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Run DC analysis with temperature as sweeping parameter. Using calculator select VS of bandgap voltage. Then select DERIV Special function of calculator and click plot. You will get TC. If you prefer PPM multiply it by 1000000.
Make the steady ratio to 0.1 it might solve your problem. Steadt ratio is the parameter in analysis windows. Hi, can you show me, where can i find this option in cadence. Thanks
I want to see the Ron of a transistor for different Width's; However, when i do a sweep for this component parameter, the results browser shows Ron of the last Width there a solution for this? Otherwise, i have to manually change the width each time and note the Ron...which is not that effecient...!! Regards,
Make a parameter sweep with a variable named 'temp'. 'temp' is the default variable name of temperature at cadence. When you place the required voltage at the outputs, it will be plotted vs temp after the sweep.
How to specify Vth(Threshold voltage) of a MOSFET as a parameter for monte carlo simulations. Thanks in advance.
assuming you would like to create a 4 port trasfromer model run the simulator with Vg connected to ground, or use your 5X5 s-par model with Vg connected to ground you now have a 4 port s-parameter block. build your best estimated trasformer model, with parasitics, etc. Have all these parasitics set up as variables usinfg the var block use ADS t
what's the acceptable difference between caculation and simulation. the calculated drain current is much more than the simulated one the schematic is a simple one, a common source circuit. the parameter is obtained from .scs file. thanks
I am using cadence virtuoso and spectre to simulate a complicated circuit I am building. I am trying to set up my stimulus properly so I wrote this .scs file. I am having trouble getting the piecewise linear function working. Can anyone please provide me with some help? I am very new to the tool set. I appreciate the assistance. Error f
Hi All, I have a question related to cadence....After i do the DC sweep simulation, I want to plot the variation of some parameter vs any parameter..the cadence won't let me choose this option. It plots "vs" the default swept value. Eg: If i sweep W (width) of a device and now if i want to plot gm/Id vs Id, (...)
I'm coming across the following errors when i run LVS on assura on my design. Can anyone help me with it? thank you for your help in advance! ====== parameter Mismatches for Instances ===================================== = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = (param 1) Schematic Instance: R1 resnsnpoly
cadence that is installed RedHat 7.3 doesn't recognize active component models even I have tried to transform SpectreS models to Spectre format by aid of Model Translation utiliy. What should I do to use active device models in cadence ? Everything seems to be ok but when I do a simulation with active devices such as transistors , diodes (...)
IC 5.033 base version has many bugs ( as usual in cadence ) and therefore SP's and some Hot Fixes must be installed. I have installed approx 6 SP to get it more stable and avery SP has 2 CD !! 8O But now, it's not so bad.. :) The most difficult thing is the configuration and there are many tricks to correct the bugs... :!: But I can s
Noise Figure obtained from ADS, Is't include "gate noise" or not? :?: the BSIM3 model doesn't include parameter of "gate noise", How can ADS to get out right NF if it doesn't calculate "gate noise"?
I have found out that you can basically plot any transistor parameter versus sth else by using the calculator, then choose MP, click on the particular instance of transistor then choose what parameter you want to plot, there is a whole bunch of them like 80 or so, export expression from calculator to output setup and plot, thanks
An easy way to do it, if you're not familiar with s parameters and you have problems with calculator expression, is to put an ac current source with AC=1 at the pin you want to measure the impedance and perform an ac simulation over your interesting frequency range, then plot the voltage at input pin (as mag and/or phase). Being Z=V/I with I=1, Z=V
Hi. Since the transistor parameters are usually obtained in a typical operation region, you may not obtain the fT frequency directly from the simulation. Instead, you will obtain the gain at -3dB cutoff frequency, and fT will be obtained by extrapolating the curve. Since the frequency characteristics of the transistor shows only one pole, the re
The hspice model of vcvs recognizes the max and min parameters, but the spectre model does not. If you are using spectre, you may use veriloga to model the saturation effect.
Why you use VCVS to transform single ended to balanced?? In cadence all ports are already balanced !! Connect them as is... If you intend to obtain 90 degree phase difference, simply put 90 degree in Phase specs. in Port definition. Of course you may not obtain s-parameters because VCVS's don't have equivalent circuits and therefore s-paramet
First, you should check model accuracy by comparing simulation results with measuring data from foudry;then you can easily get level 1 parameters,from id-vd,or gm-id curves .
which parameter is used for model,while simulate the noise.
Well, just add the property "m" to the instances. In analog artist, the hierarchy netlister can recognize the "m" parameter. But the flat mode not. Another way is to add a CDF parameter "mul" for the inverter. Then set the "Multiplier" of nmos and pmos in the inverter to 'pPar("mul"). To display the parameter "mul", add a "NLPLabel" label ""
I tried a finite-ground singlewire layout simulation in Momentum for a 7-metal process. I chose AM as the signal layer and M1 as the ground layer. The ground layer has the same length and a three-time width as the signal layer. Two 50ohm ports are made by AM layer. Then I ran S-parameter simulation in Momentum. However, the results were (...)
hi i am doing LNA for 2.4G wireless lan application.i am struggling to characterise regarding noise figure,s parameters in cadence.can anubody help me to simulate the circuit for those parameters in cadence.i want detailed information.pls post some documents or help manual regarding that. for s parameter (...)
Because the need of simulation,I need to get a current source, whose value is "I=10mA*exp(T/27)",T=temperature, so when I do temperature sweep, I can get a changed current source as the expression above. But I don't know how to cite the parameter "temperature", can anyone know?
