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Hi can anybody tell how to increase gain of microstrip patch antenna design in hfss gain depend on which parameter length width or height Er kartik ---------- Post added at 09:53 ---------- Previous post was at 09:40 ---------- I have drawn a single patch only not array
i have designed a microstrip patch antenna in hfss which resonates at 1.5Ghz.Now i want to design the antenna array in hfss.Plz help me out how can i do that.
I've simulated GPS patch antenna in IE3D and its return loss is around -15dB and i,ve simulated the same antenna in hfss its giving return loss as -5.3dB attached here is my design in hfss.kindly check where i've commited mistake. I'm new to hfss How can we change the (...)
Hi, I'm unable to generate the terminal solution report for our patch antenna design in hfss. Can anyone give the method of doing it? We are using a lumped port for our design.
Dear Sir, I am a Ph.D student at UPV University (Spain).I have been requested to design a circular path antenna with coaxial feed working with the second resonat mode. The antenna is intended for WIFI 5.7 GHz. Could you please send me some guidances? I am a neophyte with hfss, and I keep on fighting with (...)
Hello, Iam new to this forum. Iam working on patch antenna design. Previously i worked on hfss. Now i want to work on IE3D, can any one help me in this regard with guidelines and user manuals of IE3D. Thank you in advance, (...)
Hi everybody, do someone have any patch antenna design in hfss, with bottom feed with coaxial cable? thanks
Hi guys, i have simulated rectangular microstrip antennas before, now i am looking for circular shaped one. How should i feed the patch? coax-prob needed or can microstrip line be used.. because circular MSA is not so populerly used antenna, i don't have document enough so then uploaded files will be pleasured
How can i make an antenna array using hfss.I want to know where should i start and how can i implement corporate feed in my design.i am making a planar array of 16 elements.(patch antennas).
please some one help me by giving basics tutorial for desinging mictristrip patch antenna using transmission line please help me.
i think you can find one in the hfss help book..... it might have a design on patch...... if you dont find it...letme know.....i will upload it for u
have just designed a single microstrip fed patch antenna in hfss V11. I want to extend this to a a 2X2 array. Not sure how to design the corporate feed. I need step by step methodology any literature, an example file would also be useful if you got one. Here is my simulation file. Hope you can help
You can see the tutorials on em: talk - Electromagnetics and Microwave Engineering , this has very nice tutorials on designing structures in hfss/Ansoft designer. A small tip: For designing microstrip patch antennas, first you need to know on what substrate are you planning to use. (...)
i have done our final project in hfss software,i planned to design a compact antenna which operates for multiband by inserting slots in the patch.i designed 10mmx10mmx1.6mm antenna.But i not aware of the center frequency of this design.i have a doubt that when we do process (...)
Hi, I am facing some problem to see gain. Can anyone help me on this matter, will very much helpful for me! How to see gain of an microstrip patch antenna simulated in hfss v10? Basically I am confused about the phi & theta values in the sweeps tab, and the function under the Y tab... I've just started with hfss :) (...)
hello, I am new to antenna design in hfss. I am simulating a slotted stacked circular patch antenna with a coaxial feed as shown in the figure. when i drew the same using hfss i got two errors stating that the inner probr of the coax is intersecting with two substrates. i cut out a slot (...)
I am interest in patch antenna design, do you have any ideas about travelling wave and tilt patch antenna design.
Dear Forum listers, Does anyone have experience in simulating projects with a high aspect ratio (difference between the smallest and the largest dimension in the design) in hfss 9? I have been having problems in efficiently simulating a patch (microstrip) antenna with a substrate of 0.7 mm with conductor and finite (...)
patch antenna tutorial attached. For the antenna impedance problem, you can find the input reflection co-efficient and then knowing the length of the tramnsmission lines, you can find Zin. -svarun
Hi, my name is Sehun, and I need your help or advice. I am very new to this area and hfss tool. I am designing a Microstirp patch antenna in multi-layers. (6 conductors and 5 substrates) I got an error of " port refinement, process abc3d: Port "Waveport1" has disconnected faces. Please replace the port with multiple (...)
hai, i'm new to ansoft .could anyone give tutorials of ansoft designer sv. want to design patch antenna. thanks in advance harshini.
Dear Saqaw, for patch antenna , IE3D is very easy to create the model
Hi, I am Saqib. I was trying to simulate a 2.45GHz patch antenna on hfss v9.0. I m not sure if the results are correct or not. (1) design parameters, L = 32.92mm, W=41.36mm, h=1.58, RO4003 yo= 9.93mm, Zo=50ohms with coax feeding, fr=2.45GHz The results, I obtained using hfss and (...)
Hi, I am Saqib. I was trying to simulate a 2.45GHz patch antenna on hfss v9.0. I m not sure if the results are correct or not. (1) design parameters, L = 32.92mm, W=41.36mm, h=1.58, RO4003 yo= 9.93mm, Zo=50ohms with coax feeding, fr=2.45GHz The results, I obtained using hfss and Air filled coax, (...)
i found out whats wrong with it it has nothing to do with the setup, the patch in the ground side should be in the other direction.
