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There could be 2 possible reasons - - You might be using wrong symbol libraries which are not meant for simulation. Always choose libraries from - tools/capture/library/pspice - Your model libraries may not be configured properly. You are using very old version of pspice, I am not really sure about the library setup on that version. Recent ve
I am trying to simulate an active bandpass filter in pspice, unfortunately I keep getting the following error involving the operational amplifier: ERROR(ORPSIM-15143): Voltage source and/or inductor loop involving E_U2. You may break the loop by adding a series resistance. 123425 Here's the image of the circuit. I'v
An op amp?s recovery time measures how quickly it returns to a linear mode from a state of saturation. Does the op amp model in pspice include the effect of saturation recovery? Many thanks. 101452
I have a big problem with pspice simulation. I have to use op amp 741 in my circiut but this op amp has 2 pins which are unmodeled and I can't connect them to rest of the circuit. I don't know how to solve this problem. please help me:-(
Hello, how would be the method to simulate the thermal drift in an op-amp with the SPICE macromodel? I pretend to simulate the -40 to 85 ?C behaviour of the circuit and i think the op-amp macromodel doesnt have any parameter dependant with the temperature.
please some one tell me the logic of designing a simple op-amp circuit in pspice. where the output voltage will be the square root of input voltage
I have some doubts if the Falstad simulator represents the OP behaviour accurately in this situation, the pspice models usually do. The basic problem is simple, zero respectively negative phase margin in the loop gain characteristic. If the OP compensation isn't accessible for modifications, you have basically two option: - an output series
Hello, Currently I'm working on the LDO reg. pspice macromodel but I have some concerns about the output noise modelling. After studying some papers on Op-amp macromodels I was able to obtain fairly good match between the Output Voltage Noise Density Measurements and Simulations in 10Hz-1MHz bandwidth. (The noise source was placed in series wi
Excuse me. I want to simiulate OPamp 741 in spice. I have a problem. What kind of transistor ( transistor's model) shoude be used? Is there any simiulated file for this purpose? Thanks
I want to simiulate 741 OP-amp with pspice. But there was a problem that circuit too large! What can I do? Can I simiulate this in Spice?
Bot OPs have +ve and -ve input mixed up.
hello everyone, i am persuing my final year project in the subthreshold squaring circuit. i want to simulate differential op amp and current mirror using pspice. can anyone help on it. thank you so much regards, sushant
will the V+ and V- of the Op-amp influence my result? Not particularly V+ and V-, but any property of the real OP that causes a deviation of the transfer function from ideal filter.
The circuit should work fine, oscillating around 500kHz. Try to change the op amp model in your simulator (for example with LT 1260)
I'm doing a lab for my class and it says to look for an op amp with a GBW of 2*pi*10^6 = 6.28 MHz. I suppose, you are looking for an opamp with a GBW=1 MHz equivalent to app. 6.28*10^6 rad/s. Right? (Hint: In order to avoid misunderstandings like this, the radian frequency 2*pi*f should always be expressed
Hi, I am new in cadance, till now I have used only pspice so sorry for may be stupid question. I make SD ADC so I am designing OP amp for the untegrator. I made AC analysis with continuos CMFB of the amp. In reality amp will operate with SC CMFB. From manuals of Spectre as I understood there is some PAC analysis which (...)
I have block diagram from a system and I want to improve bandwidth of system. I know, I must be draw by Orcad or pspice and simulate by Matlab but I don't know how can do it. I also want to know which component is cut off my bandwidth in system which is consisted : Input structure "Op-amp,V-I, MUX(Switch Array), Electrodes", then Output part "Elect
You may want to use a VSIN source instead of a VDC source for Vs, assuming you're performing a transient analysis? Also the purpose of the 1 ?Ω resistor is dubious. As you see from the node voltages, it's generating a ridicolous voltage drop of 80 fV, but it doesn't hurt, of course.
i m working on cascoded op-amp...... i know the value of Gm of transistor for mentor tool if i want to work on pspice will its value gets changed?
Can anyone suggest what model of resistor, capacitor and op-amp to use in pspice for me to simulate under military temperature range(-55degree C to 150degree C )? I need model which can vary according to temperature in pspice. Thanks.
Hi. I've been searching and searching on the TI webpage for the LM2904P I can download the symbol but it doesn't come with the pspice model does it? It's just a general purpose op amp and is suppose to be relatively simple says my lecturer but it's driving me nuts! I downloaded the TI
I made an active op amp low pass filter design in Genesys and exported the design to ADS. When using the design in ADS the filter passband and stopband look like in original design but the insertion loss is more than 240 dB. Has anyone faced this before? I tried to change the port impedances but did not get the same results as in Genesys. Filter l
hello. i'm trying to simulate ,on pspice, the control circuit of 6 MOSFETs in a dc /ac inverter. i want to use spwm for the switching, so i put a comparator(lm339/lm393). a triangular waveform goes to the inverting input, and a sin wave goes to the non-inverting input of the op-amp. the op-amp gets supplied with +10V in the +pin and 0V in (...)
Hi I am using an ideal op amp in inverting configuration as shown in figure (in pspice). The output fails to converge when i increase the value of feedback resistor (R2) above 14.5 KOhms The simulator gives the following error: ERROR -- Convergence problem in transient analysis at Time = 708.8E-06 Time step = 582.1E-18, minimum allo
1) Go to 2) Under the heading LMH OrCAD Library You will see schematic symbols of the op amp. All files are contained in one ZIP file. Download LMH OrCAD Lirary (10k PKZIP file) If this does not help you PM me.
hello Clansman There is an element known as a current to voltage convertor in any version of spice. please kindly refer to the following page to know how to use it in your simulation. You can maybe add a low pass RC network to the output to model the single pole roll-off frequency response of an I to V or rather a transimpedance op-amp! htt
I am trying to simulate the op-amp schematic diagram for a 741 and plot a graph of Power Supply Rejection Ratio v frequency. It is defined as 20 *log( change in dc supply voltage/ change in input offset voltage). Does anyone know how to work this out on the Cadence/ pspice simulator? Do the 2 differential input voltage sources need to be removed a