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Happy new Year, Everyone! Here are two projects we've made for our customer last month, which one do you like it? 20L Probe Card or the special ML PCB? Warmly welcome contact me if need high-end prototype or quickturn PCB quotations, hope we can be good partners in the new year 2017. Many Thanks. Darren Yang Marketing Executive (...)
PLC SCADA Training in Chennai is not a new concept. But, we found a need to start this institute, because, as employers, we found a severe lacking in the Engineers we recruited and we had to spend 6 months to train them before we could send them for projects.
Hey guys - new to the community! Stumbled on this recently: Looks interesting, I'm thinking of backing it to start dabbling in some IoT projects. Have you guys heard of Onion? thoughts/feedback? thanks in advance!
Hi All: This is outside of EDAboard but thought that people here, especially new folks, would find some value to a free book "Getting Started with Electronic projects" being offered by Packt Publishing. Registration is required... it is only available for the next 20 hrs...
Hi, I am fairly new to this whole DIY electronics projects thing, so I'm still running in a lot of things I still have to learn. I've got an old Sony KDL-26P3020 TV than I stripped completely so now i only have CCFL back-lighting pannel with an inverter attached to it. I have tried to find any info about it for a few days now with not much succ
Hi, I am fairly new to this whole DIY electronics projects thing, so I'm still running in a lot of things I still have to learn. I've got an old Sony KDL-26P3020 TV than I stripped completely so now i only have CCFL back-lighting pannel with an inverter attached to it. I have tried to find any info about it for a few days now with not much succ
Hello all, a new control board based on the NI System on Module, formally sbRIO-9651, has been developed by an Italy based company. It is mainly dedicated to power electronics and drives applications as well as industrial controls. Each peripheral is supported by dedicated LabVIEW drivers as well as by demo projects... Detailed info: [URL=
Hi Klun is your C-Project Makefile, cmake or auto tools based? cmake: autotools: generic: An easy way is the following: File->new File or Project->Import Project->Import
Hi All, I have two problems. I am working on 2 projects. One based on ATmega1280 and ATmega2560. In the ATmega2560, I am confused that I have prepared the code in Arduino IDE for Arduino Mega2560. Now, I have to prepare my own project board. So I have ordered new ATmega2560. I have found the hex file which generated during compiling the code
Hello any of you have a course of advanced hardware design to indicate? I am looking for a course that will enable me to work on new projects in the company. I found the course of Fedevel taught by an engineer named Robert Feranec, but do not know if this course is good. Someone here has done this course? Many Thanks Tiago Ribeiro
Dear All, I am very new to microprocessors.and having some experience with Micro controller PIC ,ATmel,Atmega,ARM... Now I would like to start projects with microprocessor... My doubts as follows.. 1. How to load programs to processor? 2.How to write OS? Why Linux OS is so special in embedded? 3.What is
Hi, Here is another new question. I came across FMC connector in one of the projects I involved. can any one guide me what is it? and the I/O levels of the standard (which is VITA I have seen) Thanks to all Bhagavan
Hello, I need to make a project based on Programmable Logic Design i'll be using GAL in this... But i am new and I have no clue what so ever to even begin with.. Please suggest suitable projects they shouldn't be complicated and please provide reference websites with your suggestions! I'll be grateful Awaiting positive response!
Dear Friends HAPPY new YEAR TO All I am doing this Project But My problem is not Finding the ATMEGA8 configuration (Fuse bits) Please help me what is the fuse bits of Atmega8
hi all i?m trying to realize a very small Project, for further and more complex projects . I wrote a synthesizable code to accomplish this ? when i hit a pushbutton fpga should light a led and start a timer at the same time. After a predetermined time delay led is goint to off and timer will reset and wait for a new pushbutton command. (i have
Hello, I am new to the forums and have been a lurker for a while. First of all I would like to thank the community for the help I have received on personal projects and issues over the past year or so. I am not quite sure where to put this post but network seemed like the right place. I have found myself in a predicament. I am trying to find an
Hello, as everybody I have couple of old LI batteries, I wonder how to give them a new life in my electronics projects. Those batteries have 3/4 pins, I googled for datasheet of them but no luck ;( How to detect which pi is what and most importantly how to charge it ? If battery has 3.7 V output can I just apply 3+ volts on
As I know there's no way to write the OSCCAL value in the mikroC source. Perhaps you can put it as a new line immediately in the hex file, before its last line. You need the address, the value, and have to calculate their checksum. Until then look at this sites: and
I am working on some projects related to mcb 2300......,,,i want to generate triggering pulse for en electrical system by mbc 2300,,,,,,,,,,and i m new in this field,,,,,,,,,so if any bdy can help me in programing the MC.
