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Hi, I've been assigned to design a non conventional FET (FINFET,Quadfet etc.) in silvaco and then somehow extract and feed the generated device parameters into cadence for making a single stage amplifier. I wanted to ask if it is possible?? and if yes then how it could be done?? Thank you very much in advance:)
The source which you have used is wrong.It's a AC source and cannot be used in s-parameter simulations. You have to use "psin" or "port" element instead of it.These components have internal source impedance ( e.g. 50 Ohm by default) and you should define this component in s-parameter simulation setup ( if you do 1-Port (...)
You would like to redefine a parameter which is already defined in your model file or PDK. You add this parameter to 'Design Variables' pane in Analog Design Environment window. When you run the simulation, you get an error message similar to the one above. Does Spectre allow duplicate parameter redefinition? Spectre (...)
hai to all, can we tune the parameters of LNA in cadence spectre like we doing in ADS???
Hi, does NCsim provide some kind of simulation switch/parameter to initialize all the unresetable flip flops of the design, instead of leaving them undefined (or X)? Regards, Giorgos
can anyone help me,please!!!!when use the spectre to simulate the SP parameter,after i finished the simulation,and wanna produce the plot,the plot cannot be openned,and the error like this: Loading paraplot.cxt simulate... Loading viva.cxt INFO (ADE-3071): simulation completed successfully. reading simulation data... (...)
inductor s-parameter simulation in cadence While setting the parameter of the inductor, it says "Inductance:1nH Resistance: 670m ohm Capacitance: 240fF ". But the s-parameter simulation shows that the real part of Z11 of the inductor is 1.76. Could anyone help me and explain it to me? (...)
Hi, I am trying to plot gm/id vs (id/(w/l)) curve of a transistor for design of OTA, i referenced many suggestions in the community but none of them is giving a clear idea about how to plot the above mentioned curve. I am able to get the plots for gm/id vs id , but when i am trying to do the parameter sweep w/l and ch
what's the difference between the job of cdf parameter, which can be set manually in cadence build-in dialog window when try to "i" an part on the schematics, and that of simulation model file, like .scs, which is loaded in the procedure when try to do spectre simulation? Maybe some parameters are (...)
Well, there's the analogLib switch element which, if SW was a node voltage, would do what you want. Not the form you ask for, but the result. And it wouldn't look for strict equality, but >= the threshold parameter. You could stack switches, like relay logic, to get closer to an = function (arbitrarily so, but finite slop).
I use AC and S-parameter simulate the ft of NMOS and PMOS in cadence spectre, two kinds of simulation results, then use ft = gm/(2 * pi * Cgg) verify , found simulation of NMOS and calculation results is same, calculation results of PMOS are much smaller than the simulation results, I can get gm, and Cgg (...)
Hi, I have to simulate the gain of my designed LNA with certain antenna impedance as a source. I am using cadence spectre for the simulation. The problem is that cadence spectre provides n1port for importing S11 parameters of antenna, which is a passive port. Therefore, if i connect the n1port at LNA input to represent (...)
In cadence Design Environment, "freq" variable being as in ADS is NOT defined, therefore it's almost impossible to draw a curve vs. freq. But I don't know the recent versions, it could be refined ... The easiest way to draw this, import s-parameters in MatLab and then define the equation and draw it.. Or, use RFDE ( ADS working in ADE ) and plot th
Use the parametric tool where the digital code is your parameter.
Hello, I beginner in cadence, help me please. (sorry for my English) When doing the s-parameters simulation I get such log: ****************************************************** S-parameter Analysis `sp': freq = (100 MHz -> 1.2 GHz) ****************************************************** Error found by spectre (...)
Hi Guys I need to find the expression for freq for further calculation. I just can not find the expression for it. I am using cadence 1.5.1 and spectre. I remembered I used to find it in browse the data, then I can find it from variable, but I just can not find it now. Thanks
Use S-parameter of Touchstone format. The Designer's Guide Community Forum - conversion of .s8p into SpectreRF netlist
hello! If for one transistor k=1/2(uCox) then which parameter in cadence is Cox and which is u (mobility)? An lambda? Can't find them. thx
Hi All, I have a question related to cadence....After i do the DC sweep simulation, I want to plot the variation of some parameter vs any parameter..the cadence won't let me choose this option. It plots "vs" the default swept value. Eg: If i sweep W (width) of a device and now if i want to plot gm/Id vs Id, (...)
use parameter "max step" to define maximum simulation step (e.g. max step = Tosc_period/10), and "trap" method of integration
Hi aindejeje, 1.Create a file (with any text editor) with .scs extension (for example sigtype.scs) and in this file write the following : save * sigtype=all 2.Include the above file you just created to your model files from the ADE L environment. 3.Run the simulation with your custom swept parameter and via
Hi all , i want to measure the resistance of a pmos (operating in triode region) in cadence and i want you to suggest me a practical way to do that.I am quite amateur to this,although i used s parameter simulation i didnt have any results. Thank you in advance
I don't normally use Tanner, although I have done briefly. I cannot see from your netlist how the Vto in the model file would be overridden by what you have done. Is Vto_n defined as a global parameter in the model file? Keith
Hello all,my question is : what is the Vd(sat) parameter in cadence spectre simulation results??Is the Vds that a cmos transistor must have in order to enter the saturation region and it means that a designer must be carefull to have Vds=Voverdrive + Vdsat for nmos transistors to operate in sat region?? A second question is : Can somebody (...)
