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You can set all the defaults from pull-down "Options" -> "Design Template" The title blocks are in <orcad>\tools\capture\library\CAPSYM.OLB Open the library to see the "stock" title blocks. Use as-is or copy and modify your own
orcad16.6 - In capture using 3 MOSFET assigned footprint TO3 (standard in \pcb_lib\symbols\ TO3.dra). When jumping to Allegro PCB Editor trying to use the QuickPlace tool, all my schematic parts are placed on top corner except the 3 MOSFET TO3.
Hi, I'm using orcad capture CIS for schematic design, when i move or drag components or part name it shows warning due to that i'm not able to arrange the components properly. But i can able to move by cut and paste. Kindly give a suggestion to solve the issue by any settings. h
Hi, i have been working on a project in which we are using ddr3 RAM, and i found schematic online in which ddr3 has been interfaced. In the schematic a symbol named 'TEE' is used but i cant find any help regarding this symbol online. it is used on the address bus. my question is does anyone know about it and if its an essential part of the design.
Don't be afraid to us "Google", or RTFM, and then buy a book on the subject. There are a lot of books available. A simple search on will list a lot of books on the subject. - Make Your Own PCBs with EAGLE: From schematic Designs to Finished Boards - Complete PCB Design Using orcad capture and PCB Editor - PCB Design for Real-World EMI
Both schematic entry methods can be used for simualtion. PSpice schematics is the classical method and has been avaible before PSpice was acquired by Cadence and bundled with orcad. If you don't use orcad also as schematic entry for CAD layout, PSpice schematics can be still preferable.
while creating net list am getting 3 part files like partnet etc what can I do with those files? can any one tell me plz Thanks in advance.
Hi Guys, After finishing schematic, when I check DRC it gives me following error, ' Checking Misleading Tap connection ERROR(ORCAP-2207): Check Bus width mismatch ' Although It doesn't affect design later on but still its an error. Please help me to understand why orcad gives me that error.
I'm relatively new to capture/PSPICE and I'd like to know if there's an built-in function to acquire images of the schematics and simulation profiles, or at least a better alternative to using Print Screen.
Hi All, I converted a orcad capture(.DSN) schematic file to altium designer schematic. During conversion properities attached to schematic symbol getting removed. Pls let me know what is the exact procedure for conversion. Thanks, shabby.
Hello! How can I disconnect a pin from a signal in Allegro PCB designer without using orcad capture, I mean, just in the PCB designer? I'm using v16.5. Thanks in advance.
Hello, I have this stupid problem with orcad. This lite version of capture CIS has symbol libraries for the standard libraries of orcad, such as counter, however there is no spice simulation files (.lib) for them. I try to simulate the design with built-in PSPice, but the simulation fails and gives me this error: "No simulation data for (...)
Part------ is out of date with respect to the design cache, use update cache to synchronize the part in cache with the library,,,,,,,,, i got this error in orcad capture 16.0 when i did update my part. i need the solution.
hello i am learing orcad capture but i cannot able to solve less than 2 connection problem in differential amplifier circuit and no spice template i read similar thread in this forum but i cannot understand pls explain in detail any body urgent i have to submit project tomorrow
You can Do ECO on existing board instead of creating new board. Default setting in orcad capture- PCB Editor is to create new board. You can change this to perform ECO by defining input board, keep input and output board name same. This would save all changes done by you on board and push only incremental changes from schematic.
I'm new to Design Entry HDL and trying to convert my orcad capture to schematic to HDL. First off all, I've to remove my off page connector from orcad schematic and to give a net name to each net becuase HDL don't have off page connector. My question is there is a way to enable off page connector name on (...)
hi, i am using allegro 16.5 .please tell me how to interlink orcad schematic and allegro brd
I have a design in orcad capture. I want to convert it to Candece DFII format that can be open in Virtuoso schematic. How to do the conversion?
Hi, is just that i have a .dsn and .brd files, i got the .dra and .psm files from the PCB, but i need to modify the property of the footprints in the capture file, because it has some source libraries that doesn't exist and i need to fix it to generate the netlist. So how could i make the right libraries to use them in the footprints of the captur
Hi All: In Altium Designer, I know if we hold down mouse's right button while dragging, we can navigate to other parts of a large schematic, very conveniently. Do they have similar functions in orcad capture CIS? Thanks a lot.
I have a mic4451 and i give him the inputs but i don't know why the out put voltage is static zero please help me in addition in capture a green circle appears near the IC that have writen no template model in pspice
"No PSpice template" means what it says, you are probably using schematic symbols that aren't taken from the PSpice specific component library. Before designing a simulation circuit from the scratch with orcad capture, you should start with something more simple, e.g. opening and modifying one of the examples shipped with Pspice. Learn (...)
Hi, file-->import-->EDIF for load the EDIF file in orcad
hello When i run my simulation, i have this error : ERROR(ORNET-1110): Part U1.V2 has no 'DCBias' property ERROR(ORNET-1110): Part U1.V2 has no 'DCBias' property ERROR(ORNET-1122): Pin CKT on h-block U2 has no matching port in schematic below here is my schematic : 90977 I think it is because of DC source tha
Hi All, I am using orcad capture program to draw a schematic. My schematic contains multiple pages so I have a situation where I need to connect output of the one chip to the input of the other chip "on different" page. I tried to use "OFF PAGE CONNECTOR" with the same Net_Name on both ends BUT looks like it did not work. (...)
please check the orcad is running in administrator or not ??
