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Hi Folks, Does anyone have a simple and easy to read tutorial on orcad pcb Editor ? Please upload or provide a link. Thanks! :D
Hi everyone, I'm searching for a good tutorial on pcb Layout (pcb editing) for orcad (pcb Editor) or Allegro pcb...(I'm really very confused, I don't know how they call it anymore. They are changing that names everytime !!) All tutorials I've seen till now are only (...)
I have two important answear: 1. orcad pcb editor or Cadence Allegro have a union functionality how Altium Altium Designer you can place and route a part of the circuit and than I can do a union of this section of the circuit and than move it in the board how a single component. 2. There is a tutorial for Cadence pcb (...)
Salam, I'm one of the orcad pcb users (I use it at the work). USE Eagle pcb it's better than orcad pcb. Note orcad Capture is Very Good. Bye
Look here:
Hi... I have just entered into the world of pcb designing. Learnt how to make schematic in orcad capture and bring it to orcad pcb editor (Allegro). There are some components for which I have to create footprint. Can anybody help me out with the beginner's tutorial as how to start and make a footprint. (...)
I've designed an orcad pcb. Now I want to make changes to it. For example: I want to change the values of some resistors. When I change the value in the schematics and I click on 'Run Eco to LayOut', the new netlist is loaded into the LayOut (= the board) but the values are not changed. How do I change the values withouth deleting the component in
first part of your question. Regards NTFreak
How to change font type on orcad pcb Layout..? I want to change font type like: Ariel, Courrier, etc... Thank's
I'm still on orcad 10.5, but you might be able to get the answers to your question here:
Hi, I'm using orcad pcb Designer instead of Allegro. Is it possible to redirect the FPM program calling to this application? Otherwise I cannot use FPM since I don't have any license of Allegro (I've got the license only for orcad pcb Designer) Thanks a lot Cristian
Following are the files Can somebody tell me how to import them into orcad pcb editor
Hi I use orcad pcb Designer 16,0. When using the Place > Manually routine the Place manual dialog box doesn't appear any longer, it is a floating dialog that give the option to add mechanical symbols - does anyone know how to enable this dialog box? Thank You.
Are there any good sources for libraries for orcad pcb Editor 16.2?? I tried the Allegro Footprint Maker on here and is does not draw anything when I execute it. I get the following error: "Command not found: skill 'load "c:\\FPM\\" ' " Any help would be great.
Hi there, I'm not an pcb layout expert. This is my third time using orcad pcb Editor 15.5. Previous occasions things were setup for me, such as the layers, sheet size, etc. With that said, I'm having problems generating Artwork for my 1 layer board. The top etch layer is not coming out properly for my dimensions from (...)
Hi Guys ! Could able to transfer the schematic, layout file file from altium pcb file format to orcad pcb file format.
Hi, I am just start to work in orcad pcb Editor, If anyone know it please mail it's library file(*.dra). Thanks, Kishor
Hi, i am new to the orcad pcb designing, i need to create a foot prints for the the components which are used in my circuit. so can any one give me step by step procedure for creating foot prints. Thanking you. Regards, Hanumagouda Patil
I am using orcad pcb Editor 16.3. My problem/question is partly software specific, and partly pcb layout in general. I am attempting to create the footprint for a connector that will be carrying significant current loads (i.e., I ~ 16.5A). The connector is through hole, and has an odd pin with two "feet" (i.e., two drilled holes for (...)
I am familiar with the Import DXF functionality of orcad pcb Editor, and have successfully imported drawings for things like a company logo and an ESD symbol for the silk screen. However, now I would like to import a dxf onto the etch layer, make all of the resultant shapes dynamic, and assign them to nets. I have been able to import the drawin
I am using orcad 16.0 and new to orcad pcb Editor. I draw the schematic in Captur CIS .and copy foot print from orcad Laout Library manager and past it into the foot print(cell) in edit prorerties of Schematic. i got the error. inter-tool request denied in library manager. then i select creat netlist for (...)
hi, I am made a simple schematic design with orcad 16.2. and i am created the netlist for orcad pcb editor, "netlisting the design" is ok, no error. but the error is in the "updating orcad pcb editor board ". what is the problem? in the session log there is no errors, but there is 15 warnings, (...)
I am new to orcad pcb editor. I am designing a circuit on a single layer substrate, i.e top copper/substrate/bottom copper. I want to place the components and most of the routing lines on the top layer but few routing lines will be in the bottom layer. The rest of the bottom layer will act as ground plane. The unused top layer will be filled with c
hey can anyone help me understand how to add fiducials to my layout with orcad pcb? how can I add them and on which layers should they appear? thanks
Hello, Does anyone know where to find footprints for tubes to use in orcad pcb designer? I use orcad Capture CIS for drawing schematics and orcad pcb designer. Thanks in advance
how to reduce EMI in pcb boards..what are the methods..then how termination methods used in cadence 16.5 odcad pcb si.give any technical paper for reduction of reflection and EMI in pcb using cadence 16.5 orcad pcb si tool..
