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If you want to trigger the trace to capture a spike you ideally need a storage oscilloscope so it can show the spike itself and not just what happens afterwards. The best you can do without storage is to set the trigger level to a point just higher than the highest normal voltage in the signal, this will unlock the trace so it free-runs and probab
In addition to what's said by Warpspeed about noise problems, I must confess that I'm unable to recognize from your oscilloscope wavefroms why you don't achieve 100 kHz. The 3842 oscillator is free running, so you should primarly see 100 kHz ocillator frequency at the RtCt pin, isn't it? But it's impossible to see if the oscillator is actually
Hello, I am looking of a soundcard oscilloscope program, but I need a special feature, and that is the functionality of external trigger. The most obvious solution I can think of, is the use of one of the two channels of the stereo input plug as a trigger input. Is there any software (free) that can do this?
USB or PCI based data acquisition and display systems would cost you more than a benchtop oscilloscope. Try in your circle for any abandoned or old cathode ray tube based oscilloscopes from Industries which should serve your purpose. I assume you aren't looking for any high frequency applications.
Hi. For repair quite well to have an oscilloscope. I usually connect faulty block to fault-free, giving 12, 5, 3,3V voltages (as well as feeding on PWM controller) and see form and value of signal (and its passing to key transistors) on entry and output of PWM controller as well as in voltage control chip. This if half-bridge topology is used. If
You'll want to examine the waveform while you listen to it, so that you will recognize what certain sounds look like. Do you use a digital sound processing program? Example, a free one is Audacity. It will open a .wav audio file. You'll see its waveform just like it's on an oscilloscope. You can watch it travel across the screen while listening
That sounds familiar... I had just such a project on the back burner, for several years, and never got around to actually finishing it. I had even sourced (all very cheaply over the years) an industrial PC backplane with PCI-X expansion slots, a range of data acquisition cards, output cards, rack enclosure, etc. I was planning a front end system p
If you can export the oscilloscope reading to a file (e.g. CSV), check out kst2: It's a great (and free) data visualization and plotting software. It's very easy to use. If you export the oscilloscope data, you can use the data import wizard in kst2 to load the data (Tools -> Data Wizard or just press W), then Creat
DSO-5202B 200Mhz 1GSa/s Bench Top Digital Storage oscilloscope Rs 45,990/- DSO-5102B 100Mhz 1GSa/s Bench Top Digital Storage oscilloscope Rs 34,990/- DSO-5062B 60Mhz 1GSa/s Bench Top Digital Storage oscilloscope Rs 31,990/- DSO-5102C 100Mhz 500MSa/s Bench Top Digital Storage oscilloscope Rs 26,990/- you may get the item (...)
How about Visual Analyser? It's free software that simulates various instruments including oscilloscope and spectrum analyser. Input is through the soundcard of your PC.
Im looking to build a secondary ignition pick up, to examine iginition waveforms on an oscilloscope,that can clipped over the spark plug lead. Ive tried a few ideas but not so far got a useable waveform, like this method in the pdf cheers Ian
Download Manuals for free -- Philips PM3200 oscilloscope lookout here
Use a storage oscilloscope across a series resistor. Frank
Hello I am Nandeesh from India. I am doing my project PC based oscilloscope using PSOC. i want data logger software to plot the waveforms in PC. So any one knows any free datalogger software to plot the graph. i have already done with the code. So please help me in this matter. I left with short time. Thanking you Nandeesh.v
You can check LTspice, it is a free simulator Linear Technology - Design Simulation and Device Models I'm not sure about the oscilloscope but it has graphs. The comercial ones that are better known are Orcad Pspice and Cadence OrC
I can only think of the oscilloscope oscilloscope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Usually service manuals have test points and the traces that should be measured there, is this what you mean? Alex
Visual Analyser 2011 XE True 2ch. oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, frequency meter, voltmeter, function generator and distorsiometer Detailed Features about: oscilloscope (dual channel, xy, time division, trigger); -- Bandwith : depends from your soundcard (typical 20 Khz) up to 96 Khz (192 Khz sampling frequency) -- Resoluti
B+K Manuals - Instruction Manuals, Service Manuals, User Manuals, Charts, Schematics its not free but Woah! I don't want to buy the whole scope! I'm just looking for a schematic! A schematic is something that is free to the owner of a product that was originall
An interesting and adjustements free transistorized 2x 1mV, 20MHz oscilloscope...
You get a warning! Do not request or post the same in different section Read rules, announcements before posting Does anyone have a software for Tektronix TDS 1002B?
