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Hi Im using orcad 9.1 . Im able to generate Allegro the netlist. But while importing netlist its givin errors. I was updating part properties by exporting in excel and then update and again import it. But its not gettin updated in first line of properties (instance properties) instead its gettin updated (...)
Hi All, I am designing Xilinx FPGA board and am new to orcad. My question is how do I make heterogenous schematic of the same device. In a sense I want to create 4 different schematic device / components for single device. meaning XC3S200 is 208 pin I want in one schematic diagram 2 banks so in all 8 banks so 4 schematic instance of single
How to make pin numbers visible in orcad 9.2? Pin number visibility in orcad 9.2 Colleagues, When a new custom schematic part is created in orcad 9.2 there is a dialog that asks for part properties such as designator, PCB footprint, name etc. On this same dialog there is a check (...)
dear friends. i learnt orcad- 9 but as i tried a lot i am unable to change ( increase ) the hole size of the peds. if i select a capacitor, i get the hole size too small and i cant get that pcb through. ( example : --> for cap 100/25.. etc. etc..) please some one explain me how we can change the hole size please. thanks in adva
Hi, generate netlist like that tools-->create netlist-->others-->in that select orprotel2.dll from for-matters (before that you need fill the Protel PCB footprint ) - - - Updated - - - if you convert schematic from orcad to protel i have not any idea about netlist
Hi, I am making a circuit in orcad 16.6. I created a hetrogenous part library with 2 parts inside. I saved the library after creation. Now if I want to add 2 more sub circuits in that library, how can I do that?. Please help. Vamanan
I have been trying to use orcad with NC-VHDL for simulation but it doesn't seem to be working properly. Well actually it works for the the procedure outline in this technote they publish on there website with the xc4000. So I decided to try it with the xc9500. So I tried compiling the nc-vhdl libra
I have a problem with PCIe edge-finger connector PCB Decal, using PADS Layout software. I cannot associate it correctly with the connector's schematic symbol in DxDesigner. I do not have an experience of working with this program, it is new for me. And unfortunately I do not have any supervisor who might help me with it. I suppose, the problem is w
HI, I use a lot of ULN2803 in my board. The component is heterogeneous and composed of 9 part. The 8's first are 2 pins for the 8 way of ULN the last one is for GND et Power. I want to make gate swappable in allegro. I found the GATEGROUP part properties but, it doesn't work. Is there a way to make gate swappable heterogeneous (...)
Hi, What do I need to do inorder to set shortcut keys while using icfb (to do schematic). say if i select the component pmos4 and press 'q' key i can get properties for that pmos4 instance. I want to do this ..please help me as to how i can do this. thanks, Gold_kiss
hello friends, i have seen some job site which are mentioning such a post as 1)PCB DESIGN ENGINEER, 2)PCB LAYOUT ENGINEER 3)PCB DESIGN AND LAYOUT ENGINEER. SO CAN ANY ONE CLEAR MY CONFUSION ABOUT 1) AND 2) ABOVE. PLS TELL ME IT'S URGENT AND IMPORTANT FOR ME. regards, anand
What is a pattern generator i found it in proteus virtual instruments is it used to generate a specific pattern of waveform i want to generate an IR RC5 waveform in proteus because i wrote a code to 8051 to work as ir decoder and i want to simulate it and if not so,how can i generate this IR RC5 Waveform in proteus or at any other program
Hello frnds Now am preparing schematic for that I need Max232 library .already I searched in library components in default(software).but it takes long time to search a library components so i want to create own library.please tell the steps for how to create max232 library
I've been working on a lab for a while which uses the MC1496 IC. I built the physical circuit and was able to get it to operate properly, but I can't seem the get the PSpice simulation to behave the same way. I used two different models that I found online (one of which from this forum), which I used to build the orcad part. But based on this ci
I am using the KiCAD software for drawing schematics, I have searched the desired symbols for AC Voltage Source and Ground using KiCAD software, I couldn't find the desired symbols of AC Voltage Source and Ground. Can you help me to find the desired symbols of AC Voltage Source and Ground in the KiCAD software. Desired AC Voltage Sourc
Hello, I am using orcad Capture 10.3. I would like to know, how can i copy part occurance properties to instance properties throughout design. thanks niks
I get this error when trying to import properties ******************************************************************************** * * Beginning Import/Export properties * ******************************************************************************** ERROR (Line 177) Occurrence not found ERROR (Line 177) Unre
Hello All, I'm just wonder anyone here has done similar thing that what I'm trying to do. This is regarding group and variant feature in a newer orcad version. When you've created groups, you can just use mouse to select which components will belong to which groups which seem like a very good functions. Instead of just using this for generatin
I'm scratching my head wondering how do I define a part number after I created a new part in the library. Is there a trick that I should know? Are you talking about the part number that you can link through using CIS(Database part). If so, I don't think you can create it in orcad. I normally (...)
