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I am new to orcad and following the Full Adder tutorial (FLOW TUT) FLow tutorial. In following this tutorial (Chapter 4) we are to create a netlist. I performed the steps: select FULLADD.DSN then TOOLS then CREATE NETLIST but when I attempt to create the netlist I get error "Unable to open (...)
Hello, I was doing a tutorial and while trying that during auto-routing FAN OUT, I get an error "SPECCTRA command failed:("direction BOTTOM vertical"nil)" Has anybody experience with this kind of message? Ramesh
Hi there! Is there any person around who could kindly point orcad Layout experienced freelancer to some online publishing or books about pcb Editor? For some reasons I couldn't attend any of Cadence classroom trainings but badly need to quickly learn the product. Great thanks in advance! androm
I have two important answear: 1. orcad pcb editor or Cadence Allegro have a union functionality how Altium Altium Designer you can place and route a part of the circuit and than I can do a union of this section of the circuit and than move it in the board how a single component. 2. There is a tutorial for Cadence pcb (...)
Hi... I have just entered into the world of pcb designing. Learnt how to make schematic in orcad capture and bring it to orcad pcb editor (Allegro). There are some components for which I have to create footprint. Can anybody help me out with the beginner's tutorial as how to start and make a footprint. (...)
I am new to orcad.i want to create footprint there is any userguide or tutorial is avilable to create footprint.
Hi All, I'm a beginner of pcb design. Any suggestions on design packages (Protel and PADS), orcad, ALTIUM tutorials or study materials? Thanks, shly
Here's a tutorial on making custom footprints in orcad: . Here's a group where people upload their custom footprints: . You can download them and upload your own too.
Is there a decent guide anywhere on how to extract the gerber files in orcad pcb Designer 16.3. I can export .art files and I think I figured out the NC drill files. I need the silk screen and solder mask. I can't seem to figure out how to get it. Please help. Edit: Also need to know how to get the board outline. Thanks, -Jamie
There's some information about creating footprints in this tutorial: and here:
Here is a general purpose tutorial on pcb designs, very helpful. Here is a book specifically targeted for orcad, best book till now.
just look around there i sure you will find a few pdf file with helpful understanding! RandyXi
Hi everyone, I'm searching for a good tutorial on pcb Layout (pcb editing) for orcad (pcb Editor) or Allegro pcb...(I'm really very confused, I don't know how they call it anymore. They are changing that names everytime !!) All tutorials I've seen till now are only (...)
I hope this will be helpfull to you. Another way is to download the orcad 15.7 Demo version, where I took that file.
Hi, Great,how did you do that:!: i use orcad schematic very frequently and seldom use Pads Logic,anyway i will cross check the option which i had mentioned in my earlier mail,when time permits. Regards Ramesh
There is a PDF tutorial in this post And there's this group (there are more tutorials in the Files>Documents section)
Hi Folks, Does anyone have a simple and easy to read tutorial on orcad pcb Editor ? Please upload or provide a link. Thanks! :D
Hello, I want any good usefull pcb layout tutorial ( I prefere to be with 'A'DS program if available but anyother tools are also appreciated but please tell where to get) I used orcad lay-out tool to make pcb, but i think it's not the best choice to design a pcb I need your suggestions, Thanks (...)
here is a tutorial
Hi, For Easy using, I think you should try use the orcad. It's tutorial is very clearly for self learning. and the Library for footprint also available. but if you need the High_End pcb design, you should move to Allegro or mentor Expedion. Good Luck Concat
power pcb is better than orcad's pcb function
can somebody suggest good tutorial on pcb designing using orcad . regards
I think there is no easy way to learn orcad; It depends about your previous experience in EDA field. The tutorial that come with orcad9.22 is a very good one. If you need more: Search Elektroda Bye
Hi orcad has many good manuals.Take a look at %orcadInstDir%\Document ,where orcadInst Dir is the diretory where you have installed orcad, ex "C:\Program Files\orcadLite\Document"