I have orcad pcb editor 16.5. I make a new drawing with the type being package symbol, and set up the grid and work area. I go to place padstacks by selecting layout>pins. Then the "select a padstack" box should come up but it doesnt. What am i doing wrong?
So im using orcad pcb editor 16.5. I placed a reference designator on the silkscreen layer by using the "label refdes" button. will the reference designator that I put on the silkscreen layer actually be printed on the physical pcb by the manufacturer?
I am new in orcad pcb EDITOR(orcad.16).Please suggest me to delete deleting rats net/connection in orcad pcb EDITOR without modifying in schematic.
Dear all , pls tell me , how to set Color view file in orcad pcb Editor Permanantly. everytime i make new design i have to keep on setting colors . is there any way to freez color view files? i hav tried macro recording but did not worked. when i make new design i can get the layer view which i recorded in macro but cant get colors properly.
Hi i have file with extension *.*.brd , i open it in orcad pcb editor but now i want to make gerber file oftop and bottom layer, but i don't know how to create it, please anybody help me to create it Thanks
Hello, I am, using orcad Capture rev 16.5-S026, looking for a little help please. I am trying to create a netlist in the format needed for the Allegro version of orcad pcb editor rev 16.5. When I try to create a netlist, it does not occur. I have run the DRC check and I get no errors. I do get warnings about (...)
Im thinking of using orcad pcb Editor for creating a motherboard design due to the enormous costs of Allegro. This would be an 8 layer board, about 10"x8", standard PC components, so LGA socket and BGA, but nothing super fine pitch. My plan for getting around the DDR relative prop requirements is to just leverage an already existing ref design wi
Hi, I have the orcad pcb file. I want to show it in eagle 6.2 freeware. How do convert the orcad file to eagle .brd file ?Hope will get the answer.Please help me. Thanks in advance
Hi, when moving a wired component in orcad pcb Designer 16.0, there are three options for what to do with the etch: (1) do nothing, which leaves the etch alone and just moves the component, (2) Rip up etch, which deletes all etch that was connected to the components, or (3) Stretch etch which turns the etch into a rubber band and gives you weird an
Hello Everyone, Does anyone know how to do a route and retain in orcad pcb Editor? If so can you explain it to me, I am new to Board design so please be specific. I have a board outline and components on the board but I have two boards attached to each other and want to make on break away. Thanks for
when u design a footprint it is stored as a library..have u included this library in your capture to enable it to show. attached doc will help you not just for footprint but overall in orcad.
hi sir/madam i wanna know how to use general edit and etch edit options in orcad pcb editor. if we used it once how we have to deselect or remove from our design.
hi sir/ madam suggest me how to pour/ fill copper to our design using orcad pcb editor.
hi sir/madam i designed 4-layer pcb using orcad pcb editor. in these one problem occured problem description: found some stubs in all copper layers. i used via to interconnect top layer to inner planes, and inner place to bottom is this process is correct or not. now i wanna overcome above problem. pls suggest me (...)
You can Do ECO on existing board instead of creating new board. Default setting in orcad Capture- pcb Editor is to create new board. You can change this to perform ECO by defining input board, keep input and output board name same. This would save all changes done by you on board and push only incremental changes from schematic.
Good day to all, Please I need your support and guide on how to solve this Problem.I am using orcad pcb Editor 16.0 for my circuit design.After completing the layout,i generated the Gerber files and sent it to the company that will produce the Board but the Company sent a message to me that my Bottom Soldermask contain Component Outline.I was
just look around there i sure you will find a few pdf file with helpful understanding! RandyXi
Hi Guys, Anybody got any ebooks, links or any materials on orcad Schematic Capture in particular to orcad Unison Suite v9.23 ? For layout wise, not important yet. For schematic, hopefully, it will cover the following topics : - library creation - general editing - parts placement and manuiplation. Thanks a million inadvance !
I think there is no easy way to learn orcad; It depends about your previous experience in EDA field. The tutorial that come with orcad9.22 is a very good one. If you need more: Search Elektroda Bye
There is a PDF tutorial in this post And there's this group (there are more tutorials in the Files>Documents section)
Hi, Can someone give me some link about Layout design tutorial in orcad? I am using orcad for schematic and Layout Plus for pcb layout. I went through the in-built Layout Plus manual but it didn't seem satisfactory. Can someone help? Thnx in advans.
Here is a general purpose tutorial on pcb designs, very helpful. Here is a book specifically targeted for orcad, best book till now.
do you need the orcad layout ? Which is the version?
EEHardware, maybe you don't work anytime with other system. orcad pcb is totally bad tool!!! Many, many bugs still in after SP1 of v.10 (15.1). Philosophy of this tool is completely different than Capture. STILL 1 UNDO!!!!!!!! in Layout!!!!! Please look at Pads2003/2004 or Protel99. Much flexible, easier. For big projects Expedition