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hi,guys in prof.RAZAVI's book "design of analog cmos integrated circuit", he said that given the same bais current and size, nmos has the smaller λ. in my opinion, if using N-well process, the doping profile of N-wel is larger than substrate. the λ =(1/Leff)*(ΔXd/ΔVds), then when nmos and (...)
a nmos inverter consists of a nmos transistor with a resistor attached to Vdd (by drain). a pmos inverter has an pmos transistor and a resistor to ground. the common used inverter is the cmos inverter with both the nmos and the pmos transistor.
1. What is layout rules to design power switching nmos and pmos transistors on chip, if its currents are more than one ampere? 2. What is noise isolation methods of control circuit from power transistors?
What is the difference between nmos and pmos?
I have problem to use the mixed mode device simulation in SILVACO TCAD tools. Iwant to know how to set up the mixed mode in ATLAS to combine the nmos and pmos device to become CMOS inverter. please help me.
hear you are what i think... since a Nand gate involves two series nmos transistors and two parallel pmos transistors, and since you need the overall pmos to nmos aspect ratios to be about 2 (actually, it is 2.4), you'll need to have Wn/Ln=2 (the overall Wn/Ln now is (...)
what happen if we interchange nmos and pmos in inverter?
the voltage difference comes from the Vth. when Vin=Vcc, the upper nmos conducts, results the Drain voltage=Vcc-Vth same thing happens to pmos when Vin=0
why matching of Vt so necessary between nmos and pmos in analog design???? shouldnt there characcterstic depend only on their overdrive volatges??? so even if Vt's are different it can be taken care by increasing overdrive volatge......if aby good study material on this topic plz post it.... thanks In general you will n
Hey I am trying to find Lambda for an nmos and pmos using HSPICE library file. Can any one tell me how to do this?
this would be a push-pull amplifier Hey, In the basis CMOS inverter ( having nmos and pmos ) what ll happen when both the transistors r in saturation and what ll be the output.. Will the circuit behaves as voltage divider in this case???.. Can u explain in detail.. Thanks in advance.
How do u size nmos and pmos to achieve greater threshold voltage??
Do we have body effect in nmos and pmos individually ?????????????????????? If yes why and how? plz explain me
Use noise analysis in Cadence ADE. Of course, pls use nmos/pmos model with the noise.
Pls identify the operating region for pmos & nmos. For satuation region, R=1/(Lamda*Id). For linear region, R=1
Anther way to think about it: It might be caused by no dead time for switching. To solve it, a resistor can be series connected at the front stage inverter. and nmos/pmos gate at the following stage are connected to the different ends of the resistor. It helps to form some dead time. Hi all, I'm designing digital circ
Hello, i m getting difficulty in realizing that,How operating region of nmos and pmos is decided based on output voltage levels ? like for nmos vout
I want to know the value of oxide capacitance in the Level 1 Spice model for both nmos and pmos. I searched the net but I couldn't find it. I would be really happy if you could provide me. Thanks in advance.
i need cox & μ_n & μ_p in 0.18 um technology for nmos and pmos please help me
hai Can any one help me how to write t-cell code for nmos and pmos or how to build t-cell for nmos and pmos. i have seen the manual but i am not able to understand that.
how do i size the width of nmos and pmos in xor for minimum delay...
Too many questions for a single forum thread ... I'll try and comment on a few of them: How do you calculate the output dc level, i.e. the drain voltage of the nmos and pmos transistors? Your own answer is fine: Ideally you would want this to sit on the mid-supply level, so for a spli
Hi, How can i simulate the values of Oxide capacitance (Cox) and mobility of charge carriers in nmos and pmos in cadence. These values are not provided in process design kit file. regards
hai friends can any one help me in this regard steps to calculate nmos and pmos threshold voltage using Cadence- Virtuoso- ADE L thanks in advance
nmos will be formed in the p-substrate and pmos will be formed inside the N-well (in a normal N-well process). Bulk which is the fourth terminal of the transistor should be connected in such a way that the S/D terminal and Bulk terminal must be reverse biased , hence they are connected in opposite directions for (...)
