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if you need industrial standard... Hi, I need industrial standard. I make two isolated power sources, one of them is for rs232 side and other is for RS485 side. Data lines are connected with opto-couplers. I can control both RE and DE pins of RS485 with RTS at rs232 side. But I saw some converters that manage this automati
Wats the purpose of opto coupler MCT2E?
This one was made some time ago - opto isolated, auto direction switching. Inputs TTL-compatible
Hi guys can any one pls suggest me any opto couplers for rs232 bus with a min baud rate of 115200. i saw a couple of opto couplers but i couldnt find the speed grade in it. thanks in advance tama
it should be small and will be work at any baud rate. Any opto isolator will work as long as you know the pin assignment. The question is rather if it will fit whatever you plan to measure. There are OI of different sizes and shapes.
It depends if you need half or full-duplex communication. In one case you will need addressable nodes (like RS485). In the other case you will need to develop an arbitration protocol and use compatible drivers (3-state). No one can be reached using simple rs232 drivers unless, as already stated before, you need not to get an answer (all nodes can h
I'm designing an ECG cuircuit. I need to use opto Coupler to isolate the human body from the electronic circuit and the power supply. I've got 4N35 opto-coupler. I've the datasheet but still don't know how to connect the 4N35. Anyone can help...? Thanks alot.
Solution: opto-isolated balanced line driver/receiver combo, such as IL3585. RS-232 is unbalanced and very prone to noise. Beware that in the case of opto-isolation every board should have it's own power supply.
Is your opto fast enough?
Dear Guys, Cool Morning to all! I am interfacing My Micro board by max232 to My system.. Micro board consists of 4 relay . Each relay is driving up to 12V 2A current.. Resistive load.. Relays are Isolated by opto-cuopler (MCT6)... Without load total system is working fine. while connecting load System gets hanging problem.. mean
U can use a non-isolated 485 transceiver and 3 optocoupler (1-rx, 2-tx, 3-Sense)... and a floating powr source for transceiver... If i have time I'll draw tomorrow a schematic for this... best, //a
Here there is a very good intro to IR: and overview+pinout of most famous opto-devices: Ace-X.
many years ago there was a consumer product like this. It was specifically designed for the computer. There have been several expensive short wave radios from companies like ICOM that had rs232 ports. Your best bet is to use opto isolators across the front panel push buttons and trigger them from the computer.
If your AC line is up 100 % you can make power free conversion like : use serial ADC instead of parallel , it can be connected to rs232 instead of parallel port . Supply adc directly from 220V and use ioptocoupler for rs 232 connection . You have to play with rs232 lines to get opto output into 232 voltage range as : - (...)
Hi meoraiman, If you don't require a lot of data to be transmitted, or very high speeds, I'd reccomend you either use RS-232 or you could use the parallel port on your computer and tie it (via a buffer or opto isolated) to the IO on your PIC. If you go down the RS-232 path, as eltonjohn said - you CAN use FTDI usb->rs232 converter, or you cou
Using opto-isolator: Schematics of delabs: rs232 with opto-Isolation ---------- Post added at 15:07 ---------- Previous post was at 15:03 ---------- PC Serial Port Receiver - Freecircuits.
i want optocoupler it's input is 5v that come from microcntroller and Vcc is also 5v.
What are the hardware precaution to be taken for interfacing a PC serial port (rs232) with a microcontroller ? , is there a need for using an optocoupler for isolating the micro from the serial line ?
hi thanks for reply, the answer of your question is NO. the meter doesnt include an irda modul. it has just one 5mm ir led to receive and one photo diode or phototransistor or whatever to transmit so i need a similar circuit with ir led and phototrans. to communicate i think i need some transistors to drive the opto parts. and invert my rs2