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I need a one shot monostable multivibrator package that gives a ON pulse of duration 0.6 to 1.2 microsec on applying trigger signal.
There appears to be a wide variation in available pulse-stretching duration in the 74HCT123 one-shot (monostable multivibrator) devices. The one I have on hand (Texas Instrument) will provide no more than 120mS, and I need up to 2 seconds. Some datasheets are ambiguous and some claim microseconds through "infinity". (...)
Hi all I know this component might be considered as digital but "embedded systems and real time OS" didn't feel like the right category to create the thread in either... sry if I placed it incorrectly.. Why I need a multivibrator: I'm working on a project where two sensors is going to trigger another circuit or microcontroller and the output p
How do i test a counters up/down or 4-Bit Binary Counter? to see if its faulty or working? Do i test the Reset pins? to see if its a high or low state? How do i test a Level Shifter? to see if its faulty or working? How do i test a Register? to see if its faulty or working? How do i test the Enable inputs and latch inputs? to see i
Relay debounce is done either with additional circuitry, or with a software delay. The additional circuitry can be a SR flip flop (also called a SR multivibrator) if you have a double throw relay, or a simple RC circiut for a single throw relay. The SR flip flop would simply connect with the NC relay contact on one input of the flip (...)
Real grid has quite a bit of noise that will prematurely trip a zero crossing solely based on level without any filtering. With noise filtering you need to take into account delay due to filter, which usually means a one shot multivibrator, slightly shortened in AC period to generator the zero crossing trigger at the next zero crossing point.
Hi Guys, I tried my hands in simulating a simple one shot monostable multivbator in Spectre. I am getting the wrong output for some reason. Is it because the trigger signal is too short? I put it at 1us pulse width. Even when I changed it to 10us, I still don't get the correct output. I tried to vary the RC element which should determine the Tau
Hi all, Im Looking for a ultra-speed Monostable multivibrator which can produce 2-5 Ns output Pulse width(Tw).. Can Any one suggest me any such part which can produce this ... Thanks Rah
Hi I need a Frequency-Voltage schematic (without the LM2907) Where can I find one Best Regards Pendragon
Converting monitor to xy display for spectrum analyzer is dificult. You will need at least 500kHz bandwidth. If you are satisfied with 100kHz bandwidth you can use so called raster technique. First you should rotate deflection coils for 90 degree. Change their role as in the first reply. Time base signal is now connected to horizontal deflection co
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Monostable multivibrator has one state calle dquasi stable state, in which it is one shot transfer input, and so called stable
Hi Can someone pls tell me what's the difference between monostable mode and astable mode in 555 timer circuits
Please describe the function you need more completely. As you can see from the suggestions there are many kinds of "delays". I'll guess. Low precision solution: Since you mentioned a RC element. I think you want a edge triggered delay. Use a one-shot timer (aka Monostable multivibrator, i.g. MM74HC4538). 3us (...)
I have two identical circuit boards using IC MM74HC123 one manufactured by Fairchild Semiconductor the other by Philips. The Fairchild chip when used in the circuit will announce any length of message the Philip circuit won't announce the longer messages. I don't have a circuit diagram for the board. I only difference on the datasheet is difference
i designed a monostable multivibrator using 555 timer. I want to see the waveform of the single shot waveform in CRO ? how is it possible. Some one said that trigger of oscilloscope can be utilized. how can it be utilized ?
Please explain in more detail your problem. Before doing this please read "Because these monostable multivibrators are half analog and half digital, they inherently are more sensitive to noise on the analog portion (timing leads) than standard digital circuits. Th
Didn't understand the question? What do you want exactly? During the time when the gate signal is above a specific value, a fixed width pulse should be generated on the next zero crossing of the 2nd signal This can be done by a timer IC.. IC555
You could select the input trigger to be riseing or falling edge and when use in the one-shot mode would ignore any other triggers untill yours retunes to 0 or 1 (you select) and starts again. Could not find the link so just guessin. What Chip are you using? i am using LM555 with monostable configuration. so, an
Hi, I would like to use a Power-Out Alert device (Power-OutAlert ) to detect a power outage and actuate/trigger a relay. Basically, I need to convert the continuous signal of the power-out sensor into one single-shot or single pulse signal. The power-out alert device has
... float-switch makes a connection when bilge water gets high enough and light and siren go off... Different lights for different compartments, one siren run off a bus ... Does that mean that there is a separate switch for each light? Is/are the switch/es just a pair of contacts which close when the water i
Look NOR Gate Monostable................ The one-shot Monostable multivibrator ok i got it but i cont understand this point As both plates of the capacitor are now at logic level "0",
Need to conect pin 4 to Vcc, If the RESET terminal of a 555 or 556 timer is not going to be used, it is normal practice to connect this input to the supply voltage. If the RESET terminal is left unconnected the operation of the timer will not be affected, however, the RESET of CMOS version of these timers should not be left unconnected
Hi guys, I have a simple question about NE555... Need a simple delay circuit for use in my car. one LED iluminated symbol on my dashboard keeps blinking for 100 ms each 10 seconds or so. So i need a circuit, that will switch that LED after 200 ms. I changed whole pre-facelift dashboard with newer one. The old one had bulbs instead of (...)

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