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salam 3laikom guys i really need your help i want a matlab code for ASk i'm using version 6.0.1 please help i have to give it to my instructor after 5 hours i have been searching for 5 hours and i didn't find anything i tried this code but error has occured len = 10000; % Number of symbols M = 16; % Size of alphabet msg = randint
You can get some hints from
Hi, I need to modulate my data on truncated sinc function instead of rectrangular pulse in pam. For that i need to generate truncated sinc pulse having one main lobe and 5 side lobe each side. That is, one main lobe and 10 side lobe. here is the code for pam with rectrangular pulse, i just need to replace that rectrangular pulse with sinc
I need the matlab code (pam.m) which is used in the book "Telecommunication Breakdown" concepts of communication transmitted via software-Defined Radio
I used the following matlab expressions to generate gray code tables for 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 bits. You will notice the relatively simple repeating patterns in the tables. dec2bin(bin2gray(0:3, 'pam', 4)) dec2bin(bin2gray(0:7, 'pam', 8)) dec2bin(bin2gray(0:15, 'pam', 16)) dec2bin(bin2gray(0:31, 'pam', (...)
any one has the matlab code for the Symbol and bit error probability of: 1- Orthogonal signals. 2- M-ary pam. 3- M-ar PSK. 4- M-ary QAM Regards
Hi,can someone help me to compute the waveform of the pam signal s(t) with pulse duration T=500;a sinusoidal signalof frequency f0=10000Hz sampled at the rate of 8kHz and then applied to a sample-and-hold circuit to produce a flat toppped pam. can i show my codes as "fs=8000; >> n=0:1/fs:1; >> x=cos(10000*n); >> plot(n,x); but i couldnt o
HI i need to know how can i generate two channel time division multiplexing (TDM) of pulse amplitude modulated (pam) signal and detect the same TDM pam signal using a synchronizer in matlab. please help. it's urgent. thanks