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I need to design a single balanced mixer at K band using shottky diodes. I have find some available diodes, to use at this frequencies such as: Skyworks DMK2790 In the Data sheet there is a SPICE model parameter (Fig. 5 table 3) In ADS I created a file with the
Difference between linear element and non-linear element?? Transistor is a linear or non-linear??
I'm using an LM395 (High reliability transistor) as a simple threshold detector. The source is half wave rectified AC (from a current loop) and through a resistive divider into the gate via a 5K resistor to prevent oscillation (per datasheet). The saturation point seems very non-linear as I vary the pot. Coule the diode be the culprit ?
Hi every body Does anyone can help and provide an FDTD code to solve non-linear differential equations especially to slove the E and H fields inside microwaveFerrite Devices (circulators and isolators)? Thanks
Can anyone help me to understand the fundementals of nonlinear optic
i would like to use this transistor to design the oscillator as describe in the application note.i am using ADS2003 to design.however, the library component dont have the non-linear i wonder how i could use the osctest to simulate.coz the osctest need to non-linear model for analysis.could anyone help me out .
Do any one have non linear oscillator circuit? What is non linear oscillator? Any one have the theory as well?
Need some links and book about the smoother and non-linear filter Who can propose some links or books? Thanks
i want know about filtering nature.....filtering whatever may be whether it is a lowpass ,high pass ,band pass or band reject filter comes under linear or non linear operation...thx in anticipation
how is a non-linear processor like the noise gate behave and how it is implemented in echo cancellation?
hello My undergraduate thesis is ACOUSTIC ECHO CANCELLATION USING MATLAB. Right now, I'm working on the non-linear PROCESSOR program in MATLAB but I find it hard to do. I would like to ask for your help. Your expertise in this area could really move mountains for me. Would you be able to share to me an ALGORITHM or a SAMPLE PROGRAM/DEMO of
Hi all , I have got a basic doubts Is non linear device can be used for LNA device. As per my idea linear device should be used for LNA designs thanks and regards
I want the "non-linear Programming" By Bertsekas
hello all I need srd and didoe non linear model for ads. thank all
i think the dog-ear is some technique in ic layout where the corners are given an extra extension which makes it shap like dog-ear i think this was to get accurate corners "avoid over etching",,,,,, 2-simply mixer is to multiply f1 by f2 and since non linear devices produce nf1+mf2 so we can use it as mixers,,,
Because GMSK is a constant amplitude signal, the power of the modulated signal is constant. Because of that, you can use a compressed, non-linear amplifier for GMSK.
What is non-linear filtering all about? Whats is the significace of using a non-linear filter over a legendary linear filter ?
Hi hi Here aim measuring the vacuum in the chamber and displaying on the LCD using 89c51. For this display aim using look up table method is taking a lot of memory for storing table values due to non linearity. My vacuum range is 1.0E+3 to 1.0E-3. How to convert non linear signal to linear (...)
Can anyone tell me what is the difference between a linear and a non-linear controller? Thanks
Hi Could any one give me brif discription about this question. y IIR filter has non linear phase charecteristic? Regards, NP
Any good book on non linear systems is required.
Hi all, I am interesting in simulating non linear media with non linear boundary conditions (for example Kerr media with a quadratic dipendence of ε from the electric field). Do you know if COMSOL Multiphysics can do this? Thanks
how developed is the field of non linear there any material regarding this which can used to analyse non linear networks and come to a conclusion in predicting the final values
I want to simulate non-linear R with Orcad or MATLAB. can anybody help me?
We recently did some designs with CMOS 0.35um VIS (Vanguard-TSMC) process. The poly-2 resistors came out very non-linear with 10-100x variations from the design values. We used ICartis for this wafer run. We are suspecting that we made a change in the poly-2 resistors from 50ohm/sq to 2kohm/sq in the design kit as in
Is it possible that if the amplifier is not grounded , it will behave like a non-linear amplifier ?
Dear friends... please sort out my query. I want to generate a non linear circular waveguide ,having profile according to the curve equation i hav. I am feeling trouble in using equation based curves and surfaces function of HFSS. can u properly guide me for same. thanks
Hello, I am attempting to design a UHF mixer based on the BF996 mosfet from NXP semiconductors. RF =450.325MHz, Lo=471.725MHz, Output = 21.4MHz 1. Does anyone know where I can find a spice model for this mosfet at it does not appear on the NXP website. (I do have the S parameter model) 2. I have downloaded and installed the NXP designkit f
In a linear transmission line(TEM), you can write V+ = I+ * Z, where Z is the characteristic impedance. In a non linear transmission line, there is no simple linear equation relating wave voltage to wave current. An example of a nonlinear transmission line would be V = aI + bI^2 + cI^3 (...)
