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Hello , i have used 4 different script files to construct my antenna. but if i save and exit the project then when i reopen the project then the "dicrete ports" dissapear, or if i put my antenna inside a PEC box and change one parameter then the whole script built structure dissapears. what needs to be done in order to keep the objects whic
used na to get the s parameters of the board and also took s1p files. now when i am using ads to plot those using these s1p files i am not seeing the same plots. just measured the s11 from na because so in simulation i am simply loading the s1p files and doing the s parameter simulation by simply keeping a (...)
i am using a uwb transceiver(3-10 ghz) chip. i am going to use na to find the s parameters behaviour of it's rx and tx. now i want to use those s parameters in my ads simulation. in ads there is a way to do that using s2p files (do not now much about this) but how to get s2p files from na. can someone tell me how can i do (...)
Hello all, I would like to calculate the Q-factor and Inductance of my inductor from the S-parameters(in dB) which I got from the network analyzer. Could anyone help me with this?
Did you make a search in all project files to seek where the parameter SND_PCM_STREAM_PLAYBACK is defined ? Perhaps the corresponding .h file wasn't yet included in the header of the current file.
Are you trying to pass down the parameter from the top-level? Please recheck as to how you are passing the parameter (I wouldn't do it the way you have shown for the .v codes for the modules CHILD and SUBCHILD). Also be careful about the compile order of the files.
Please assist in calculation of the ?Q? parameter in an equation for the small signal transfer function of a voltage mode flyback. This concerns document AN57 by power integrations. AN57: In AN57, how is the ?Q? parameter calculated in equation 15, page 11? Is it equal to
I'm a fresh man in analog IC design. when I run lvs in calibre, it says calibre lvs rule file compiling error: undefined layer name parameter -- metal 5, I don't know why. Besides, I have no runset files in this process. My DRC rule file runs well.
Generally you'd get corner models as parallel hierarchies or chains of model & parameter files, invoking one of them at a time. If you have the right command language you might even be able to loop through corners. Mismatch is entirely another matter. You need things like VT to have statistics, and the simulator preprocessing to create model-per-
Hi, I am relatively new to HSPICE. I am trying to run some corner analyses on a small RO circuit. Some SPICE models used in the set up have some complicated equations against them sometimes few variables referencing through different files (to model the dependencies on various factors). I need to print these values against each corner for sel
in the tool command you indicate the parameter "MAPPING_FILE", which this kind of content: conducting_layers * LEF layer -> ITF laver PC PC1 M1 M1 M2 M2 M3 M3 M4 M4 M5 M5 EA EA LB LBTHICK VIA_layers V1 V1 V2 V2 V3 V3 V4 V4 NT NT_MIM VV VVTHICK marker_layers remove_layers
Somehow I remember a setup in an @DS example that allows you to input s2p parameters for a 4 port device and it calculates the s4p parameters. I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know where it is? tnx
Append versus rewrite is controlled by the $fopen type parameter, just read the Verilog specification completely, e.g. IEEE 1800-2012, 21.3.1 Opening and closing files
Hi Friends, Can anybody send me the code for TRL Deembedding in MATLAB because i developed matching networks in ADS so i need to deembed that i have all s parameter files i will be very greatfull if anybody send the code
I have two separate s-parameter files for an spdt switch. i need help on trying to integrate them into one subcircuit. as in, i need the subcircuit to act as a switch, so i need to define the truth table and integrate both touchstone files into one. but im unable to do that. please help!!
How to select any FET using s parameters which are available s2p files on internet?
Hi I receive touchstone s-parameter files with lots of comment lines mixed with data lines. The problem is these comment lines don't comply to the touchstone standard (all comments must be in the header), and my free viewer is unable to display them. After manually removing the comments it works. The files come out of Ansoft tools, I (...)
The files are SPICE files. Just include the a.m. simulator language statement in front of the file(s). May be you additionally have to insert the devtype parameter, s. this posting.
Hello, I'm using Cadence's Conformal Logic Equivalence Check tool, to run equality-check for RTL and Synthesis Netlist. I'm having problem since for the RTL golden reference part, there is one parameter file (params.vh) that is detected to have syntax error in it, thus stopping the tool's run. But I'm not sure whether the parameter file synta
In first picture, Noise parameters are seen obviously.. Fmin, Gamma(Opt) Mag,Ang and Rn/Zo..
I am not sure if you can use a parameter for part of the simulation statement (I am not able to try it at the moment) but you would need a .param TH= ... statement - do you have that? Keith
Hi Could you please provide more details? Which parameter do the amplitude and frequencies in the CSV files represent?
Usually one needs to setup a parameter sweep (with the phase shift being the parameter). The dispersion diagram then can be found under the "tables" folder. It would be useful if you can provide some more info about your design or even better if you could upload the cst project....
100mA is the reference current at where s-parameters have been measured.Maximum currents and voltages are defined seperately in their dataheets independent from s-parameters.
Is it a single parameter? Can't you sweep it instead of using .alter?
