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Does IEEE have standards for performing open-circuit Test and short-circuit Test for transformer and synchronous machine? If YES, pls advise the standard reference code. Thanks.
what are differences between open circuit QHA(quadrature helix antenna) and short circuit QHA ?
Dear all, Plz give some suggestions on current-limit circuit and short-circuit of LDO. Thanks!!!
Hi, I am currently looking at performing de-embedding using open and short test structures. i try out this method in ADS (using microstrip element) but found that the de-embedded results shows significant difference from the actual results. Can anyone explain the reason for this. Attached are ADS files and ppt slides of (...)
What is the difference between "Over Current Protection (OCP)" and "short circuit Protection". Thanks
In transformer two tests are conducted open-circuit and short circuit which one is most preferred.
Hi Victorfan2010, You can design a transmission line on any substrate. Make the bottom plane as ground plane. For an open circuit you can just leave the line open and for a short circuit the line should be grounded using a Via hole to ground. A little caution for the length of line (...)
Why are open-circuit measurements made on the low voltage side of the transformer, whilst the short-circuit results are obtained by feeding the high voltage side? Thanks
I read from various literature that a short circuited quarter wave stub is open for AC and short for DC. Can somebody explain the reason behind this?
modify the circuit that gives AC audio signal and repeat the exercise. May be a broken small toy piono will sufiicient the requirement. Break the speaker or audio crystal unit connection. Attach leads to both ends of this broken connection to test open or short. Ensure that the toy key is in pressed mode in default. if you (...)
Hi, I'm searching for the schematics of the I2K power inverter because the official download site seems to be down, so if you have it can you share ? I'm also searching for an efficient overcurrent / short circuit protection by measuring the DC bus Current (each phase of my three phase power inverter have an 100uH inductor in serie with it)
Hi : Does any one have any the experience or papers on the design of current limiter and short-circuit protect for LDO ? The limiter should take the structure of monitering the gate voltage of pass device .
Dear all, I am attaching a drawing containing a circuit simulation for a current sense while using a GPS antenna. I am wondering if you can suggest me a circuit that can switch off (shut down) the circuit after the MOSFET Q3 when a short circuit is provided at load (GPS antenna). In principle it (...)
In many designs a short-circuit stub is utilized to create a path for DC current, both bias (with capacitor to ground) and DC return to ground, as well as the obvious impedance matching effect it provides. So the general answer to this question is that you cannot always substitute different length open and (...)
Hi all , i want to analyse the effect of short circuit in a network feed by an alternator. could some help me .
Hi Vonn, how detailed do you need your transformer parameters?? If you only need primary to secondary turn ratio, this is quite easy. You only need to supply any ac voltage on the primary (be careful not to saturate the core) and measure the secondary voltage. If you need the elements of the equivalent circuit diagram you have to measure m
There are different types of smoke detectors considering how they must be connected. Basically they are: 4 wires 2 wires Addressable Addressable analog well I believe a good start point is to try 4 wires first. These use 2 wire for power and 2 wires for signal. In order to do a good circuit you must be able to distinguish three states
Can you carry out test on the transformer? If you're allowed to do so, may be you can find the parameters via open- and short-circuit tests.
Does anyone knows what the ABCD matrices of an open and short circuit parallel stubs are. Regards
I am designing an amplifier and i have short circuit stubs with different Zo (non of them is 50) and different electrical lenght and i need to conert them to open circuit stubs how can i do that? adding 90 degrees to them doesnt seem to be right any suggestions? thanx
Hi.I want to ask about when a transistor burn what event for transistor short circuit or open circuit and I want to know about d13005
I am a novice in RF/microwave. Just learning it for the fun of it. I am currently reading a book called Microwave Transistor Amplifiers by Gonzalez. In the book he states that it is hard to find z,y,h, ABCD parameters for a two-port network because the open/short circuit conditions are hard to implement at high frequencies over (...)
I take your question to mean why are all failures open circuit. The reason is that the metal melts and drops away by gravity leaving an open circuit. The filament wire is intentionally wound with tension to make the wires separate when the one part melts.
But, physically, there is neither absolute open nor absolute closed circuit.
This is in regards to a dc-dc converter on chip. Firstly can someone please describe the difference with regards to the above two terms. Secondly, i am thinking of designing them using comparators and resistors, is this the correct approach. Can you please help me on this. Thanks in advance. -The wabbit
Hi, short circuit is not discussed in the features of this circuit, only overcurrent protection is provided. (Of course overcurrent may include current caused by a short circuit.) See points 11.4 11.5 and 11.6 on page 8 of your link. So you have to remove the extra load that has (...)
what is the difference between reflective open and reflective short RF switches? what are the applications for each of them ? for selection between 2 anttena for a transceiver which of them should be used and why?
