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Hi guys can any one pls suggest me any opto couplers for rs232 bus with a min baud rate of 115200. i saw a couple of opto couplers but i couldnt find the speed grade in it. thanks in advance tama
if you need industrial standard... Hi, I need industrial standard. I make two isolated power sources, one of them is for rs232 side and other is for RS485 side. Data lines are connected with opto-couplers. I can control both RE and DE pins of RS485 with RTS at rs232 side. But I saw some converters that manage this automati
they're mostly used as an electrical isolator (protection circuit), sometimes they're called opto-isolators Some other optocouplers are 4N25, 4N26, 4N33, etc.
it should be small and will be work at any baud rate. Any opto isolator will work as long as you know the pin assignment. The question is rather if it will fit whatever you plan to measure. There are OI of different sizes and shapes.
It depends if you need half or full-duplex communication. In one case you will need addressable nodes (like RS485). In the other case you will need to develop an arbitration protocol and use compatible drivers (3-state). No one can be reached using simple rs232 drivers unless, as already stated before, you need not to get an answer (all nodes can h
I'm designing an ECG cuircuit. I need to use opto Coupler to isolate the human body from the electronic circuit and the power supply. I've got 4N35 opto-coupler. I've the datasheet but still don't know how to connect the 4N35. Anyone can help...? Thanks alot.
Is your opto fast enough?
Need some help! Have made working bidirectional rs485 interface with sn75176, optocouples PC - atmega8, rate 9600. Replaced it by max1480B, but can send data only to atmega8. PC receives corrupted data. Tried to make some delays after switching direction, but no results. What's the matter?
i'm looking for a circuit or a pic program to convert from irda to rs232! thanks! ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post.Thanks
Would anyone share the rs232 VHDL code ? If you have rs232 test program , please share. Thanks a lot.
Can someone please explain the purpose of R4 on this rs232 interface example from Microch*p. Its not for current limiting during shorts is it. I'll need a fat high wattage res for that won't I? Its from the "caring and feeding of the 1674 pdf" - its not explained there. Also what effect does higher value caps have - I want to be able t
I am looking for any replacement for Am186ED + CS8900. (Because Am186ED stay obsolute) Solution is preferable SIMPLE and LOW COST SoC with: Ethernet 10Base-T (also 10/100Base-T is ok), 2 normal hardware UARTS (rs232), 2 x I2C (it is sufficient to emulate it by software) 1 x SPI (Sync full duplex serial controller, also sufficient software e
Hello everybody.. its nice that electroda in back in our lifes...... I need a good acitve-x for serial(rs232) communication. I would like to be in visual C++. THX ;-)
Does any one have a rs232 C routine for the HC908QT micro ? Thanks in advance.
Any free rs232 data monitoring software that can display the incoming data in Hex?
It would like to get greaters information on the standardization of interface rs232. Somebody has some information or document? It would also like to get greaters information on the possibility to be establishing connection some devices with interface rs232 in order to form a net of communications. Is possible this accomplishment? Been thankful,
HI guys, I need connect to Pic micro (or any micro) a standard PC Modem. Via USB or rs232. Are there a software routine and hardware interface to do it ??? Help please Thank you
Hi people :D I have try to send to rs232 whith a Pic16F84A but the PC receive nothing. I have test more DLL for NT, Win2000 to work whith serial but nothing to do ..... The serial signal is present on the output from the MAX232 attached to the RX pin from the port ..... I programm in VB6 .... sorry for all 'C' fanatic .... he he I need
hello. i have good rs232 of at89cxxx schematic & c-language.
Hi to All.. I need circuits and pcb for videoCapture via rs232 or Paralele port any help for it. GUGA
U can use a non-isolated 485 transceiver and 3 optocoupler (1-rx, 2-tx, 3-Sense)... and a floating powr source for transceiver... If i have time I'll draw tomorrow a schematic for this... best, //a
I built a circuit that uses a level converter max232 and now i need to cancel it due to make pcb smaller and reduce cost.I saw many circuits can work without this ic.They use classical how should i connect rs232 pins to my pic 16f628 and how should i modify my ccs c code? Thanks. Analyzer
rs232 Port Monitor Softwares
SDI-12 to rs232 converter....any idea of interface.... schematics?
hi,every one,i learn about some chips can convert rs232 to ethernet interface.if have such a device,i can use it to connect my rs232 equipment to internet though LAN.the device include a tip/ip stack. does any know about this?thanks for any infomation. REGARDS! shanren
My rs232-JTAG converter in C_y_g_n_a_l development kit has failed. May be due to some wrong connection made by my trainee engineer. Is there any way around to make it alright?. My local representative does not support in this regard. The JTAG adapter has F012 controller on it. Thanks.
