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Salam, I'm one of the orcad pcb users (I use it at the work). USE Eagle pcb it's better than orcad pcb. Note orcad Capture is Very Good. Bye
Hi Folks, Does anyone have a simple and easy to read tutorial on orcad pcb Editor ? Please upload or provide a link. Thanks! :D
Hi everyone, I'm searching for a good tutorial on pcb Layout (pcb editing) for orcad (pcb Editor) or Allegro pcb...(I'm really very confused, I don't know how they call it anymore. They are changing that names everytime !!) All tutorials I've seen till now are only (...)
Look here:
Hi... I have just entered into the world of pcb designing. Learnt how to make schematic in orcad capture and bring it to orcad pcb editor (Allegro). There are some components for which I have to create footprint. Can anybody help me out with the beginner's tutorial as how to start and make a footprint. (...)
I have two important answear: 1. orcad pcb editor or Cadence Allegro have a union functionality how Altium Altium Designer you can place and route a part of the circuit and than I can do a union of this section of the circuit and than move it in the board how a single component. 2. There is a tutorial for Cadence pcb (...)
Hi Guys, Anybody got any ebooks, links or any materials on orcad Schematic Capture in particular to orcad Unison Suite v9.23 ? For layout wise, not important yet. For schematic, hopefully, it will cover the following topics : - library creation - general editing - parts placement and manuiplation. Thanks a million inadvance !
I think there is no easy way to learn orcad; It depends about your previous experience in EDA field. The tutorial that come with orcad9.22 is a very good one. If you need more: Search Elektroda Bye
i need a tutorial for layout of orcad layout can any body help???
Its not to hard to study pcb design process. Try to use some of CAD for pcb design (PROTEL99SE, orcad, EAGLE,etc.). You'll get some of tutorial packet which you can study from it. its not enough time and file to learn it in this forum.
Isn't orcad no longer supported and is being dropped as a product? If so, learn something like pads or cadstar.
Hi, Can someone give me some link about Layout design tutorial in orcad? I am using orcad for schematic and Layout Plus for pcb layout. I went through the in-built Layout Plus manual but it didn't seem satisfactory. Can someone help? Thnx in advans.
just look around there i sure you will find a few pdf file with helpful understanding! RandyXi
Here is a general purpose tutorial on pcb designs, very helpful. Here is a book specifically targeted for orcad, best book till now.
Hi All, I'm a beginner of pcb design. Any suggestions on design packages (Protel and PADS), orcad, ALTIUM tutorials or study materials? Thanks, shly
Sometime its easy to make a footprint if the component is simple,but it is difficult if the component is complex. I am attaching an orcad tutorial,may this help you.49081
do you need the orcad layout ? Which is the version?
Hello, I was doing a tutorial and while trying that during auto-routing FAN OUT, I get an error "SPECCTRA command failed:("direction BOTTOM vertical"nil)" Has anybody experience with this kind of message? Ramesh
Hi orcad has many good manuals.Take a look at %orcadInstDir%\Document ,where orcadInst Dir is the diretory where you have installed orcad, ex "C:\Program Files\orcadLite\Document"
Open your schematic design. First select Schematics in the project window, then choose Tools from the menu bar and click on Annotate (the first time, you choose unconditional reference update, when you change something to your design, select incremental reference update) , then, select Create Netlist from the Tools menu. Select the LayOut tab, a
can somebody suggest good tutorial on pcb designing using orcad . regards
orcad Layout is a good tool for pcb beginner,Allegro is an high end pcb tool.
power pcb is better than orcad's pcb function
Hi, I myself am a late starter in pcb design. I am currently using orcad Layout Plus tutorial Lesson 2 ( if you have problems running it see the post in Doftware problems). The problem is that many things are unknown even in lessons. In Example : Why do I have to make a border? What is this things with Layers? How many layers do I have to (...)
here is a tutorial
two note are important: 1- use the device in pspice library 2-groung in 0 in capsym library if you use orcad capture you don't have any problem with simulate unit.
