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Based on what is on this site Using the USB UART is not for programming the FPGA. You need a Xilinx programming cable or some other method of sending the bitstream file over the JTAG connector on the spartan daughter card (see connector #
I recently bought a couple of STM8S micros and a cheap clone of ST-LINK V2, as the first step I tried to connect and test the devices. I used STLINK32 utility and connected to st link got connected . But when I try to connect the micro (It actually is the 1$ board - minimal development thing), it is not detected. The micro, I think is running b
A lithium battery will blow up or catch on fire if you do not correctly charge it by limit the charging current, limiting the maximum voltage and disconnecting the charger when it is detected to be fully charged. Your "charger" is not a charger, instead it is the power supply for the charger circuit inside the phone. The charger circuit for
Hi, First thing first, are you able to find any usb detected in "device manager" with the vid=0x16c0 pid=0x5dc? Probably windows did not detect the usb for some reason. Second thing, why are the command location involves temp folder/files? not sure if it is the way AVR Loader works, never used it before. On the other hand, you can try (...)
That looks like an uncommon small part, not likely to be carried in a store. My inkjet printer had an optosensor, which detected an open cover. I had to tape opaque paper over it when I wanted to operate without the cover. Is your printer doing anything similar? Is your photo a working printer, or is it your printer?
I have spent part of the Christmas holiday reviving my old Icetech Micromaster LV and Micromaster LV48 programmers. One funny thing I encountered is that the LV will only run under WinLV 1.0.0241, while the LV48 can operate under 2.0.0009, where the LV is not detected (although the "power" LED lights up. Is that the expected behaviour? On (...)
with reference to the thread and the response posted by vlsi_eda_guy, can you please explain how SDD is tested sand how the patterns are generated? I couldn't understand why the patterns will pass and will that defect not be detected during functional simulation?
I am trying to send AT commands from PIC16f877a to sim900.I am trying to send each command ,then wait for the response and if response is received the response is cleared.Then the next command is sent.But i am facing problem when the response is cleared.The correct response is not being detected by the microcontroller.Please help me with the code.[
hi genius .. i am trying to install the OS in my PC but hard disk not detected..:bang: 118662118661is there any solution for this?? pl check the attachment
I think that code is written by me. Let me explain. Timer1 is configured to interrupt say every 500 ms but initially Timer1 is not ON. When external interrupt is detected at INT0 pin, Timer1 is turned ON. Then in the Timer interrupt Timer1 is turned OFF after count becomes 2 that means two 500ms interrupts is over. This means Timer1 stops after 1 s
The Dropbox website does not work. Maybe we need to join it to see anything over there? Instead, please attach the info about the MULTILED here with your posting.
The simulation warning comes about because kk has a value that is not all 0/1. Probably some unitialised value. for the 2nd warning - did you take the Xilinx version of the fixed point packages?
In general, fault coverage is calculated as the ratio of faults detected by your test patterns vs. the total number of possible faults. You need fault simulation for this. Im not familiar with Cadence tool, just give you some hints, try to research more.
Dear sir, The required symbols cc1101 and 4pin header give me this kind of warning when i try to netlist.The footprints are perfectly fine.the result of this warning is tht they are not able to load these symbols on the required pcb board when i try to place them manually. #1 WARNING(SPMHNI-192): Device/Symbol check warning detected.
I think you are going to find you need something like a 20 watt transmitter to get those diodes to actually glow. for smaller fields, like 1-5 watts, a simple neon tube might work better (does not need that much current to start to glow). but for simple would need something that detected the power, amplified the detected (...)
Doesn't explain USB interface damage, but USB specification require a self-powered device to monitor the VBUS line and not to drive to bus lines before a voltage has been detected.
