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Hi all, For my term project i have to interface nokia 1202-2 with Atmega 8 microcontroller. In my project i have to send a sms which will be received by nokia 1202-2.Atmega 8 will be interfaced with nokia 1202-2 cell phone so that it can read the sms(the code written in it) and make any port high. But i am (...)
Why do you using LM016L if asking about nokia display? They have nothing common.
hi sir & ma'am i want to use the LCD of my old phone nokia c1-01 in my project. is this possible and how the connection in the microcontroller? thanks
Hello there I am doing a project using nokia LCD 6100 and i am having a reference code that is originally written for PIC18F2620 but i want it to convert for atmega 1284 and modify certain portions with additional functioning.Please anybody could help then reply asap and i can pay for that
Hi, I'm working on an project that should have an nokia 6610 LCD with Philips PCF8833 driver. the LCD is like to LCD of Olimex SAM7 board: I'm working with this LCD with help of "nokia 6100 LCD Display Driver, Author: James P. Lynch" :
I have done a project where SMS is sent from Mobile Connected to PC USB. Proteus COMPIM will connect to nokia Mobile connected to PC USB. I have seen projects where nokia Asha 300 mobile is used for similar project and it works. I want to know can nokia Asha 310 mobile be used for similar (...)
Hi. In order to do a mobile programming project, I need to know the maximum refresh rate of LCD screen of my nokia mobile phone. Actually I want to know how fast I can draw graphics on its screen (At what frequency it's possible to redraw the screen contents?). My phone model is nokia6120. I couldn't find anything useful in the manuals or (...)
I would almost bet that u need a usb host capable MCU, else buy a cheap cellphone with serial interface (rs232) like old motorola/siemens or try nokia FBUS.
Better way first learn the AT Commands, Download the AT commands for nokia Phone. Second thing,Connect your phone with PC using Serial Cable. Open the Hyper Terminal and write down the AT commands and check the behavior.
Which uC are you using? I had done the same project using nokia 3310 4-5 years back using pic 16f887. Major part of the code was taken from embedtronics and modified with the help of Calvin, the author of the page. I still have the asm file- receives sms as well as sends one when an external interrupt is applied (to RB0 pin).
only few mobile LCDs are "debuged" for micros.... nokia 3310, 6100, ....
interfacing nokia mobile ??? as in for doing what ?? please send in some details of your project if possible schematic of your proposed system. then only people here will try to guide you in your project.
Hello Everyone! I wanted to use a nokia 3310 LCD as my monitor for my project, but I am having trouble on how to convert the input value into string so that I could display it in the LCD. Please take a look at the last portion of my program. Where I used the WordToStr command, but when I simulated it what comes out in the LCD is a pair of dots.
Hello all, For special project i need a serial 115200 baud nokia Fbus to AT command converter with PIC (or something else). It has to do the following ; a Fbus command looking for phonebook entries has to be converted to phonebook AT-command (AT+CPBF, AT+CPBR) the phonebook results of the AT-command has to be converted back to the Fbus device
i am having a nokia 1600 mobile, i want to send/ receive sms through the 8051 microcontroller instead of using gsm modem, can you tell me what to study about ? if possible send me any interfacing circuits for this project.
hello experts ., I want to make project that send an sms from a nokia mobile using 8051 (when certain condition comes in controller attached sensor ) i have googled a lot but am confused where i start . i have no experiences regarding hyper terminal please help me where i will start any sample c code for that
Hello! I would like to share my newest project, a GPS data logger, that I'm planning to use mainly for outdoor activities, hikings. It was made almost entierly from reused parts, it has a mobile phone display, and also features a graphical compass. For mor information, schematics, complete sourcecode, example log files and a short Youtube vide
Interface nokia 3310, maybe you need to coding FBus. It's easier if you use GSM Modem that use AT Command. Instead the price higher, but the command is easier to understand.
this project is a nokia 3310(F-Bus) GSM based remote temperature sensor and it also controls two LED's by sending a proper command (LED n ON/OFF) where n is 1 or 2 ,It's written in GNU C (winAVR) for ATMEGA16 and you can use it for many purposes like turning electrical devices on or off or reading back parameters you modified in this project (...)
It is a watch and thermometer constructed on AT91SAM7S64. This project was made to learn something more about software support of: graphical display of the nokia 3310 incremental encoder DS18
Hi everyone, I have a project that related to speech recognition. Firstly, I searched some sources than decided to use MFCC and Artificial Neural Networks. In this algorithm we must train the system with some voices but our project leader does not want it. For example, in nokia Phones we create "Micheal" in telephone directory, when we (...)
hi! the PIC16f84 is able to send a AT command or another serial protocol ! nokia F-Bus Protocol - Embedtronics - nokia F-Bus Protocol made simple ; - you find here how send and read a sms message! nokia 1208 Pinout - nokia 1110
nokia 1200 not support AT commands....
part of my project involves sending an sms via the fbus of a nokia 3310 using pic 16f877.can someone help me with a sample code from which to work on, i am using mikro c.i've read the article on Embedtronics but stil i'm unable to write the code so please help
i am doing a project on wireless networks and have designed a circiut for the same...i have used a rtd sensor to detect temperature of a certain object and connected it to a signal conditioner...and furthur a 8515 microcontroller to a nokia phone using a f-bus...but i dont know the c code for the interfacing...please help...
For myself, I made the same project 3 years ago using nokia 6610i that supports SMS in text mode and the cable interface is serial. So, you can connect it directly to your controller. Hope this helps.
