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Hello everyone, I am designing an electronic ckt on Orcad for Nacelle system and I hav to use an optocouplers HCPL-5500, 5600. When I used the HCPL-2601 optocoupler I am getting so many warnings like :No PSpiceTemplate for ISO3, ignoring.... Can anybody help me to find the equivalent diagram for this optpcoupler...... Regards, Anjali
You could use linear opto coupler for this purpose.
i need the simplest U-shaped optocoupler circuit diagram...i am to meaasure the speed(RPM) of a dc-fan controlled by a miocrocontroller....plz help me out!!
I have a circuit that contains 5v, 24v and 48VDC. I don't want to use optocoupler, because i want to keep the cost low and the circuit simple. What do you suggest me about this? Must i use or not? What problems may i encounter? Or what can i do instead of using opto to prevent problems?
Hi, Look at HCPL-3700 optocoupler : also this topic : = t
hai for electrical isolation between two different voltages optocouplers are used famous optocouplers are MCT2E, 4N35
Normaly, it must be the same, but if you need something very special, like some transistor parameters, there are small differences between one manufacturer and other. The are not the same even if it have the same code like 2N2222. A particular case is the 4N25 optocoupler, if you compare the datasheets from differents manufacturers you will be surp
You can use a relay, but if you would like to experiment a little bit and costruct a small contact-less circuit, take a look at the the circuit below .. More info on MOC3010 optocoupler can be found here: Regards, IanP
Hai I have done a light dimmer cum fan regulator circuit using PIC. regulation by varying firing angle. Using optocoupler MOC3021 to drive the triac BT136. It is working ok,But the triac becomes leeky frequently. triac starts conducting slightly without any drive the load wont be completly cut
I guess you want to switch on/off battery power what means that the switch will be located between a battery and a load .. In this case you may consider an optocoupler and P-channel mosfet .. See attached file for an example of a P-MOS switch .. Regards, IanP
555 has source/sink current of up to 200mA so you should be able to drive your motor directly from its output (pin3) .. Option1: you can use 555 in monostabile configuration (see picture below) and adjust time in such a way that the motor does only 1 turn .. Other option will require some sort of shaft encoder build around optocoupler or a switch
Hello all! I'm working on a protection circuit for a pxi interface. Basically I have to isolate the DUT from the command circuit through a pcb that protects galvanic/ against Esd/ against UnderVolt-Overvoltage. Now I've chosen an optocoupler for the galvanic isolation. But I need to be protected also against Esd. Where these (...)
Try to differentiate between signals comming from highly hazardous sections (ignition, for example) and those comming from low-voltage sensors .. In the former option good protection and signal conditioning can be provided by resistor-zener diode-optocoupler combination ( see example at: ), i
I have a computer device that sends a 3.3v dc signal when the computer is actively recording audio. I want to connect this device to a record light circuit that uses a solid state relay that (when activated) sends 120V ac to our On-Air lights. even thought the solid state relay claims a 3-24V input trigger range I have had problems with any sign
Since you only seem to need the pulse rate rather than amplitude, why not a high speed optocoupler with shmitt logic o/p. You may need a transistor pre amp to get the voltage swing a bit higher to overcome the VD of the opto led.
Isolation cicuits: Galvanic - we have power transference between two circuits without the same reference point/ground. optocoupler Transformer There is Blocking of DC with a infinite series capacitor like in the previous options, but isn't Galvanic.
can someone tell me how to measure an optocoupler with my DMM to see if its good or bad. i have an optocoupler with 4 pins # l0514the nomber below 817b. thanks for assistance Ras
hi i am using the optocoupler as shown in attachment .The voltage across transister is not same as the voltage applied across diode ? In what way this device provides isolation and still carry information from one side to the other. Any response in this regard would be helpful. wajahat.
The question is about pin-6 of optocoupler that's the base of output transistor. I'm studing a design in wich the base is not connected; I can't simulate it in Spice because I have an error in the netlist like "pin 6 is unconnected". So, who can help me to understand why is it possible to connect out of the chip the base of transinstor; is not su
This book discuss your project very detail : optocoupler Databooks
Most likely you don't have enough current through opto's LED. You should drive it with 10mA. On 5V supply, you should use current limiting resistor of 360Ω and make sure your microcontroller or logic gate output has capability of sourcing 10-15mA. optocoupler is needed only when you need electrical isolation between MCU and mains. Most MC
Hi all I made this circuit to be a light dimmer but it did not work. I use BT136 for the SCR and MOC3022 for optocoupler. Can you tell me what is the problem? may be I should use another SCR. I have tested this circuit with BT136. It worked. Most probably you must have interchanged MT1 and MT2 terminals of triac and tha
If the optocouples is rated for 6kV, it will provide 6kV isolation barrier that you want in the feedback path. Your schematic shows the part number PI-3796-121903, but I couldn't find the datasheet for the optocoupler with Google.
