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Hello all, I am new to RF design and I am in need of some help. VSWR helped me do an amplifier design in Genesys but what I what to do now is make a multiplier. The overview is: osc running at 25mhz > buffered > Filter/match to 50mhz harmonic > Buffer x2. I managed to do the amplifier opt/simulation with the help of VSWR, but I am unclea
I download the example(Interpolation FIR filter)from,but i can run this example in quartusII.can anyone help me. tell me the process. thank you very much I can't catch your idea. You downloaded an example forum Altera about FIR Filter, and you test on Quartus II but It doesn't run???? You mean that you only
Hi. I am trying to simulate osc. in MWO. I think i should use spice file of BJT from philips BFR93A. Unfortunately i failed to find the way to put data file. Could you tell me how to import and use spice file, not s2p? Only some error was found when i tried to use subblock of spice file, 'No port found'. I have to change someth
You might try to test it by changing "transient" analysis to "harmonic balance" analysis. you need to put "osc port" in the harmanic balance analysis, dont forget.
hi there, i am very new to verilog. I am simply writing a clock generator code The behavioural simulation seems to be ok with clk_output signal giving a clock, but all i could see from the oscilloscope is a high signal for pin 'clk_output', is there anything i'm missing here? module test(clk_output); output reg clk_output; ini
good day... too many question to ask... please help... this is the data sheet i need help on The L297 integratesall the control circuitry required to control bipolar and unipolar steppermotors. Used with a dual bridge driver such as the L298N forms a complete microprocessor-to-bipola
does the output peak to peak is stable? what kind osc? what kind crystal oscillator?
I'm no expert in asynchronous simulation, but I think I understand the problem. The synthesizer will generate a latch/oscillator, probably like this: osc = ~(rst & osc). To make your pre-route simulation more closely match the post-route simulation, make these changes: 1. Insert time (...)
CAN'T YOU READ??? The circuit, as it is, WILL NEVER oscILLATE The crystal IS SHORTED The line in the netlist, as I mentioned above, MUST BE: xi0 xi xo xtal Note: this crystal has Q ≈ 42050 @ (series) resonant fr
Dear all, I am a new comer ,i want to design a oscillator using ADS.Can anybody share the project file and document about how to design oscillator? Thank you
That?s because they have on-chip RC oscillator thus you don?t need external oscillator if frequency range provided by internal oscillator is suitable for your application.
Not all programs simulate osc circuits well. I don't know Orcad, but I had the same experiences before with Protel 99SE. Try the student version of ANsoft designer or Multisim. You can also check for proper open loop performance with your program to make sure about phase-shift and gain margin.
Did you put some initialization timle in PSS ?? Or Could you start your simulation from when steady state arrives to full oscillation conditions are satisfied ?? If you link your design here , I may help you...
what is RF design? Is the the designing of RF components(like as mixer,osc,LNA, PA,...) with transistors and discrete components or it is design of RF systems with IC (no need to know the implemetation details of ICs inside)? If I want to design tranmitters and receivers with RF ICs and components(like as Hittite ,Minicircuits,... ICs and produc
I saw a ADS advanced traing book from their training course. Here are the topics of this book: Lab1: Active Device Models Lab2: Vendor Device Models Lab3: Varactor Tuned Filter Lab4: Fixed Freq osc Lab5: Transmission Line Filter Lab6: Data Acceess Components(DAC) Lab7: Noise Lab8: IC Designs Could someone kindly share this slide & lab
hi all I need a use PII in a circuit , so i need any tips u have about the pcb design for PII with system bus 100 MHZ?? how many layer shoud be the pcb?? Do i have to have osciscope OR netowork analyzer??? Best program for PCB routing? Best program for PCB routing simulation??..... any extra tips or notes u have i will be glad f
hi all i design a simple osc. 100 Mhz (colpitts oscillator) using orcad 9.2 using supply 9 V & transistor J2N5485 . the circuit doesn't work at all except when i put initial Condition (IC) at the output but i notice a very strange something all the following result for time 20 ?Sec ( about 2000 cycle from 100 Mhz)
Hi, I think that Dalas 32768Hz oscilator with temperature compensations is better solution. It is very difficult to design temperature compensated oscilator with long term stability.
