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HI i need to know how can i generate two channel time division multiplexing (TDM) of pulse amplitude modulated (pam) signal and detect the same TDM pam signal using a synchronizer in matlab. please help. it's urgent. thanks
I need the matlab code (pam.m) which is used in the book "Telecommunication Breakdown" concepts of communication transmitted via software-Defined Radio
You can get some hints from
Hi,can someone help me to compute the waveform of the pam signal s(t) with pulse duration T=500;a sinusoidal signalof frequency f0=10000Hz sampled at the rate of 8kHz and then applied to a sample-and-hold circuit to produce a flat toppped pam. can i show my codes as "fs=8000; >> n=0:1/fs:1; >> x=cos(10000*n); >> plot(n,x); but i couldnt o
any one has the matlab code for the Symbol and bit error probability of: 1- Orthogonal signals. 2- M-ary pam. 3- M-ar PSK. 4- M-ary QAM Regards
There are built in commands in matlab for 4-ASK by the name of pammod, I know pam is not ASK but in matlab they have used the idea of complex representation of baseband signals, and therefore you can pretty much guess that unless you generate your own code for 4ASK, you are not going have a center frequency
I used the following matlab expressions to generate gray code tables for 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 bits. You will notice the relatively simple repeating patterns in the tables. dec2bin(bin2gray(0:3, 'pam', 4)) dec2bin(bin2gray(0:7, 'pam', 8)) dec2bin(bin2gray(0:15, 'pam', 16)) dec2bin(bin2gray(0:31, 'pam', (...)
len = 10000; % Number of symbols M = 16; % Size of alphabet msg = randint(len,1,M); % Original signal % Modulate using pam, txpam = pammod(msg,M); % Perturb the phase of the modulated signal. phasenoise = randn(len,1)*.015; rxpam = txpam.*exp(j*2*pi*phasenoise); % Create a scatter plot of the (...)
I design a simple DSSS transmitter but always do wrong when i design Rake receiver. Can some one help me with matlab code for RAKE receiver in AWGN channel. Thank you. My code for DSSS transmitter code is shown below. clc close all clear all R = 100; % The length of the bit stream. N = 7;
Can anyone please tell me what I need to do to enable me make MAPLAB plot the following outputs against time i.e. 1. Here I am differentiating the system step response, to show that this give the impulse response, but how do I make matlab do ?plot(t,x)? where t is 0 to 8ms and x is the step response differentiated. clear num=[0 0 20210
I am running SuperNEC with matlab 6.1. When I create a structure expecially a more complex one like a cone or a parabola, it takes a very long time to make the structure. It almost takes longer than to run the simulation. Has anybody else experienced this as well? Is this normal?
hi all is there any software which convert matlab code to vhdl? how can i get it? best regards baa110
Hi matlab R12 Toolboxes Image_Processing_Toolbox.exe 20-mar-2002 19:02 48.4M matlab.exe 20-mar-2002 16:41 49.0M matlab_Compiler.exe 20-mar-2002 18:47 12.2M Neural_Network_Toolbox.exe 20-mar-2002 18:49 7.1M (...)
Hi "matlab 5 User contributed M-Files" 1. -> t tnx
i have to make this 2 programs, if anyone could help me out, i would apreciate it: 1- Write a matlab program to compute the first L samples of the inverse of a rational z-transform where the value of L is provided by the user through the command input. Using this program, compute and plot the first 50 samples of of the inverse of G(z) from Eq. 3.3
femlab 2.2 works with matlab 6.5?
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Dear friends: Is it possible to use matlab code (or code translation) in a development under Delphi or Visual basic?. How can do it , what's the better way? I understand that matlab provides a compiler to C, C++ code, but how can I link this code with a delphi application? Thanks great peopple Nebisman
Hi matlab R12 !! Toolboxs for D/L 1. -> t tnx
matlab Program in the book " RF Circuit Design Theory and Application " by R. Ludwig and P. Bretchko
I need to simulate the electromagnetics of a three phase transformer in matlab/Simulink. ANy thoughts? Git
Can someone explain how matlab can be used for DSP development? Is it possible to make a filter in matlab and magically implement that in hardware? - Jayson
HI... I need to simulate an ABS (antilock Braking system) in matlab. But i don't know how i can do it?? IF any body can send me any Books (PDF) or sites learn me about Simulation ABS in matlab, Or you Of course.... Thanks
HI... I need to simulate an ABS (antilock Braking system) in matlab. But i don't know how i can do it?? IF any body can send me any Books (PDF) or sites learn me about Simulation ABS in matlab, Or you Of course.... Thanks
I'm a beginner in FDTD programing. Anyone have a matlab code to solve the irregular grid problem?? THX
hai, pls explain how to convert matlab m file to c code bye
Anyone gets S-Parameter simulation script(matlab or perl etc) to do freq / time domain simulation?