Wat is the main use of optocoupler when we give feedback in SMPS , is it just to provide isolation or else. How does the opto circuit operate withj tiny switch IC, and how the resistance value calculated urgent
Use off-the-shelf solid-state relays (incorporate zero-crossing detector, optocoupler and triac) which can be controlled directly from microcontroller pins, or use discrete components such as optocouplers (MOC-series, for instance) and triacs to build one .. see picture below ..
optocoupler temperature coefficient..Soft-start controller is gentle on loads..Method offers fail-safe variable-reluctance sensors..circuit forms adjustable bipolar clamp..Analog switch expands I2C interface..circuit safely applies power to ICs..Simple circuit forms peak/clipping indicator... eng raafat tannir
Hi You can use 1:1 transformer or any other ratio if you need. also you can use an optocoupler in linear mode not in saturation mode check this link Salam Hossam Alzomor
Hi, If you want to transmit voltage level to the low voltage side, I would kindly recommend to use a current sense optocoupler with a shunt resistor. HCPL-7510 from Avago can help for such an application. You can make a simple resistor divider and sense voltage on shunt with isolated sense part 7510. Hope it helps. Best regards Hakan
PLEASE restate your question.... MOC3021 is a triac based optocoupler and contains a triac in itself and i dont understand what you mean when you say that you want to trigger BTA12 using MOC3021... please post your circuit....
Hi I need to design a circuit to read ,measure the 220 V mains voltage. I saw one design note where the author was using one 150 V zener plus one resistor to limit current to the optocoupler .Mains voltage was measured by measuring the period the output from the optocoupler was low during the positive semi-period . He also had a diode (...)
need to run a simulation for a circuit that contains the optocoupler 6n136 can any one help... thx
Because the pulse is applied between the gate and the cathode for each thyristor. As long you have antiparallel connection you must use at least on transformer (optocoupler etc) for one gate impulse . Once you have one impulse transformer is easiest to design it for two outputs (for driving two thyristors). Capisci?
i have a unipolar 2 phase step motor and i have a circuit diagram which designed with uln 2003. but i need to redesign this circuit by using optocoupler. how can i do this? please help
An optocoupler followed by a schmitt trigger should be fine. You need to choose your resistor on the LED side according to the current rating for the optocoupler. Being an ac source you should also put a diode in reverse across the LED to protect it from reverse voltage. There are other ways to do it but it is not worth compromising safety to save
I have a optocoupler input with a resistor and reverse voltage protection diode. See basic circuit attached. The opto is a ACPL-217-500E device from Avago and is rated for 3000Vrms isolation and 10kV/us (CMR). My questions are as follows: 1: How does the CMR rating actually relate to ESD? (ESD tests are ns while CMR is us) 2: The produ
Hello everyone. Could somebody explain to me the function of optocoupler? When to use optocoupler? and the sample schematic diagram on how it is being used? Thanks.
I want to isolate my parallel port from my step motor driver by optocoupler. the input stage on my step motor driver is 74HC14N chip. which one is best ? (the optocoupler on circuit is a sample,not the one my going to use) and I hope you can give me some explaination about it. thanks
what is meant by the term optocoupler??
Use the below circuit to clean the made some modifications to the circuit. At the collector of the transistor I hooked up an LED with 1K series. The circuit wasn't working at all, the LED wasn't bliniking. Then i removed the 0.1uF capaci
hi guys, I am using FOD817 optocoupler in my design. As per the data sheet, the current transfer ratio of FOD817A is 80-160. My query is how to measure the CTR and how to fix the CTR. Regards V. Naresh Kumar Advay Solutions Pvt. Ltd
hi,,how do i connect properly the optocoupler with IRF350 mosfets that would control an 8Amps, 220v Ac Motor?? my problem is i dont know how to properly connect the optocoupler to the gate of the IRF350 mosfet.. pls post any schematics that would help me... thanks n advance...
Well the circuit using the TRIAC the potenciometer only adjust the RC time for the gate of the TRIAC. So, you could control with a uC the time of the gate of the TRIAC and then you have a "digital potencimeter" in you dimmer. You should use an optocoupler for isolating the uC from the AC dangerous voltage.
GATE pin of MOSFET is connected to Ground via optocoupler it is not getting any voltages, optocoupler is used in a wrong way.. connect optocoupler PIN 4 to Gate & PIN 5 to +24v.
You should analyze the circuit rather than searching the forum. No current will flow through the optocoupler in the presented circuit.
If you need to isolate microcontroller from the car’s ground then an optocoupler is the answer, otherwise you can just use a resistor with a Zener diode .. see this url: Rgds, IanP
due to noise optocoupler counting a to solve this problem... i m connected opto to the shaft of pump..couter shows floating reading....
Hi all, I have some queries over here and hope someone can enlighten me. I am using 6N135 optocoupler and the input to it is coming from a PWM. As per the datasheet, the output will be inverted. However, this is not what i want as I need the actual waveform (Similar to input) to operate a MOSFET for the DC converter. Is there any way to rev
According to the schematic, you're driving the IR2117 with 5V level. That doesn't work, because it has an input threshold of about Vcc/2 respectively 6 V. You can utilize the optocoupler to increase the drive voltage. (Or a transistor as Tahmid suggested) Generally, a simple low-side gate driver as TC427 or similar with logic level input would
You should consider LPF followed by schmitt trigger .. optocoupler only helps when you face problems with ground loops, spikes etc. etc. and you need to provide a barrier .. Rgds, IanP