hi friends, why my PA is oscillating at 100MHz... those every thing is okay:cry:
Hi all, When I design a ring osc VCO, I run into a problem when I want to simulate the delay cell's gain. I used a pseudo-differential delay element(Sungkyung Park et al.,Elec. Letters May,2001) My question is: how to consider (both in theory and in simulation) the pseudo differential delay element?s gain? According to the Barkhausen Cr
Here is a little simulation I did for a friend on the RF section of this transmitter after he complained of some TV interference after building this. Basically I modified the circuit slightly by taking the feed for the final RF amp from inside the tuned circuit, as this helps filtering out harmonics. The coupling cap was reduced 10 times to mini
Hi, i am having trouble simulating cygnal F120 controller in keil, it stucks in the Init_Device function in the configuration file. i am attaching my configuration file, plz reply ASAP. my program stuck in oscillator_Init function within Init_Device at this line. while ((PLL0CN & 0x10) == 0); thanks sawaak
Hello friends I designed a PLL+VCO circuit at 160MHZ with LMX2316 and minicircuit VCOs and 25MHZ crystal osc as ref. Output is stable (Fcom=20KHZ,loop filter BW = 1KHZ),but as shown below have spurs at output near 160MHz carrier.Please guide me to remove the spurs.
Hello I'm simulating.. well trying it xDD... Proteus reports the error in simulation log: ... Build completed OK. Compiling netlist... Linking netlist... Partition analysis... PIC16 model release 6.3 SP0 simulating PIC16877 device. Loaded 256 bytes of persistent EEPROM data. Loading HEX file 'leds232.HEX'.
Hi, Currently I am running post layout simulation for my ring osc. I did 2 different parasitic extraction. First is C only and the second one is RC. Then I run the simulation to find the gate delay of the gate. The problem is, the results from RC extraction simulation is faster than C only extraction. The difference is in (...)
The OPA ac look phase is 180 degree (ideal) at low frequency, but simulation result 0 degree. Will the circuit osc. at low frequency?
The Xtal osc circuit needs a huge shunt resistor. How to make it on chip? thank you!
Your code has no config specs. In the Proteus simulation example you refer to, the config word is set with WDT is off, LP osc and PWRTE enabled (not the default settings). If the Watchdog is on you will see resets during program execution which will cause funnies. However, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to drive PORTB <2:3> unless
32K Hz Xtal can be find in Chipset RTC cell .. as I know 32K is more difficut than 1M Hz .. and you need more large gain some XTAL have gate control (use AND gate) for disable /enable .. hspice simulation maybe OK you can enable/disable XTAL clock , but real chip test , when power on is work but disable XTAL -> restart will fail i
the problem is that Vout (on the inductor) was a dc voltage, and the current in it was a normal sinusoid! what is expected is a frequency modulated version of the sinusoidal signal of the applied source. actually this circuit must work as an FM transmitter around an oscillation frequency of 100MHz, and the antenna would be connected directly to the
Hi all Did any of you have experience on ring oscillator VCO design? I want to push operation frequency of ring oscillator to over 10Ghz for 0.13 technology, but simulation have problem, did anyone have experience on this? Is it possible to generate a ring oscillator VCO for over 10Ghz using 0.13 technology? I also (...)
I meet the same problem when I setup a PWM converter. Some node data is lost but most doesn't. I feel it is for the blocks containing these nodes aren't very good in some feature, but I can't make certain what's the issue topic. I knew when I open loop simulate the single block the problem will disappear. When the netlist scale is larger, t
Generly, how long for a 10MHz crystal oscillator to oscillate? And how about a 40MHz? Is it accurate for using spectre to simulate? Because I use a initial current(about 500nA) for the inductor (in crystal), acturally the osc may start by its noise current, I don't knnow wether the simulation's start can be trusted.
Increase the estimated osc frequency.This should be as close as possible to wanted one..
