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Suppose if i take an npn transistor and apply some voltage at the base the transistor will be ON and the emitter is grounded and the output at the collector is 0V. Similarly if i make the base cutoff the emitter is open circuited and the current is 0, the collector output is supply voltage. Now my doubt is when you say open (...)
I am designing a MCU controlled open-collector digital output (MCU control the base of transistor as a switch, output low). The output is assumed max. 26Vdc, 85mA. As transistor has max. reverse Vce of about 5V, I would like to add a reverse polarity protection for the output. In the other words, my device has no problem even the user (...)
hello, Do you think the below implementation of a NAND latch is OK? .....or will the circuit blow up if the "forbiddden" condition ever occurs? NAND latch giving latching overvoltage shutdown protection ...the open collector comparator "MCP65R" comparator feeds into the latch, and the comparator trip
Hello In some pull up configurations (open collector/drain), if you connect more than one of these configurations to the same supply, you connect capacitor between collector/drain (signal line) and GND (aka Wired AND/OR). This is mainly for signal integrity and higher noise immunity. lets say it is easy and cheap way of (...)