Hello all, Iam working on microstrip patch antenna design in IE3D. I want to plot the S-Parameters of 2 different structures in the same plot. In hfss there is an option called 'import data' so that we can import the result data values into MATLAB and plot there. Is there any such facility in IE3D?
patch antennas are typically narrow band devices. Increasing the thickness and decreasing the dielectric constant can sometimes help.
what kind of loop? patch on the substrate or a kind of rod? Hi, I am wondering how to build and simulate a loop antenna which works beetween 0.9 GHz and 3 GHz in hfss. It is urgent! Looking forward to your warm-hearted help! Anything related to the loop antenna will be great! Thanks once again
Hi, guys. I'm designing a CF-MPA in hfss and I've run into a problem (I'm new at this). I want to design a CF-MPA with a 1mm wide, 16mm long rectangular slot in the center of the patch. One of the longer slot sides is grounded by a shorting pin of a 0.6-mm diameter at the midpoint of slot side. A 50- coaxial probe of a (...)
i need to design dual resonance microstrip patch new in this field.i dont know which shapes antenna are suitable.Before this I try to do stacked antenna.the result also not so good.can anybody give me suggestion which kind of antenna shape can give good result.i also attached my antenna (...)
im designing dual resonance microstrip patch using using stacked using foam as my substarte for upper layer(height is 60mm),for bottom layer im using air as substrate(height problem is the height for foam is large.when i reduce the high ,i cannot achieve dual supervisor asking me to reduce the h
Hi. i want to design Microstrip patch antenna 1.8Ghz 1.9GHz 2.1Ghz to caltulate the Wave port W and L.? and how to set wave port ? and how to calculate the inset-Feed Y0 and microstrip feed line W and L. i did some simulation bu i can not get right result.please help me it is very important for me it is my graduate (...)
Hi. i want to design Microstrip patch antenna 1.8Ghz 1.9GHz 2.1Ghz to caltulate the Wave port W and L.? and how to set wave port ? i do not now how to use wave to define the wave port. and how to calculate the inset-Feed Y0 and microstrip feed line W and L. i did some simulation bu i can not get right result.please (...)
hello all, i am a B.E 3rd yr student who is stuck with a prof who doesn't know much however i hav to do design n simulate a microstrip patch antenna on Ie3d.I feel a little helpless and would really appreciate if somebody could answer the following Qs 1)Is Ie3d the correct software to design n simulate a microstrip (...)
Hey all; I am working on a patch antenna design and I want to use a microstrip line to excite the patch, but I don't know who to model this in hfss V11 . . anybody could help? I'll be thankfull
Hello, I have used a wave port in a microstrip patch antenna design and I want to calculate the input impedance of the antenna. Please help me. Thanks.
HI THERE i have a problem in my simulation file in hfss doesnt give my the shape which i want it that u can find it in atachment please solve my problem. best regards
Dear all, i need 2 sample hfss projects 1. PBG structure in microstrip patch antenna design. 2. EBG structure in microstrip patch antenna design. hfss file, documentation or EDABoard related link is highly expected. Plz help me. In addition, i (...)
for PBG design check this topic it contains some stuff related to PBG microstrip fed patch antenna hfss10 below links also include PBG simple example etc Help me with a simple hfss example on AMC/EBG design ?? pbg or ebg design with hfss (...)
Brother I work on rectangular probe feed dual band patch antenna using hfss 10 plz hlp how i can deign this plz plz plz plz
Hello, I've a Coax-fed patch antenna designed with hfss.I want to find it's input impedance how do i proceed? help please it's urgent.
I want to design Wimax patch antenna Want sopme good idea of dual slant linear polarization (+45 and -45) . can anyone help thanks in advance
Hi everone, Firstly, I'm new in antenna design. I'm trying to design 2x2 square microstrip patch antenna array with hfss 12.1.2. W=L is about 28mm. I'm opening 10mmx1mm slots to each square in order to realize some kind of a circular polarization (Balanis). Each Slot are opened on (...)
in the hfss book there is an exapmle about exciting patch antenna by probe,if u search in the internet, easily can download this book, otherwise u can upload your file for detecting error
I don't know how I came across this - literally just found it on my desktop, and no idea where it came from. But I must have downloaded it from somewhere. It's a tutorial for undergraduates about Computational Electromagnetics (CEM), but focuses on the FEM method, based on the PDE form of Maxwell's Equations. But 80% of it is a hfss tutorial, which
Hi , i am student of B.Tech. I have my final year project of designing microstrip patch antena in hfss. .i am new in hfss. . Now when i calculate all the design consideration of the MPA for 2Ghz frequency as follows: Fr=2Ghz , h=7 mm L=47.02 mm ,W=60.42 mm And use teflon er=2.1 as a subsrate . . . .and (...)
Hi , I trying to learn the Probe Feed patch antenna( Co-ax Feed )...and I tried to design it in hfss but i get some errors in the Validation check Please Correct My Errors ..I attach My hfss file here.. also give me some materials about Co-ax Feed patch antenna ..... (...)
This is my design. It is microstrip patch antenna. Help~~ Thanks
hello sir/madam i have designed a rectangular patch antenna with circular polarization,,,,but i exactly dont know to measure axial ratio,,,can u please help me in fingding out axial ratio vs frequency graph,,, after designing for circular polarization ,if we dnt get axial ratio less hen 3bd,,,is the (...)
I did not access to the hfss on my system and I had to simulate and design a new antenna for you. you did not give me complete information for simulation. for example what is the location feed? however to help you I simulate a patch antenna with probe feed and the other properties as follows, L = 46.8 W = (...)