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I'm trying to find a way in spectre to calculate the capacitance between every two terminals of a transistor (I hope it exists). In spectre users' Guide, info could be used to print node-to-node capacitance. (...)
i think you can get the summary of parasitic capacitance at each node after doing layout parasitic extraction
Hi, all. In spectre, we can get the node capacitance of the circuit. But these node caps only include the gate caps, excluding the junction caps. Does anybody know how to get the junction caps in spectre? i am not meaning just one transitor, I mean the node connected to every relevant (...)
I had done a function request to Smash some years ago to implement the printing of node capacitance and node impedance. These infos are side effects of the modified nodal analysis but still not used in simulators. I need it some years ago for detection of floating nodes in analog circuit. I know that for digital TL there (...)
I heard you got the node capacitance and resistance using cadence spectre simulation. But I donot know which option. Can anyone tell me .Thank you
hi, is there a straight forward way in spectre to find out the total node cpacitance on a certain node during dc simulation ?
hey guys i want to plot capacitance on x axis through parameter sweep and voltage at a node on y axis.when i do performance analysis then i don't get voltage as an allowed variable.and without performance analysis i dont get capacitance on x axis. how can i do it? pls help soon if possible. thanx in advance a lot.
spectre works on Transient Imbalance (change in the node voltages)algorithms while SPICE works on capacitance charging and discharging algorithms. The methods are more or less similar in both.
In HSPICE you can define the capacitance of a capacitor with an equation. For example: Csensor node1 node2 c='5p*v(controlvoltage)' CTYPE=1 This will make your capacitor depend on the voltage at the node "controlvoltage". If this voltage is defined to be 1V from 0s to 500us, 2V from 500us to 1ms and back to 1V at 1ms, (...)