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Could anyone help me, i need a datasheet on this graphic display. optrex www sucks. :x Thanks in advance
Looking for a data sheet on this optrex DMC-50465N LCD display. No success browsing the Webb. Help!
Hallo solvarg, did you look at is the company's site, but they don't show anything about the DMF651. Greetings, FD
Why are you uploading this data sheet? You can find it here:
I've bought the used lcd from the store and I can't find its datasheet from optrex, anyone can suggest me?
Hi! I have a really nice dmc-50799 display wifrom optrex with 4 buttons from an old compaq server. I have mailed optrex but no reply. Does anyone have it? Regards
...And other brands of CSTN displays. I have been searching for a simple, yet comprehensive, display for use in a new project. however, due to my little experience using graphical displays (have used a few with low resolution and monocolor) I need some help to understand a few things. I have, as mentioned in header, been sniffing on an optrex
Hi I have a optrex graphic lcd, with this numbers: DMF50375N POO-371112-A2 E91964 3134L optrex MADE IN have looked for in optrex web and internet, but only found is an 120x60 graphi
I am working on a gas analyzer in which optrex display DMF5003 is used to display concentration of measuring gas. The analyzer is located in field and it is always on. The current out put corresponding to gas concentration is transmitted to control room to get reading. Thus I want to switch off the display on the analyzer, as it is not required al
Did the unit originate out of an appliance? Dishwasher? I looks like it is an older discontinued optrex model. I have found several references to replacement parts in appliances, but no datasheet. You may have to contact optrex and inquire as to the availability of a datasheet. If you ask nice, they may offer to fax or if available email you th
try densitron or optrex w* w* best, //a
optrex Monochrome Character type.
I need information on IM50240 or PWB50240 a 4 digits numeric display from optrex. Can anybody help me? I send a picture of this display,... thanks in advance nebisman
I have a nice PDF, for LCDs. Unfortunately, I don't remember the link, so I'll upload it. Search by Google
Have a look at this, and this catalogue
LCD - dmf682a Manufacturer - optrex Datasheet - Drawing -
DMC 16249 is based on HD44780 controller. Read more about using the controller here . If you post the code, then someone in this forum could suggest a cure. It is possible to have not initialized properly the display but you can have some problem if your software relies on delays rathe
Hi, I have a NanYa LCD screen (2x16) and would like to interface it to a PIC18F4550. However the datasheet does not specify the startup procedure, like other manufactureres (optrex) does. Will the screen function with only power applied i.e.: it has a hardware reset? thanks in advance Cheers Slayer
I'm able to generate custom fonts in the upper half of the CGRAM (character codes $80 thru $ff) of my optrex DMF5001 just fine while in CGROM mode. My object is to "re-claim" the font space taken up by the standard font foreign, and I understand that I have to re-write a portion of the standard font set to utilize the lower half of the character
I am using the LCD Graphics module F-51373GNC-FW-AH from optrex and the PIC18LF4520 Someone can help me with the inicialization and start of visualization of the gLcd. Thanks,
Hi, Download the User's Manual for the 16 x 2 character LCD from the following link.. Hope it will help you...
as i am watching the datasheet for optrex LCD now i can see the character you need , its code is "11011111" or "DF" in hex format. check and see if it solves your problem or not.
Hallo, yuo can download the LCD manual from here -:)
Hi, I'd like to interface a Z80 cpu to a monochrome LCD display through a dual port sram. The LCD is a 320x240 graphic display but I just want to use it to display 40x25 characters which will be stored in the dual port sram (1KB). I'm thinking of using the following hardware: optrex F-55157GNF-LW-ASN display, and Cypress cy7c130 dual port sr
Here are some other types, from optrex: The "problem" with these (and many other displays) is that they are made for landscape orientation and either 6 or 12 o'clock viewing direction. If you turn one of these 90 degrees to portrait orientation it might be illegible. So what you really
Hi, I'm trying to write a simple module in Verilog that I can use on an APEX APEX20K200EFC484 starter (Excalibur) board to write characters to the display. I have seen some examples here for other displays and FPGAs but finding it very difficult to get the correct information on how the display decoder works. This looks promising: www
Hi, i am using NJU6676 controller based optrex 128x64 lcd, i found your code very helpful. I am running this snake application. I am not getting clear vertical line movement, only horizontal movement is fine. As per the above diagram mentioned by you, the vertical line is clear, where as in my case thats breaking. I wonder, if u can help me i
Hello, I want to interface a 16*2 lcd (HD44780) to at89s51 atmel microcontroller. I have a program in c but i want your help because i don't know if its correct. The datasheet of the lcd is this on : Also i need some help for powering up the lcd, as you
With optrex Lcd Display,if you have a garbage,is because you write too fast on your lcd,you need some delay,but your lcd is defect,try to remove metal case,with rubber pad under and clean wtih alcohol,some time work for me
Hi there everyone! I took apart an Alphasmart Pro today and found a 40 x 4 LCD display (Free, I might add, this is the school's junk). I can't get a pinout for the darn thing! The board is a optrex DMC40401, which has no datasheets on the internet available. However, it has a marking labeled MDK52V-0, and has two M50524FP's and a M50530 on it. I fo