I am simulating an oscillator in cadence. I only have the s-parameter file of the resonator. so I use n1port to model the resonator. But I can not do pss or pnoise simulation when using the model in cadence ic. I can only do trans. Is there any other way I can simulate phase noise in cadence ? Thanks.
Hi, all: I am a fresh man to design analog circuit, and now I use cadence IC to simulate circuit. Now I have some questions: 1. how to simulate corner? 2.when will we use the following simulations: Envelope Following Analysis (envlp) Circuit Information (info) Immediate Set Options (options)Periodic AC Analysis (pac) Periodic Distor
Please check also the "Section" parameter where you need to tell the simulator which process corner you want to use .. for example, ff (fast fast) .. You can find the process corner name in your model file..
Refer to "Spectre Circuit Simulator Reference" page 73 "... Currently, multithreading is only available for devices evaluation for BSIM3v3, and BSIM4. Multithreading does not work with table model. If there is an instance of a primitive using table model, multithreading would not be applied to all instances of that primitive. Multithreading
I am using the TSMC 0.18um model files. When I run the simulator I get an error which says level=49 not supported. I think this is the spice level parameter mentioned in the model file. Just to see if it works fine, I changed the level to 11 and it seems to work. Is this ok for simulating(are the results going to differ a lot fr
You must simulate it as a spread parameter network. Use just R and C devices. For more about this go for example to cadence DIVA manual and look for parasitic extraction of metals.
firstly u need to really understand the architecture... Then every component in SAR need to drawn a block....the comparator, DAC and S&H ciruit. I beleive in MAtlab all these block has already there....Sample and Hold is under sample circuit Connect them all. double click on the block...and play with the parameter untill u achieve your spe
You can plot Vgs at max gm using calculator special functions. Use DC analysis with Vgs sweep and parametric analysis sweeping L as parameter. Then plot xmax(deriv(Id)). It will plot Vgs at gm max vs. L.
When i use simulation by spectre,there's an error. Error found by spectre during hierarchy flattening V1:Waveform type must be specified if any waveform parameters are given. It's seem as the Independence source,just like(Vsin,Vpluse and so on) How did you run spectre? Did you run spectre in a terminal window, or run f
when simulating mixer's noise figure with pss and pnoise, what dose the parameter "Reference side-band, enter in field" stand for? in the cadence help document, it is written "The Reference Sideband must be -1 because this is a down converter. Other possible choices are 0 and +1." i am a little confuse about it. In pnoise arguments setup, fo
Please check the netlist to see which parameter use pPar() function. If you use AEL to set the model or m parameter, most likely you will get errors.
If you have s-parameters of that spiral, it's quite easy. Put it in cadence schematic and do a s-parameter simulation and then obtain z or y parameters. Q Factor= real part(Z1) /imaginary part(Z1) Z1: Seen input impedance when one port is short circuited.
Of course you can have the functionality in Verilog A. You can model a resistor in Verilog A as : I(in,out) <+ V(in,out)/R; where you can model R as parameter real R = Ro + sin(w*t); remember to mark the nodes in and out as electrical.
do i need to specify a model parameter to be changed, like Vth?
Hi all, I have done the sp simulation with the Analog Design Envionment in icfb. I could display the s-parameter table after simulation by selecting "Results->Print->S-parameter->2 port". According to a tutorial I'm using, I should be able to plot the s parameters by first clicking on "Tools->Waveform (...)
if you make your layout in cadence environment, then you can export your layout to gdsII format and import it in Momentum. you have to enter in momentum your technology parameters (number of metals, metal and oxide thickness, substrate conductivity etc.) in "Create Substrate" option. depending on the type of your inductor (differential, single-en
OK. Thanks. But I haven't in my kit MC model. Can I change some model parameter for make MC?
hello i made transit analysis in cadence, and make parametric sweep, the result is several sine waves versus time , each corresponds to a parameter value that i made sweep for it,,,,now , i want to plot the maximum of those sine waves versus the corresponding parameter value,, can i make that using the calculator or anything else? if (...)
I tried to read the Virtuoso manual and spectreRF simulation manual but I can not define the parameters of the diode in cadence Virtuoso ver.2004 Could you guys please answer the questions about the parameters below? I also attach the pictures including parameter. Model Name Device area Junction (...)
hope it will help you tc:D
I tried to read the Virtuoso manual and spectreRF simulation manual but I can not define the parameters of the diode in cadence Virtuoso ver.2004 Could you guys please fill out the blank of the parameters about any diode in cadence? I also attach the pictures including parameter.
Because the simulation information in the CDF of cellview res doesn't define L and W. Open the CDF form, fill in the form with the library name and cell name of res, and change "Effictive" to "Base" Open the "simulation Information" section, and select the auCDL simulator. Add l and l to the instance parameter field.
Thanks for replying, but can you tell me exactly what tool i am suppose to use once i have extracted the layout with parasitics. U may use the Start_XT(synopsys) of Dracula(cadence),They are the best tools for extract parameter on the layout. Then, u may annotate the delay infor from the parameter into your netlist and run
hi, i need something that can get some insight into the device. we set up the layout and process parameter(like finger width, doping), it gives us RF performance. is there such a tool?
now i m in inverter tutorial and getting error = xi0.m1: Effective length is less than or equal to zero. I changed the L & W to a certain range but it did not help. Moreover for an another project i need to vary L & W to a certain range and see its graph simultaneously ... Can i do this? I know i can vary dc ac voltage and all that in a
I build a Verilog-A VCO model. The model can work well in cadence spectre simulation. But its frequency can't be tuned in nanosim simulation. Can you help me? Following is the VCO Verilog_A model: `include "discipline.h" `include "constants.h" `define PI 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937511 module (...)