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NPNs (at least in an "analog" process where they are a valued element and processing cares about mismatch) will tend to have a better natural matching in a smaller area than a nmosFET. You can do a chopped and filtered bandgap with good results, provided that you can tolerate a high output impedance and some chop-frequency residue. In a clocke
I am designing a charge pump for PLL. The structure is similar to traditional one which is: cascode pmos as up current, cascode nmos as down current, the middle is switch. The output voltage is from 0.4V to 1.4V as VDD=1.8V. If I want to get the DC current mismatch( (Iup-Idn)) less than 1% at output (...)
yeah I tried it and I got gain as expected Oh good! It's your lucky day then ;p If you look at your output stage, have you ever wondered who controls your output current? Basically, both the PMOS and nmos current mirrors are trying to force a current at the output. Device mismatch, short channel, systematic offs
Hi, SF / FS are few MOSFET corners to check the behavior of the circuit when nmos and PMOS have different strengths, like for SF - Slow nmos, Fast PMOS; FS - Fast nmos, Slow PMOS. Monte Carlo simulation gives the effect of mismatch between two identical transistors (like input pair of differential opamp or (...)
So, I have such a question. If we have simple bias circuit: two nmos, two PMOS, and rezistor between source of one of the nmos and ground. What is better nmos to be in weak invesrion or in
Dear all, I want to plot the nmos transistor drain current mismatch σ(ΔID/ID) versus effective gate voltage VG − VT curve by using hspice. How should I do? Example as shown below.