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Hello All, I designing a circuit in Bicmos HBT Process.I am using npn. I have used the Pcell of npn but it does not have the substrate.And when I do a DRC , I get error "Bad Substr......" I will be thankful if anybody can throw some clue to solve this SB
Emitter tied to GND so that's a npn transistor... BC547 = npn
The problem is likely in the parameterization of the elements (npn, PNP, their base shunt resistances, the variation of these with actual layout form). At least one of these devices is not going to be a PDK supported model most likely (lateral) and a well transistor you can expect to be highly variable and poorly fitted.
Where can I obtain the layout/cross sectional view of a lateral npn/PNP and vertical npn/PNP. S. the PDF below. What are their advantages (lateral over vertical) in terms of circuit response. Lateral transistor usually has higher beta than vertical.
tsmc/ umc or other Fab will provide 5x5 or 10x10um (emitter area) BJT gds layout . but you should know in CMOS no twin/triple_well , only PNP bjt be use beta is small , only use for diode or bandgap cell some high Volt cmos process provide "really npn or PNP" device . by the way , parastic BJT spice model is simple even corner
whether the bipolar transistor is vertical or horizontal is determined by its physical layout. Vertical npn's stuctrure is E-B-C from top to bottom. The current is flowing vertically, which can be seen in the figure blow. Likewise, horizontal npn's structure is E-B-C from left to right. The current is flowing horizontally. i (...)