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Hello everybody, I'm going to design a rectangular patch antenna at millimeter band on a substrate oh h=0.2mm (thickness) , the 50 ohm transmission feed line have w=0.17mm (width). Please how much size should i make for wave port(height and width). Thanks for your help
hello everyone I am working on this structure in hfss and much confused about these delay lines attatched to the circular patch. I have created this delay line using two angular arcs , ended it with polyline then cover and united all these. Now the problem is that when I give the sweep to the ?phi S? of this delay line (which is related with the
hi all, i needed help in the design of a patch array antenna in hfss antenna software. i have the experience of designing a patch antenna and also some complex fractals. but could not get a proper design equation for the array of (...)
I made a simple patch antenna in CST. Now I want to compare its results (S11) by designing it in ADS and hfss. I'm able to import DXF files from CST into hfss and ADS. I successfully simulated the design in hfss but was wondering if I can simulate the DXF file in ADS (...)
Hi all, I am supposed to design simple microstrip patch antenna with 50Ω cpw feed in hfss. I know cpw equations how to use these equations and calculate related dimensions. I also confirmed it with using some programs such as TXline and AppCAD however at the end I can't find reasonable return loss values at the desired (...)
Sir I a'm abhishek karwa having a problem in designing the microstrip patch antenna in hfss. I had tried many geometries in hfss from various research papers but i never got the same results as available in that respective paper. Sir i much confident that I'm making some silly mistake in the (...)
how will i design microstrip antenna with slot using hfss software? pls i need help In the "hfss full book" document you can find an example of slot patch antenna in details in page 220. see this link the document of the book :
:oops:Hai can any one help me in designing a square patch antenna....i am trying to design an mirostrip phased array antenna whch should resonate at 1.5Ghz........if any one hav the tutorials plz reply me.or if u hav any stimulates hfss would be very useful to me........thanking all of u (...)
hi i want to design a patch line fed ,and pifa antenna with a gain of 6 and operating frequency 900Mhz but the problem is that when i give all the relative parameters and it gives me a ready to go design in hfss it does not give any rsults and the port is also not assigned i want to know that are there (...)
Hi, You can find an example of patch antenna design with Coaxial Feed in the hfss (Online) Help. By the way, you can easily define the two feeds by using two coaxial probes, one for each patch antenna. Then you will have two excitations, one for each coaxial probe. Let me know if you still (...)
I m new in hfss.I want to design a circular antenna with dgs.Plz help me to design it.
Hello, Does anyone have an example of a patch antenna (probe fed) in Altium? I used hfss and CST to simulate a X-Band patch antenna design and I am trying to fabricate it using Altium, and I need some guidance. If there is a way to import the design, can some one explain (...)
my microstrip antenna is as shown.. 102795 plz suggest me ..what should be the boundary conditions to be assign to the patches on lower and upper side and substrate (what to assign radiation,what to assign perfect E or H) ?? (substrate is FR4-epoxy)
i am a beginer on hfss tool and i am ... i am not getting exact value we have take for the corporate feed network so plz tell me how 2 design a corporate feed network for 2*2 array patch ..plz plz do help me... and i am facing problems in optimization also so plz help me
I want to design a patch antenna array but I can t find how I can choose parameters of different feedlines (I ll use microstrip feed method )and how it will be adapted with quarter-wave length transformer array will have 4 patches ...
hi Hi I want to compare the results of patch antenna design in hfss and cst but fail to get exact gain vs frequency plot can u help n provide a small antenna design example in .hfss and cst mws file form so that they same gain vs freq and s11 vs freq curves regards (...)
Dear all, i want to design Probe-fed Microstrip patch antena with defected ground structure (DGS) in hfss. But i am facing some problem. I have design probe fed patch antenna as explained in the hfss tutorial. But there is no such information about the Probe-fed with DGS. (...)
hi All group members i am the student of final year,my project is on fractal antennna,i have made model of Sirpinski gasket antenna,everything is right,but there iis error in dimensions of polyline1 and patch.can anyone help me in this regard.
98783 pls help me to design this model in hfss.............urgently required..........give step wise explaination...
hey guys help me please... I am designing antenna based on Periodic Reactive impedance substrate for the novel design of patch antenna but know how to add output variables . Actually i have designed one cell of this antenna.... plz see the attachment....
Hi, I designed single element rectangular patch antenna in hfss... I would like to design nonlinear array antenna . Please so, help me what steps involve in hfss .
Can't such a software do it automatically? There not so much combinations for standart patch feeding. Somebody sure know how to do it in a very efficient way.
