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this code write language TCL in ns2 for simulating adhoc network with 10 connetcion : test.rar - - - Updated - - -
write fromelf --bin -o @L.bin !L in the "run user program after build" command. This command generates the bin file from the elf
HI, Instead of depending on others, assembled any circuit of those circuits and test yourself. Most of the circuits on net are posted after testing.
every electronic engineer was willing to throw their desoldering pump into the waste bin at times because of torn pathways, annoying recoil or constant suction. To avoid these problems, user ?Gość? constructed his own desoldering pump. At first, it was necessa
Hi; "Google is your friend" ... Help! I'm looking for an utility to convert bin to hex file - binCVT - S19 & Hex file Converter But ... I don't
Try Red
TYFany (pronounced Tiffany) allows you to take your files along with their hierarchy on a portable storage media (like USB) to be accessed on the run. Any changes in the hierarchy on the portable media can be docked with the base hierarchy.
Does anyone use this loop filter caculator: I wonder whats the meaning of the last parameter :" Desired attenuation from the low pass filter" This is a 3rd loop filter,should it be 60dB? or the default value 20 dB? many thanks I'm guessing that this i
work determination paid off, 2 tsops done :D thanks
Hello Phyo, Decibel Conversion Calculator Also attached is good article on dB, dBm, dBi, etc... ---manju---
hi i am new to linux ,i have installed fedora 8 kernel 2.6. and downloaded gcc tool chain for arm from ( ).after the unzip i can c the files such as (arm-elf-gcc) in bin directory ,but i dont know how to make and compile a project for any arm7 .PLZ help in this regard Shakeel
Hi friends I recently installed Synopsys IC Compiler 2005.12 on CentOS 4.6 but I cant find design_vision dc_shell runs ok I only have the following files in cant find design_vision and dc_view_e
hello use this is free and very good or this
try searching regards nandhu
here are some good links with such schematics: (some of them are in french sorry but I'm french !) A also has a lot of examples written for different controllers also it has a lot of documentations
Hi, everybody I have a 128x64 GLCD and want to put it on pictures so I need to convertor bitmap to bin file for 24LC256. I found some convertors on the net but they output C or basic codes. I can know C and asm programming but program memory isnt enough for showing pictures on Glcd so I'll use an eeprom so I need to convertor bitmap to (...)
why are you lazy ? :twisted:
:| i'm looking for a data sheet or information on a SEC 641 1RFZ44 transistor. tried looking for it on the net but can't find anything. this is all thats printed on the transistor case. can anyone please help me??????
try to find the rpm that has the file reqired, google '' i did a quick search , try this link this link should contain the rpm for ur distribution , download and install. regrds, a.safwat
Get a rpm package from the rpmfind,and install it. This will give you the file.
This is the following links you should visit before getting started with your project!
Do these modules need separate power supplies for gate circuits? For example this one, has four separate supply inputs for gate drive. Is this a must or only put to allow different usages? Shortly can this
Here are some links .. (I didn't evaluate them)
What is this "magnetic wire"? This kind of wire was used in early audio recording quipment, as far as I know. To calculate reqired wire diameter, coil geometry and number of turns you can use some of the many inductor calculator availbe on the net...
Use Formal Verification & HVL tool.. write test scripts .. download bin file to fpga and test (sometimes) Browsing net (hehe.. just kiddin)
I've found this, find it usefull, maybe someone will find it either: Also sending another Search ROM code for iButton. regards asena 8)
Hi Linux Source Learning Group 1. -> t tnx
Hi, It is taken from: Look, there are a new firmware v2.0 and a lot of description of this nice metal detector. But if you will look trough that site, you can find new construction on AVR, it is on Russian. It is strong - on Pulse Method and is very simple for this method, because of microprocess
Hi Flex Tool An external script to report on the status of flexlm license usage. Shows who has licenses checked out. When status is red, it also displays recent log file messages. UPDATE: Added variable $SINGLE, to show one dot per vendor. 1. -> t tnx
Hi Here are some links you might find useful: 1. h**p:// 6. h**p:// 7. h**p://ww