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hai i am arun magesh. i am doing my eee.. i want to make an jacobs ladder. i dont know wheter i have to go for neon transformer or the flyback trasformer with cfl circuit.. i want it little small. jus around 25 to 30 cm. another question is the cfl circuit prodeuces several thousand of voltage in the starting after it detects the filament it wil
neon-tube have two electrode,and work with high voltage - as bunalmis wrote - without any starter. Maybe you need a starter for fluorescent-lamp (with four electrodes). Originally it`s a bimetall-starter, but existiert a small electronics with triac.
unless it is an autotransformer (which neon transformers usually arent), u can do whatever u want with it, provided that u dont exceed the ratings. It is just two isolated inductors.
Hi, please can somebody share with me some working sch for neon light powered with 12 V dc power supply, (car battery), regards
Do you actually need to design one yourself? If you just need to use such a transformer, you could probably just use an old neon sign transformer (NST).
transformer Calculation v0.1 is program for calculating number of coils and wire thickness. If you have some experience in assembling transformers, then this program is perfect for you. Info: transformer calculation - Vypo
Very nice paper for flyback converter transformer desig. Easy step-by-step procedure without need of deep knowledge of magnetics materials.
anyone can supply some planar transformer info and application for smps,where to find these article,URL? ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post.Thanks
I need for some measurements make 230V vith variable frequency of 50-60Hz. So, I connected audio PA with two TDA1514 in bridge and powerline transformer 230/12V connected in reverse order to amplifier output. But problem is that amplifier get quickly very hot even vithout load and worse when use bigger (some 30VA) transformer. How can I compensate
Does anybody have some literature or software tool to aid in the design of impedance matching transformer designs? Please give me links to some sites or upload the files. Thanks.
There is some words said about this theme,but nothing to start building from. I'm looking for cheaper method to shield toroid,like steel(good for shielding)and copper(shielding unknown for me) So what do you think about steel and copper composite.steel(1.5mm)and copper 0.7mm or more.I have something on my mind and i keep you informed.All very e
Hi Anyone know about video isolator transformers design. Any help be appreciated. Regards Garfield
for a little climatic "room" to calibrate sensors i maked a smps to power the peltier-element. for this i take the schematic from a ATX-supply.... and make my circuit. after some time's a friend ask me for the circuit.... but this must changed from 12V --> 24V ..... the troubles begun! at first -- i try to use 2 transformer which are on t
Hello! I have a few pieces of ETD 49 cores and I want to use them in a power supply. Input voltage will be 24V DC, output voltage should be 320 V DC, power as much as possible with this core. Switching frequency should be 100 KHz. Can anybody make the calculations for this transformer step-by-step so I can understand the details about designing
Dear All Anyone have the experience to design a balun transformer to convert the differential port to single port? Moreover, how to measure the diffential port impedance with 2 port network analyzer? Best regards yuhohang
Does anyone have any info on how to design an RF planar transformer with 2 center tapped windings operation at about 100 MHz Any help greatly appreciated Timelord
Hi,all I used AD9702 from AD to translate the digital singal to differential ouput and a RF transformer to translate the differential ouput to a single output. if i do not connect the transformer, the differentail analog ouput is linear with the digital input, but if i connect the transformer, the single ouput is nonlinear with the (...)
Hi all, I have a current transformer, and I whant to read the value using the ADC of a 16F873. Problem is, for 20A in primary, I get 20mA on secondary, an with a resistor of 100Ohm I get a sine wave of 2.828 peak. I have tinked to put a rectifier bridge of schottky diodes, but any way, when I get 1mA, the voltage are all droped on diode
I am looking for models of transmission line transformer to simulate in SPICE or any other simulation app. I am interested in Guanella and Rotroff transformer. Thanks
hi, how to chose transformer for lvds? all the transformer i found are for LAN or telecomm. can i use transformer for Ethernet (i use CAT5)? thx, kobik :?:
hello friends, I've an old question, how to measure the current capacity of a mains(50/60Hz) transformer? regards, 2000
Hello Where can I buy a suitable transformer for MT9172(In europe) Here is a clarification of the MT9171/2/3/4 transformer specifications. Primary Inductance 30mH min. Primary Leakage Inductance 200uH max. Primary Resistance 2.25 ohms max. Secondary Resistance 1.0 ohms max. Turns Ratio Primary 4:1:1 (4 turns on the pr
Is it okay to connect a (prim:415v sec:24V) transformer the other way around such that 415V can be obtained from 24V applied to the secondary instead?
