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Hi can anybody tell how to increase gain of microstrip patch antenna design in hfss gain depend on which parameter length width or height Er kartik ---------- Post added at 09:53 ---------- Previous post was at 09:40 ---------- I have drawn a single patch only not array
There are many patents and pictures of fractal antennas freely available on internet. I did not used hfss. But if you know how to draw microstrips in this package, you can simply draw fractal by 1) drawing it's basic elements (few lines/triangles/etc at some angles) and 2) copying this elements to make a fractal structure. Choose basic element siz
Dear Friends: Does anyone have some examples about UHF omni-directional antenna design in hfss? or any UHF omni-directional antenna shapes what work in about 2900-310 MHz. Thanks very much!!!!
Did anyone try to fabrique an helice antenna in hfss? plz post for me, i would like to take a look in it. TKX
Hello I'm a newbie to hfss and I'm trying to design an inset fed patch antenna design using hfss. Does anyone have any steps (not coaxial patch antenna) of the inset fed patch antenna design using (...)
hi i am looking for more reveiw/ research articles on microstrip patch antenna design in cpw fed uwb antennas can u help kartik
i have designed a microstrip patch antenna in hfss which resonates at 1.5Ghz.Now i want to design the antenna array in hfss.Plz help me out how can i do that.
I've simulated GPS patch antenna in IE3D and its return loss is around -15dB and i,ve simulated the same antenna in hfss its giving return loss as -5.3dB attached here is my design in hfss.kindly check where i've commited mistake. I'm new to hfss How can we change the (...)
in hfss the gain that it shows doesn't get added up to the incident power.why?then what it's significance.... pls can anybody help me with this problem??
I have done the antenna design in hfss without connector.Now i have to include SMA connector with the designed antenna.Can you help?Thank you.
Hi, I'm unable to generate the terminal solution report for our patch antenna design in hfss. Can anyone give the method of doing it? We are using a lumped port for our design.
Dear Sir, I am a Ph.D student at UPV University (Spain).I have been requested to design a circular path antenna with coaxial feed working with the second resonat mode. The antenna is intended for WIFI 5.7 GHz. Could you please send me some guidances? I am a neophyte with hfss, and I keep on fighting with (...)
How can i make an antenna array using hfss.I want to know where should i start and how can i implement corporate feed in my design.i am making a planar array of 16 elements.(patch antennas).
please some one help me by giving basics tutorial for desinging mictristrip patch antenna using transmission line please help me.
i think you can find one in the hfss help book..... it might have a design on patch...... if you dont find it...letme know.....i will upload it for u
have just designed a single microstrip fed patch antenna in hfss V11. I want to extend this to a a 2X2 array. Not sure how to design the corporate feed. I need step by step methodology any literature, an example file would also be useful if you got one. Here is my simulation file. Hope you can help
i have done our final project in hfss software,i planned to design a compact antenna which operates for multiband by inserting slots in the patch.i designed 10mmx10mmx1.6mm antenna.But i not aware of the center frequency of this design.i have a doubt that when we do process (...)
To chamonz, I've written something about the bow-tie antennas in other threads, but I won't mind re-iterating myself again! ;) After reading your post, I sorta understood what you're trying to say. So, we shall just constrain ourselves to a bow-tie DIPOLE etched on a substrate (hence, the 'patch' term you've used): A bow-tie structure is i
Hi, my name is kook and I am new to this forum and this antenna area. I am to design a microstrip patch antenna in multi-layer stack-up. Here is how it looks like. I have 6 metals (M1 to M6) and 5 dielective substrates. Each metal has a thickness of 0.7 mils, and its width and lengh are not determined yet. M1 (...)
Hello, Iam new to this forum. Iam working on patch antenna design. Previously i worked on hfss. Now i want to work on IE3D, can any one help me in this regard with guidelines and user manuals of IE3D. Thank you in advance, (...)
Hi jakobianx! I've taken a look at your file. There are lot of things which are not correct. like coaxial feed setup, feeding to patch/dielectric etc. Do you also upload the reference paper you are following? I can then tell you exactly what you should change.
Hi guys, i have simulated rectangular microstrip antennas before, now i am looking for circular shaped one. How should i feed the patch? coax-prob needed or can microstrip line be used.. because circular MSA is not so populerly used antenna, i don't have document enough so then uploaded files will be pleasured
hello all, i do design for antenna RFID uhf in ZELAND and i integrated with virtual chip , my first was good but i can design a good antenna in hfss .. if any one can help me that will begreat for me > and for the chip i have question about the modulation of the receptor of the Radio Frequency . my (...)
You can see the tutorials on em: talk - Electromagnetics and Microwave Engineering , this has very nice tutorials on designing structures in hfss/Ansoft designer. A small tip: For designing microstrip patch antennas, first you need to know on what substrate are you planning to use. (...)
