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When you say "shut the circuit off", do you mean open circuit the input voltage or short out the output current? Frank
I understand that you have one model with two antennas, and each antenna is connected to a port. Now you want to simulates the interaction between the two antennas. First you get S21 from the 2-port simulation. Then, instead of creating two additional 1-port EM models (one with antenna 2 shorted, the other with antenna 2 (...)
If a solar panel is open circuit and the sun shines, then what happens to the charge generated, does it charge up and up and blow up the solar panel?
To suppress the ringing after Tx , you may need to short out the transducer with transistor active switch to ground for <1ms , rather than open circuit switch. The tail of the high impedance resonant energy will be absorbed quickly. ( Like a motor/generator brake effect) That should work using one shot or some equiv. cct.
I wish to design a buck converter for charging 12 V and 7 Ah Lead Acid battery from PV panels. My panels are: 21.1 V: open circuit Voltage (Input to buck converter) 4.12 A: short circuit Current (Input to buck converter) I need buck converter of output 4 A, 15 V = 60 W What is the watt rating of your (...)
How do you plan to convert the 3V to 9V efficiently? Is 3V the MPT operating voltage (max power transfer) or the open circuit voltage and short circuit current at max solar input power? I assume you phone uses 9V input down to 6V? Is that a Lithium rechargeable 9V cell? I think a 1N4100 (not IN4100) is (...)
Data terminators are usually 50 , 60,75,93 etc or 120 ohm for coax and twisted pair or CAT5 for single ended. some are not short circuit protected if used to pullup to Vcc. Metal,Film,resistors,usually,fail in open circuit mode. So use two 100 Ohm in parallel and check.
You do not say what current your sagging 12 AC line has to cope with. If you wire the secondary of a low voltage transformer in series with your 12 AC and put a short on the primary of the transformer, you will get only the leakage inductance in series with it. If you open circuit the primary (Beware high voltage), you will (...)
This is called a wired-OR configuration. Only the LOW condition is an active output, where the open drain sink the signal to 0V. This way there is no danger for a collision between HIGH and LOW, resulting in a short circuit. Reading the status there is also no problem With a logical collision, since the unit expecting a (...)
if you are going to do microwave engineering, you need to know what impedance or admittance happens when you terminate a length of transmission line with a known impedance. go find that equation in a book, and figure out the two cases where the end is terminated in an open circuit, and then a short (...)
If a current source has an open circuit (an infinite resistance of its load) then it will try to produce a voltage as high as it can go.
When C3 approaches infinity (high capacitance) it becomes a short , not open. I think there is quite a few things happening in this cct. There will be a series resonance of C1 L1 at about 1.5MHz. There is the parallel resonance of C3 L4 at about 1.88MHz. There are 2 other peaks at 1.2Mhz and 2.3Mhz which are probably from combinations of (...)
I am building a LED panel for my aquarium and need to control the dimmer which requires the following criteria : Power ON with dimming: DIM ~ -Vin >2.5 ~ 6VDC or open circuit Power OFF : DIM ~ -Vin < 0.8VDC or short 100 ~ 1KHz 1mA at PWM dimming OFF and 24VDC input can someone guide me on where to (...)
Impedance of capacitor is 1/jwC . At zero frequency , impedance is infinite and at infinite frequency impedance is 0. So capacitor acts as a open circuit at zero frequency and short circuit at infinite frequency. So AC->R->C acts as a low pass filter and AC ->C->R acts as (...)
I am designing and building device that will work outdoor self-powered using solar panel and battery. Solar panel rated 10W gives Im=0.65A (short-circuit) and has power peak at Um=16.8V (21V open-circuit). The VRLA battery from Yuasa is rated 4Ah 12V (13.65V floating). I (...)
The discussion is based on wrong assumptions, e.g. TVS would fail open circuit. It more likely fails with short circuit, at least at medium overload enery levels.
I know that this is trivial question ,How do you find whether a circuit is open or short circuited.I have a broken headphone and when I try to find the problem using a continuity test.I have attached my circuit below.Now my question is how to find whether the circuit is (...)
In order to evercome this problem put a zero ohm resistor between two.. Spectre doesn't love something floating,shorted,open circuited etc.
what are differences between open circuit QHA(quadrature helix antenna) and short circuit QHA ?
Class F amp in microwave Design involves a matching network design at the fundamental frequency and load harmonics. The common practice is to present a short circuit at the even order harmonics, and an open circuit at the odd order harmonic. This 2nd and 3rd harmonic is (...)
Why open drain is used in i2c instead of push pull mode
It is very natural that open probes (connected to DMMs)have induced voltage which the meter reads. Once either you remove the probe from the meter's sockets or short circuit the probes, it would read "zero".
Does anyone knows what the ABCD matrices of an open and short circuit parallel stubs are. Regards
Bear in mind that the transformer probably contains a rectifier which could have gone short/open circuit because you are drawing far more current than they are normally rated to carry and also that the transformers internal wiring has to withstand the same voltage that you see as the arc. Consider the (...)
