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Hi Im using orcad 9.1 . Im able to generate Allegro the netlist. But while importing netlist its givin errors. I was updating part properties by exporting in excel and then update and again import it. But its not gettin updated in first line of properties (instance properties) instead its gettin updated (...)
Hi All, I am designing Xilinx FPGA board and am new to orcad. My question is how do I make heterogenous schematic of the same device. In a sense I want to create 4 different schematic device / components for single device. meaning XC3S200 is 208 pin I want in one schematic diagram 2 banks so in all 8 banks so 4 schematic instance of single
How to make pin numbers visible in orcad 9.2? Pin number visibility in orcad 9.2 Colleagues, When a new custom schematic part is created in orcad 9.2 there is a dialog that asks for part properties such as designator, PCB footprint, name etc. On this same dialog there is a check (...)
dear friends. i learnt orcad- 9 but as i tried a lot i am unable to change ( increase ) the hole size of the peds. if i select a capacitor, i get the hole size too small and i cant get that pcb through. ( example : --> for cap 100/25.. etc. etc..) please some one explain me how we can change the hole size please. thanks in adva
Hi, generate netlist like that tools-->create netlist-->others-->in that select orprotel2.dll from for-matters (before that you need fill the Protel PCB footprint ) - - - Updated - - - if you convert schematic from orcad to protel i have not any idea about netlist
How do you make the pin numbers of, for example a transistor, visible in your schematic. I can' find it, either not in the Help files. Roel
Conflicting values of following Component Definition properties found on U4 and U11 for part "SOT23_5".part_NUMBER can a
Hi folks, This is from ramesh.I am using orcad software for schematic entry. i faced this following problem. The used capacitor does have wrong properties(Eg: Manu part i created my own new library.And i replaced the that component's cache in schematic with preserved properties(if i do replace (...)
for orcad layout u can create footprints using library manager. and for orcad capture u can add a library to wich u want to create a symbole and u can add new part and creat parts..
Hello, I am using orcad Capture 10.3. I would like to know, how can i copy part occurance properties to instance properties throughout design. thanks niks
I get this error when trying to import properties ******************************************************************************** * * Beginning Import/Export properties * ******************************************************************************** ERROR (Line 177) Occurrence not found ERROR (Line 177) Unre
Hi ,everyone : I want draw a schematic , in witch there is 8 transistors in parallel . In candence ,we can change the multiplier property of the to 8 . But how to do the same in capture of orcad ?
thanks but i have already footprint library in my layout plus how can i integrate them to the capture cis Layout and Capture communicate with each-other through the netlist file. They are not very tightly integrated together. If you double-click the properties of the component (let's call it U1) in Capture there will be
Based on orcad recommendation under Dos and Don?ts is better to have pins invisible, however, many including myself would like to have pins visible on IC devices. You can do this two ways at Lib level or schematic level. Select part RMB Edit part inside new window select given PWR pin double click or RMB properties now (...)
I obtain the following session log error when i tried to create netlist from orcad Capture to be used by PCB Editor for layout. i don't know what error,who can tell what problem in my project. CmdLine: netrev.exe -5 -y 1 -i e:\source-work\bcm97455mb_v10\allegro E:\SOURCE-WORK\BCM97455MB_V10\200-115745-0000Gp1.brd C:\Documents and Settings\lance yi
If you have a machine you can spare and if you still have a copy of xp only with sp2 try xp sp2 and orcad 16.2. It might be a good idea to check with cadence if xp with sp3 is a supported platform and if there are any known problems.
Hello! I want to create a text file from a dsn files that lists all parts, the schematic page where the part can be found, and the position of the part on the page. So far I have explored that using the Bill of Materials menu I can add {Location X-Coordinate} and {Location Y-Coordinate} properties to the property (...)
hi All, While generating netlist from orcad Capture CIS16.2, following error is shown. Please help how it can be resolve thanks in advance #1 Error Conflicting values of following Component Definition properties found on 1C106 and 1C10 for part "0603C". VALUE #2 Error Conflicting values of following Co
Two questions (1 orcad, 1 PCB Editor): 1. Is there a way to associate a nonelectrical component with an electrical component? Example: I want to use an Aavid Thermalloy 507002b00000 heatsink with a component in a TO-220 package. Obviously, the heatsink has no electrical properties, and wouldn't appear on the schematic. However, I would lik
Is there a way to update all of the components in a design from the CIS data source? Example: A schematic is created using parts exclusively selected from a CIS database. After the schematic is finished, a new property is added to the database. How can I perform a refresh/update/resync with the database so that all of the components add this p
Hello All, I'm just wonder anyone here has done similar thing that what I'm trying to do. This is regarding group and variant feature in a newer orcad version. When you've created groups, you can just use mouse to select which components will belong to which groups which seem like a very good functions. Instead of just using this for generatin
Hi Is there a way to review all components in a big orcad OLB library in a spreadsheet form? Displaying all properties of all components in a spreadsheet. How? The only way I found was to check components one by one. I want to select a few components for my design but only those that have our company part number assigned. Some (...)
Hi everybody. I am making a schematic in capture cis but when i run BOM, the following error appears: ERROR There is no association for file %s. Configure this in the File Manager. BOM Done. Also, when I double click any part in schematic (to access PROPERTY EDITOR), and then try to close with X at the up right corner, the f
hello guys i am a newbie in orcad capture and i want to simulate acircuit containing mosfets from IR . i downloaded .spi files and some come in txt file ( i opened both in notpad and they are some eqautions and numbers....) for example : http
Open symbol in orcad Library. Go to View and View package then edit properties in this box you can assign value to pin group and make it swappable. Good Luck, Majnoon
Hai Majnoon, i already gave various field properties in orcad capture. at the same time i provided various fields in allegro footprint creation (like component value, part reference etc). but the problem is in allegro we have few classes, we can't create new classes. than how to interlink the capture manufacturer name to allegro (...)
Hi, I am new with PSpice, and stuff, and I have project for Linear Electronics. Teacher gave us files for NMOS and PMOS transistors: for both of them two files: one with extension .OLB and another with extension .lib. I am using orcad 9.2 and when I try to simulate basic circuit(which I draw in Capture) just with one MOS, VDD and GND it says: M
Hi, First of all you have schematic with it in orcad Schematic capture means .DSN format ? If its in .dsn format then assign PCB footprints in the properties of each part & then generate the NETLIST. This netlist you import in your PCB Design will have all parts & their connections as per sch...then go (...)
I have some footprints with non-trivial pads. I used a region in top layer over a pin to model required shape. How do I assign this region to overlayed pin? I can see there's Net option in pin and region properties but cannot choose nothing (not surprised in library where no nets). The problem is after placement this footprint in PCB editor and ru
o sry..didnt see that using orcad pcb editor
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- - - Updated - - - hi download that library add in your design