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hi when a load is called active load or passive load? what r the advantages of one over the other? how to know when to use what type of load? Regards
Hi, Can some one pls help me with choosing circuit parameters like R1, R2, C, Vin , f , Vout for designing a common source amplifier with passive load in Cadence. I want accurate graph results for Vin, Vout. Nitya1
passive load are load like resistor and diode connected transistor are active load
I am not sure what circumstances you have in mind, but a lot of circuits have a voltage output so if you want an active load you cannot use a voltage load - the current would but infinite - only limited by spurious resistances. With a current load the power into the load will vary linearly with the output voltage. Another (...)
Post #7 reveals that there's some confusion involved with your problem specification. The sine generator and "sine wave across Rs" requirements suggests a bipolar current source. But how do you want to generate a bipolar current with an unipolar (bridge rectifier) voltage supply? It's also not exactly clear, if you're intending a passive or act
Hi I need help in simulating this circuit using simulink.Its a 324 GHz frequency generator Mosfet M1 to M4:W/L=2.4μ/90nm Mosfet M5 to M8: W/L=2μ/90nm Mosfet M9 to M12: W/L=10u/90nm Differential inductor L=.3nH External load ZL=50ohms On chip choke=.2nH All active devices has a frequency of 81 GHZ Only the passive load (...)
That's true that one speed is exactly 3 times the other. May be it was modified in the past but currently it has no gearbox or adjustable pulley. It's still working at the moment, and it's used as a "passive" load (i.e. a generator) to test a permanent magnet brushless motor. At the moment the system is driven at speeds less than 750rpm. I wish to
Hi there, I am working on printed dipole antenna array. I an new for XFDTD design, and I really need help. For making understanding, I started to design Microstrip ; one end I put feed component 50 ohms and put passive load 50 ohms on the other end. The result was as I expected. After that, I designed a patch antenna at 2.4 GHz and i
Hi everyone! I've 1 port S-Parameters from 2.2GHz-2.6GHz for various temperatures (25-70C) 1 port S-Parameters from 4.4GHz-5.2 GHz for various temperatures (25-70C) 1 port S-Parameters from 6.6GHz-7.8GHz for various temperatures (25-70C) I want to create a passive load from these files exactly like the one in ADS loadpull (...)
This is your fundamental "box" for designing startup circuits. The startup current needs to be large enough to boot the loop in the worst case, and it needs to be low enough to not bother the loop setpoint in the "best" case. PVT can make this a thread-the-needle exercise especially if you want to stay simple (like diode-steered resistor pullup)
Hi I have to design a passive bandpass filter. I need to do it with the Cauer synthesis. ( i.e ladder network with R and C's). We have to take incount that the source and the load are non-ideal. So the formulas off the transfer function Z21/1+Z11 change into a much more difficult one. Does anybody knows a software tool who can synthese th
Attached circuit is a simple passive filter, It's a Butterworth type or a Chebyshev type? or other type? Could anyone tell me? Could a passive filter be classified to Butterworth or Chebyshev type?
Look for papers by Andrea Ferrero, I think he is the major expert on load pull (both active and passive setup ) in the world. See also:
passive filters do not require any external power like +-15V DC They are made from R L C and transmission lines for the 'electric wave filters' as they were once called. There are many types of passive acoustic and optic filters. I once saw a mechanical acoustic low pass filter for use with telephone handsets. It was for the case of a PWM drive
U must not worry about high active load current. Why do you use active load ? Because u can not implement a big resistor in value with a small passive resistor (poly silicon) in dimention in dimension. This is a trade of. U earn in resistor value with small dimension. But u loss in power consumption. Thanks
Are there any difference in phase delay of passive and active filters?
It depends on what type of a diode you mean. In most cases (rectifier, Zener, etc.) a diode is, no doubt, a passive device. Only in some special cases like with a tunnel diode, when its negative resistance region is used, it can be considered as an ACTIVE device. Best Regards Eric Note: "an activity" vs. "a passivity" of a device is
This PMOS in LDO can be regarded as a pass transistor of a voltage-controlled current source. As such, it is like having a load-insensitive (ideally) source resistance (which is a passive element but non-linear). Hence you can also regard this a passive.
Hi everyone. I have a question as follow: It is well known that the lossy transmission line will induce non-negligible ISI effect on the transmitted digital signal. When a passive equalizer is employed, the ISI effect will be reduced, but inevitable DC-loss will lower the voltage level of signal. For example, the original voltage level is betwee
I am designing a current-mode passive mixer which consists of gm,mixer core and tia stages. The mixer core is ac coupled to the first stage. I wonder about the input offset voltage of tia, is it feedback by the resistor or other ways? I tried to use the feedback resister. The input and output common mode voltage is vcc/2 at most times. (using s
I am designing a passive mixer for a heterodyne receiver. It is a broadband mixer. And after mixing, it is IF=200MHz. And I want to connect a filter behind the mixer. The filter needs 50 Ohm source and 50 Ohm load. In order to provide 50 Ohm resistor for filter, I add a source follower. The follower has gm=20mS. Question: When I connect
Does any body know how to measure the lc tank quality factor with software(rf spectre .i.e cadence) and by calculations too? is it possible to get 900 ohm impedance of an lc tank ?(this lc tank was used for an lna load.)( l=5.49nH , c=651fF).the lna has a dc blocking cap of 2pF value after the tank. what is the relation between the impedance, l
Did you try to connect the output directly to the 50 ohm input? If you fear to overload the output, place a series resistor. You didn't tell about required level of the 50 ohm signal, but I expect that you will able to use a passive resistor network and don't need a transistor amplifier stage. Otherwise use a common collector follower as buffer amp
HI, I am not fully aware of load modulation. The concept I know about load modulation is : passive RFID tags communicates and transfers data to the reader by means of load modulation in the LF and HF range. Because of inductive coupling, magnetic field induces a small current in the tag. Since, the reader and tag are (...)
