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Hi 1.) Use an transistor monostable circuit 2.) e.g CD4538 use an one-shot Monostable multivibrator either transistor, or 555, or such 555 is cheap, widely available, and reliable, and can provide up to 200mA
can i use monostable multivibrator in the place of one shot... The terms aren't but synonyms.
Look NOR Gate Monostable................ The one-shot Monostable multivibrator ok i got it but i cont understand this point As both plates of the capacitor are now at logic level "0",
Hi Guys, I tried my hands in simulating a simple one shot monostable multivbator in Spectre. I am getting the wrong output for some reason. Is it because the trigger signal is too short? I put it at 1us pulse width. Even when I changed it to 10us, I still don't get the correct output. I tried to vary the RC element which should determine the Tau
Real grid has quite a bit of noise that will prematurely trip a zero crossing solely based on level without any filtering. With noise filtering you need to take into account delay due to filter, which usually means a one shot multivibrator, slightly shortened in AC period to generator the zero crossing trigger at the next zero crossing point.
Didn't understand the question? What do you want exactly? During the time when the gate signal is above a specific value, a fixed width pulse should be generated on the next zero crossing of the 2nd signal This can be done by a timer IC.. IC555
There appears to be a wide variation in available pulse-stretching duration in the 74HCT123 one-shot (monostable multivibrator) devices. The one I have on hand (Texas Instrument) will provide no more than 120mS, and I need up to 2 seconds. Some datasheets are ambiguous and some claim microseconds through "infinity". (...)
i designed a monostable multivibrator using 555 timer. I want to see the waveform of the single shot waveform in CRO ? how is it possible. Some one said that trigger of oscilloscope can be utilized. how can it be utilized ?
Are you absolutely sure that all of the resistors and capacitors on these two boards are identical? Is your circuit operating at a high clock rate? The 74HC123 is a dual monostable multivibrator (single shot mv). Unless the discrete components are different/defective on one board, the two boards should work the same if (...)
I need a one shot monostable multivibrator package that gives a ON pulse of duration 0.6 to 1.2 microsec on applying trigger signal.
Monostable multivibrator has one state calle dquasi stable state, in which it is one shot transfer input, and so called stable

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