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Hello, I am a beginner small circuit and high-frequency projects for amplifier equipment and driver circuits, and I am in need of a used or broken oscilloscope. I have broken several devices with the wrong frequencies and i am in need of one of these so I will be able to monitor the frequencies of my devices. Preferred specifications; Dual Channel,
I am going to repair an old radar and need an oscilloscope with 50 mhz bandwith. Is thisone any good? 5.7" TFT LCD 60MHz 2-Channel Digital Color Storage oscilloscope - free Shipping - DealExtreme
USB or PCI based data acquisition and display systems would cost you more than a benchtop oscilloscope. Try in your circle for any abandoned or old cathode ray tube based oscilloscopes from Industries which should serve your purpose. I assume you aren't looking for any high frequency applications.
Say I have a noise free square wave signal of 1 khz frequency and 5 v amplitude. The signal passes through some optical receiver and the shape of the signal becomes slightly distorted with some noise in it. I have a digital oscilloscope that has FFT. How can I use this FFT to detect the frequency of the noise so that I can separate the noise from t
This link could be useful : (Implementation of a low-cost PC based quad channel real-time / storage oscilloscope).
using this program u can use a PC as an oscilloscope using its sound card.
Another nice project with one
Hi all I want to make a oscillscop , using pic. It must save the waves and user can review them. it's good to use computer or only micro , ram & etc. If computer what "port" is your offer. thanks This project can be interesting to you:
Hi I have the link for downloading digital oscilloscope software - I need to know which probe can I buy from? So that I can plug it in my jack socket and use it to test my electronic circuit. Thank you in advance Maverickmax
Nice real-time universal oscilloscope GUI DLL library on the - free download. More than one magasample/sec. without decimation or excerption! For data acquisition, modeling, simulation, debugging. Aplication examples in MS Visual C, Borland Delphi, C++Builder, Matlab and Simulink. Good documentation. Ability co
Hi, Could anyone recommend me a better deal than this one (Price: USD $149.95): The PCS100 is a 12MHz 1 channel digital storage oscilloscope, using a computer and its monitor to display waveforms. All standard oscilloscope functions are available in the Windows program supplied. Its operation is just like a normal oscilloscope. (...)
I have given how to make a PC oscilloscope using ADC in my book MY EXPERIENCE IN PARALLEL PORT INTERFACING It is a free book. You can get it from yahoo group-booksbybibin Bibin John
free to download and try. The price is at US$49.95 PC version: Pocket PC version: It consists of a sound card dual trace oscilloscope, a sound card real time dual trace spectrum analyzer, and a sound card dual trace signal generator and can run them concurrent
free to download and try. PC version: Pocket PC version: MultiInstrument consists of a sound card dual trace oscilloscope, a sound card real time dual trace spectrum analyzer, and a sound card dual trace signal generator and can run them concurrently. It fe
is a good one but there is no schematics or binaries for free. free?? You dont even get them even if you buy the boards :D. Not even a single line of code or schematics are given for the digital oscilloscope project. Also he doesn't give schematics of the FPGA board you buy!!! The
I was thinking of building an FPGA based Digital oscilloscope that I can connect to my computer by RS-232. The information of building a FPGA based oscilloscope on is great and I think I maybe could build one, but I need a good freeware software that I can use to see the results. I'am not a good PC software programmer, that
Have a look at this one they do a PIC18F2550 KS0108 Graphical LCD oscilloscope and USB scope using a PIC18F2550 sorry forgot to add wizpic
Hi all Does anyone have experience with Tek TDS3000B scope startup problems :?: I power up the TDS3014B oscilloscope and it shows the start-up screen but it freezes at this tried firmware but floppie disk drive doesn't seem to start at any time. It only flashes fron
Hi,..I need the service manual or schematics for a BK precision 100 Mhz oscilloscope model 1590A (free download if is posible)...any help be apreciated.Thx.
Hi, You can look at this link: All you need to build your own Oscillo. (It's French link)
The latest version of Virtual Breadboard (which is version 3) has been published free by its author. This is a nice emulator of several PICs and adds support for thirdparty software like the Bitscope oscilloscope software and also offers integration to MPLAB.
What is the use of an "Aux In" port on an oscilloscope? How is that used? Thank you!
it’s a simple, universal graphic interface for digital oscilloscope. Previous versions weren’t so universal. Contact with outside world is thanks to relative simple libraries The biggest limitations: - 1 acquisit
An interesting and adjustements free transistorized 2x 1mV, 20MHz oscilloscope...
B+K Manuals - Instruction Manuals, Service Manuals, User Manuals, Charts, Schematics its not free but Woah! I don't want to buy the whole scope! I'm just looking for a schematic! A schematic is something that is free to the owner of a product that was originall
I wanna buy a oscilloscope. There are two option -1. Standalone oscilloscope, 2. PC based oscilloscope Which one should I chose? Is there any issue with PC based oscilloscope over standalone CRO in terms of accuracy?
