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can anyone plz tell me what is outage capacity and how to find it in matlab ? waiting,,,,,
could u plz tell me about outage capacity too ?
outage probability is related to the channel capacity which returns to the channel model assumed of course, differing from each relay to another makes a relay can contribute in cooperation or not which is mainly based on its outage probability or in other terms outage "capacity" which is limited by Signal To (...)
Ergosic and quasi-static are different. In the quasi-static case the shannon capacity does not exist. THey have to use the outage capacity instead while in the ergodic channel, the shannon capacity is well define since the shannon capacity is the average concept. Hence, the channel must be varied in some (...)
hi, all we use the shannon capacity and outage capacity in different case. can anyone talk about what decides the channel is ergodic or no-ergodic. is it the propagat environment or others? thanks:D
can any body provide me matlab code to plot the capacity CCDf's . for example SNR of 21dB and outage capacity of 10%.. x axis = capacity ,bits /sec/hz y axis = probability(capacity>abscissa) with increasing p(probability )
Check this out! N. Laneman, D. Tse and G. Wornell, " Cooperative Diversity in Wireless Networks: Efficient Protocols and outage Behavior'', to appear in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Jan. 2002, revised March 2003. at
Dear, I am also stuck in the similar problem as yours and want to draw various graphs like 1. rate sum capacity vs number of users 2. outage probability vs number of user 3. outage probability vs snr have you able to solve the problem if yes can you please help me as well. P.S i have simulated the basic capacity (...)
hi all, actually i am also interested to find the outage probability, i have the SINR and i have the minimum rate requirements R, my question is, what is the matlab function which calculate the outage, is there a certain function or i have to write the code myself thanks Nidhal
You are comparing different things. Mutual information determines the capacity of a channel, whereas outage probability is the probability that the capacity is below a certain threshold.
Hi every one!!! I want to know that what is the idea to simulate the outage probability in the Matlab? for example, when we want to simulate BER in Matlab we send bits over a channel and then calculate the number of errors and the BER probability. Now, what is the method for outage probability?
How I can find the battery capacity by a microcontroller. Algorithms, formulas, c code, ideas etc..... are well apreciated. thx Lollo
hello friends, I've an old question, how to measure the current capacity of a mains(50/60Hz) transformer? regards, 2000
Who can tell that I in HFSS " Stitching " electric capacity is when building the pattern, and how to join 。
There is a battery bank sizing worksheet similar worksheets are present.
I need a circuit of a R/C NiCd/NiMH pack battery charger with capacity indicator, I mean how much mAh the pack was charged. My packs are 7,2V x 2200mAh NiCd and 7,2V x 1800mAh NiMH used to power the servos of a helly. Regards, Fernando - call sign PU2PLL
Anyone know how to read power capacity value from HFSS V9.1 or calculate desired data from HFSS's indication about cavity filter? Thanks!
I feel that it's very useful data for the PCB designer. Merry X'mas for everyone!!
How can Frequency Hopping increase capacity of a Network ?
hi friends please tell me what is the maximum gate capacity of latest FPGA.
How to calculate the capacity of a MIMO channel with Matlab? Please give some reference. Thanks.
Can anybody give some guide on capacity evaluation of MIMO system by Monte-carlo methed?
Hi Friends, I am using an ADC for the first time. I?ve got an ADC0808 chip. I want to test its operation by connecting LEDs to the output. Hence I wanted to know what is its current sourcing or sinking capacity. Is it better to use it to sink current or source current? Or is it the case that it does not have enough current sinking or sourcing ca
What is the stray capacity?
Hi, in AWGN, we have channel capacity equation: C = (?)log(1+SNR), but if we use QAM16, then the SNR means Eb/No or Es/No or Eav/No? and even more if we are in Linear-filtering channel, e.g, h(t)=0.8δ(t)-0.48δ(t-T)+0.36δ(t-2T), then how we change the C equation or not? thx. gama
You only need to have power during the time it takes the uContr. to write into the eeprom and to shutdown. At worst case this would be a couple of seconds. This power can be taken from the power supply capacitors. Probably there is no need for a battery backup, just bigger capacitors. To detect the outage you must sense the AC voltage. instead of
hello everybody, my name is narender, a final year degree. iam doing my project on pre piad energy meter. i am facing a trouble with the design. brief about my project. there will be an energy meter ic which wil be converting the instantaneeous load into pulses and a microcontroller which will be counting those pulses and when ever the c
Hi, everybody! I'm confused with the relation of the device's drive capacity:capacitance and current. For example, I need a 2mA current drive, but std_cell only have the capacitance information, How should I deal with them? Another question:Could I control the routing net width in SE5.4 to supply a bigger drive capacity? Thank you!
