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i am not getting the calling of function in the program of ook modulation.plz haelp me out
ook modulation & demodulation in analog ASIC design ? how i can reach to transistor circuit act as a mod & Dem to use it in analog ASIC design *layout* i got one in mod but in dem hardly any buddy can help me:-);-):|
hi.. i am doing a project on designing a transceiver in ansoft designer in ook modulation for 2.4Ghz i have done simulation of simple transceiver (transmitter and receiver separately), but I'm not able to do it in ook modulations... can anyone plz help me in designing transceiver in ansoft desingner or any similar file (...)
I like to test out a concept on simulation (Pspice) and need advice from the gurus. Overview: - Tx/Rx optical communication system - ook modulation is used Receiver: Incoming Signal -> Amplifier -> BPFilter -> Demodulator I have the following questions: - BPFilter introduces significant group delay (Assuming 4 pole, active filter), do
Hello everyone, please help urgently... I want a matlab code for Eb/No versus R/W for ook modulation that shows that shows that the ISD of ook is 1 bit/sec/Hz Your help will be highly appreciated :)
Please please help me in this: I need a matlab code showing Rb/BW (i.e. bit rate/bandwidth) versus SNR for ook modulation... Thanks and awaiting your responses! :)
u can use any mod technic for digital data, ask ook fsk with data rate about 9600 baud, just select the trx and replace its data with yours. be carefull about the noise from trx
Hello, Many low cost ism transceiver support ook , ASK and FSK. can we make MSK modulation with these chips even if it'n not clearly specified in the data sheet. I saw in some book that MSK is a special cas of FSK with DF=datarate/2. Is a modem that support GFSK can modulate and demodulate in GMSK ? Sincerely
Thanks for sending the reply. Can I use ook modulation for data and combine with DC on single line.Iam looking for a cost effective solution. Thanks
You can use u'C i/o transmit & receive bit-shift-data by ook modulation. Because SM6136 is a encode(or deode) ook modulation data by pulse length & pulse count.
Hi, While working on the real UWB system, I used both PPM and ook modulated transmit signals. In either case, the same pulse shape and therefore the same pulse energy is used. For PPM the average energy is taken as Eb and for ook as Eb/2. Further, two different receiver positions were chosen for simulation environment. The two positions are sep
For everyone's education and amusement, in years gone by when atomic bombs falling were a reasonable assumption, many nation's military had HF and lower frequency antennas buried underground so that they would not be damaged by the blast. They found that there were two ray paths. One through the earth and one up bounced against the ionosphere. T
helo.. can anyone help me.. how to do simulink for ook,8psk,bpsk..pleazzzz help me....:cry:
we have an assignment to look for different ASK circuits. And then we'll try it in Multi-sim (workbench) so that we could see the output.. please help. thanks =D
Hi--I am looking for implementing L-PPM and it variants like Sub Carrier PPM in Simulink. These are used in Wireless Optical Communication. I am not very conversant with Simulink. Can any one help me with the model (block level) implementation of the same? Thank u in advance.
what is the data rate generally taken for the beacon transmission in morse code (ook modulation) so the signal can be perceived by the ham users
i am having rf+dc+ook combined signal.i want to separate these signals.what what method i should implement so that i can separate these signals,please help me
Hi, I am adding strong noise which has zero mean to an ook modulation. I use for that the matlab function 'randn'. But after this, I apply a chebyshev 3? order bandpass filter and I don't really know if the output signal would have the same property of zero mean or not? Thanks in advance
hello , how are u all i need help to find matlab code for FSK modulation & PSK & ook &PRK and also bit error curve of all modulation above VS SNR thanks in advance
I studied that the data can be given to the LASER and the LASER can transmit light for binary 1 and no light for binary 0. You are right but it is only one of modulation schemas. It is called ook (on-off keying). It is true that it is popular type of modulation in optical communication however there are some othe
To show you how your module work, you should give some info about them. From what you're saying it seems that these modules use ook modulation. The transmitter need an accurate frequency set, it can be through a SAW filter if you haven't seen any XTAL on board. My guess is that you are right: you can see the TX as a simple data modulator to 315 M
Hi all I'm student and working with a small project which involves wireless transmission. I'm using the Parallax 433MHz Transceiver (ook modulation, 2500 feet sight line) and have a problem during the transmission. I'm using the UART from PIC16F876A with a baud rate of 2400 b.Initially the MCU is only in TX mode, while my PC is in RX mode (us
Industrial environments are hot and noisy. So first you would pick a transceiver that can handle extended temperature ranges. A lot of electronic noise will be contained in the 30 MHz (an its harmonics) and lower frequency range, so a communications link at 915 or 2450 MHz will, in general, do better. A spread spectrum system, especially one
Low cost radio transmitters are in fact using a kind of AM: Simple ASK or ook (on-off keying). It can be easily implemented at any frequency, but it's very unusual at 2.4 GHz, I think. You also have complex modulation techniques like QAM, but as you apparently targetting to simple methods, they most likely aren't an option. So FSK variants are the
hey all, Im still new to ADS agilent and I need to generate an ook modulated signal with a data rate of 10kbps and an rf carrier of 2GHz. Can anyone help? Thanks alot
I am looking for resources related to ADS: block level simulations in 2.4GHz RF transceiver design. Please help Thanks I would recommend starting with the RF System DesignGuide in ADS. From any schematic, select DesignGuide > RF System > RF System Tests and Basic modulation Types.