Your circuit involves both drawing and principle design faults. I guess, you meaned to connect the PMOS switch between 24V and VCC pin rather than make it short the power supply, distroying itself. If so, the PMOS switch has to be controlled by a 24V tolerant open drain/open collector (...)
Hello, the picture shows an ideal transformer balun. Normally it shows short circuit behavior to even mode excitation. Is it possible to model open circuit behavior by putting an inifinitely high resistor between the center tap and ground. I am actually wondering because this would be the same as (...)
HI ALL; kindly help me to design a circuit to detect(supervise)the output of audio amplifier. the case is :there is for example 10 speakers concocted to the output of audio amplifier and i need to monitor this line for open circuit or short circuit or amplifier power off . what i (...)
If there is no output current but the meter shows maximum current, it may be because the current sensing resistor is open-circuit.
Take any complex two port passive circuit and compare the open circuit voltage ratio from one side to the inverse short circuit current ratio when driven from the other side and this equality and reciprocity is known as "Tellegen's theorem".
A totem-pole output can drive the output both high and low. If you connect such outputs together there will be a short circuit if they don't drive the same value. You need open collector outputs or similar to do wired-logic.
I would like to see xls (Excel spreadsheet) and/or ods (openDocument spreadsheet) added to the list of allowable attachment extensions. Thanks! J Can You reformulate your question I got short circuit in head ? Thanks :wink: You mean on open With... list ? or file associtation on double (...)
hi.I want to have circuit which test diode which is short circuit or open circuit or have no problem and I want make this circuit by AVR. please help me
It would be easier to use a ceramic emitter with a current controlled one shot and let it squeal like a metal detector for short circuits and click slowly for leaky circuits and nothing when open circuit.
Always start with a spec. Purpose: Over Voltage transient protection , short circuit to shunt and shutdown for residential AC line, so fast trip fuse or breaker is needed. Failure mode is open circuit after limited number of protections. "CS1-100 surge arrester can work as Class I and (...)
If you use relay then after the short circuit your relay will open and but when it will open and your circuit detects that there is no short circuit so it will close again but actually ur circuit is still in (...)
Given that a transformer as wound can only suffer from two faults :- 1, winding open circuit - test with ohm meter, and 2, windings have a short circuit turn. The problem really is does this transformer suffer from a short circuit turn? A short (...)
Hi, I need to provide a high side load switch for a power supply coming from a battery... i.e. 12V Battery > High side switch> DC voltage at Load rated at 5A The load switch should be able to detect open/short, over load conditions. My question is if I?m using an N channel device then I should use some sort of charge pump driver that will be sw
I read from various literature that a short circuited quarter wave stub is open for AC and short for DC. Can somebody explain the reason behind this?
it's easy If you open the component into the PCBLib library and if you click on the pins you'll see a property called Jumper ID. If you set several pins to same jumper ID (non zero value) they will be considered as short circuit and Altium will not complain if you connect same net to different pins.
Hello all; I am trying to simulate a simple Schottky solar cell with Atlas but the obtained results are incorrect (open circuit voltage, short circuit current, fill factor, efficiency,...), and for this I hope for your cooperation because I use Silvaco for the first time. Here is the used code: go (...)
Why are open-circuit measurements made on the low voltage side of the transformer, whilst the short-circuit results are obtained by feeding the high voltage side? Thanks
There is two ways to examine common theorem Replace voltage sources with short circuits, and current sources with open circuits. Calculate the resistance between terminals A and B. This is RTh. Norton's theorem
Maybe a rasonable understanding is that, depending up of magnitude of foward biased current, a diode fails as short-circuiting, and after some time, device overheats due semiconductor resistence, and so open in consequence of real fusing. +++
Long story short: Red Sparkling Dots on Plasma TV a.k.a Red Snow, kind of like "hell vision" may be caused by incorrect voltage if cause is not interference, cabling etc. After you open up the TV and read this: please click here If you want to ch
Hi I am looking to do some simple tests on machines using an appropriate software. Some examples are: 1. Transformer open circuit and short circuit test to find the equivalent circuits and efficiency. 2. DC generator characteristics 3. Simple tests on synchronous (...)
Of course, a TRAN analysis is NOT identical to a DC analysis. The DC analysis consists of a continuous variation of a DC source (or a component value). In this analysis all capacitors (inductors) are assumed to be an open (short) circuit. In TRAN analyses a time-varying source is applied and all voltages and (...)
In transformer two tests are conducted open-circuit and short circuit which one is most preferred.
Hi Victorfan2010, You can design a transmission line on any substrate. Make the bottom plane as ground plane. For an open circuit you can just leave the line open and for a short circuit the line should be grounded using a Via hole to ground. A little caution for the length of line (...)
Schematics are far more comprehensible than netlists, at least for circuits with more than a few devices. and it's rather convenient to have a netlister to create the SPICE netlist, if you have - say - more than 20 circuit elements. It will also tell you design errors during netlisting, such as open inputs (...)
Just search for middlebrook's method. Connect a very big inductor from the feedback node back to your opamp input (its a dc short and ac open circuit) . add an ac voltage source to your input 1 v AC and run ac analysis by sweeping the frequency. observe the gain and phase plots (...)