I really doubt it will like a DC input. Often PC supplies these days have active or passive PFC built into them, so without an AC input they may not function at all. If this is not the case, and the PC supply just has a rectifier first and then an offline SMPS, then it might work. As for the voltage rating... hard to tell without knowing exactly
... However,for keypad connection, it runs slow. ... The keypad is a bunch of switches, they don't use any cpu power Alexan_e, I'm different experienced, the keypad model in ISIS is active (has a DLL) so - perhaps - may cause slowdown. I have other problems with it, definitely no
Hi Guys I'm looking for online shop to buy electronic components (active and passive) at cheap price(shop that will ship internationally). Digi-key is the famous for this but unfortunately it is only for people who are doing mass production. Hobbist and small scale R&D people like us cant afford to buy from them due to their extremely high sh
BigBoss, I may sound naive but what the difference the magnitude of signal level will cause to impedance... won't it remain constant under all conditions??? Eventough there isn't any fixed definition about "large signal condition" for a measurement, operating point of an active/passive system is assumed "fixed"
Is there any way to create a passive low pass filter for audio using only inductors (including their cores of course), not capacitors or other devices? - - - Updated - - - Is there any way to create a passive low pass filter for audio using only inductors (including their cores of course), not capacit
Hi, all, In the datasheet of a component, for example, a passive filter, it often plots the S21 over a frequency range under the test condition that source and load impedance are both 50 Ohm. I always wondered, how will the curve change when the source and load impedance doesn't equal to 50 Ohm. e.g. what if the load (...)
I simply do not share your optimism about response time and whether that's fast enough to save the converter. So I still recommend you dig until you find a threat model for load dumb that some of these "authorities" have seen fit to bless. They want compliance, to something. Bet on that, and find it. Then you can set about proof. What I see in a c
passive components do not have slew rates. They have time constants. The current is given by some relationship to the applied voltage. Frank
The choice of a capacitor in parallel with a battery depends on the capacitor having a lower impedance than the battery. I think there may be semantic differences in describing voltage noise. Inductance can cause voltage spikes with rapid chanes in current, and a capacaitor with low ESR, low SRF value will help greatly reduce by the spike current
I want to make a circuit that should give output voltage 5v when input between 100 mV to 5v is applied and 0v as out put when input voltages are less than 100mV. i can not power my switch i need this switch to work passively. i tried basic npn transistor, but it needs base voltages more than 0.7 Volts.
An excel 5 spreadsheet (in zipped form) which allows you to see the amount of stress on output valves for a given amount of standing bias current .
Web based calculations. Car Audio: passive Crossovers/Capacitor & Coil Audio: passive Crossovers Index of Calculators, Charts, and Diagrams
Need to test electronic welding machines. Any hints. Thanks. ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post.Thanks
You should use thermistors (and not varistors as someone suggested. Those are for overvoltage protection). There are 2 kinds NTC (negative temperature coefficient) which means that as the temperature goes up the resistance goes down, and PTC (positive temperature coefficient) where the resistance goes up with temperature. They are cheap, they come
Generally I use ADS's Momentum in the simulations of deep-submicron passive components. But again generally it does not converge and spends many hours with huge memory requirements even working on UNIX or PC. Sometimes (indeed often ) results are terrible regarding to measurements. Is there anybody have some expriences deep-submicron passiv
Anyone have some info, equations etc. about design of "S" shaped load cells with strain gages?
Hi, At what frequencies (for 2,4,6,8 layer boards) can I start considering the layout or placement for passive band pass filters, or do component values dictate the placement.
Hi, Any idea what is the smallest load Cell size available ?? Thanks. :?
I make a new schematic named e.g. test with Eagle in a new project but when i try to load it again i am receiving the message: load error 293 on file 'C:/Program Files/EAGLE4.08R2/Projects/test/test.sch' Can you help me? :( :?: Thanks
Hi, I need to build an electronic power supply load for testing purpose. Any information, link or diagram is welcome. Thanks, hc :wink:
Dear Sir: How to use AMS v6.0 to load dc operating point from hspice ? Mark
hi , does anybody has good link or info about , Ethernet over passive optical networks
I need to design a good (low noise, good linearity) load cell amplifier and digitize it in >16bits. Which sigma-delta ADC do you recommend? :?: Which instrumentation amplifier do you recommend? I am trying Texas Instruments INA125 because it has its own voltage reference. It should be low cost and good performance. :D
I guess you may define the passive components in "Circuit Schematics" and also define the port(s) of this passive component and save as a subcircuit. Then you can import the subcircuit into EM simulation. _________ How to import passive component into EM simulator in MWO
It depends on your nonlinear model that should be supplied by the device manufacturer or similar. Most nonlinear models till now fail to get you close what the actual device will do. I prefer doing actual loadpull without simulation. I use simulators only for linear circuits and passive/transmissionline networks. Anything other than that, I nev