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Have any want use to design oscilloscope by using labview, with NI Card?
can you explain your requirement? what kind of hardware you are going to use for oscilloscope, impedance analyzer and spectrum analyzer. what do u mean by "I wished these three instruments could be used in a single device and make it computer-based. I also want to explore it using myDAQ and labview and a PIC microcontroller."
Yes you can buy PCI or USB digital oscilloscope, just search google for pc based oscilloscope. Here are some links for PC based oscilloscopes:
I want to use my sound card for the ADC of the PC oscilloscope. How is it possible? I plan to do the programmin on labview, but dont know how to catch the in coming data from the soundcard. What register to read or where can I find the address of the same?
Hello, I need your help if someone know how to build a very basic virtual oscilloscope using NI 6220 ( ) I just want to display the sine signal generated from a function generator. I don't use labview or Measurement Studio because still can't afford to buy the license now. So, a bas
hello everybody, Now, i have a atmega168-20pu. I need to read a analogue signal and output a digital signal via rs232 or usb into a pc. Then, I should use labview to read the data and make calculation. Is there anybody tell me how to design the circuit and how to write the program? thank you
Hi, I got a wave from oscilloscope in a csv extension, this is a real wave, now I would like to simulate in multisim or proteus isis this wave instead of the common models of wave like sine or pulse. does someone know do it?
It is not so complicated I made sampling ADC with ATmega8 microcontroller and sent it to COM port. Sample rate was about 5000 sps but it can be up to 10000sps. Higher than that is not possible bue to baud rate limit of com port.. 115200.. I send 1 byte per ADC measured value to achieve maximum SMPS speed. labview 10 is used and signal is displayed
I've got the operating and service manual for the "HP1742A oscilloscope" (including Option 001, 090, 101, 102, 580, 900, 901, 902 and 906) and the operating and service manual for the "1700 Series Option 034 Digital multimeter" that can be installed on top of the scope. Unfortunately I only have it on paper. What can we do about that because I c
HI, Does any one know where is the simulated daq in labview 6 . I think it has been excluded from it. Is there a way to add it.
HI, Does any one know where is the simulated daq in labview 6 . I think it has been excluded from it. Is there a way to add it.
Say I have a noise free square wave signal of 1 khz frequency and 5 v amplitude. The signal passes through some optical receiver and the shape of the signal becomes slightly distorted with some noise in it. I have a digital oscilloscope that has FFT. How can I use this FFT to detect the frequency of the noise so that I can separate the noise from t
This website gives you a full explanation on how to design a Digital oscilloscope. All circuits and software is included - Tip: This design includes a few hectic sampling circuits, but if you'r only interested in building a normal scope, just look at the PIC16F84 and sheet 4 of the scematics - the rest of the circuit can be disgarded. Just take tim
I had a Hung Chang 3850DML LCD oscilloscope+logic analizer (1200 euro), but it is not useful, my life is changed with Tektronix TDS210, is precise, simple, it has a good display, I suggest to wait, but buy a serius instrument, the difference betwen an economic instrument and null is very little
Hi I am looking for a good and cheap scope to buy. I found some interesting equipments in this if anyone have some opnion about these scopes: 60 MHz Analog oscilloscope, 2CH, Delayed Sweep (OS-5060A) 100 MHz Analog oscilloscope, 2CH, Delayed Sweep (OS-5100)
Yeah, Bitscope sounds good! It is not only an oscilloscope, it is also a logic analyser and it is a open project. They are still developing new addon modules and software for Windows and Linux...
Here there is a project about making a hanheld oscilloscope by using a N*inten*do Ga*meb*oy. Interesting... :?
labview training files
Try the following link:
Hi Does anyone has seen a oscilloscope home project on the web that can be connected by means of USB 2.0 ? Thanks in advance.
What is the Palm oscilloscope The Palm oscilloscope project is an attempt to use a Palm PDA as an oscilloscope. The portability and availability of Palm PDAs make them ideal for data acquisition and display applications. Also, because many of the target users already have Palm compute
Digital oscilloscope Uses PC Sound Card for Input OS win98 Description: oscilloscope for Windows is a Windows application that converts your PC into a powerful dual-trace oscilloscope. oscilloscope uses your PC's sound card as an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) to digitize any input waveform (speech, music, electric (...)
Digital storage oscilloscope!
This link could be useful : (Implementation of a low-cost PC based quad channel real-time / storage oscilloscope).
using this program u can use a PC as an oscilloscope using its sound card.
I am interested in work by labview and labwindows and Measurment studio and dasylab ... and body if he is intersted can joint me for make a group for exchange data and software .... babak
Hi, A collecion of VI Sources for labview users. Itp
I was wondering how to use an WinTV USB card as an oscilloscope, becouse it has an SVHS input and probably we can expect at about 5 MHz of bandwith. I was thinking on using vendor drivers from Visual C++. Any help with usb routines or how to program in low level such hardware? Thanks in advance. :)
I have an old instrument that uses the serial port for communication, I have written a VI for this and it has been working well on computers that use Windows 95 and 98. However we recently had to use a computer that has Windows 2000 and the VI has ceased to work. I was wondering if there are issues with labview,Rs232 and NT. I can get the VI to wor
Why I can't install labview Rt 6.03 on labview 6.1?
I need labview or Lab Windows driver for Agilent Spectrum analyzer E7401A. Could anybody pm to me or point to where I can find? Thanks
Another nice project with one
Is there any way of programming a PCI TV Card with a bt8x8 chip as a digital oscilloscope? I was thinking that by adapting signal levels to tv ones it could be possible in some way... Thanks in advance.
That's it. I would like to know it the new labview version has really new and interesting things.
hello there .. i have recently bought a used Hameg 203 dual channel 20 MHz oscilloscope. its calibration is out. how can i calibrate it myself ? is it possible at all ? thx
Does anybody know where to find labview PDA
Please can someone help? For version 6 or 7? THanks in advance from the bottom of my heart! :) BOmbay.
Hi, Have any of you tried the new FPGA module for labview 7 Express? I am new to FPGAs, however I'd like to introduce FPGAs in a "Microelectronics in Control" course for Mech. Eng. students. (Most of these students have experience with labview.) Is it worth buying National Instruments' FPGA hardware or to stick with the "traditional" compani
how can i convert a old cga are vga monitor to oscilloscope (low bandwith) for spectrum analyzer ?
I am looking for PM3375 oscilloscope service manual. Thanks!
Hello I begin with labview and I look for an example to read characters from the serial port. My example does not work, I have the following error you help me?
Hello Does anybody know where to buy an Update from labview 6.0 to 6.1 National Instruments doesnt sell it anymore. Regards Michael
there is someone so nice who can transform my labview .llb file to .exe or to runtimeengine format? I dont have app. builder my e-mail
When I run the CD2 (Device Drivers) from HDD, I get the following Fatal Error: QUOTE K:\NIInstallers\dev\1.1.1\src\UberInstaller\UberInstaller.cpp(1243): IInstallerError 10014 Fatal Error. A failure has occurred in NISystemInfo. CoLoadLibrary failed on C:\Documents and Settings\Nighat\Desktop\labview 7 Full Development System CD2\suppfiles\
Hi, I'm just wondering how a schematic for ADC-40/42 PC based oscilloscope( ) looks like!!! How they managed to squeeze everything into a DB25 backshell ? Bye
do any one have a sample projects using labview to interface wit relays to control it and reads the relays input and output values thanks :wink:
where are you get labview training files
Hi I need a manual and schematic for OS-620 oscilloscope (HungChang) Can anybody help me please ?