Steps to PCB design using orcad. 1. Design circuit using schematic entry package (capture). 2. Generate netlist for PCB package. 3. Import netlist into PCB package. 4. Place components, route signals. 5. Generate machining (Gerber) files for PCB plant. The above mentioned are the basic steps involved in designing an PCB...... I Really (...)
I have made a simulation for converting +12 DC to +5 volts using MC33063 from ONsemi; Cadence orcad capture generates the netlist well but pSpice calculations do not converge. Is there anyone to help the simulation converge, please? The whole project is attached.
Hello everybody, I found in "RF_PCB" option in ALLEGRO PCB. I am able to route the RF components with mitered traces. But if I am importing my Logic which is generated by orcad schematic capture option I am unable to using it and the traces will be a straight line. So please help me in this aspect. Thanking you,
I am sorry to ask you a side question, is it possible to do the layout in the orcad ? while doing DRC in schematic , I am getting Error like Error(orcad-36055):Illegal character in \etu-v01r10(1)\.
Hello, VCC source does not exist under CAPSYM library in the orcad capture 16.5 that i am using, does anyone know what might be wrong? Thanks you all, Ramesh
orcad is a good tool for schematic design & simulation. In fact it is the best, but when it comes to PCB this software really becomes a frightening nightmare. :shock: If your schematic is working & you have tested it by all means then go for Eagle Cadsoft software. It's free version is working upto 2 layer PCB design & having largest (...)
Hello, I have done quite a few boards using orcad schematic capture and orcad PCB Layout for IBM over a 10 year period. I have also worked with board houses to have the boards fabricated. I have also built up many boards myself. I am looking for remote design work or local work in the NC area. Please email me or PM me if you (...)
Hello fellows, I found very strange problem, which I don't know how to fix. After I made schematic in orcad capture I have imported netlist to Layout and then made PCB. Unfortunatelly now i noticed there is completely no drills at the board. Maybe this is somehow connected that I have choosen only 2 layers top and bottom at the (...)
Hello, I am trying to use orcad for the first time....I created a hierarchical block, and put 11 of that in a schematic called schematic2. The schematic attached to the block is schematic3, and schematic2 is the root. Now, I would like to add a pin to my block. I read in the (...)
orcad is much better
Hi, You need to create an heterogeneous multipart symbol in orcad. Then you can split your symbol in logical blocs. Franck.
Hi Everyone if you need Very Low Cost PCB Layout and schematic Design using Allegro, orcad capture please contact us. email: rbalaquiao at skype: rbalaquiao at 24/7 Online Thank you. ;-)
Hi everybody. I am making a schematic in capture cis but when i run BOM, the following error appears: ERROR There is no association for file %s. Configure this in the File Manager. BOM Done. Also, when I double click any part in schematic (to access PROPERTY EDITOR), and then try to close with X at the up right corner, the f
Hi, can anyone explain me how to convert a flat schematic into hierarchy block. Regards, Shr
Hi all, I am using orcad capture 16.2. I have recently come across following Warning. (Green inverted triangle appears on schematic page). WARNING: leading or trailing spaces found on net name or alias. Has anybody came across this error?? What does it means? I checked for net shorting but its OK. Please reply if you know. T
this should help you the property of part by double clicking on it.. 2. set filter by> oracd layout. 3. write footprint name in PCB_FOOTPRINT box. 3.1 you have to write name according to either preloaded footprints or by user created footprints 3.2 library footprints are found in C:\Program Files\orcad\Layout\Library (for orcad v9) or in C:\Cadence\SPB_16.5\shar
hi i have problem while importing orcad capture to allegro spb 16.3 layout.after import and packaging symbols to foot print in allegro i can see the component in place mode but it is not going to place. so please tell me what is the right process to save pcb footprint in library of allegro 16.3 that after packaging i can place the component in lay
Use NET ALIAS in orcad.
Hi all I am trying to simulate the resonant converter but i am getting the following errors. ERROR Pin A in template not found on CR ERROR Pin B in template not found on CR ERROR Pin A in template not found on LR ERROR Pin B in template not found on LR ERROR Pin A in template not
Hi to all, I created one schematic in orcad capture CIS , the result of "Design rules check" was zero, but in netlist creation i affected some error , Error: " Multiple pin 14's which have different nets connected for U7".. (U7 is a 3 part Heterogeneous components , so the 14th p
Hi all, I need to compare a .brd board file with a schematic net list i got from orcad capture CIS and generate a ECO report. I have orcad PCB Designer tool installed in my system. First, i opened the .brd file and then File-> Import -> Logic (selected the directory where my net list is placed).. but i did not (...)
I seem to recall a method of using the capture text box to add PSpice netlist data to that created by the schematic netlister. I know of a way to do this for "SPICE" netlisting using pipes in a "text region" but I can't get anything to work for "PSpice" netlisting. I might get this to work using the capture "INCLUDE file" component and (...)
Hi, orcad capture/ CIS or Allegro Design Entry is a "WINDOWS ONLY" tool. You cannot use it on native Unix. Not sure if you can use WINE on Linux and operate orcad. I have not done it myself.