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Nmos And Pmos Characteristics

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Use it like an independent pmos, i.e. ignore its gate connection to the nmos gate. Sweep the (negative) drain voltage with Vgs as parameter, and measure the drain current.
When I replace my pmos with a 1. low resistance 2. high resistance in a an inverter and apply vin (0 to Vdd) to nmos how does the out put look like? Where does my Vout stand when Vin is 0. Does it stand at Vdd even when I have very high resistance?
Hi In cmos circuit If we replace nmose with pmos and pmos with nmos then what will happen??
If I understand correctly, you are using descrete nmos and pmos to build up an OPAMP.There should be characteristics like saturation, Nonsaturation, inversion etc. There is nothing like it? Can you upload a page of the datasheet or put the code of the device in order to look it up? D.
In cmos design, we always use the diode connected nmos and pmos transistors. Why it is called diode conected? Is it because its I-V characteristics like a diode connected bipolar one?I can not see a diode structure from the view of process. Another question is about the diode in standard cmos process. (...)

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