MDS is a tricky concept. Ir could be useful for some situations, but not for characterizing an amplifier. Yet the name is wrong. There are people that believe that a signal of a level stronger tan MDS can be detected, and that a signal weaker that MDS can not. This is wrong. Instead, noise figure or noise temperature say how much the (...)
my ds pic 30f6010a is not working. at first when i soldered it worked, after changing the crystal settings in ccs ( i think i setted the wrong parameters) and burned using pickkit2 after that the chip is not detected in pickit2. kindly tel me the nature of the problem is there any way to rework the chip? regards kalyan
hello guys , i have Trancend SD CARD 16 GB . well this card was working normally , whatever which device i use ( laptop , camera , mp3 reader etc ) suddenly , i have no idea what happened to the card . i plugged the card into the camera and a message box was appeared " no card detected " !! i took the card and plugged it to my laptop th
Can you upload your proteus file, Please check whether your proteus has found the path of Arduino Installation or not, if not manually provide it. Right click the Project files and then select Project setting and change the frequency 112223
I am using HL 6528G, bit able to detect the sim, the voltage at v_sim is almost zero. Other AT commands are working. Please suggest a way out - - - Updated - - - Actually not able to detect the sim as sim_vcc=0
Hello, Remove the ";" from "@(posedge clk)" on lines 2 and 4. Once you put them, you are basically doing nothing when posedge clock is detected. No, that isn't a problem. I'm not sure what the OP's problem is but the code posted works fine, as long as you generate a clock. module test2; reg clk,
I have been designing atmega 8 based usb to uart conversion using v usb and avr cdc 232. The whole circuit seems ok but its not detected in by the computer. It just says USB device not recognized. Here's the description of the project( ).Any help please I us
i'm working on wireless sensor networks. in the packet transmitted i understand what preamble is. Its just to indicate the receiver that a packet is der to be received. can someone please tell me what is PLH. is plh used to indicate source and destination???? am i right?? My main doubt is what is correlation (in simple words not with mathematical
Just leave the local/remote switch in the 'local' position and the GPIB port will be disabled. It's CPU talks to the other circuits so if you pull the plugs it thinks a fault has been detected. I have the manuals for the PL330T-GP which is similar, I'm not sure you can fake the presence of the GPIB board by making links. Brian.
I have got GSM GPRS SIM900A development board but I failed to run it with Arduino Uno/Single. When I am connecting with PCthrough serial(rs232) or via USB(prolific USBto serial converter)port its getting detected and i could able to connect using hyper terminal.. wh
Hi, I installed Windows 8.1 pro x64 on my PC and updated the drivers using Driver Pack Solution 13 DVD. Everything run well but the DVD drive is no longer detected in the This PC window as well as in Device Manager and Disk Management. I shall be grateful for your help to solve this problem. Many thanks, Sully
I have a genuine K150 here and it works fine on XP and Linux. It will not be recognized as a K150, only as a com (serial) port. You have to run the Microburn program and select the com port before it reports being a K150. Brian.
Hi, I got this instruction given: > For each of the following three scenarios, initially assume that the East-West traffic has had a green traffic light for a long time. 1) If a North-South car is detected then the traffic lights will cycle to green in that direction. The walk light will not be on unless a pedestrian is detected then (...)
hi sir, i am using orcad 16.5. while i convert into pcb the following errors occured and it will not creat pcb. how to correct these errors. pls help me.. #1 ERROR(SPMHNI-191): Device/Symbol check error detected. ERROR(SPMHNI-195): Symbol 'CAPELECTRO' for device 'C_3_CAPELECTRO_1N' is missing pin '1'. ERROR(SPMHNI-195): Symbol 'CA
Hello, I am trying to do a post-implementation timing simulation of a Ring Oscillator using Vivado 2014.1. But every time I got the error message: FATAL_ERROR: Iteration limit 100000 is reached. Possible zero delay oscillation detected where simulation time can not advance. Here is the code of ring oscillator: library IEEE; use
hello friends i have design the pcb use of ftdi chip but when i setup hardware my comport doesn't recognise any device. i have completely installed all driver and as describe in datasheet i have connection all component with all related value but com port is not detected ? where is the problem ? but when i have test UM232RL module then device
Hello how can i detect whether a RS232 cable is connected to PC. Actually i had to send data to pc and receive data from pc with the help of micro-controller. But when no cable is connected with PC then i have to glow an led indicating the link is not okay. Please suggest me a way to implement this.