I have a problem with the simulation of max 232 in proteus.This the code for simulation. #include <16F877a.h> #define RS232_XMIT PIN_A1 #define RS232_RCV PIN_A0 // PIC line which receives PC transmission #use delay(clock=4000000) // 4 MHz osc #use rs232(baud=9600, xmit=RS232_XMIT, rcv=RS232_RCV) void main() { int (...)
hi,good day to everyone... I have a hard time throughout the process of learning serial communication, but gained nothing at last. I tried with 2 PIC where each of the PIC will control the LED that connected with it. There are 2 PIC in the drawing. Let the left PIC = A, right PIC = B. What i want to have is....A control the LED that connected
Hello Cerberolooch, Sorry for the late response. i have been busy with my other projects and had no time to see my messages. Oh yes, i have just checked my earlier post and that problem i had faced before with MEGA8. You can fix that problem to calibrate the oscillator of the MEGA8. If you are using BASCOM then try to do OSSCAL test. For e
I think the jitter you've got is the vco jitter. and in a pll, the noise of vco in low freq can be filtered by the loop bandwidth,and the noise in high freq should be much small. So the invaid freq should start from the pll f-3db, and the maxium should be less much less than the freq of osc . you may choose the minium freq lower.
Dear all does measuing the RMS using a very simple DVM (using AC Measuring ) for a pulse signal ( 555 osc. o/p) will give the same result using the RMS() trace funcation in orcad ?? in other words does simple DVM RMS === Orcad Trace RMS thanks all bye
hi, all i designed a ring oscillator use 3 defferential input and defferential output one stage amplifier, and the post simulation shows the frequency does not exceed ? 8%. but when it come from fourndry, the test result show that the frequecy is different from the post simulation results exceed 40%. some test sho
hello, i am trying to build 5 stage ring oscillator. i prepared the schematic in mentor graphics and tried to do sst osc analysis.but after simulation when i try to open the waveform viewer it gives error "no waveform database so ezwave cannot be evoked"? how to remove the error and after that how to do phase noise analysis. (...)
Hi all, I want to design a Colpitts oscillator with the output frequency is 30Mhz, but i am totally new with RF and CMOS Analog. I am reading "The Design of CMOS RF IC" of Thomas Lee Chapter17, but there are many points I dont understand. I have two options 1. With Transistors and other passive elements only. 2. With Transist
oscillator speed settings between MikroC, Proteus and circuit might be different.
hello, i want to simulate the cmrr of a ringoscillator. does anyone have an idea how to set up a simulation with cadence? regards zitty
hello, i am simulating the crystal oscillator (RLC model) phase noise. I setup pss analysis, use initial current 10uA in inductor model of crystal (19.2MHz), tstab=200n, etc, result=pss not converged, therefore the simulator keep modifying tstab and try again and again.. never converged. I also tried HB engine (tstab=0, osc init =linear li
Are you running your code on physical hardware or in simulation, like Proteus? Is your clock speed defined correct in MikroC? BigDog the code works fine on Proteus but not in real life:D the clock speed is set to 8 MHz and i have chose the HS oscillator and using an 8 MHz crystal oscillator
I do not think you can get any circuit designed on discrete level, as the ICs make ease the design. The smallest circuit on a general use IC is here. You can integrate ICs in your simulation. Or this may a bit helpful. Portable FM transmitter 1 W Good Luck.
Hey i m making a temperature sensor using lm35 and pic18f452 the objective is to control the temperature between 25 and 27'C...when the temperature is below 25'c,a heater is to be turned on at pin RD3 and when the temperature is above 27'c,a cooling fan is to be turned on at pin RD2...I have written the code in c lang..and compiled successfully in
urs designed cct. seem to be good,apparently no mistake is found.what problems you are facing need to be explained.however if you send the oscillator cct.of 16f877 more guidance will be submitted.regads
i have designed a voltage reference used in a power IC, just as the picture shows. the 1.25v voltage is generated by bg core, and the 1.5v voltage is a pad connected a 1uF cap on pcb board, so the 1.5v voltage is noiseless. while i have some other voltage reference, such as 0.9v, 0.6v ,etc, that is used for other modules(osc, ldo, charger, etc), an