Hi, I done a paramteric sweep in CST Microwave Studio. I can view the 1D results under the folder "Tables" but i have problem exporting the files out individually. Can anyone help? Thanks and regards Magneto
Hi Anyone knows how to export s-parameters from HFSS in batch mode? I swept a few design parameters and got a pile of s-parameters for different designs that I can use for circuit simulation, I feel exporting manually so many files is quite error-prone. thanks, Ran
Hi, I m currently using VCS for functional simulation. My testbench toplevel contains a parameter for a data input file that should be streamed into my model under test. To control this I use 'vcs -gfile foo.dat' to overwrite the parameter at compile time. Now I want to run my simulation with several input files (up to 20 inputs (...)
The modelsim files are tcl scripts, so you easily write a script that increments the parameter, recompile, and re-run simulation. I have written a test bench for a SystemVerilog design that has multiple parameters. I know if I wanted to load this in another module I would call it something like this ... [code
This is interesting - I assume that you used S-parameter files for the transformer model? Can you post the version of Spectre that finally worked for your model?
You should not need to define this parameter if the library is correct. This parameter is already define in the liberty file.
In AMS in library setting provide the path of model. in the schematic edit the CDF parameter for model name. done ! CDF parameter can be changed form ICFB menu also.
Hi, is there a touchstone model sharing group? It would make sense to have a website where common parts like connectors (VPX, compact-PCI, PCIe-card-edge, SATA, RJ45) and cables (like CAT-5/6/e UTP, SATA...) have already created touchstone s-parameter files available for download. When I do system simulation, I can get my PCBs accurately simu
Hi, I need S-parameter data files and data sheets for 1) Triquint TQEPD pHEMT transistor (ISM Band 2.4GHz Frequency) - Very Important 2) Filtronic LP1500 transistor (around 2.4GHz Frequency) 3) EMODE FETs (1 - 3 GHz) (2.4GHz) 4) Fujitsu (FHX35LG) HEMT 5) Triquint DFET (2.4GHz) 6) Agilent AT-31011 Transistor Regards, Avins
There are many programs that can import S-parameters files and plot them on the Smith chart. Here is a free one:
if you modify localparam with parameter, will it compile error?
Pull on a "Data Items" from ADS palette (for your case 3-port Data Items should be used), duble click this Data Item and define your s-parameter file with right format and connect the ports 1,2,3 respectively with 50 Ohm Zo and do your simulations.. It's quite straight forward..
I need to assign co-calibrated ports to the MIM capacitors so that I can later include the s-parameter files. Hello, can you describe in more detail what you want to do? If you have free access to the sides, then I recommend to use box wall ports (= ground reference from the box side wall) instead of CoCal port
If it is regarding voltage values, then you can use a voltage source with file option. What kind of parameter do you want to change?
Hello, I am going to measure a 8-port-device with a 2-port-VNA. Hence I will obtain quite a lot of .s2p Touchstone files which I have to combine to one single .s8p file, with the objective of using this data file for simulation purposes. How can I combine these S-parameter files (I don't want to do that manually....8O). Maybe it (...)
You have to do a simple thing called MOSFET characterization. You basically vary VDS and VGS to get a set of I-V curves. From those you can extract all the process parameters needed for your hand calculations. The data you see in those .scs files is for BSIM3v3. You see, MOSFETs are represented mathematically using the BSIM model. The data you
Hi all, I just want to ask, is it possible to plot a model parameter. I want to plot vth (threshold voltage) of a transistor as i sweep input voltage. Thanks.
hello every body I need to write a standard cell library for leonardo synthesis tool and there is many question about writing ".lgn" files. and parameter in timing models esp in linear timing model are unknown for me.
I'm doing a project dealing with classification I have database of 4 classes each class have number of samles you can see the database here (matlab files - smps parameter): I've been asked to identify the features visually and then to estimate the distribution for each class. also it says that
Hello all, Do you guys have any s2p file for SMA cables? I can not measure S parameter data right now, because I did not order SMA cables yet. However I have to simulate some circuits before the cables come in. Your models do not have to be accurate. I'm just guessing the circuit performance. So if you have any s2p file for an SMA cable. Jus
Hi I used CST to make this kind of analysis and this program allows to use different S-parameter file formats. Only, be sure that the simulation frequency range is within both files. Bye
My design is basically socket (s4p) and trace (s2p) measured using VNA. I would like to combine both the Touchstone files for socket and trace, then use HSPICE to generate a total S-parameter. How do I do that? Thanks.
In many open cores files, I have seen that they have used "defines.v" file(File which defines all the macros)............... They have included "defines.v" using #include in each module in the entire design Like that can all the "parameters" can be combined in a single file and included. In such a case can we override the parameter (...)
You can't assign two initialization files to one ROM. P.S.: It should work to select the initialization file with a parameter instead of a port signal. An elegant solution would be to supply a parameter for the initialization file name, that's given in the module instantiation.
I am afraid it is not that easy. The snp files are "static", no parameters. There is a different file type in ADS called MDIF which can take a set of S-parameters for different parameter values, so that it be possible to combine measurements into a single file. ADS will be able to interpolate within the (...)