by probes; please put them in this sire. with regard.
Hi! It's me again... Related to what I posted before: Could GRASP8W do that transformation form NF to FF? I've heard it's possible to go from Far-field to near-field with that software, but is it to get FF values from a NF measurement? Thanx again! Mortin
hi all i heared that i can use the near field electromagnetic ranging in locating objects so if any one have details about it ..................and any sites of projects made using this techinque because i wanna use it in my project for tracking my robot thanks for help
Hi, the farfield calculation in CST is easy and doesn't need an extra farfield probe. You just add the farfield monitor (solve -> field monitors -> farfield/RCS + frequency). You then will see the 3D farfield once the calculation is done. The bad thing is just that you will have to run the (...)
Hi, there was a great paper on one of the latest AP-magazine (2-3 month ago), discussing near fields of wire antennas. Check it... If I remember, they were talking about much bigger distances for real far-field, several λ
Hi savedadogs, near field Antennas Measurements by Dan slater - Artech House Should be useful to you. Cheers, Element7k Hi all, I would like to learn the basics of near-field to far-field transformations for antennas. Can anyone suggest a book, paper, or link? Thank you.
Do you have any good ref or link on near field measurement methodes? and how the to measure EM field taking into account the distorted field induced by the probe
i need web site or note to let me know how to measure near field for small range antenna (3 meter ) with equation ? regards
i need web site or note to let me know how to measure near field for small range antenna (3 meter ) with equation ? regards
i need how can i measure near field antenna(small range antenna 3 meter ) in electromagntic plane ? regards
I am writing a final year project topic on Effect of the near field energy density distribution on Living cell. Please, does any one have a book that treat( or specialize in the analytic treatment of) near fields of Radiating antnna.Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Hi, guys. I am now using the evaluation version of the IE3D 11.5. It seems it is pretty good. But when I used it to calculate the near field distribution of a small size HF(13MHz) spiral antenna for RFID, there seems to be some problems in the magnetic field H calculation. My spiral antenna is only 45mm X 75 mm large, and the operation (...)
does anybody have references or book on near field boundaries? Otfen used is the rayleigh boundaries between the near field and far field (with 2D square/ lambda), but the EMC has a slighly diferent approach (with lambda/2 Pi) Thanks SunnySan Added after 13 minutes: I found a good paper from www.ednma
Dear all, I was trying to calculate near E field of structure consisting of dipole illuminating lossy dielectric brick with high er. Result is very strange, the E field (cut inside the brick) is decreasing monotically even at the boundary air-brick and it seems that the dielectric brick is ignored by near (...)
every one from field of electromagnetics knows that their exist to fieldS near field... and 2 far field but when comes to our result we always consider far field and pattern is always used why why not near field I CAME TO KNOW THAT (...)
For 3.5 Ghz antenna (used for wimax), how can I calculate the near field boundary or magnitude ?
Hi, can anyone kindly tell me what is near field antenna ?Thanks in advance. Best Regards Xcy_antenna
Hi Ravi, You can use field monitor for measuring H field . near field is mainly due to magnetic coupling. H field will give you a measure of near field distribution. I guess you will be using some kind of Loop antenna, you can measure the surface current and magnetic (...)
hi plz tell me how we can see the near field distribution of an antenna in CST . is it possible to calculate near field in CST? also plz tell me something abt SAR analysis in CST?
plz tell me i something about near field analysis of antenna in CST . is it possible to calculate the near field of antenna in CST? any one tell me how can i calculate the near field of antenna in CST?
Usually, loop antenna is a good way to realize near coupling. You can search some RFID antennas as examples. It can be realized by multilayer PCB, Flex Printed Circuit, or just wrap a wire to form a coil.
For a particular wavelength, the only way to reduce the near field (reactive or radiating) is to reduce the physical dimension of the antenna (at the expense of losing efficiency).
There are functions like pattern calculation (which is far field of course) and near field calculation in mgrid. However, the near field results can be displayed only in a 2D style, the so-called "3D near field distribution" just means display the near (...)
Hi to all, I need the following paper: A near field focused microstrip array for a radiometric temperature sensor. I something about phased array (printed antenna) focused for near-field applications. Thank you so much
Hi to all, I need to generate a plane-wave in near-field with a planar phased array. I have been looking for documents but I have still found nothing. Can anyone help me please? Tahnk you so much in advance
hi i think you need to make sure your near field monitor is inside the simulation domain specified by you using boundary conditions you can manually add space or use open(add space) boundary condition to resolve this problem i hope this helps regards