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Yes you can buy PCI or USB digital oscilloscope, just search google for pc based oscilloscope. Here are some links for PC based oscilloscopes:
I want to use my sound card for the ADC of the PC oscilloscope. How is it possible? I plan to do the programmin on labview, but dont know how to catch the in coming data from the soundcard. What register to read or where can I find the address of the same?
Hello, I need your help if someone know how to build a very basic virtual oscilloscope using NI 6220 ( ) I just want to display the sine signal generated from a function generator. I don't use labview or Measurement Studio because still can't afford to buy the license now. So, a bas
Have any want use to design oscilloscope by using labview, with NI Card?
hello everybody, Now, i have a atmega168-20pu. I need to read a analogue signal and output a digital signal via rs232 or usb into a pc. Then, I should use labview to read the data and make calculation. Is there anybody tell me how to design the circuit and how to write the program? thank you
You get a warning! Do not request or post the same in different section Read rules, announcements before posting Does anyone have a software for Tektronix TDS 1002B?
Hi, I got a wave from oscilloscope in a csv extension, this is a real wave, now I would like to simulate in multisim or proteus isis this wave instead of the common models of wave like sine or pulse. does someone know do it?
It is not so complicated I made sampling ADC with ATmega8 microcontroller and sent it to COM port. Sample rate was about 5000 sps but it can be up to 10000sps. Higher than that is not possible bue to baud rate limit of com port.. 115200.. I send 1 byte per ADC measured value to achieve maximum SMPS speed. labview 10 is used and signal is displayed
Try to sweep in frequency from 0 to 100kHz and obtain both gain and cut-off frequency. Cut-off frequency is no magic number. We agreed it is 3dB. You can try in Spice or you can try to sweep in frequency in hardware. I in school have a VI (in labview) which I can sweep in frequency the function generator any kind of wave. Makes things easier
For simulation, each software is having its advantages and limitations. I used OrCAD Spice. But after that MultiSim from electronics workbench seems superior in many aspects. It is having good component library. Also instrument library. You can visualize the ouput in an virtual Tektronix or Agilent oscilloscope. You can feed signal from
Hello!! I would like to create a virtual laboratory on my laptop using labview and or matlab. What do you thing a cheap reliable DAQ system would be. I would like to use it for example to take measurements using my virtual oscilloscope etc. Thanks!
Hi, When I try to use NI GPIB explorer to communicate with my oscilloscope 5464a, an error "QUERY UNTERMINATED" is reported. I tried another oscilloscope 54621D, this error message is still reported. What's wrong? Anyone can help? Thanks.
Hi I need to obtain values from an oscilloscope using Matlab. I have connected the PC to oscilloscope using a GPIB USB interface. I want to record a trace that keeps changing all the time. Can someone help me with some tutorials about different functions in Matlab for recording trace from oscilloscope? Thanks
How can i use my laptop PC windows VISA computer to be like a oscilloscope? or Logic analyzer or spectrum analyzer? Where can i get free wavefiles that sweep frequencys? different wavefile duty cycles to adjust ? Free software function generator for computers? Instead of buying a pricey arbitrary function generator that has noise wavefil
we have to apply concept of Cathode Ray oscilloscope here. CRO is able to show the waveforms in the order of MHz easily... how? We are using time/div control to adjust the horizontal sweep time. This control determines how much number of horizontal divisions, that our waveform should occupy. Similarly while writing code you have to incorporate t
An acoustic radar uses any loudspeaker to emit sound pulses toward a target. A microphone or the same speaker then receives the return. You can use any oscilloscope to experiment with it. Any handheld "ultrasonic" distance meter operates the same way. To use a miniature sound emitter, ultrasonic devices have a diameter of ~ 2 cm, and the meter can