i m very new to FPGA. which development board will be suitable for me to start. whether from xilinx or altera? And also it should be of low cost.
Hello!! I am trying to use Arduinio Libraries in Atmel Studio 6.2, for that i had copied all Arduino Libraries and make a project named Template, so that i can use it for new projects. I managed to compile my code, without any error. I am attaching the code below. But when i simulate the code in Proteus, it is working slowly. Here is my Code.
You need to use symbol editor to create the device. In DxDesigner click File/new/Library symbol and then create your new component.
please run the code in Xilinx and see, whether it is related to you or Not and also 70% it is related to your projects need to change some modification so you can develop the new one, This project has already done by so many M.Tech Students and i am the one who examined them
I am new to python, but i have managed to make a simple software to control my power supply thru RS232, and i am very happy with the result. Now i want to go to the next fase and design a GUI for it, i use linux at home and windows at work so ideally would be something that i could compile for both architectures, ive heard of WxPython does anyone
Please check our new miniSpartan6+: FPGA Kit with HDMI output and Scarab IDE: an easy to use IDE to program the FPGA 105886
Hello, I am new with Raspberry PI so I am sorry if this post looks trivial. I am using WiringPI to interface my hardware (SPI, I2C etc...). I want good references how to open TCP/IP connection to send data to server. Since I am using wiringPI, a want references that use C/C++ syntax. So...if you have some tutorial, projects or source code I wil
hello friends, m new to this group. I seek your advise on some imp topic. I am in 8th sem of in ece. I m placed in reputed IT company "TCS". In my 2nd year 7 3rd year i have taken training on 8051 & AVR uC and hence made many projects and acquired interest in embedded system design & programming. But then came to know that there is very lit
I want to know what is the new ideas of SDN apply in Cloud Computing ?? Thanks in Advance
i am a total new bee for arduino projects. i am building a project to control relays with gsm/gprs sim900 module and arduino uno board for my finals, and i am not getting it right. please help me, and also the connection from sim900 to arduino. i have connected tx of sim900 to rx of arduino and rx of sim900 to tx of arduino, 5v from sim900 to ar
Hi there, I'm very new to this board. I have to pick a project from a list given by my teacher, in which we have to make simulations in HFSS12. The remaining projects sound like this: 1.Conical spiral metal strip logarithmically periodic 1-10 Ghz analysis (Fig. 11.6 - Antenna Theory - Analysis and Design - Balanis p620) 2.Dipol Array log p
Hi I am new to ARM world and trying to set my toolchain on eclipse, problem is when I tried to install GNU ARM Eclipse Pluging it says, 'Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found. Software being installed: GNU ARM C/C++ Cross Compiler Support
Zip and post MPLAB project files and Proteus file for quick solution. I don't have time to create new projects for every code posted asking help. remove this second while(1); at the end of code. The code stucks execution stucks at 2nd while(1) loop and never comes out.