Hi, orcad can make a new part schematic from verilog file, but I want to know how I can give it the pin numbers in the verilog file, Is it possible or not?
I need part library for PIC18F452 and PIC18F4431. Where can I get those? There's a Yahoo group for peer-to-peer library exchange . I'm pretty sure that the library for PIC18F452 is there. By the way, PIC18F452 and PIC18F442 have the same pinout. Also PIC18F452 and PIC18F
Hi Ringo234, You may try to search a key word like "hierarchy" in the online documentations, which can be launched by clicking "windows start menu->programs->orcad->online documents" . I'm sorry I forgot in which document you need to search. I'll tell you the details later. follow the instruction in the orcad online ducumentation, which can
Hi folks, This is from ramesh.I am using orcad software for schematic entry. i faced this following problem. The used capacitor does have wrong properties(Eg: Manu part i created my own new library.And i replaced the that component's cache in schematic with preserved properties(if i do replace (...)
for orcad layout u can create footprints using library manager. and for orcad capture u can add a library to wich u want to create a symbole and u can add new part and creat parts..
thanks but i have already footprint library in my layout plus how can i integrate them to the capture cis Layout and Capture communicate with each-other through the netlist file. They are not very tightly integrated together. If you double-click the properties of the component (let's call it U1) in Capture there will be
Based on orcad recommendation under Dos and Don?ts is better to have pins invisible, however, many including myself would like to have pins visible on IC devices. You can do this two ways at Lib level or schematic level. Select part RMB Edit part inside new window select given PWR pin double click or RMB properties now (...)
I obtain the following session log error when i tried to create netlist from orcad Capture to be used by PCB Editor for layout. i don't know what error,who can tell what problem in my project. CmdLine: netrev.exe -5 -y 1 -i e:\source-work\bcm97455mb_v10\allegro E:\SOURCE-WORK\BCM97455MB_V10\200-115745-0000Gp1.brd C:\Documents and Settings\lance yi
If you have a machine you can spare and if you still have a copy of xp only with sp2 try xp sp2 and orcad 16.2. It might be a good idea to check with cadence if xp with sp3 is a supported platform and if there are any known problems.
You should see opposite or use T if I remember correctly. Have not used orcad Layout for sometimes. M
hi All, While generating netlist from orcad Capture CIS16.2, following error is shown. Please help how it can be resolve thanks in advance #1 Error Conflicting values of following Component Definition properties found on 1C106 and 1C10 for part "0603C". VALUE #2 Error Conflicting values of following Co
Two questions (1 orcad, 1 PCB Editor): 1. Is there a way to associate a nonelectrical component with an electrical component? Example: I want to use an Aavid Thermalloy 507002b00000 heatsink with a component in a TO-220 package. Obviously, the heatsink has no electrical properties, and wouldn't appear on the schematic. However, I would lik
Hi all, First of all I've never used orcad pspice before.I have cmos model parameters at following link 1-)I saved model parameter as a txt file. 2-)I changed its format from txt to .mod file. After that i dont know what i should do? I'm waiting your help. ps:sorry about
Hi Is there a way to review all components in a big orcad OLB library in a spreadsheet form? Displaying all properties of all components in a spreadsheet. How? The only way I found was to check components one by one. I want to select a few components for my design but only those that have our company part number assigned. Some (...)
hi i got a few orcad schematics designs where my colleagues have added occurence properties to components. i want to export their designs into orcad OLB library files where the components would contain all (instance and occurance) properties. This way I could create my own designs with already company-approved (...)
