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Some digital isolator have internal isolated power supply, ISO7242 isn't among them. To operate the device you need an isolated power supply. A 25 MBPS isolator is somehow overkill for a UART interface. Slower opto couplers might be sufficient with the power that can be derived from rs232 handshake lines.
Dear Guys, Cool Morning to all! I am interfacing My Micro board by max232 to My system.. Micro board consists of 4 relay . Each relay is driving up to 12V 2A current.. Resistive load.. Relays are Isolated by opto-cuopler (MCT6)... Without load total system is working fine. while connecting load System gets hanging problem.. mean
Is your opto fast enough?
Dear all, I?m currently working on a project which requires rs232 communications between two PCB boards. I wrote small script to test the function of their communication and find out that the noise between them is really huge(3 wires rs232, no shield,baud rate 19200). The UART keeps of generating error interrupt(parity error) continuously an
Using opto-isolator: Schematics of delabs: rs232 with opto-Isolation ---------- Post added at 15:07 ---------- Previous post was at 15:03 ---------- PC Serial Port Receiver - Freecircuits.
it should be small and will be work at any baud rate. Any opto isolator will work as long as you know the pin assignment. The question is rather if it will fit whatever you plan to measure. There are OI of different sizes and shapes.
Hi guys can any one pls suggest me any opto couplers for rs232 bus with a min baud rate of 115200. i saw a couple of opto couplers but i couldnt find the speed grade in it. thanks in advance tama