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Maybe someone is interested in my Do-it-yourself open source Smart Home Solution: I've started this project to make my already working Hardware and Software (Server, App) of my self built Smart Home Solution open source. I just need time to focus on the project and to have that time I (...)
Maybe someone is interested in my Do-it-yourself open source Smart Home: I've started this project to make my already working Hardware and Software (Server, App) of my self built Smart Home Solution open source. I just need time to focus on the project and to have that time I need of (...)
My name is Jie I?m the creator of RggBer. I started full time development on this open source hardware project starting in December 2015. The idea started from my last project. In order to have a basic module for simple
Debugging (hardware debugging as well as well simulator) uses *.cof file which contains symbolic information and reference to source code files. After importing *.cof, you can open the project source files in MPLAB and set source level break points. Just try.
Hello everyone, I am a student of M.Tech VLSI Design final year. I am doing project on Viterbi decoder using Artificial Neural Networks. Please, if anyone are doing same project share your ideas. If any open source code (MATLAB or any other programming code) you are having means share me.
hello, All is allready included in the zip file .. source + hex in particular the file PulseMeter.cfg wich contains config bits.. just open the project (with all files in same directory) That All P16F628A 1
Hello!:idea: I want to inform you all about our project Oktopod Studio! Oktopod Studio is an open source development platform for mechatronics, robotics and automation, which enables creating and controlling low voltage electronic devices, models and home applications. /in an extremely simple way/. We designed Oktopod Studio to be as (...)
open your netlist in a text processor. Each line contains a component, source, meter, etc. You're searching for anything that looks like garbled data. If it looks faulty, delete it. By removing data which is faulty (or might be faulty), you may eventually succeed in restoring your schematic to a form which is readable. If all lines appear okay,
Let me know how to write the verilog code in xilinx. 1. open Xilinx ISE/Vivado 2. open a new project 3. add a new source file 4. Start typing Verilog code in the Xilinx text editor Now wasn't that easy? FYI, edaboard isn't where you go to request someone to do your homework assignments for you.
Hey Guys, We have been working on this project in the last 4 years and now we have a kickstarter campaign for it Its open source, both in hardware and software. Please back us up. This project was my dream and I tried to make it real. Please help to spread this board to all the enthusiasts. This (...)
Hi, the following is the code I've obtained from VlFeat's open source library for image stitching using SIFT and RANSAC. I have a basic understanding of the algorithms though I'm quite new to the field of IP and Matlab, this being part of a project I'm working on: function mosaic = sift_mosaic(im1, im2) % SIFT_MOSAIC Demonstrates matchi
Hello !!! I have to make a project and one of my tasks is, to calculate the open voltage of the antenna ! If we can say that the equivalent circuit of an antenna in transmit mode is a Voltage source with a Zantenna in a given frequency, i undertand that if i have a Zload=0. this is the open voltage circuit. So I) why is (...)
how can i do it in eclipse? this is the project i want to accomplish. i have a 4x3 keypad that will serve as a source for my password that will display in the lcd then when the password is correct the solenoid will open or close but if the password is wrong the buzzer will buzz. the solenoid and buzzer are connected to gpio and the keypad (...)
It is not an open source software. You can get a trial version. If you are using it for developing a big project, you can't get a complete package and the transistor technology can't be choosen according to your wish. you can better try to get it, who were using it some patch files.
Hi everyone. I'm trying to compile an open source project and run it on a Nios2 soft-core processor running uClinux. I should already add here that the program was not originally written as an embedded application. The project contains round 50 files so there is a lot of compiling. So I compile all the files (...)
when compiling this code it will give warning c(2): warning C318: can't open file 'ds1307.h' is this a problem??how to solve it Yes, it is a problem. If the ds1307.h header file is located with the other C source files of your project, you may have to change the <> to "" as such: #include
Some idea: avr usb gamepad is open source. I think this files contains what you need.
Hi, Arduino is not a microcontroller fully. It is an open-hardware/open-source project for board and development tools that make learning and creating embedded systems simple. To that extent, it probably meets your needs.Arduino originally used AtmelAVR micro-controllers.I can't speak as much on the Arduino side but I've (...)
open source project from Intel. It comes with schematics and data sheets. MinnowBoard UEFI Firmware
- - - Updated - - - follow these steps go to project new project select the microcntroller then open file new file save file as .c if you are writing in c or .asm if you are writing in asm on left side right click on source group select add files to source group add the saved file right click on (...)
hi,my friend I am interested in your programmer. I am also a programmer for the project is open source, with the study qq:28000622 my site: But the language is in Chinese welcome
project files, source, circuit (jpg and Eagle, ...) all are on that address link of project, you just need to download files on your local PC and open ZIP archive files. 83082 - - - Updated - - - See this
You dont say what your problem is . Probably that the led at RB4 will not work as that output is open collector.