I know use it as impedance transform like 1:4 or 1:1.. Another reason for this? Also, we can use L,C network to do match ..
transformer Calculation is program for calculating number of coils and wire thickness at transformer.
I know I can't use a normal variator for bulb or alogen lamps, but is there somethig of similar for neon tubes? thx Lollo
hello all, i am using orcad PSpice v10.0 and am trying to model a non-linear transformer using the Advanced Analysis tools. i see there are many different cores to choose from, but i do not understand how they relate to core datasheets? for example, from the advanced anlaysis CORE library, i find this core: ETD29_3C85 i see it is of s
How can i get the parameters of unknown transformer !
Hi I have some third part circuit to make some lights dancing with sound, but it usually doesn't work. So I have tried to make it, but I have a problem with the impedance transformet to attach the circuito to mi Hi-Fi amplifier. It have 50+50W rms output with 6 omh impedance, and i use a 6-2k ohm impedance transformer, but the output voltaje in
I need to simulate a 10kw transformer (ferrite core), Vout 100kV 30Khz. Could anybody suggest me the best software to do that? I know femlab. Any suggestions are welcome Thanks in advance
Hi For a new design i need a balun transformer for frequency range 10MHz to 3GHz -low power (20dbm max) Any one know where to buy or how to make one Thanks Bobi
Hi all I would like to use 2 balun transformer to cover wide frequency range my impedance need is 50 ->200 ohm I can't find a single balun to cover the entire frequncy range so i adviced to use 2 transformer to cover the entire range How do I connect 2 transformer together ? with minimal effect on the circuit input (...)
could you give us a link or detailed explanation abt what is planar transformer dose it built on PCB? dose it need amulty layer PCB? dose it needs a core ?
Hi - Short question is, what is the best way to get power to a rotating part, like on a propeller clock ? A good method seems to be to use an air-core transformer. The primary is stationary, and transfers power to the secondary which is mounted on the rotating part. See these links for some samples :
I was wondering how to model a transformer using pspsice. I see some transformer models but am not able to edit the primary and secondary windings. How do you model them in pspsice?
I need bibliography about high frequency, high power and high voltage transformer design. Related paper, book, reviews, state of art, etc are welcome Thanks in advance
Can anyone explain me what does the proximity effect depends on ? (in flyback transformer) As far as i know it has the influence on Rac/Rdc ratio in the windings. I made 50W flyback SMPS; it works very well, windings temperature is about 57 C. It is acceptable value, although i'd like to calculate copper losses more precisely than using only RMS cu
Anybody can help me to get trasformer designing details
Hi I have the following informations on a transformer: PART-CODE PART-NAME PART-DESCRIPTION 50M0000101 TRANS SMPS 2094.0008C furthermore on the part there is the label EWK4898. It is inside the Daewoo chassis cp-775 (it's a TV). The transformer is in the supply part (quasi-resonant flyback converter) that is not working: I've searched on g
Any transformer designing software available for linux
i need chose powder cores for flyback transformer.But i have not any data about the powder cores. now i want web address about it,can you help me?thanks! :oops:
hi guys i need optoisolator for my circuit design,i do need the input as the neon bulb and the out put anything,transitors or triac or....i do care about the input becaus i have ac voltege and around 90v ac. thanks guys
Hi I want to design switching transformer for mc34063 (or TL494) for building low current (0.5A max) isolated dc-dc converters,Please give some information on how to design and build the transformer. Regards 8O
I am building a circuit following the design from: I could not figure out what kind of transformer is the IT191. Could any one tell me what type of transformer I can use for it?
hi all I need to create a new transformer model, who can tell me which parameters I need. or where I can find related datasheet thanks a lot ------------------------ chmr
Hi, I am trying to generate 350V or 400V on an electrolitic capacitor from a +12V power supply in order to flash a xenon lamp, but would like to minimise the current consumption of the device, to speed up the charging process etc... I am analyzing two different schematics I have, the principle is similar in both of the schematics,you have a swit
looking for Toko VHF miniature transformer 2K159 / 2K758 datasheets thanks
which best high LAMBDA/4 transformer or radial stub,which use at biasing any design of stub i will be thanked
I want to make a split rectified power supply (+/-) using a single transformer winding (not centre tapped). Does anyone have a circuit. Thanks
I have to calculate small transformer which is to be used only to generate voltage which is separated form primary side. The transformer must be powered by sine wave voltage at primary side of about 25kHz and power 0,5...1W. Alhough is seems to be very simple how to calculate such a transformer basing on equations used for oridinal 230V (...)