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Hi, I would need some help in a power dissipation issue. I have a power opamp that works in a non-inverting topology. Here some data: - Single Supply = 12V - Output voltage = 6+3*sin(wt) V - Output current = 100*sin(wt + alfa) mA where: w = angular frequency t = time alfa = angle between current and (...)
Put a zero-volt voltage source in series with all the op-amp stages and then measure the currents through them. This will give you power per stage - by V*I (of course) and is more useful, than just finding the total power for the opamp.
Hi, I am designing an 10 Bit 200 MSPS Pipeline ADC in TSMC 65nm process. Just finished the design of first stage opamp. It uses the "Folded Cascode Gain Boosted opamp" architecture. The supply voltage is 3.3V. The total current drawn from the supply is around 90mA. Therefore, the first stage opamp itself dissipating around 300mW (3.3 *
Hi friends, i need help to calculate the power dissipation from a power Switch (MosFet). I need help in Turn on and Turn off calculation !! Thank you Regards
I want to control DC Motor Direction and speed. I used l298 but this IC have power dissipation about 5watt. have any link or circuit with low power dissipation? thanks. snmeciut
Hello, I have a question on voltage stabilization and power dissipation. I'm working on a little device, which will be powered by alkaline battery 9V. For powering my PIC, I use LM7805. And my question is about heating of LM7805. I did not yet do my PCB and I want to know must I use some radiator to dissipate the (...)
I have a basic confusion. Suppose an electronic circuit is connected to a battery of voltage V and is drawing a current I, we say that it is consuming power P=V.I But looking at Joule's Law which states the power dissipated is given as: P=∫E.Jdv Now if the conductor is of uniform cross section then dv = dA dl and P=W
If anyone has information on power dissipation rating of TSOT-23 5 pin package and its datasheet please help
who can help me^^^ thanks^^^
When using Hspice, the simulation report gives this data: **** voltage sources subckt element 0:vagnd 0:vvcc volts 0. 1.900e+00 current 0. -1.528e-05 power 0. 2.903e-05 here vcc is a voltage source. i just wonder what does the current really mean here. since throug
Hi, I need to know how to derive the equation for switching power & energy of cmos inverter. When I search this topic from the web, some give the equation P = fxCV? Some other give P = ? f x CV? And also, for the energy, how to derive it? when the signal goes hi, the capacitor is charging, when signal goes low, it is discharging
Hello, I'll like to know if the value for the power dissipation given in the Cadence IC result brower (pwr under finalTimeOP-info) for VDD is a good approximation of the dynamic power dissipation. My problem is that the average current drawn from VDD times VDD is not equal to pwr of the result browser. Any help
what is static power dissipation and dynamic power dissipation and what is there phenomena of occurance
Could any one has experience of SSTL2 IO tell me, what is the typical power dissipation of one SSTL2 IO? We are using a foundry's IP, the support told me it contains 2 part: 1. Swiching power that is about 50uW/MHz * 200MHz = 10mW for each IO. 200MHz is our DDR working frequency and 50uW/MHz is their IO's unit (...)
A wire of length 10m of resistance .1 ohms per meter is used to supply power to the device. It is supplying 1A current @ 100 V 1 KHz AC to the device. What will be the power dissipation in the wire?
A switched capacitor DC DC converter. I want to calculate the power dissipation of each switches. How to simulate the transient power dissipation in DCDC converter with HSPICE? Thank you.
what is the difference between dynamic and static power? How to calculate them?
what is the difference between energy per transion and power dissipation?How to calculate each?
Hi, May I know how to determine power dissipation of the frequency divider (divide by 2 using 2 DFF)? Since the V and I of the frequency divider always change with time. Thanks.
Who knows what is the power dissipation rates of SMD resistors or links to relevant documents? Thank you very much in advance. nguyennam
I think ECL is fastest logic family. Is it correct? Then what about power dissipation and propagation delay comparison of TTL and CMOS family? With regards Ajish Babu S
Hi... could any one tell me... why there is static power dissipation in CMOS IC's due to sub-threshold conduction....
Following Table shows that SRAM power dissipation in writing and Reading operation. ( It's from "A Low power SRAM USing Hierarchical Bit Line And Local Sense Amplifiers, IEEE, 2005" ) The SRAM consumed 28mW at Write operation. Question : What is "Write operation" refered in this paper? Is it that power (...)
can any one clearly explain sizing of inverter, with different results how to calculate the propagation delay and power dissipation in an inverter.
Good evening, Is there any way to estimate (or simulate) power dissipation of digital circuit designed using fpga r cpld.. is it possible to use xilinx tools for simulation or estimation of power consumption of digital circuit. please help me regard this... Thanks in advance.