Could someone upload the Modelithics non linear transistors library? Thanks
hi brothers i have aproblem and asking your help a platinum resistanc temperture detector is connected as one arm of a wheatstone bridge the Rt,R1,R2,R3,R4=250 ohm at o c, supply voltage=12v. temperture 3.9x10-3 what is Vo at 1000 c if the measured voltage at 500 c is 2.95v,what is the non linear eror in volt A
hi ppl, I have tried to search for non linear ADC from TI & AD, but i did not get any. is there any company that provides us with non linear ADCs ? please help me in this regard Thanks in advance Pradeep
Could someone help me on this, please I am studying about the newly developed non-linear phase Generalized DFT proposed by Akansu. (It's not that long, if you have time, please help) The system is basica
After greetings and peace to you dear I hope to help me be advised in writing a program that deal with ( linear+non linear Quantizer ) I wished you to provide substantial me books or sites on this topic Thank you all
I want to model a non-linear resistance (NDR) as a voltage-controlled resistor. It should be possible to establish the voltage dependence simply via a variable, e.g. Vctrl = 5 Rx n1 n2 ('n*Vctrl') The problem is the current through the resistance .. depends upon potential difference across the pa
Hi I am trying to workout transfer function of current transformer from the experimental frequency response curve. I found that Current transformer has magnetic core which has a non linearity. So the system can be treated as non linear system. From my understanding Transfer function approach is valid only for (...)
hai everybody.....i wanna analize the non-linear characteristics of a power amplifier(above 1GHz) in PSPICE . i need a circuit model for that.kindly poat the related information.
Hi, I'm trying to desing an oscillator using ATF36077. I noticed that when I use a non-linear transistor model (ph_hp_ATF36077_19940627 component or Statz model with parameters downloaded from Avago website) I get different results than when using S-parameters file (I have the same biasing - Vds 1.5V, Id 10mA). When I simulate S-parameters f
I have a basic doubt i.e. What do we mean by a convex mixed integer non linear program? Does it mean that the continuous relaxation of integer variables in MINLP results in a convex optimization problem or We have a Convex optimization problem for each feasible realization of the integer variables
Hello, basically yes, but the real answer is more complicated. As you have a non-linear circuit, affecting the fundamental, will affect the harmonics. Probably there will be difference in harmonic content between shorting (series resonant circuit to ground) the fundamental component or impeding it (via a parallel resonant circuit in series). As
Hi all, Basically I need to extract non linear, i.e. large signal model parameters of a InP/InGaAs HBT transistor, from its I-V characterististics, Gummel plot and S parameter data. I know there are manual methods through which this can be done, but I prefer not to spend too much time learning them, if it can be done directly using software.
Hello, Is it Crystal Resonator Ocillator ! if so did you setup exact crystal parameters... then finally did you use the nonlinear spice model for BFS520 in MWO schenatic... Also increase the oscillation frequency range on OSCPROBE just to indentify the resosnace frequency... ---manju---
The quoted discussion refers to a very general mathematical field of function theory and linear mappings. If you want to understand XOR in this relation, you would need to get familiar with some theories, I think. If you just want to understand which property of binary logic operations is addressed with "linearity", there's a more simple answer.
Dear Friends: My friend has a problem in sending his problem. I sent it on-behalf of him. He is working on pulse propagation in optical fiber. He needs to simulate the non-linear Schrodinger Equation by using FDTD (Finite Difference Time Domain) method. Can anybody help him. He needs to do this in MATLAB Could any one help him? Best regards
Dear all, Anybody if working in the field of non-linear dynamics and simulation plz let me know. Regards, rc
What are the common Numerical methods employed to find the solution of non linear partial differential Equations
hi all? am using msp430 controller.. i want to convert the non linear voltgae in to linear voltage by means of sofware..(it already did by means of hard ware)..please suggest me any good idea??
Hello all, Probably a stupid question, but I don't see how I can do to solve it... I would want to know how I can do to check the operating point of a protection schottky diode (placed in parallel with a sensor). In fact I would want to know the influence of the diode to reduce its effect (non linearity) on my sensor (...)
How power factor in non linear loads measured? ,we consider only after rectification,whether current follows the voltage, why we are not concerned about input current and voltage.
Dear all, I am designing rectifier for RFID tags. I need to calculate input impedance and input power. I did PSS analysis and Transient analysis. Since my rectifier is non-linear circuit. I need to match it with antenna. So, i need matching networks. I am using cadence software with UMC 180nm. I calculated input impedance through man