when we do spp (S parameter simulation) in cadence Spectre RF"spp" is not SP analysis. "spp" is a conversion program of HSPICE netlist to Spectre netlist. And SP analysis is a function of Spectre not SpectreRF. so, in Sp
hi Guys, can anybody tell me ? when we do spp (S parameter simulation) in cadence Spectre RF and we have to plot S11, S12, S21 and S22. we have to choose dB20 with rectangular mode and there is one more option below in that window to choose Power Gain P with dB10. so, in Spectre RF when we plot S21 with dB20 . then is that mean (...)
for moscap, C-V fullfill the formular: V=I*Z=I/(jwc) , so |C|=|I/(w*V)| if V=1,w=1 then C=I Insert a dc voltage source in the gate of moscap, set the "ac amplitude" to 1 and dc voltage to "Vin". Do ac simulation and sweep the parameter of Vin from -2V to 2V at frequency "1". Plot ac current "I" of the terminal "G" and the C will be the same as
Thanks LvW! But can someone also point out if the method I am using is correct? As in doing the S-parameter analysis, and then using the Z paramater. Or is there some other way? It's ok, but since you connect one terminal of inductor to ground, so it's just a single-ended Q if you use it as a differential Q or some el
Hi Guys For most of the device, cadence use bsim4 model, so how in cadence they transfer the parameter into a real circuit like capacitor , resistor network. Also, how will they use I-V curve of device? Will they use it to calculate capacitor and resistor and inductor, or they will use I-V curve directly to run the (...)
I try to run the TRAN and PSS simulation in cadence with the nport s-parameter file obtained by HFSS.But it does not work. How to run TRAN and PSS with s-parameter?
Hi~ I use the IBM 7RF cadence designkit with cadence 5.1.41 and spectre simulator.When I try to simulate a simple circuit using the nch mos devices then I got following error: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error found by spectre during circuit read-in. ?/cad
How to specify Vth(Threshold voltage) of a MOSFET as a parameter for monte carlo simulations. Thanks in advance.
you can also use dc analysis and obtain 'gmoverid' parameter.
What is the parameters for calculating of AMS CXQ 0.8u such as Vthn, Vthp , Kn, Kp. Lamda and so on. I use cadence simulation.
I'm having two issues with the cadence/spectre analog enviroment. Perhaps someone more experienced than me can help me solve them? 1) In the schematic: Next to my transistor are three lines of red text. They go as follows: "n18rf" *Error* nf=6 The first line is the device model name and the third line is the number of fingers.
Hi can some one tell me the equation for beteff parameter that is displayed in cadence spectre? Thanks
Hi, I am a research student in ASU, Tempe. I am having troubles in running the montecarlo simulation in cadence, for tsmc 0.35 um technology. Looks like some parameter files and parameters are not available. Can someone, help me in this regard or upload the required files for running the simulation?? (...)
I am trying to simulate the mismatch of current mirror using spectre-dcmatch. Now the problem is we do not have the parameter in the model card. So I mannully set the parameter mvtwl. However, in the DC simulation I still can not see the modified parameter, and it only displays zero. Can someone help me? Thank you!
First, you should using verification tool diva, dracula or calibre get the extracted file, and annoded the parisitic parameter. I know the cadence cdsdoc include some paper refer to it. you can read it
By parameter sweep.
You define a transient sweep and setup a parameter sweep to sweep variable TEMPDC -- the variable can be picked up with menu. Then you setup an outpu expression with calculator. Maybe you need function "value". After a successful run, this expression should give a single value, displayed in the simulation window. Then you do the (...)
Hello, can someone help me how should I model the transmission line of an LVDS driver under cadence environnement. There is an instance called ( tline ) in ( analogLib) but I don think it s the appropriate one and I don t know what should I put as parameter with this tline . My Lvds will link an ASIC to an FPGA with a distance of about 20cm.
I have s-parameter data exported into cadence, and used in nport component. Depending on whether I choose windowing=yes or windowing=no, or set the maximum frequency limit for the n-port, or using equivalent y-parameter or z-parameter instead of s-parameter, I either get error in transient (...)
I think you can run a S-parameter simulation and use an expression to calculate the Y-parameters. The real part of this would be the Ron of the switch. Regards
Which is the channel length modulation parameter in level 49 models of Hspice? If somebody knows ,please tell me the detail about this important parameter . thanks!
I want to see the Ron of a transistor for different Width's; However, when i do a sweep for this component parameter, the results browser shows Ron of the last Width there a solution for this? Otherwise, i have to manually change the width each time and note the Ron...which is not that effecient...!! Regards,
ecs(AMS or ADP) , cadence Composer , workview this entry generate "netlist" not include spice control parameter but I don't know what is yor want ? schematci entry tool convert circuit --> spice netlist is ok but you can not use it simulation , it lack of spice control paramet , like .lib .tran .option ...etc (...)
Hi, Is there a tutorial out there that explains simple S-paramter simulation on cadence i.e. what kind of voltage source with port number and termination should be used, what analysis to run, how to plot S11,S12,S21,S22 etc? many thanks in advance.
We can see the parameter Vdsat in cadence Spectre after we perform the DC simulation. But I can't figure out what's the physical meaning of it? I guess the vdsat is the overdrive voltage at first, but it's not exact the same as Vgs-Vth. The Vdsat is smaller than Vgs-Vth. So anyone has the idea what is Vdsat? Comparting Vds
Thanks for replying, but can you tell me exactly what tool i am suppose to use once i have extracted the layout with parasitics. U may use the Start_XT(synopsys) of Dracula(cadence),They are the best tools for extract parameter on the layout. Then, u may annotate the delay infor from the parameter into your netlist and run