hello What can be reason that pole related to opamp's output and pass device's input changes with load capacity? I know it shouldn't so why it's happening? i check it by .pz analysis in hspice and AC of course what should i check again? regards
hello do you know if/how output capacity influences pass device's gain?? the second pole is fp2 = 1/ (Rpar*Ceff) where: Cgd_miller = Cgd*(gm_pass)*(ro_pass || (R1+R2) || RL) Ceff= Cgd_miller + Cgs unfortunately fp2 changes with cout change. i know the first pole does it, and also it depends on iout current. i also know i didn't mi
According to Shannon's theorem the channel capacity in a AWGN channel is given by: C=B log(1+S/N). I have a doubt : Is C given in Bit rate ( Bits/sec) or Bauds (Symbols/sec) , if it is given in bit rate, I am not able to understand how the modulation schemes can be related to this equation. Could anyone please give an example using different
hello everyone, Does anyone know about project related to "GSM capacity Allocation"? Plz recommend some related site. Thank you Buts101
hello The picture presents capacity discharging process. It takes more than 5us and it's related to time constant 1uF and about 6ohm. i need something to discharge it faster without changing capacity and resistance. It should take less than 1us. I thought about shortcut which will short capacitor to ground just after discharging starts
If in a cellular system, the spectral effeciency is 4bps/Hz....and 200kHz channel each with 10MHz total can we calculate the number of subscribers supported per cell and the data capacity of each channel... Should 4bps/Hz be taken as 1 symbol/sec???
Hello May i know what is the common current carrying capacity for TSMC 0.18 metal and poly layers? Both thick and thin metal? If not can someone guide me on where to find it using my TSMCOnline account? Thanks very much :)
What is Specific heat capacity ? Thanks :)
helo frnd which is the 8 bit data bus single chip(eeprom or flash memory) for 5 mb or above memory capacity please help me
helo frnd which is the 8 bit data bus single chip(eeprom or flash memory) for 5 mb or above memory capacity .can i dowload.wav file computer to memory how can i download this .wav file from computer to memory by usig a programming kit please help me
hi, i am looking for the theory of power handling capacity of microstrip lines, so that i can then apply it to find the power handling capacity of microstrip power dividers and couplers. if anybody have any info on these matters plz share them on this forum. with regards abhi
Hello, can the served traffic by GSM system exceeds the value of erlangs in the table? i saw a report were the capacity were 21 erlangs & the served traffic for busy hour was 26 erlangs!!! can anyone tell me how this can happen? the only explanation i got is cuz (queuing) was on,..if so how queuing can increase traffic above the capacity? Best
hi every one i need to study capacity in WiMAX neworks , can you help me with that. best regards
In the layout of the capacity which floats on the ground,there are some parastive caps,but I don't know how to reduce the cap.Could you give me some ideas?Thanks. Rgds. longstar
Hi,how can I plot the channel capacity using Matlab for average SNR from 0 dB to 30 dB if the CSI is log-Normal distribution ,What is the Average SNR and what is the difference between Average SNRand SNR,how can I calculate the best standard deviation that gives me high capacity .Only given to me the previous range (They want of me to plot like w
Hi, Does anyone know how to find the real capacity of WCDMA Network for single BTS site ?
what is the difference between bandwidth and chanel capacity? how to calculate them?
hi i am doing a capacity planning in WiMAX network , please help me with that. best regards
Is there any differece between mutual information and channel capacity?
i am studying this suject. ple help me. Besides i will simulate with EXcel. I need references about this problem. ple help me
Can somebody enlighten me as to how the capacity has been calculted for WiMAX when it is said that " A maximum of 35 Mbps is achievable for a 64 QAM over 7 MHz bandwidth. 2. How the coverage distance can be increased by lowering the frequency used. As an example if we use 700 MHz, the coverage would be more than if we use some 3.5GHz freuen
Hi, Anybody is having idea how to calculate the traffic capacity of the CDMA site. I mean how many subscriber can be handled by one site with one carrier. I need only design idea. Thanks in advance!