CMOS contains both pmos and nmos... search google if u wanna know more... if u wanna know in details... please buy a textbook on digital integrated circuits... sp
Hi, Where should you connect the bulk terminal of an nmos and pmos and why? regards --gilbert
What you mean by nmos cap, pmos cap? load capacitances are diffarent from parasitic caps. DO clarify here
hello members I want to make my own nmos and pmos and NPN and PNP libraries in Orcad 9 so that I can use the schematic editor and build any circuit based on these models and do "neat" step by step schematic entry followed by simulation. For example I have following (...)
VgsVt turn on Vds>Vgs-Vt Saturation I=0.5uCox(Vgs-Vt)(Vgs-Vt) nmos=> "1" to turn it on and "0" to turn it off pmos=> "0" to turn it on and "1" to turn it off :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: go here and read more on your own
In S-EDIT, The nmos or pmos just have a few parametters (W, L,AS, AD,PS,PD...). But when use Cadence,or just simple like Winspice, Hspice the Model of nmos or pmos have a lot of parametters. So. can we add the models(Bsim,Mosic...) to S-edit?
CMOS is better because it includes nmos and pmos.
it is related to layout and i want to know the channel length tracking problem faced while laying out the nmos and p mos say of an inverter
I want to design a PCB board with nmos and pmos in some W/L. Is there any one? Thanks
If pmos is connected down and nmos on top , For input logic 0: pmos ON and nmos OFF => output is grounded or logic zero (it will not be zero but Vtp) For input logic 1: pmos OFF and nmos ON => output is connected to VDD or logic one (it (...)
Hi Guys: What are the significant difference between a nmos source follower and pmos source follower. Thanks in advance Rgds
Hi all, If anyone here has the model files for TSMC 90nm nmos and pmos( thick and thin gates), could you please forward it to me on suhas at ureach dot com? Thanks a lot.
It depends on the process you are using. if it provides the double well process, you can connnect the bulks of pmos and nmos to its source ( well). However, usually they just provide the NWELL process, that means you can connect the bulk of the nmos to ground while the bulk of pmos to its source or VDD. (...)
If pmos and nmos are interchanged (nmos on the top, pmos on the bottom), it will become a push-pull output stage.
A simple understanding is that a parasitical diode exists between the bulk of nmos and pmos, so in order to insure this parasitical diode is reversed, connect the bulk of nmos to GND and the bulk of pmos to VDD. Pls see the below picture!
some approaches to increase the threshold voltage: 1: the simplest way: connect the substrate with GND for nmos transistor and VDD for pmos transistor. 2:increase the doping level of the substrate. 3:length device can neglect the drain-induced barrier low effect to increase the threshold voltage.
Hi, Would anyone pls. tell me why the pmos transistor is more robust under ESD ZAP than nmos transistor? Thanks
Is it always that the number of pmos and nmos transistors in a CMOS gate level netlist must be equal.If not please let me know, why? Thank you
hi, If i connect the nmos with VDD and pmos with VSS in the inverter what will happen? Prithivi.
How do we size nmos and pmos to increase the threshold voltage??
you can read book of Allen, on which there are some different aspects about nmos and pmos as input.
What will happen if the pmos is connect to vss and nmos to vdd in an inverter layout?
Your question is not very clearly.Maybe your meaning is that the buck (or body) of nmos connect to Vdd and the buck of pmos connect to GND. what will happen? The buck of nmos is P type, the source and the drain of the nmos is N type, generally we connect the buck to GND, (...)
Hi, all the pic below shows two amplifier, the left is with a pmos active load while the right one with an nmos active load, and we always use the pmos as the load, what confused me is can I use the nmos as the load, what's the difference between them, or is there any advantages with pmos (...)
dear friend if u use nmos for pull up then Vt(Vgs) will decreased from Vdd but for pmos Vdd transfer to out put .for pull down is is oppose regards