Hi everybody. I am making a schematic in capture cis but when i run BOM, the following error appears: ERROR There is no association for file %s. Configure this in the File Manager. BOM Done. Also, when I double click any part in schematic (to access PROPERTY EDITOR), and then try to close with X at the up right corner, the f
All the national semiconductor op amp models use the generic subcircuit box symbol, how can I change them to op amp with rail symbols? Is it something I edit in the model files? Can I do it for many models at once? Same deal for bridge rectifiers I want bridged diode symbols instead of generic rectangles. orcad 16.0 Thanks!
Hi everyone, I am using orcad 16.3 for a project of a industrial PCB. My company gives me an orcad schematics, already well done by external engineers. In this schematics there are a lot of components which are not included in my libraries, such as uP, RS422 trancievers, Maxim encoder interfaces, and so on. I am using orcad since a couple (...)
Hello, I'm trying to convert old PCB to newer version of orcad. The old PCB was not created with CIS version. The issue I have is reference designators. In the old design, there were blocks of capacitors that were numbered as: A1-1, A1-2.....A1-16 B1-1, B1-2...B2-16 etc.... In the part manager this capacitor is considered as one packaged m
hello guys i am a newbie in orcad capture and i want to simulate acircuit containing mosfets from IR . i downloaded .spi files and some come in txt file ( i opened both in notpad and they are some eqautions and numbers....) for example : http
Dear friends, Cool morning to all. I am using orcad 9.1 version for my schematic design..I have one problem whenever copy paste a component.. It does not support auto part reference for new pasted component.. I checked in Options----->Miscellaneous---->Automatically reference Placed parts... its already was enabled... How (...)
Hi, Has anyone there has used orcad capture CIS of version 16.3 or beyond? Actually I wanted to know about a new feature in its part Manager where we can link a external database with the Capture CIS's part manager or BOM. Tell me if anyone has used this feature. And also it'll be great if someone can provide me with the links for (...)
After Run in orcad pspice software, output window shows the total job time(using solver1) = 0.03 or some other values. What it means?. how to find the time representations whether in seconds or millseconds or microseconds? what is the difference between total job time and transient response time scale? whether the total job time vary for AC or DC
Hi, I've been looking for a DC Motor part in orcad Cadence CIS Lite. I cannot find one anywhere. Know of any? Or, how to simulate a brushed DC Motor? I'm trying to simulate the electronic components of a centrifuge for a school project. Thanks!
I asked for how to use a push button switch in Capture. In Microsim PSPICE there used be a switch where one could specify both the closing and opening time for the switch. I couldn't find anything like this in the libraries for orcad PSPICE. If anybody know whether there is anything like this please tell me. It would be of great help. Thanks!
Hi, All I use orcad capture and layout, but i get problem. I generate netlist in layout format(.mnl), and create new layout. but it appear below error messages AutoECO Error Report FILE-A: Y:\TEST\TEST.MAX FILE-B: Y:\TEST\TEST.MNL Cannot load a metric netlist on top of an english board or template. Please convert. Unable to complete EC
How do you make the pin numbers of, for example a transistor, visible in your schematic. I can' find it, either not in the Help files. Roel
How do you rotate a component 45 degrees in orcad ? You can rotate a component 90 degrees by pressing the 'R' button. But I like to rotate my component an other angle. Roel
But by PCBNavigator, modifying the netlist file maybe is not needed. This software is excellent. It can inter-connect the orcad and PowerPCB for interaction.
the easiest way is still with pads/orcad combo. As such follow these steps: 1) generate netlist in orcad 2) copy the orcad generated netlist and open a notepad and paste it there 3) highlight the file from the top->down until you see *NETS* (if i remember correctly) 4) delete the highlighted part and save the new file as (...)
in a dsn, you will find library docunment,press your rignt piont,and then add a lib file ,go on pressing lib file,right piont of your mouse,then can creat new part........ if you want to gen part libs to new olb, press dsn,then tools/generate parts......... in detail,see the book of orcad