Hello, I am a beginner small circuit and high-frequency projects for amplifier equipment and driver circuits, and I am in need of a used or broken oscilloscope. I have broken several devices with the wrong frequencies and i am in need of one of these so I will be able to monitor the frequencies of my devices. Preferred specifications; Dual Channel,
You'll find rules of thumb in RF handbooks and amateur radio literature. For complex geometries, e.g. PCB coils, I prefer a measurement or a numerical simulation. FastHenry from is a good free tool. You'll need a method to fine-tune the circuit after making it, so an oscilloscope and either a signal generator or
What is the use of an "Aux In" port on an oscilloscope? How is that used? Thank you!
The latest version of Virtual Breadboard (which is version 3) has been published free by its author. This is a nice emulator of several PICs and adds support for thirdparty software like the Bitscope oscilloscope software and also offers integration to MPLAB.
How can i use my laptop PC windows VISA computer to be like a oscilloscope? or Logic analyzer or spectrum analyzer? Where can i get free wavefiles that sweep frequencys? different wavefile duty cycles to adjust ? free software function generator for computers? Instead of buying a pricey arbitrary function generator that has noise (...)
I also have an Hitachi V-212 20 MHz scope, but I'm not seeing how to get to the "Download Mirror":D can you give us further instructions? Also I would suggest a generic oscilloscope book. There should be plenty sitting alone at the library.:cry:
Hi,..I need the service manual or schematics for a BK precision 100 Mhz oscilloscope model 1590A (free download if is posible)...any help be apreciated.Thx.
Hi all Does anyone have experience with Tek TDS3000B scope startup problems :?: I power up the TDS3014B oscilloscope and it shows the start-up screen but it freezes at this tried firmware but floppie disk drive doesn't seem to start at any time. It only flashes fron
Have a look at this one they do a PIC18F2550 KS0108 Graphical LCD oscilloscope and USB scope using a PIC18F2550 sorry forgot to add wizpic
All the logic analyzers that I've seen have two acquisition modes: state and timing. State mode requires a clock from your project. Timing mode uses a free-running internal clock, like an oscilloscope. The PC's parallel port doesn't have a timer to give you a predictable sample rate. Operating system interrupts and other activity will make thing
Good project but it's only a low freq. oscilloscope. Bitscope gan sample freq. up to 100 MHz what I understand. It has a samplerate at 40 MS/s. PIC16F877 can only sample 30 kS/s but there is faster Pics that can sample up to 200kS/s but it's not enuph. A solution with a FPGA that save samples from an ADC to an memory and then use a pic to send
free to download and try. PC version: Pocket PC version: MultiInstrument consists of a sound card dual trace oscilloscope, a sound card real time dual trace spectrum analyzer, and a sound card dual trace signal generator and can run them concurrently. It fe
free to download and try. The price is at US$49.95 PC version: Pocket PC version: It consists of a sound card dual trace oscilloscope, a sound card real time dual trace spectrum analyzer, and a sound card dual trace signal generator and can run them concurrent
I have given how to make a PC oscilloscope using ADC in my book MY EXPERIENCE IN PARALLEL PORT INTERFACING It is a free book. You can get it from yahoo group-booksbybibin Bibin John
Please if someone have this user manual or service manual please sen me :) my e-mail is nikifena(at) Thanks ;)
Hi I have the link for downloading digital oscilloscope software - I need to know which probe can I buy from? So that I can plug it in my jack socket and use it to test my electronic circuit. Thank you in advance Maverickmax
Hi, Does anyone know where I can find a service manual with schematic for digital oscilloscope Tektronix 2430? Thanks.
using this program u can use a PC as an oscilloscope using its sound card.
Hi all I want to make a oscillscop , using pic. It must save the waves and user can review them. it's good to use computer or only micro , ram & etc. If computer what "port" is your offer. thanks This project can be interesting to you:
I have an idea for designing an oscilloscope with a PIC, I've never designed a project with external RAM memory on a PIC or used a ADC so I would apreciate any comments to know if is worth to research all the data for building this project. PLease refer to the attached gif graphic: The PIC controls the ADC and the RAM, when the sampling
Another nice project with one
Hi xoscope for Linux xoscope is a digital oscilloscope using input from a sound card or EsounD and/or a ProbeScope/osziFOX and will soon support Bitscope hardware. Includes 8 signal displays, variable time scale, math, memory, measurements, and file save/load. 1.