Hi I'm doing an Automatic Vehicle Location System for my final year project. I want to interface pic16f872 with BU353 USB Waterproof gps receiver and nokia 3310. So i was needing help to interfacing these components with my pic. Any help? similar work. Thanks Bro Noel
Hi, use AT commands to interface a PIC to your nokia via UART. This might be helpful:
i am doing project of "Election voting via sms" using pic18 and nokia 3315,is it a better solution to use a nokia 3315 or use a gsm modem,if yes then what is the cost of gsm modem in mumbai if any user here has done similar project.Also can any 1 mail me the source code to send nd receive sms via pic 18.:lol:
Hello, I have a project this semester in which I use ATMEGA8 and nokia6610i. I need to capture RING from nokia while is ringing. I use voltage converter between ATMEGA8 and nokia for converting 5V/3V and 3V/5V. With nokia it does not work. When I used instead of nokia Siemens C35i, all (...)
im have a project to control equipement using mobile to mobile and pic 16f84 my cellphone e75 nokia have a usb port can u help me how i connect tthe usb port with the pic . i use the mx 232 or can i connect directly and how plzz i need ur help
I am working on a project. Here is the specification: 1. Design a window application written in c-sharp that will intermitently access a nokia phone message folder to check for certain keywords. My challenges: I could not get the folder where the sms is stored using nokia pc suite. Please help me, how do i get this done? I got (...)
here is a small video player using nokia LCD, since the project is under development thus sound and other functions are added later, at present time its just a video player saved on a memory chip, you can use it or modify it according to your needs. Best Ragards
Can I make a LCD projector Using LCD of nokia 1100
Dear All, I am 3rd year student so I have to submit my project this I decided to do SMS project with pic 16f877 and nokia phone please advice me how can communicate with phone and pic Thanks Dayan
can pic16f88 be interfaced with nokia 3310??? can you show me the schematic and if possible codes to be loaded to 88,,, thanks,,, its my project in schoool this semester,,, help is really appreciated,,,im new to pic projects,,,, thanks
Dear all i want to send sms by cell phones (via AVR), there's an easy way to use an RS-232 cell phone like old nokia phones, or sony erricson T10s. but i want my project to be more compatible with new technology, and as we know all the new cell phones use USB to connect to pc. usually these phones (USB connected phones) make a virtual COM
Afaik this display is 3.3V only? So most probably you'll blow it @ 5V Here's a comparable project with PIC16F628 and nokia 3310. Schematic and Board in Eagle are also provided. Take a look at it:
Hi everybody ... i begin to build my project send/recieve SMS using Pic 16f877, i tested my phone nokia 6230 using Hyperterminal to send/receive SMS with AT command, it worked good, but my phone is USB If someone know how to connect correctly the nokia 6230 via rs232 please let me know. I'll appreciate your help Thanks Note: i (...)
HI, I am busy with a project using a nokia 3310 lcd and 16f628 pic. I am having some problems with the contrast. Help needed? Pieter ' ' Graphic temperature display ' ' PIC 16F628 ' ' r.2 16/05/08 ' DEFINE OSC 4 'internal oscillator ' DEFINE INTHAND Myint 'define interrupt handler ' @ DEVICE
pin 6 and 7 of nokia 6230 are usb D+ and usb D-. you cannot connect this phone to micocontroller using serial communication. you develop usb communication and u need to write a driver for this. and this pic will not work. you need pic 24 or 32 series.
Hi , This link might help Also just search this forum with 'nokia' there is a lot of info in here.
hi Iam working on project connect nokia to mc i connected tx from nokia to rx from uart and rx --- tx gnd---gnd boudrate 115200 and but when supply the circute the lcd of mobile just blink I write the code with at command bode of the code : char sms="ATDT=\"Xxxxxxx\";"; while (1) { pots(ATDT); delay_ms(100); } so plz help :?::?::?::!
Hi, I look everywhere on the web ,before writing here and I found nothing or less. the project is to send SMS via bluetooth with a cell other than nokia or GSM Module. anyone has succeeded? I especially want to know what type of Bluetooth module. I tried this module Free2move F2M03GLA-S01, too complicated, ideally, it takes the dev kit at 350
Hello! I have found this working project with an 16f628 and a nokia 3310 LCD...but I have a lot of errors when I try to build the project myself. Please help me! I found to find a way to build it because I need to modify it to run a if you could help e with that would mean a lot to me...since I am only at the beginning in u
well i am doing a project for my final which involves interfacing of computer/pic16f877a with motorola c168 and nokia 7210 for transmitting data through gsm without use of gsm modules.. so i dont know whether i can do so without gsm modules?? and if so then please guide me how???
hello everyone.......... i want to interface nokia 1100 to 89s52 microcontroller using fbus connection for sms based device contorller project. 1) does nokia 1100 supports fbus protocol ? 2) and if it supports plz post connection details of nokia 1100 handset.......... waiting for reply
if we assume purity checker is working fine.. then i think he is asking help only to interface output of purity checker to nokia 3310 mitch12 is PC available we can do it thru computer also
First of all, select nokia mobile phone with serial port Rs232. onces you have selected the mobile, search your mobile's cable datesheet. short all pins(of ur data cable) except Tx,Rxand GD. Search google for At command and serial port
hello everybody...em a final year student of BS...and i am working on my final year project...i am using nokia phone 6300 as a GSM i want an AT command for ARFCN in order to get frequency....thank you...