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HI i need to know how can i generate two channel time division multiplexing (TDM) of pulse amplitude modulated (pam) signal and detect the same TDM pam signal using a synchronizer in matlab. please help. it's urgent. thanks
Hi,can someone help me to compute the waveform of the pam signal s(t) with pulse duration T=500;a sinusoidal signalof frequency f0=10000Hz sampled at the rate of 8kHz and then applied to a sample-and-hold circuit to produce a flat toppped pam. can i show my codes as "fs=8000; >> n=0:1/fs:1; >> x=cos(10000*n); >> plot(n,x); but i couldnt o
any one has the matlab code for the Symbol and bit error probability of: 1- Orthogonal signals. 2- M-ary pam. 3- M-ar PSK. 4- M-ary QAM Regards
There are built in commands in matlab for 4-ASK by the name of pammod, I know pam is not ASK but in matlab they have used the idea of complex representation of baseband signals, and therefore you can pretty much guess that unless you generate your own code for 4ASK, you are not going have a center frequency
I used the following matlab expressions to generate gray code tables for 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 bits. You will notice the relatively simple repeating patterns in the tables. dec2bin(bin2gray(0:3, 'pam', 4)) dec2bin(bin2gray(0:7, 'pam', 8)) dec2bin(bin2gray(0:15, 'pam', 16)) dec2bin(bin2gray(0:31, 'pam', (...)
I need the matlab code (pam.m) which is used in the book "Telecommunication Breakdown" concepts of communication transmitted via software-Defined Radio
len = 10000; % Number of symbols M = 16; % Size of alphabet msg = randint(len,1,M); % Original signal % Modulate using pam, txpam = pammod(msg,M); % Perturb the phase of the modulated signal. phasenoise = randn(len,1)*.015; rxpam = txpam.*exp(j*2*pi*phasenoise); % Create a scatter plot of the (...)
Hi, I need to modulate my data on truncated sinc function instead of rectrangular pulse in pam. For that i need to generate truncated sinc pulse having one main lobe and 5 side lobe each side. That is, one main lobe and 10 side lobe. here is the code for pam with rectrangular pulse, i just need to replace that rectrangular pulse with sinc
You can get some hints from
I design a simple DSSS transmitter but always do wrong when i design Rake receiver. Can some one help me with matlab code for RAKE receiver in AWGN channel. Thank you. My code for DSSS transmitter code is shown below. clc close all clear all R = 100; % The length of the bit stream. N = 7;
The following example available here computes both the theoratical and simulated modulation error rate of a 4-pam modulation. I hope it will help you.
i have a project and i am tring to identify what kind of modulation i have so i have following symbols(these are given ) s1=sqrt(2)*cos((pi/T)t) s2=sqrt(2)*cos((2*pi/T)t) s3=sqrt(2)*cos((3*pi/T)t) s4=sprt(2)*cos((4*pi/T)t) I am trying to write a matlab code in order to design the asterism but i do not know what value i have to assign in vari
Wa Alaikum Salaam, dear brother :) It could be that the function is not available in your version of matlab, but to make it simple you can go for 2-ASK and define the amplitude as anti-podal. For example, A0 = -5 and A1 = 5 It is relative simple to do it, for example, a = randint(1,10) % create binary 0s and 1s pam = 2*a - 1 % map 0s a