There's a number of commercial products available, they are quite interesting to upgrade CNC machines with floppy data entry. I didn't see an open source project, handling the serial data stream can be tricky with a PIC. Apart from solving this specific hardware problem, you need to learn about floppy data formats.
Hi to all, I started to develop a STM32F4-Discovery Soft Synth. A video showing it's first beta release is here: The project will be released as open source Can someone give me some suggestion for the next release ? What kind of features to add ?
This project is based on construction of OSMC (open source Motor Controller). The syst
Here is the step-by-step tutorial how simulate such system in the ModelSim (soc_start_guide.pdf: 989 kB): If you'd like you may join to our open-source project at
Some info to start diy quadrocopter project.... AeroQuad Forums - AeroQuad - The open source Quadcopter Quadrocopter Mikrokopter Ready to Fly RTF and Online Store
Where goes current ? What happen with current monitoring ? 8-) You can try this Atmel open source project : AVR465 Energy Meter ATMega88 Compiler is IAR EW AVR. If you need more info say.
Hello, I am not sure if this is allowed or not ? if this post is against any Rules i apologize in advance and this post can be removed. I am in the process of creating a open-source project to track the Psychological Mood of a person, this application will be used by people visiting psychologists. Target Audience People that are (...)
One way is to download simple open source designs and play with them: VHDL, verilog, design, verification, scripts, ... "For a self study project, I needed some DUT. I found this simple UART, written in VHDL. The design was compiled using modelsim. At home I use the free
Does it create hex file? You probably didnt add source file to the project. I don't understand "CAN'T open FILE 'Videogame' and everything appears normal but the program does nothing" this. What do you means program does nothing? Have you setup your hardware?
use gammu or gnoki to test you connections and phone.. they are open source software and they use Mbus and Fbus
Hi! We are currently working on a VHDL project in which we want to display a text message on a VGA monitor. We are using a Spartan 3 Starter Kit, and are at the stage where we already know how to display simple graphics (colored squares, etc). We downloaded some open source code which already has the .coe files (containing the bitmaps for (...)
Hi, I faced such problem in one of my microcontroller project and i found two bits on data bus short circuited. i tried to open the shorted data lines by removing chips one by one finally i found two pins on UVprom got shot circuited.
Aquamat ? a, aquarium controller open source User ?musashimm? presents his project of an aquarium controller. The project of the open was created with free software or free software versions. Controller?s functi
Berkeley SPICE is the original The Spice Home Page See also SPICE - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ngspice is a project maintaining an open source SPICE variant Ngspice circuit simulator
I'm going to start a open source project that require OCR(Optical character recognition) at some point. how can I get it and use it. or I should wright my own.
project by Alfax source here Function of this device is to signal if the refrigerator door is left open. Of course most of nowadays refrigerator has such signalin
wavedrom - Digital timing diagram in your browser - Google project Hosting WaveDrom is Free and open source online digital timing diagram editor that uses JavaScript?, HTML5 and SVG to render WaveJSON input text description into vector graphics. The project is in progress. Any feedback appreciated.
wavedrom - Digital timing diagram in your browser - Google project Hosting WaveDrom is Free and open source online digital timing diagram editor that uses JavaScript?, HTML5 and SVG to render WaveJSON input text description into vector graphics. The project is in progress. Any feedback appreciated.
Hi I think this address be useful : Serial Port Communication in C# | Your Electronics open source
Have you looked at the ardupilot-mega project? It is open source autopilot and the code can be downloaded. Maybe you could take a look at the code and see how it has been done in that project. ardupilot-mega - Official ArduPilot Mega repository - Google project Hosting
Hi folks, I need I2C and I2S protocol checkers (which is available without any company confidentiality). If anybody uses such open source code please share the same. More interested in modelling the "Timing" models of the I2C Master/Slave models as well as checkers. -paulki
there are plenty of open source bmp reader library online. I would suggest using one of them to remove the bmp header information and dumping just the image data then using $readmemh to read it into verilog. Terry
Dorgem is an application to capture images that can be used in Matlab. See URL Dorgem - open source Webcam Capture Application
this is an open source project about internet remote switch you can explore it to make a more precise idea of the work involved also, almost all work is already done, you only have to implement what you think it's not in ! regards, An AVR microcontroller based Et
I am looking for a project such as an mp3 trigger... If anyone can help how to either find one tiny enough, or can help to make one tiny enough, or can help to change the code or similar functioning of this project into a smaller size microcontroller: Teuthis open source Kits It shows also on same site p
Fedora is a Red Hat Linux-based operating system that provides users with access to the latest free and open source software, in a stable, secure, and easy-to-manage form. Fedora is the largest of many free software creations of the Fedora project, a partnership of free software community members from around the globe. Because of its
InMojo ( is a community market and project support site for open source Hardware (OSHW) and DIY makers. We built the site to help individual makers with the less-than-fun side of sharing their ideas (manufacturing, licensing, selling, etc.) and leave them to the part they like: designing hardware.