Does anyone have a spice model for a MOC3052 opto coupler. Thanks :(
Hi In a measuring device I need to switch between either rs232 or USB(with adapter), there is a DB25 at the what I need is a DB25->DB25 or USB, is this possible to do with a mechanical switch or is it better to use a 2x8:1 MUX? Any advice is welcome I have seens some muxes at M@xim perhaps this is the way to go. Thanks in advance
Here there is a very good intro to IR: and overview+pinout of most famous opto-devices: Ace-X.
Who know a IC which can be read by DSP and output to rs232? Please tell me the type of the IC!
Hello all! I'm looking for TCL routines for rs232 communication - receive, transmit, baud rate selection ... Can you help me? Best Regards!
I need CF Interface converter rs232 or Uart Interface of IC or circuit. If you have any relative data,please tell me. thank you. Best Regards Amazonite
I need to interface a Microcontroller based board equipped with a rs232 to an USB Flash drive memory. Is it possible to use a rs232 to USB coverter to read/write flash memory? If yes, do you know how to write FAT files using commands from rs232? Thank you in advance.
Hi friends! I need some simple schematics to rs232 levels conversion (PC to PIC/ PIC to PC). Can anybody help me? :D Paulo.
Im having some problems with rs232 from my laptop. i have heard that serial ports on laptops arent 100% native.. okay nothing to do about that.. But i recently i "hacked" an old ibm modem, inspired by this page i used a standard rs232 transiever (ADM211) fro analog devices (what i had lying a
I have Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG) Through Serial COM Port (rs232),if i plug it in the COM and restart the PC,Windows XP idintifies it as a mouse and the mouse pointer moves randomly in the screen disply(Note:This problem dosn't appear in windows 98&windows 2000),also when i remove the HRNG from the COM and restart again the PC,and when
Hi all I need a working{ debuged } pic16f872/3/6 rs232 communication routine in C language Xtal in use -> 12 MHz thanks bobi
Does any one have a circuit diagram for a converter from rs232 or USB to Ethernet port.
many years ago there was a consumer product like this. It was specifically designed for the computer. There have been several expensive short wave radios from companies like ICOM that had rs232 ports. Your best bet is to use opto isolators across the front panel push buttons and trigger them from the computer.
I thought this my be of intrest it a digitaly controlled pwoer supply with an rs232 interface and visual vasic source code enjoy i built one and works very well snaper
I plant to build a wireless rs232 module applying to original PC-Instrumrntation interface. The interface is used to deliver control command, it don't need high baudrate. Anybody can help me to get wireless rs232 circuits ? Thank you !
I am looking for IC---- pcmcia/rs232 bridge controller. pl help me
Hi, I needed the schematic for 16F877 (not A) -rs232 interface and for programming. Does anyone have it. BRM
Could anybody answer why PL2303 (Prolific USB/rs232 convertor) doesn't transmit data from USB to rs232? Output rs232 are in Z-state. Output pin 12 (SHTD_N) is high. When I change my chips with the chip from original cable it works correctly. Outputs rs232 are active. SHTD_is low. Must new chips be programable? Or (...)
Hello, I was looking for this circuit several days ago. Finally Elektor published an article about it Here is a copy of the article. Including SCHEMATICS, PCB, etc. I hope this will be helpfull for someone. :D
I have used RS-232 over about 100 m distance between two buildings quite long ago. It worked, BUT... see below: I have to agree with cherrytart, the ground potential differences and transients are a real problem. Not only the equipment can be damaged/destroyed(and over longer period of time, most likely will!). Also there might be a safety haza
Dear fjpompeo, What about a transformer, diode and a simple RC filter ? You can use a transistor for the switching, as the transformer gives the isolation. If you want even more isolation you can always connect the circuit to simple optocoupler. Regards, Pazam
Hi, Is there any single IC that performs rs232<-->RS485 conversion ? Thanx
Relay control with rs232 hard.-soft
how to design a IRDA to rs232 and rs232 to IRDA? I wang use it in NOKIA-8250 communication with PC !