To avoid re-inventig the wheel (or at worst case the square wheel), why don' you use available cheap ASK (ook) RF modules? 433 MHz can be used license free in many countries. If the solution is too simple, you can still build your own transmitter and receiver with available RF ICs. At least you'll learn much about suitable RF transmission techni
Yes,i know what you said which is stand ASK or ook principle. I asked is about PR-ASK, Phase Reversed-ASK. thanks.
Ηi i am doing a project for free space optical communications. So i read that the most famous modulation is ook and PPM. So, about ook i understand it. For PPM it is a pulse modulation. The pulses propagate through the space ?????? without any optic carrier? thanks a lot
if u don't mind about the data rate, ask ook is simple to build
You will need a local phase reference to do the angels. QAM is expensive enough to do that you should not economize on the detector method. Using the I and Q coherent detectors and level slicers should be done. If you are making a low cost system, ook or FSK would be cheaper.
Hi all!!!! I need to construct an ultra low cost (less than US$2.50) transmitter. 0dB output power, ook modulated, stable (maybe SAW stabilized), 433 or 432 MHZ, 2.5 to 3.3V power supply. Need only the Tx circuit (the modulation signal comes ready from another circuit). Low power consumption is a need. Could anyone help me with circuits (practic
I don't know the answer for real, but it looks like the Manchester modulation could fix the problem. The trick is probably the synchronization at the receiver-side. Why don't you try next: Put the transmitter to non-stop-transmit-state (logical 1). Check the receiver, to see what the PIC receives. It should receive one's non-stop. Try it then w
ASK system can use an AM transmitter. But the linearity requirements are less stringent for ASK than for AM, because (analog) AM amplifier needs to be linear in order to have low distortion and out-of band emissions. In the case of binary ASK (also called ook, On-Off Keying), the signal simply is switched on and off, and this is very simple with a
Hi, I would go for an Analog devices device ADF7020 series. Cheap (1.50 USD @ 100 pcs) very few external components (should have a look) and easy to use. Complete digital radio technology with digital filtering and demodulation. Can do FSK/GFSK/GMSK, ook, ASK, Gook etc.... Super chip. Paul. I would select frequency (...)
ASK PSK and FSK all are modulation techniques.... Talking of simple BFSK, BPSK and BASK (ook) which one occupies the least spectrum...which one is spectrally effecient and why Thanx in advance
what about ook ? what categories does it fall to ? can anybody tell me ? thank you regards, Jeffrey
Should be ok if it is FM and feed the output to a discriminator, or very slow ook where you use the log amp as the am detector
There is a lot of digital communications like BPSK, QPSK, ... What kind of digital communication you want ??? I upload to you a Matalb code simulating ASK, ook, FSK, BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK modulation.
Hi I am trying to make my own transmitter that should work with 40MHZ ook reciever for RC helicopter. I have found this circuit from net. but i dont understand this well or how to conver it to 40mhz. can some one point me to a nice circuit for 40mhz band transmitter. input to the transmitt
Hi, Please refer to side 7, in the midle. You will find it so: It must be possible, but (if I`m right) you wish to drive in both sort of Modulated modus? Then datasheed said us: In ook-modus you have to modulate the Ref-Oscillator directly(means you need a switch for put Pin 5 trough serial resistor to Vcc)! Or in other modus you have to appl
Hello; I want to transmit and receive some data between two Microcontrollers wirelessly. Therefore, I buy two microcontrollers, one transmitter and one receiver. Microcontroller: PIC16F877A Receiver: ARX-433-ULC Transmitter: ATX-433-IA modulation Protocol of Transmitter and receiver is ook (on-off-keying) .I think if I use UART (Universal asyn
It would be restricted to a few fixed frequencies, that can be generated as integer part of the clock frequency by a timer unit, and to on-off-keying (ook).
check this read them carefully, they give the reason..
Complete Tutorial for System Generator .Step by Step Guide to download matlab simulink program to FPGA is here System Generator-Tutorial OFDM and BPSK Simulation files can be downloaded form here Digital
1. A digital communication system operating over an AWGN channel requires a probability of bit error (Pb) of 10^-3, find the required Eb/No (dB) for the following binary modulations: BPSK, BFSK, ook, DPSK, non-coherent BFSK, and non-coherent ook. Show computations. 2. The bit stream (1 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1) is (...)
The calculations in post #2 and #3 are presuming certain properties of the signal generator. But I don't think that it's obvious how the generator performs ASK. From a linear AM scheme, we would assume a peak power of +6dBm, because the peak magnitude is doubled. If we assume ook, the peak power is still 0 dBm. But before jumping into conclusio
The TSOP173x specifications, e.g. maximum burst duty cycle suggest, that you'll face difficulties to transmit plain UART data with basic ook (on-off keying). I have seen additional encoding in similar applications, but I didn't try simple ook, so I can't say for sure that it doesn't work.
Keeping the carrier on and using the cut off of the carrier to mark the positions is good practice xD. If a micrel ook RF demodulator is used the AGC time constant can be adjusted to avoid the gain ramping up too fast during off keying. By the description, it reads like the discussion is about AM modulation. FM modulation gives more noise (...)