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SFP Protocol: SFF-8032 (SFP Improved Machanical) SFF-8079 (SFP Rate and Application) SFF-8089 (SFP Rate and Application Codes) SFF-8085 (SFP 100Mbs) SFF-8074 (SFP) SFF-8636 (Common Management Interface) SFP+ Protocol:
Hello everyone, i want to make a free space optical link connecting two LAPTOP computer via LED,IRs or Lasers. The circuit should be interfaced with ethernet i.e RJ-45..... Can anyone please help me in this regard ? The schematics and circuitry required for this project as this is my final semester project and i have (...)
Hmm... This is challenging. No fibre optics and repeaters. I suggest you may consider LOS microwave link or LOS optical (laser) link.
Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. ( ) offers an intelligent 10/100M adaptive fast ethernet fiber converter, namely an optical-to-electrical medium converter. With its unique “link failure alert” function at both its optical and electrical network ends, the advanced converter can completely replace the fiber (...)
Toronto, Canada?GAO Comm( ) has rolled out its 10/100Mbps adaptive fast ethernet fiber converter(GAOMB610A),namely an optical-to-electric media converter, designed to perform flow control and reduce broadcast packets. It is especially useful in 10/100Mbps fast ethernet long-distance transmission networks. The fast (...)
Hi On my PCB, I got a ethernet PON SERDES that connect to a optical Module(OM) via LVPECL interface. 1.25Gbps, 130R + 82R Resistors DC terminated at Recieve direction and there is 5 OM available , 3 of which are the same type of brand H , while the other 2 are of brand F. Now, only the specific one OM (...)
How many MBPS or GBPS are you talking about? Of course you cannot use directly from optical comm to RS232. U can use freq modulator, but best thing is that you use an appropriate ASIC for optical comm.
Hi You can try this book Title:WDM optical Network:Concepts, Design and Algorithms Author: C. Siva Ram Murthy and Mohan Guruswamy Publisher:PHI ISBN-81-203-2129-4
:arrow: Raycom, a Chinese company has designed a kind of IC chipset for PDH application, named by RC7017, which features better performance than others I have ever found. 1). 8E1 plus a 100Mbps ethernet. 2). ALS (Automatic Laser Shutdown). 3). 1+1 optical fiber line protection, a master and a backup. It is a preferred solutions for broa