Hi everybody I about to finish building my sine inverter with carrier frequency 2000hz and output voltage 110 v ac using PIC 16f877A now my problem is when I switch the N channel CMOS fet H bridge suddenly the circuit becomes very noisy and there is a short circuit on power supply. can anybody help me to (...)
hi i have made moffet based relay,and one ig based solid state relay is under developement, can any body show me ,how can i protect these relay from short circuit venus electronics
Hello , I am trying to model an array of full wave dipoles in front of a plane reflector. The dipoles are fed in their centers by open wire lines ( symetric transmission line). As the antenna works at 1.3Ghz , getting a good in phase alimentation of all the dipoles is important. Of course I know how to model the feeder , as it is simply 2 wires
I would like to know, why is there much lesser noise in the voltage waveform of open-circuit test compared to short circuit test? also Why in a practical transformer short circuit test primary voltage is not zero? Hope someone could let me know. Thanks
Have you ever tried shorting the +ve and -ve terminals of a battery using a thin wire? Go on, try it. A battery is a voltage source not a current source. Don't try to short it ! A (ideal) voltage generator will keep the same voltage at its poles regardless the value of the load you put in parallel to it. From ohm's l
hi, open the cover of the rf part. near the input connector search for a low value resistor (several ohms) or for a high value inductor (tens-hundreds uH). check with an ohm-meter to see if they are burned. if so, replace. if not, look outside the metallic case for a resistor (also near the input rf connector) which is connected to the first pins
Dear All : I work on LDO design , the chip is come back , We use external PMOS . and we use feedback circuit to control the LDO , this is very populart structure , But now the circuit have some problems , the open loop of OP is correct , But when we connect the closed loop , The OP's behavior is wrong , I find (...)
I have block diagram with ZVS actively clamped RDCL inverter and there are one shoot circuit and lockout circuit. What they are and what in them? S1 nad S2 are transistors (inverter leg for phase a). Look attach.
I want to make a presetted multi output psu using lm338. presets are made by a commutator and potentiometers on adj pin. I hope to rate 2Amps but I want to make this psu safe as much as possible. (short circuit protection, over current protection etc) what do you recommend? regards
How to open the equivalent cricuit exported by the Q3D? 3X
short stubs are far stable than open stub, let say mechanically at least not to mention the others. Yes open stub seems more flexible in fabricating
Try some of these ideas 1. For devices that draw power from the line, measure the open circuit voltage and short circuit current to high precision (16 bit converter). These values should vary a little with time, but should take a step when the tap is insalled. This will only work if you start before (...)
2 ways. 1) Hook a long length to the two ports of a network analyzer. The input impedance should be 50 ohms. If it is not, the cable is not 50 ohms (it has transformed the 50 ohm load in the network analyzer to some other impedance). Another way with the network analyzer and a long cable. Hook one end of the cable to port I on the network
Deat All, Can anyone give me any comment about the short-circuit detection and protection circuit used in PowerMOS? My operated current is 50mA for normal and 250mA for short-circuit . Thanks a lot.
How to calculate the short circuit power in 2 cascaded CMOS inverter using winspice and the Dynamic power calculation too. also how do I determine the short circuit current PMOS current and NMOS current? also how to determine the charging and discharging current? (...)
what is the 'K' here? can u give me the thevenin analysis and norton analysis. If i find thevenin voltage Vth for input and norton current Isc for output circuit, and then divide Vth(input) by Isc(output) will input impedance of the circuit? Is it valid??? Thanks. Regards. k is mosfet parameter. I (...)
Hello All, Plz dears I have a problem with short circuit that found in complex (connection resistor in series and parallel) circuit, however I can't determine when we remove the resistor in short cicuit, plz help me and I want from you if Anyone have a book or paper about (...)
Anybody can give me an example on how to make a short circuit alarm for power supply?? I want the output is a 5-12V buzzer, so it will get the attention of the user immediately when a short circuit occurs :D
Hi, Members, What is one-short circuit? How do we implement it in digital circuit? Thanks in advance.
I am building a RS485 network with 4 lines. Data lines A ,B, V+ power and GND ground. The electronic circuit breaker post lead me to an EDN article that got me thinking about providing short circuit protection on the V+ line. This would protect the circuit when I add or remove devices from the active bus (...)
In Baker's classic: cmos circuit design, layout and simulation, he use 50nm as short channel, and 1um as long channel. But for practical purpose, what is the cutoff line between long channel and short channel device?
what is short circuit current in a CMOS inverter?
Hi, you can open your laptop and check everithing, but an expert is the bes option