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Hi, micro_tech: It really depends upon what are your requirements. 1. You will need to define some dimensions of the structure as optimization variables. For example, for a simple patch, you define the size of the resonating edge as an optimization variable. You can define the feed location as another optimization variable. You have (...)
hi, i downloaded ie3d evaluation copy frm and tried to simulate a stacked patch antenna. i can run simulation.but when i define some variable for optimization(say patch length) and give for optimization shows some error..saying...this process type is not optimization. kindly help me sort out this prob. with regards abhi
Hi, rf-en: You may not be able to optimize the height on the polygon based editor MGRID. However, you can do it on ie3dLIBRARY. You can do sophistiicated parameterization and optimization on ie3dLIBRARY. By the way, you should upgrade to ie3d 14. The ie3d 14 has integrated layout editor, visualization and (...)
Respected all, Hello. I am designing a stacked and slotted antenna using ie3d. the same structure when i simulated with FEM based HFSS, gave me four resonances, the result of ie3d is also giving me four resonant points, but the problem is that the RL at two of the four frequencies is less than (above) -10dB. So i decided to assign the probe fee
Hi Jian Do you have in the ie3d 11. the ability to parameterize the structure for making fast changes? it also can help us in optimization. and parametric study of the structure. Thank you v.m. PL
The s-parameters are always normalized to 50-ohms in simulation because we want to make the s-parameter file to be compatible with Touchstone. However, you can re-normalize it to other ohms when you display teh s-parameters. When you do optimization, you can optimize s-parameters normalized to other ohms.
Hi, mwagner: There are multiple schemes in ie3d to do so. ie3d's default editor MGRID allowsyou to define the locations of some vertices as optimization variables. From the vertices, you can control the shape of your structure. However, MGRID does not allow you to specify the width and length or those high level geometry parameters because (...)
Hi Jian, I tested the latest release of ie3d and tried to optimize a very simple structure with only one variable whose port is of "extension for wave" type. The aforementioned problem still resists. Here is the content of the log file: ---------------------------------------------------------------- optimization Geometry: *:\zel_test\wavep
HI, Winglj: (1) I seems to me your procedure is correct. You are supposed to be able to define a probe location as an optimization variable. Yes. You should select all vertices on all layers for it. This procedure is shown in the Zeland Virtual Training in . (2). Please define the Negative Level at the ground (z=0) and Positive leve
is there someone that can give me some help? how to design variable and optimize it? best regards!
(1) ie3d FastEM Design Kit for real-time full-wave EM design: ie3d FastEM Design Kit allows you to parameterize both planar and 3D structures, perform high accuracy and efficiency ie3d simulations on the structure, and extract the FastEM signature from the simulation results. The FastEM signature allows you to perform real-time EM (...)
Hi, Plasma; Yes. ie3d/MGRID 12.01 has a crashing problem due to an optimization in the code. We turned off optimization for a section of code and it is released in 12.02. Best regards,
Does any people have made a matlab problem which can do optimization and call ie3d to do stimulation??I have great difficulty to do this.Please help!!!It is very important to me.:cry:
Hi I am simulating a bandpass filter with ie3d9.0. During the optimization with the gap between the coupled resonator cells, ther are much difference between the trend and what I want with the curves of s21 and s11. Total three parameters need to be optimized, which are local parameters. But I wonder How to balance every local parameters in thi
Hi, Mengjum: On the polygon based layout editor MGRID, you can only define the xy coordinates of a group of vertices as one optimization variable. You can also assocate the xy coordinates of multiple group of vertices with one variable. However, you can define the z-coordinate as an optimization variable on MGRID. Once we were thinking about to
Hi, Kbmanick: I think you need to design and optimize your feed network for it. You should try to use the SIMULATE AND FIND EXCITAITON feature of ie3d/MODUA. It allows you to find the output power at each port of your array. It should be useful for array's feed network and power distribution optimization. Regards.
ie3d, ZDS and ZDM Version 12.1 zeland said We are pleased to announce the release of ie3d, Zeland Distributed Server (ZDS) and Zeland Distributed Manager (ZDM) Version 12.1 for high performance network distributed EM simulations and optimizations. ie3d, ZDS and ZDM 12.1 feature: (1) ie3d FastEM (...)
Yes. FastEM tuning and optimization are discussed in the ie3d's user's manual. It is mainly on the polygon editor or MGRID. In fact, it can be done even easier on ie3dLIBRARY. FastEM involves 3 procedures: 1. Parameterization (different on MGRID and ie3dLIBRARY). 2. FastEM Preparation (same on MGRID and (...)
Hi, sensen9966: There are multiple ways to control the shape and location of structures in ie3d. 1. MGRID: MGRID is polygon based editor. You can construct a structure as a set of polygons. You can select some vertices or some polygons and use the EDIT->MOVE command to move the objects or change the shapes. You can also define the sele
Does any people have made a matlab problem which can do optimization and call ie3d to do stimulation??I have great difficulty to do this.Please help!!!It is very important to me.
i am implementing a u-slot in my paper and after that a trough-slot shaped patch can any help hoe to do i ie3d Also what optimization can be done can u give me any u-slot ie3d files
Hey friends I am working on the optimization algorithms , and I try to use the ie3d to optimize antennas, How I can read and write the sim and geo files of ie3d by matlab? Thanx in advance Regards
i want to know what is Powel optimizer and E.M.optimization In ie3d.and how can i use it. i have design a sqaure patch which has two slots. i m getting two frequencies 1st is 2.4298,return loss(-13.86) and 2nd is 3.2 return loss(-8.84).i want to use powel optimizer and E.M. optimizer on how can i use it plz guide me
dear all i m facing some problem in optimizing the resonant frequency of a coaxially feeded microstrip antenna using Powel Optimizer in ie3d simulator. anybody can tell me........................ i hv already varified the optimization of the resonant frequency of a microstrip line feeded microstrip antenna using Powel Optimizer in ie3d
how do i optimize the axial ratio of a coaxial fed patch, i cut two notches on the patch and now i want to optimize the dimensions of notch to get axial ratio below 3dB using the optimization function in ie3d zeland. please advise me on how to use the optimization function in zeland
where can I get a copy of the genetic alg. that I can use for general purpose optimization? thanks
Here is Zeland's ie3d Benchmark. Compare results with your EM Simulator.