Dear Friends, Please help me to get matlab code(.m) for the following analysis(just example)..... Need your help to get the codes/paper/thesis/project....Any parameters analysis(such as gain/impedance/return loss..etc..) Circular microstrip antenna/patch antenna Ring microstrip antenna Anular patch antenna.... Thanks in advance.. B
hi could anyone please tell me how to convert matlab m files into c code? thanks
hi anybody has matlab code or any program to plot radiation pattern of different types of antennas (dipole,...) both 3d and in the planes xy,yz,xz,... or any other plane thanks
Hi all, I wanna code a matlab program that calculates maximum gain for a given transistor S parameters and draws constant gain circles for a microwave amplifier. eg. for constant gain circle: GA=Gamax-1.5dB . Then after selecting some gammaS values on that circle, for each gammaS I'm gonna determine gammaL that lie on constant (VSWR)out=1.7 a
I have a data file of a signal I captured on my oscilloscope, the data contains time and voltage for each measurement. Is it possible to import this text file into matlab and create a DSP model that uses the data file as input and runs a filter algorithm on it and then somehow using SystemGenerator export that to a VHDL program and dump the whole f
Are there anybody have a 3D FDTD matlab code with PML ???
Dear Friends, Could you help me to get a matlab program to calculate a Green function for circular microstrip antenna??/ Anyone has experienced with matlab for Green function???? Anyone has experineced with matlab for simulation in circular/ring/dics microstrip/patch antenna??? Need the source code/ to work with this kind of (...)
In matlab is there a way to extract the frequency from a bode plot for a given magnitude? You can extract the magnitude for a given frequency, but I want it to be the other way around. Thanks
If I have E field and H field. How can I plot an antenna pattern? Anyone can provide a matlab code to do this ??
Such as Impedance vs Frequency Directivity pattern Elevation pattern Radiation impedance vs. wavelength Others
little matlab demo of fractional derivative..enjoy N=256; t=pi*/N; f=exp(-(t.^2)/(0.5)); f=f-mean(f); F=fftshift(fft(f)); figure(1);clf;set(gcf,'Renderer','zbuffer'); for n=0:0.1:4 Fn=(j*t).^n .* F; fn=ifft(fftshift(Fn));fn=fn/max(abs(fn));plot(real(fn)); text(20,1.0,sprintf('%0.2f',n)); grid on;axis( [0 2*N -1.
little matlab demo for fractional fft...enjoy N=64; t=2*pi/N*;c=1; for k=-N/2:N/2 B(c,:)=1/sqrt(N+1)*exp(-j*k*t);c=c+1;end; f=exp(-t.^2); f=f-min(f); f=f'; figure(1);clf;set(gcf,'Renderer','zbuffer'); for n=0:0.1:2.0 Bn=B^n;fn=abs(Bn*f);plot(fn,'b');hold on;plot(f,'r--');hold off; text(10,1.7,sprintf('%0.2f',n));
I am suffering from a painful problem with running matlab 6.x after I upgrade to RED-HAT LINUX 8.0. from 7.2. Problem1: I cannot run .m file under "command window". Whenever I do this way, matlab would be dead. Problem2: I cannot choose .m file from the file list. Whenever I try to pick the file that I want, matlab always reports "FILE (...)
Do any body know if the ISE can communicate some way with matlab .. i know that there is a tool can do it but iam not sure which one
Do anybody here know how to simulate a 8-Antenna with matlab or Femlab? Do anybody here have experiences with 8-Antennas?
hi ! How to convert a matlab file (program )to a C ++ file file.m ----------> file.cpp thank You
Hi Where can I download the matlab's polynomial toolbox? Can any one help ASAP?
how can i make a disgn at ADS and put block of matlab ,
how and why to use ads and matlab together ?
Hi all need a script for drawing smithchart im matlab + a script for drawing circles in it. /StoppTidigare P.S. Eirp please don't ignore my PM !
Hi all, could somebody explain to what this z = (r/(r+1) + 1/(r+1)*exp(j*theta)); comes from in the matlab-function below? I know that constant r-circles are given by the eqn: (U-r/(r-1))^2 +V^2=(1/(r+1))^2 and the constant x-circles is givne by (U-1)^2 +(V-1/x)^2=(1/x)^2 Do you remember it from basic Smithchart theory ? function =
upload matlab toolbox for gene algorithm
Hello all, Do you know how to simulate a simple digital (or mixed) circuit with matlab? I mean a circuit containing only a few discrete logic elements(and, or, nand ...), flip-flops and also some opamps, resistors and capacitors. I don't mean a FPGA circuit(xilinx or other)! Is there a kind of schematic editor with library of the above menti