Hello,friends i want to design a 3DB coupler.working in 1.575Ghz. deg(S12-S13) is my design and the resonant frequency is not can i move the resonant frequency to 1.575. if i only change one microstrip width,the frequency didn't move. how can i set the variable in hfss.keep the lamda/4 length fix and just need to (...)
hello friend chek this new ymax microstrip patch antenna i will design
in hfss the gain that it shows doesn't get added up to the incident power.why?then what it's significance.... pls can anybody help me with this problem??
i have to design circular patch with coax feed in hfss but i m not getting any dip in s11....i m new at hfss so anyone can upload sample of circular patch all be very helpful.....thanxs a lot
Hi, I'm unable to generate the terminal solution report for our patch antenna design in hfss. Can anyone give the method of doing it? We are using a lumped port for our design.
hi i have an example about probe feed patch antenna but i don't now how to upload it
i m beginner in hfss can u tell me how plot gain vs freq graph,radiation pattern,directivity vs frequency,co and cross polarization...if any doc then upload...pls help..
Hi. I am new to hfss. I am trying to simulate the single arm metamaterial spiral antenna as the paper attached. Can anyone suggest how should I start (design the unit cell, then incorporate in the spiral arm, carry out the experiments, etc)? Everywhere i looked has solutions for patch or other configurations. Thanks
I am giving the Exact Dimensions to my Rectangular patch antenna . But it is not resonating at required Frequency! Need Urgent Help I am adding my Structure in hfss!! The Rar file First contains my design in hfss !! Plsss Respond Quick any one !
I want to change dimensions of my patch antenna to radiate 1GHz and resistance 50 ohm. I try all the time to change this dimensions but with no result at all. :-( Sub: x=20, y=18 patch: x=9.4, y=10.6 I've atached the file here. Pleasee help as soon as possible (urgently!!!!) :???: 84676
I am designing a RHCP microstrip patch antenna by cutting the diagonal slot of antenna. The operating frequency is 1575.42MHz. I am able to get the Fc through my design, but the problem is I can't get a good polarized gain and cross polarized gain. My lecturer told me the different between RHCP and (...)
i have made this probe feed patch antenna for 2.85Ghz and it iz working fine but the s-parameter is too bad.kindly tell me the way to improve the s-parameter for it ..thnks alot. antenna snaps are attached with it. 84837
hello sir/madam i have designed a rectangular patch antenna with circular polarization,,,,but i exactly dont know to measure axial ratio,,,can u please help me in fingding out axial ratio vs frequency graph,,, after designing for circular polarization ,if we dnt get axial ratio less hen 3bd,,,is the (...)
Hi, In hfss When i change the FR-4 Bulk Conductivity material from 0 to 58800000 siemens/m the patch antenna design results change dramatic, do you have any idea why it is so dramtic ? Thanks
hi all i'm new to hfss and i want to design simple square patch without any modification with coaxial cable according to the dimension given in the paper "Small Square Monopole antenna With Enhanced Bandwidth by Using Inverted T-Shaped Slot and Conductor-Backed Plane" but i don't get the results i will attach the (...)
how to design fractal antenna using ADS software/hfss 13 software,any formula to do the iterations in microstrip patch fractal antenna.thank you .:?::?::?::?:
Please help me I have design a patch antenna using CSRR How to CSRR slot is etched on the ground plane in hfss? what exactly meaning of eaching? when validate it gives error non monifold vertices found
hi how i design microstrip patch antenna with diodes like this what is procedure for such kind of designs does hfss has diode can i place it some position in designed antenna n see results? reply soon kartik
Hi can anybody tell how to increase gain of microstrip patch antenna design in hfss gain depend on which parameter length width or height Er kartik ---------- Post added at 09:53 ---------- Previous post was at 09:40 ---------- I have drawn a single patch only not array
This is my design. It is microstrip patch antenna. Help~~ Thanks
for patch antenna, download the antenna design toolkit from the ANSYS site. It is free and will create the whole patch model (several different types) for you including parameterization! Have Fun!
hi all my hfss file o microstrip patch antenna does not gives results why? validation are right but messase shows: completed with execution error regards kartik
Hi , i am student of B.Tech. I have my final year project of designing microstrip patch antena in hfss. .i am new in hfss. . Now when i calculate all the design consideration of the MPA for 2Ghz frequency as follows: Fr=2Ghz , h=7 mm L=47.02 mm ,W=60.42 mm And use teflon er=2.1 as a subsrate . . . .and (...)
hi what are the techniques or trick to increase the far field radiation intensity in hfss patch antenna kartik
Hi , I trying to learn the Probe Feed patch antenna( Co-ax Feed )...and I tried to design it in hfss but i get some errors in the Validation check Please Correct My Errors ..I attach My hfss file here.. also give me some materials about Co-ax Feed patch antenna ..... (...)
hi all does any one has tutorial for " how to design fractal shapes on microstrip patch antenna in hfss regards kartik
hi all i want to learn basic concepts for hfss design and is meant by each step in designing this tutorial so that i can design a microstrip patch antenna can u give me a good tutorial of cst microwave studio with lot of examples of design of patch (...)
i want to design a patch antenna.