I am stucked with my result of the design which i am preparing in hfss I am preparing an antenna which is 4 Arm Microstrip Spiral antenna with 4 SMA feeds at 50 Ohms but since the impedance of antenna as theory says is not equivalent to 50 Ohms So i renormalize it to 300 Ohms Can you please check my (...)
i designed a loaded monopole and a helical (normal mode) monopole but both using ADK in hfss 12.1, but still couldn't achieve the bandwidth requirement. what should i do to perfectly design a monopole from 30-512 MHz?
I doubt if it is possible to do antenna as receiver analysis like that. coz if u place a copy of ur antenna to be acting as a receiver at a distance, it will be as though u have place a tx antenna patch and rx antenna patch on same substrate. on top they both have to be on same plane, trying (...)
hello everyone I am working on this structure in hfss and much confused about these delay lines attatched to the circular patch. I have created this delay line using two angular arcs , ended it with polyline then cover and united all these. Now the problem is that when I give the sweep to the ?phi S? of this delay line (which is related with the
hi, i am designing a patch antenna for a substrate that is just 2 mils thick. i have used the patch antenna design procedure given in balanis. I am using FEKO for antenna simulation and the antenna is probe fed. But the S11 that i get is -3db, which (...)
Hi All, How can I calculate the efficiency and gain of an patch antenna modeled in hfss? Regards, -- Soyuz
Hi everybody, do someone have any patch antenna design in hfss, with bottom feed with coaxial cable? thanks
hi every body ! i have designed a monopole antenna in hfss 9 can anybody help me by checking it whether it is correct or not i ham uploading the file
Hello everyone, I am trying to simulate a 3x3 antenna array in hfss. I am only concerned about the response of the center element, and thus only need 1 wave port. All of the stacked patch antenna elements are fed with a bottom-fed coax probe. Is there a way to ensure a 50 ohm termination on a coaxial probe without (...)
Hello everyone, I'm working on a designing quad-band stacked-patch antenna array in hfss using a coaxial probe feed. The elements should resonate at 4, 5, 6, and 6.5 GHz. We fabricated an array if these elements and took measurements of S11 for each element. I am trying to build a model in hfss that (...)
hello friends, we are stuck in the middle of our final yr project regarding a uwb patch antenna design using ie3d and we are upto nothing.please help...plzzzzzzzzzz..
Hi, I need IFA antenna design in hfss or designer please. Regards Mustafa
I am designing a circularly polarized patch antenna with single feed from cxoaxial probe/by a via with feed coming from via from some other plane - multilayer PCB board. It will be helpful if some one can suggest me about the design equation/reference material for the design to go on with thanks!
Hi all, I am nilux. I am working on antenna design. In this i am designing a folded patch antenna . I am new in antenna design . Please any body tell me is there any theoratical design formulas for designing a folded (...)
Hello guys, I need your help to give me some guide on patch antenna design. I just design a rectangular patch antenna using the standard formula for 5.8 Ghz antenna. the feeding is microstrip line with 50 ohm matching. But As I see the S11 plot it looks flat and (...)
Dear All, I want to simulate a center feed patch antenna in ADS momentum. Does any one know how to connect feed to the antenna??
Hi, I am facing some problem to see gain. Can anyone help me on this matter, will very much helpful for me! How to see gain of an microstrip patch antenna simulated in hfss v10? Basically I am confused about the phi & theta values in the sweeps tab, and the function under the Y tab... I've just started with hfss :) (...)
hello, I am new to antenna design in hfss. I am simulating a slotted stacked circular patch antenna with a coaxial feed as shown in the figure. when i drew the same using hfss i got two errors stating that the inner probr of the coax is intersecting with two substrates. i cut out a slot (...)
dear all, m wrking on micromachined microstrip patch antenna array in hfss. i want to know how to get gain curves E-Plots and H-plots after simulation.
what is the difference between using coaxial feed over microstrip feed in microstrip patch antenna design?
hi to design complex shapes can i use autocad for design of microstrip patch antennas and further import the design in hfss regards kartik
Hi everyone, I am trying to design a CPW fed patch antenna in ADS.I need help with port assignment for central feed line and two ground plane.If someone is working on CPW fed antenna design in ADS please let me know about it.I tried searching for tutorials on CPW fed antenna (...)
hi, i am trying to export my antenna design from hfss to altium by converting it into dxf file but when i opened it into altium got error msg i asked someone for doing this and he chnged it into gerber file but when i import that file my design was fully changed i have attached both figures in hfss and (...)
Hi Please, i'm reading a paper on a circularly polarized monopole antenna and the author has this results that i can't figure out how to generate. I sent him a mail asking about it and he said i have to extract some results from hfss and then write a code in matlab to generate that plot. My problem however, is, I don't know which result in HFS
how to go about the microstrip line filter design in hfss boundry conditions, defining material and all thanks in advance
I have a 3-D vivadi antenna element in hfss, contained in cubic air box, waveport excitation. want to extend to 16X16 array simulation. From the help document, I understand I gotto set up some master/slave boundaries condition for the antenna cell. But I have no idea how to do that. could somebody please share your experience with me or (...)

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