Anybody using ADL schematic ? I am just starting to use it and either I am doing something wrong or I interpret the results wrongly. My variables are defined in 'mils', however the optimization seems to take it in meters (!). I correlated the numbers and they match. Am I missing here somethig? Tx Kato01
It seems to me that Sonnet and MWOffice give the same results when the circuit fits into a uniform rectangular grid. The main difference between these two is Sonnet provides a "diagonal fill" for irregular geometry, but this doesn't always improve the accuracy. Sonnet also offers some optimization features--sweeping some geometry parameters automat
Anyone has expeniences in using genetic to built or design antenna?? Is GA is useful?? Moreover anyone know how to do the optimization in ie3d?? I mean write your own GA program to call ie3d to do the optimization or draw random structure ??
Dear friends! It has been released now :) :) Best regards, Eirp The major new features of the ie3d 10.0 are: Improved Green's functions for higher efficiency and accuracy; Improved 3D Modeling capability; Introduction of the Advanced Extension de-embedding scheme with the highest flexiblity and ultra wide application f
Hitech PICC-18 v8.2PL4 generate a very large file if the option - Enable Assembler optimization is selected. Does anyone have had this problem ? How can this problem be solved ? Thanks in advance for your advice.
hi: I would like to know if I can change the width of the series transmission lines in my matching networks when i optimize for better results. Can I change the width or it should stay related to 50 ohm? Also when using balance stubs for the matching networks, should the length of the stubs be the same after optimization or I can change one or
You should use a simulator with a optimization feature. Since the circuit is not very complicated , you can use ordinary RF simulator for that purpose such as Ansoft Serenade SV version ( it's free to download ) For features look at I think that it will serve to your goal. Rega
Hi, Friends Suppose the output frequency of an oscillator depends on a design parameter RX. I want to get a exact frequency ( say 100KHz ). How to write optimization statements if I use hspice for optimization? Output node is names as Y. The major problem is how to measure the output frequency after transient analysis. Thanks.
good day, i would like to model a helix in ie3d. i am having a problem feeding the structure (or i believe i am) for instance helix diameter 1.5 inches helix length 2.5 inches segments per turn 12 number segments 24 start vertical length wire 150 mils end vertical length wire 0 start angle 0 center x coordinate 0 center y coordinat
hello everybody , i'm designing an array of 4 elements with coax feed and above them four elements that are not fed , how can i do it properly using ie3d? i also have problems connecting to the evaluation software thruogh ADSL connection , does anyone know why? thanks , pzizi
Hey friends I'm working over nonlinear parameter identification. please recommend a software package for unconstrained global optimization ,large scale method
in using ie3d has anyone encountered problems with high q antennas? for instance i've designed an annular antenna for gps app's say spaced 30 mils from ground plane and could not match ie3d results with actual measurements. however if i redesign this antenna and space it say 100 mils the simulation results and actual measurements are quite cl
I encountered a problem using zeland ie3d: 1. coplanar waveguide - ie3d need gnd when defining ports... 2. if i need to optimize strip width is there any chance to make optimalizatiom symmetrical so the gaps remain the same size? -- regards, Sviodo
I simulated antenna radiated pattern fot 2D polar pattern. It draw three data E-total,phi=90(deg) E-theta,phi=90(deg) E-phi,phi=90(deg) What does E-phi,phi=90(deg) mean ? Is the +=? Thanks in advance.
hi,everyone: Now I am using ie3d for calculation of a microstrip antenna. The antenna is very simple, just consisting of infinite ground plane, substrate and rectangle radiator fed by coaxial! What I need to deal with is to extract the values of current at a specified point on the radiator from the *.cur file in post-process of ie3d simu
Thank you,eirp! Can ie3d do further optimization?Because the performance doesn't meet the requirement. Hi, STD! Of course, it can!! What are exactly the requirements? Results above doesn't meet it? Regards, eirp
Hi, Does anybody know how to define finite substrate in ie3d 10.1 ?
Hi all,I wonder if somebody would like to help me with an optimization problem in Matematica. I have the so called S-parameters (S11,S12,S21,S22) of a transistor circuit and are complex valued. I want to maximize the trancducer powergain function Gt= *|S21|^2* Constraints: R_in= S11
Hi all Can HFSS v9.1 do the sweep freq optimization? as I know, HFSS can do fixed freq sweep variabe optimization, but I would like to sweep freq, could someone tell me how? Thanks in advance. Randyding
For my fir filter,I need a low taps fir for implementation.I had tried windows and remez method,but the taps is too high. I heard that optimization fir filter design method is good,anyone can provide some program or papers about it to help finish the design.
Hi, max! Why you simply don't perform an optimization (for example in ie3d?)?? Your project has a low degree of freedom, you'll get answer quickly!! Regards, eirp
HI I have a project to realize with ansoft desing, is what you can assemble me an example for p@tch antenna , how to make an optimization, I do't have Doc. Thank you
hi all: Have any one used the graphical optimization method to optimize cmos ic,can one have a talk about it? thanks! lxb97409 my