Hello i need to make PC oscilloscope home make. please have me? thanks in advance
Hi there! Could someone kindly help me out with the matlab code for finding the frequency spectrum of a pseudo random signal. I've saved the data in CSV format from the oscilloscope (I've attached the file) and I now need the FFT! I did go through similar posts but the method explained is usually for a set periodic signal. Any help would be duly
How about Visual Analyser? It's free software that simulates various instruments including oscilloscope and spectrum analyser. Input is through the soundcard of your PC.
I am looking for an oscilloscope,for my Diy Audio bench (Own use),where obviously I cannot afford too much damage to pockets(<40k INR). preferably analogue one with 100 MHZ+ bandwidth having minimum 2 channels. Re-furbished or Used one in good working condition shall be given priority choice due to price factor. Anticipating your advice.
To generate a variable frequency up to 20kHz, use a free sound-card oscilloscope. (download is readily available) It will generate the output through the head-phone jack in your laptop. Feed this to a MOSFET and you are done! Or alternatively use a 555 timer with a variable resistor to adjust frequency. Again feed the output to the MOSFET. Perhaps,
Hello, I am looking of a soundcard oscilloscope program, but I need a special feature, and that is the functionality of external trigger. The most obvious solution I can think of, is the use of one of the two channels of the stereo input plug as a trigger input. Is there any software (free) that can do this?
FilterSim is Systolix's digital filter network simulation and analysis tool. Version 1.02 is available for free,  on the link download version of FilterSim is fully functional. However in order to save filter designs, you must register to obtain an security key. Registration is
I've got the operating and service manual for the "HP1742A oscilloscope" (including Option 001, 090, 101, 102, 580, 900, 901, 902 and 906) and the operating and service manual for the "1700 Series Option 034 Digital multimeter" that can be installed on top of the scope. Unfortunately I only have it on paper. What can we do about that because I c
This free 555 timer design program provides for four operation modes (3 astable, 1 monostable), plus 16 application examples, and timer/component specifications. File size: 253KB
who can tell me which web offer free part sample. thk1
Alots of free tool: 1-Express PCB. 2-Digital Works. 3-Design Works Lite. 4-Digital Osciliscope. 5-Tina Pro. 6-Edison. 7-Newbe Guide to PCB and .... DaMa
Alliance is a complete set of free CAD tools and portable libraries for VLSI design. It includes a VHDL compiler and simulator, logic synthesis tools, and automatic place and route tools. A complete set of portable CMOS libraries is provided, including a RAM generator, a ROM generator and a data-path compiler. Alliance is the result of a ten year e
There are three free Verilog simulators available with limited capabilities: SILOS III from Simucad. SILOS III's high performance logic and fault simulation environment supports the Verilog Hardware Description Language for simulation at multiple levels of abstraction. The Environment's state-of-the-art architecture incorporates an exclusive
There are two free Verilog waveform viewers: WaveViewer by SynaptiCAD is a free Verilog VCD waveform viewer. WaveViewer also imports waveforms from HP logic analyzers, TDML documents, and many gate level simulators. The viewer allows the placement of markers, delays, setups and holds. Download the free viewer from Di
This website gives you a full explanation on how to design a Digital oscilloscope. All circuits and software is included - Tip: This design includes a few hectic sampling circuits, but if you'r only interested in building a normal scope, just look at the PIC16F84 and sheet 4 of the scematics - the rest of the circuit can be disgarded. Just take tim
Hi 1. -> t tnx
Anyone interested in a single entity VHDL testbench generator, try this. Code is free to do with as you wish. If you add significant enhancements, please send me a new copy too. You will need to have Tcl/Tk installed on you system to use this. Uploaded file: tb_gen.tcl
Hi free CPU list: Here is the list of free CPUs available or curently under development - F-CPU 64-bit freedom CPU mirror site at European Space Agency - SPARC architecture LEON CPU European Space Agency - ERC32 SPARC V7 CPU
Hi 1. -> t tnx
Hi 1. -> t tnx
This is a wonderful radio receiver: 1)Fully integrated IF selectivity and demodulator 2) Soft mute and signal depending high cut control 3) Adjustment free stereo decoder 4) Signal depending mono/stereo blend 5) Autonomous Search Tune to decrease bus communication 6) S/W switched ?°lo?? or ?°hi?? injection local oscillator > inherent Japan ve
Dear All: This file is for reference only. Best regards. freexyz Uploaded file: SwitchClk.vhd
I had a Hung Chang 3850DML LCD oscilloscope+logic analizer (1200 euro), but it is not useful, my life is changed with Tektronix TDS210, is precise, simple, it has a good display, I suggest to wait, but buy a serius instrument, the difference betwen an economic instrument and null is very little
Hi I am looking for a good and cheap scope to buy. I found some interesting equipments in this if anyone have some opnion about these scopes: 60 MHz Analog oscilloscope, 2CH, Delayed Sweep (OS-5060A) 100 MHz Analog oscilloscope, 2CH, Delayed Sweep (OS-5100)