I have successfully compiled usbasploader for atmega 16 and atmega 32 and devices are detected correctly on progISP however when I transfer hex it is not running, when I transfer same hex using avrdude GUI, it is working, had anyone
Applying a low pass filter could minimize jitter effect, and if high precision is not an issue for application, you could overestimate the detected point, just shifting ahead the average phase calculated from a big amount of samples. Anyway, a PLL based solution as stated by FvM is safer. +++
Resolution and accuracy are related, but are not the same thing. Accuracy cannot be better than the resolution, but the resolution can be better than the accuracy. Resolution refers to the smallest difference that can be detected by the instrument. A voltmeter with possible displays of 10.03 and 10.04 has a resolution of 0.01. But that (...)
hello friends i have a computer with operating system windows xp service pack 3 . and Samsung galaxy grand duos with company data cable . when i connect my phone to the pc i have detected in my mobile MTP Mode. but xp could not find specific driver and i am unable to connect my phone but in windows 8 connect successfully . and i try most of dri
Guys, I tried to detect AT91SAM7S512 I've done TST to high, PA0,PA1 and PA2 to high too...(SAMBA boot recovery ) but window still can not detect the board, It's always detected as J-Link driver by windows, and I can't install samba driver for it ?? Any ideas ? thanks
This is an experiment to check if digital data transmission was done accurately or not. Ok, so here's what is done: The part where the value is lower than the value set at trigger level is detected, then the number of samplings of the finer offsets are set, and only those parts were horizontally shifted and adjusted. What is this method called
But how i will detect ? on which RB4,RB5,RB6 or RB7 gets interrupt detected or not ? how to individually check the state ? Generally speaking, you have bit operators available for this purpose. The discussion is a bit confused because different methods (RB change interrupt, external interrupt, external INT with additional logi
Hi guys, I am using telit GL868 module.Here my simcard is not detected. My checking procedure, >>AT+SIMDET? telit response as >>ERROR I checked SIMMVCC it always 0v only. Telit module condition: Telit supply voltage(VBATT,VBAT_PA(37,38 pins)) = 4.01V PWRON pin(43) = 2.82V(power on mode) AGND = ground. Pin 5,6
hi all, i have a problem about blackbox in Assura.When run assura lvs ,i want to set a cell as blackbox.i choose "modify avCompareRules",then set "blackbox".After that the assura lvs run "cellB" and has a problem: Compare problems were detected in 2 cells. 1 cell had pins mismatches. 1 cell did not run. LVS Debug window shows: Summar
hi... i am working on a project called touch switch...i am using QT600-ATTINY88-QT8 evaluation board...i am enabling two keys...and using those keys.... iwant to toggle portd3 and portd4 for GET_SENSOR_STATE(6), AND PORTB6 and PORTB7 for GET_SENSOR_STATUS(7)......can anyone please help me..why it is not is my code...
This is not the best way to detect laser light. The detector is clear 400 ~1100nm so daylight and other sources of light will be detected on high gain.. The transistor gain can be high but not precise. It depends what you are trying to do... Make use of parts on hand or design a proper laser switch.? Common designs use (...)
AC coupling means DC is blocked by a capacitor.So, DC level is not wanted to prevent-for instance OP of a circuit-
1-In s-parameter simulations, DC analysis is not perfomed.S-parameters are small signal parameters and DC Operating Point therefore is not considered.Add a DC analysis controller to do that.. 2-"ds" suffix isn't belonged to Touchstone format, it's a basically ADS Dataset n-port properties dialog, change format from Touchstone to Dataset.
Hello friends,,,, I am using ARM Cortex Stellaris Board,it is running perfectly in the morning,but after some time when i am going to do programming,then my device LM3s9b95 is not detected in the microbootloader. my reset switch is wrking perfectly but my device is not detected in the bootloader. (...)
I use the MICROSTICK programmer but when i tried to download the program i get the follow message: Microstick II SK by Microchip Technology Incorporated Firmware Suite Version...... 01.28.40 Firmware type......................dsPIC33F/24F/24H Starter Kit on Board Connected. Target detected Target Device ID (ffff0000) does not match ex
error detected by hpeesofsim during HB analysis HB1 This software is not licensed for use of harmonic lite features .. you donot have appropriate license.
Hello, Can anybody help in PIC18f4520 Slave transmit problem I've detected Slave address but data is not placed in SSPBUF register. Here is my code: #include #include #pragma config BOREN = OFF #pragma config PWRT =OFF #pragma config LVP = OFF #pragma config OSC = HS #define SDA PORTCbits.RC4 //SER