Hey there, I have several cst projects, each one using the same macro to build up for example a structure. The macro (the content from the main function) is then copied into the history list and run each time I hit "update" in the history list. When I change the macro I have to copy the new content to the history entry of each project. Now
In my opinion, to learn the basics, one should have in mind a specific goal to achieve starting from simple projects but preferably also useful in a way or another. And while he solves it, step by step, he likely discovers new questions that sooner or later he will also find their answers till the project is practically completed (though not necess
Hello everyone, I am required to design FIR filter using Cadence tools for one of the projects that I am currently doing. I would like to mention that I am very new to this and have never done filter designing in cadence. Even have very minimal experience in Filter design in MATLAB. Thats why I am not covinced even whether this is feasible or
If you are new to gsm project then i recommend to use SIM300 module because there is lot of projects and help available on internet. And for PIC uC, If you know how to program 18F series then choose any 20 or 28 pin uC or select 16F 20 or 28 pin which includes on chip USART.. PIC16F877 is good for newbies and ready (...)
Hey entirely-new-to-the-field ! welcome to board bro well first of all it all depends on you which field you would like to take to start a porject. like e.g. some processor (etc.) design, or signal processing desgin, or some robotics related thing etc. just for an example, you can visit the following page, if you search you will find loads of i
Am trying to capture the TMDS signal of a HDMI Circuit. But Unfortunately am new for these kind of HDMI signals, since my past projects are only general embedded category and Not on AV Signals, i mean Audio/Video Signals. I do have an Oscilloscope of both Digital and Analog Channels to capture these signals, since am using a Mixed-Signal Osc
Hai all I want to design a new surveillance system that can detect a particular crowd from the capturing video. I have some vague ideas abut this. But i do not know how i can do this. I am in confusion. But i am designing applications and projects in Embedded Systems using microcontrollers particularly by using AVR, PIC and 8051..Can i d
Hi, I am using mikroc Pro for pic. pic18f4550. And know I connected 2 projects in one project. DS18S20 thermometers and RTC. But know program is running very slow. If DS18S20 is working RTC not. I find out I need interrupts, but I am new in this and don't understant how use them, can anyone help? here is my source code: // osc 8MHz // mikr
I am still reading my introductory book to electronics and some of the questions are a bit vague when looking back at the information provided throughout the reading. I understand the differences between conductors, insulators and semi-conductors, but the question in the book asks "Why is it essential to understand the relationship between conduct
friends i got error from mplabx v1.03 when i compiling i got this D:\projects\febin\new test.X\build\default\production\_ext\678254406\LEVEL\.d (The system cannot find the path specified) at Method) at Source)
hi Buddy new one> I am searching one new project on micro controller if you have any project please give to me thanks
i want to make a device through which i can identify blood group, identification of c-14 in body parts and so on. and process this analog out put with the help of i want to ask that what possibilities here, i mean what kind of changes or what new project can be implemented through this idea.
hi i m new in computer interfacing field. i have used and done lot of projects with micro controllers. AT89Sxxxx, AVR, little with PIC. now the problem is, i want to make the software on computer for interfacing with MCUs. like i want to transmmit the data from any text box, to MCU trough serial, perallel or USB port etc. please suggest any high
hi all, I'm new to PIC microcontroller and ethernet. And I'm trying to make a electronic contrller device through ethernet. I have read the Microchip TCP/IP stacks again and again, but I don't unstand it clearly, and can not use the Stack's API to implement into my projects. Please, can anyone make a tutorial about Implementation Microchip TCP/IP s
Hi guys, I am new to Fluke multimeters, but up until now, I have had no issues. However, I am trying to measure current in one of my projects, and I get some strange values. When I hook up the leads to measure mA, and connect it in series with a resistor, it gets a value that is much lower than the actual current, and then the value will fall sl
I have realized that in order to build new projects with it I should also have good knowledge of Sensors and signal conditioning circuits. You are correct, proper signal conditioning is critical for many sensor based applications. Analog Devices has recently released many of their texts in PDF format for free
Hello I am currently using the MPLAB v8.40 and HITECH C for programming the PIC16F877A. I have decided to switch to MPLAB X IDE. Can anyone tell me exactly which compiler should I download so that I can use my previous projects and code with the new one? Thanks
Hi, I am new to electronics (hobbyist)...pls give me your guidance in the below: 1. What should be the roadmap, what books to read, what to practice in which order.. to have deep understanding of everything I do with electronics.. My focus is to have true, in-depth understanding of electronics ( atom,particle level happenings), ability to build