Assalamo alaykom does anyone has a good tutorial for any layout program .. if orcad is available it is better .. i don't know if there is another programs that are better than orcad or not .. need your help .. thank you ..
hi, if u search in the orcad directory u can get the demo boards there and u can check orcad help also.
you must try to begin with orcad, P*otel or PCAD. they are very population. I know all these programs but I worked only with schematics in Protel and orcad. Which one is better for newbie. I will have to modify some complex design of digital motor controller. Regards.
Hello, I want any good usefull pcb layout tutorial ( I prefere to be with 'A'DS program if available but anyother tools are also appreciated but please tell where to get) I used orcad lay-out tool to make pcb, but i think it's not the best choice to design a pcb I need your suggestions, Thanks (...)
Hello all, I am FPGA designer and I would like to learn how to work with a pcb / Layout tool. I need an example / tutorial to show me how to start from schematic and end up with a routed pcb. Does anyone know if I can find any kind of such tutorial? It can be very small project. I also have access to protel and (...)
The reason your request didn't generate a quick response is because it is so general. It's like asking to describe the universe in 10 words or less. You need to do some reading and research on your own. Then you can ask specific questions to fine tune your skills. As a starting point, here can be found a tutorial on using orcad: www
hi to all can anybody tells me the step by step procedure for design a pcb in orcad?...also it might be helpful to other members who donot know how to work on orcad... i had worked on orcad previouly bt not much suceed so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz members help me in designing my pcb..... waiting for (...)
Does anybody has a tutorial on orcad. Thanks in advance.
I hope this will be helpfull to you. Another way is to download the orcad 15.7 Demo version, where I took that file.
I've taken on a project where I have to use Cadence Allegro for my designs. I've already created a schematic in Capture CIS, and am ready to start the pcb design process. Unfortunately, this is my first time using pcb Editor (I've used orcad Layout up until now, but my experience with pcb software in general is a bit (...)
Hi Thank you for the guidence. To me it looks like there are really few package symbols compared to orcad Layout. Is that true or am I mising something? Regards
Hi, I'm new to pcb design and currently using orcad 9.1. I have a 112-pin lqfp chip that I would like to use and it does not exist in the orcad library. The chip I am using contains all physical spacing and dimensions that I need but I do not know how to create the footprint. Also using orcad schematic, i have noticed (...)
There's some information about creating footprints in this tutorial: and here:
There are dozens of different pcb and Schematic editors. Cadence Allegro, orcad, Mentor PADS, Altium Designer, Protel, Pulsonix, Eagle, PCAD, Cadstar, etc, etc... In addition to the various brands, there are different versions. For example, Allegro 14, 15, 15.2, 16, 16.1, 16.2; Altium DXP2004, Altium Designer version 6, S08, W09, S09; Prote
Altium has some nice pcb layout features. I like the 3D tools which might be of interest to you for your project. There are some tutorials included in the package help system. orcad would be my second choice. :)
... and here's one more place:
I want to design a diode array - from any library you can suggest - in Layout on orcad 16. I haven't use this tool in the past and I need to have a rough pcb - one or two layer- design by tommorow. Can anyone assist with a rough design that I can expand? It would be also nice to have a small intro how to start working on this ( I know t
Hi, It all depends on which software you want to use. On the free side of things, there's Expresspcb and ExpressSCH with help and manual available on their site and throughout google. There's eagle, pcb123 and many more, most having valuable information available simply through google. Now, if you buy something, there's Pulsonix, ARES, (...)
i am New in pcb Designing Can Anyone please Help me what Software should i use and can i utilize the Schematic Version if i design it on Multisim 10 Version , if possible how could i do it .. i have orcad and , Multisim installed in PC
Hi, For Easy using, I think you should try use the orcad. It's tutorial is very clearly for self learning. and the Library for footprint also available. but if you need the High_End pcb design, you should move to Allegro or mentor Expedion. Good Luck Concat
i usually use 2 layer pcb design, with the top layer is set as jumper layer. i can easily do it in orcad, how 2 set it up in eagle??
Hi, Great,how did you do that:!: i use orcad schematic very frequently and seldom use Pads Logic,anyway i will cross check the option which i had mentioned in my earlier mail,when time permits. Regards Ramesh
today i installed cadence 15.5.1 the orcad is easy to be used but the allegro let me so depressed when i press the icon of the software it's interface appear normaly just flash , and then disappear what happen ? need your help ~~