Hi all, Can anyone tell me how to plot the power dissipation of an inverter with respect to the frequency?
to calculate the power dissipation in Complementary pass transistor adiabatic logic using spice i have taken the potential difference between the two node of the transistor(S&D) and multiplied it with the source current.but the problem is that entire source current is not going into the drain and some of it is going to bulk. so, should i take the
Any kind soul knows how to Measure the Dynamic power dissipation of a circuit using HPSICE? Please help. Tks.
Hello, Can any one help how to find power dissipation in ADC ( 10-bit ADC operating at 10MHz) . Please help me.
Hi, I am looking for a paper or article which shows that opamp power is dominant in the pipelined ADC design. It seems to be a well stated fact but I am looking for some numbers etc that how much power is consumed in what circuit inside ADC. It will be rough estimation as exact values depends on the actual circuit biult. So, please help me.
in LNA How can I reduce power dissipation? And How can I calculate power dissipation?
I want to know what is the current and power dissipation in a interconnect line(Intermediate or Global wire) Thanking you
Hi, How can we evaluate power dissipation (static, dynamic) in analog environment in cadence? How can we plot power dissipation curve?
Can anyone tell me how there will be an Active power dissipation with the help of an example? I know about Off state Leakage power I want to know about Active state leakage power Please help me out.. Bye
like to know how to calculate the zener diode power consumption. the zener in my circuit is used to make over voltage protection. As from the datasheet, I can only see max ratings of forward current and forward voltage. But in actual, how can I calculate. this datasheet not enough info as some of the datasheets say forward current and voltage at 2
Hello All, How can I calculate the power dissipation of a class AB audio amplifier? Any idea or reference will be a great help. Regards monix
I am beginner of the FPGA Design. I am facing problem in estimating dynamic power dissipation using ISE10.1(Xpower Analyzer) Tool. I wanted to estimate dynamic power dissipation of 1bit FULL SUBTRACTOR (Combinational Circuit) using ISE 10.1. How do I set frequency since I am not using clock?? Plz help (...)
How can we distinguish between dynamic power dissipation in a combinational circuit vs power dissipation in a sequential circuit (If both use the same number of transistors - the functionality of both the circuits may differ).........Both are made up of CMOS.......Clock are fed to sequential circuit and register outputs are (...)
Hi all, I am trying to make a NiMH constant current battery car charger which receives an input of 24V from a step up switching regulator using a lm2577-adj and charges a 2300mAh battery .This step up regulator is capable of supplying a maximum of 1A and when plugged in to the circuit supplies around 500mA. I have decided to use a slow charging
Hi Guys, quick qusetion for you, If i had a resistor of say 10R on 15V supply, how can i caluculate the power dissipation at 50% duty cycle at 20KHz? Thanks in advance, Ringo
I confuse that what does it mean of power consumption and it is different or the same as power dissipation. Anyone please help me!! Thank you very much.
hi i need help regarding find power dissipation for Op amp design my design using cadence tool.ihave got output voltage .i dont know how tp proceed next.i tried doing in calculator option but it pop up error. can u help me in steps
My design disspipates more power on Virtex 4 (1.2V) than Virtex2 (1.5V):S Any clues what is wrong??
How to find power dissipation and delay using VHDL in Xilinx?
I confuse the terms "power" and "power dissipation". I know that the power dissipated through a resistor is I^2 R or VI. But what is the power of the dc supply? What is the formula for both of them? Both seem to have the same formula.(ie VI) Then what is the difference between them? ---------- (...)
Hi all I am trying to calculate the power dissipation of a high-frequency npn BJT (NE461M02) which is acting as a small-signal amplifier in CB configuration. This is for reliability prediction and I need to calculate the stress on the component. I have done some googling but I cannot seem to find any useful information on this. If somebody co
Hello , I'm currently designing a 4-bit adder using transmission gates can any body tells me how to simulate the average power dissipation for transmission gates using T-spice , is it the same as Complementary CMOS circuit , or I have to do simulation using other methods?? Can Anybody help me . please
i am a mtech student .iam designing circuits in TANNER EDA 13 Tool using .5micron technology.I wanted to know a command for power dissipation in T circuit implementation is in S-edit .kindly guide me .
According to the practical testing on IRF9540, Load = 1.8 ohm Vsg = 8.4 V Vsd = 0.61 V Id = 3.56 A then power dissipation of IRF9540 is Vsd*Id = 2.17 W. is there any solution to reduce Vsd in order to decrease power dissipation of
Hi all, I want to create a table that holds the power dissipation for each instruction, at each pipeline stage, for all of the functional units in the processor( target processor is OpenRISC OR1200 ). I found some information about using Primepower or PrimeTime-PX to measure the power dissipation on (...)