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Hi everyone, I have designed a dual-band microstrip patch antenna for LTE and WiFi application. The antenna operate at 2.6GHz for LTE and 5.0GHz for WiFi. I have started the design process by designing the 5.0GHz WiFi then introduce two inverted U slots to generate the second 2.6GHz. The impedance matching for the first 5.0GHz WiFi is okay, but I c
Hi... I am new in antenna design I need help regarding impedance matching of transmission line in dual feed circularly polarised microstrip square patch antenna. Please send me design equations and document regarding this. Thanking You in advance....
Hello, I have a question about CPS Balun design for array antenna. My concern is that my array antenna have normally a common ground, for example a patch array antenna. Then I would like to convert microstrip transmission line to stripline using CPS Balun. http
Hi There, could some one please guide me in setting up T- solver simulations of cst to measure S-parameters of a patch antenna using a X-band Rectangular waveguide. Thanks in advance.
Hello! I am simulating a micro-strip patch antenna, this is one of my first steps in using the coaxial feed, I am following the tutorial to do so but I am getting a worried S parameter plot. How can I explain it?! Note: I am attaching the cst file and the S plot, hope you can help me ? Many thanks :-D 134113
Hi guys! I am here new like in a field of EM simulations. I started to use cst software for simulation microstrip patch antenna @ 5.8 GHz, feed with coaxial probe. I am interested which of the above mentioned solvers are better in sense of accuracy (which will give better matching with measured results of S11 parameter)? In addition if you have
Why do you need a step-by-step proceedure? You have already done one in HFSS, but just using a different material. Don't know the LTCC material to use? Ask your vendor for specs on the FIRED materials that he uses. Select the one that meets your criteria. When designing with LTCC, just remember to design with PRE-FIRED dimensions, but simula
I'm running simulations for an antenna patch, and i'm trying to understand the farfield 3d information that shows from green to red with numerical values assigned to this a side bar showing green to red. I remember that the more red the numerical value, the more round the corner of a square antenna patch physically has, but that's the extent of my
Hi all, I'm currently trying to design a circularly polarized patch antenna in cst for a project at university. As mentioned in the title, the antenna has to operate in the W-band with a center frequency of 77 GHz Other given properties are e.g. the substrate (Rogers RO3003, e_r = 3, h = 0.127 mm) and a minimum line width of 50 ?m. Moreover,
Although it is for patch antenna, maybe it will give some insight:
Dear All, I have simulated a patch antenna using cst 2014 the result gave me very good BW and radiation pattern, from here i am new and i have no idea how to start the fabrication, my question is how to layout the simulted patch antenna? Thank you
Can you help me how way i can get equivalent circuit from design? Which software is it possible ? cst or ADS ??
Hello guys, I tried to design a 8*8 patch antenna array at 9.9 Ghz with cst and first i designed a single element. i use the RO5880 Substrate with Er=2.2 and H=0.508 mm i would like to know if my subtrate is the best to work at this frequency and to design this kind of antenna? why when I simulate my ptach I narrive not get my point of re
Hi Dear. you can followed these steps in HFSS to create a SIW structures. 1- draw a box for substrate 2- draw patch & ground plane(top and bottom of sub respectively) 3- draw cylinders around the patch for creating the SIW. 4- select top faces of all cylinders that you draw in previous step,then go to modeler-surface-create object from face 5-selec
Can any one help with the cst model to simulate the unit cell using waveguide to come up with the phase curve (S - Curve (Phase Vs patch length)). Kindly send me the cst 2014 model for the same with the procedure.
If you really want to learn about the micro-strip patch antenna then pick any IEEE paper and try to learn how to design the same on cst or HFSS. I suggest this is the best way to gain knowledge. There are number of post, blogs and videos available online on how to design microstrip antenna.
you can use time domain solver or frequency domain for this application. time domain will solve it quicker than frequency domain. you can use waveguide port for patch antenna.
A rectangular patch (L = 76 mm, W = 50 mm, h = 1.524 mm, εr = 3.38) is powered by a coaxial probe. The central core of the connector is soldered to the patch at Dx = 29 mm, Dy = 15 mm from the bottom left corner. Theoretically this position enables the four primary modes TM10 (1.075 GHz), TM01 (1.605 GHz), TM11 (1.955 GHz), and TM20 (2.145
Howdy mates, These are two 2.4 GHz equilateral triangular patch antenna simulated by cst Studio. One has inset feeding, while the other has a coaxial feed. Hope they could be useful for someone. Attached please find the models. Have a good day Rodeoman
hello everyone, i have a mini project on triangle fractal patch antenna , i couldnt know how to make it yet, i'd like some help in conception and simulation i'll be thankful
Hi everyone! I design a patch antenna and I need that maximum level of S11 parameters would be low than -10dB. No one of defaults optimizer's operators (min, max, <, > etc.) don't let me to make this goal. How can I reach this? I heared something about User Defined Goals, but Gooogle doesn't give me more detailed information. Thanks in advi
I am using a waveguide port to excite a microstrip transmission line that feeds a patch antenna and I want to obtain the impedance values right at the entrance of the antenna. Is there a way to do it in cst. I tried to use the 'distance to ref. plane' but I could not make it work.
Can anyone guide m how to use the patch antenna array section in cst and how to design the feeding network for an antenna array?
hi me trying to design a water dense dielectric patch antenna for this i have to design L probe feed can anyone give help me about L probe desiging in cst??for this please see the attachment
I have designed a fully parameterized 2x2 microstrip patch array using Antenna Magus 5.1 Pro and estimated performance successfully. But now I want to export the antenna to cst MWS using its 'export mode'. But the dialogue box is showing "No models available to export" and I've posted the screenshot here. What am I doing
i have no idea about the desiging of sma connector in cst.i have designed water densa dielectric patch antenna now have to connect sma connector on it but i am not getting an help inn cst
Hi, first post here and in need of some help with cst Microwave Studio if possible.... I've been using cst MWS for around a year now, mostly to design RF networks and patch antennas. I've been doing lots of parameter sweeps as a result of the antenna modelling side of things although I've been tempted to use the optimiser just to see how (...)
Hi, I am designing polygonal microwave patch antenna in cst. I have to parameter sweep of feed point across different points (around 3000 points) in polygon. I have list of those points i.e co ordinate points in Matlab and also in excel. How do I import them into cst and do parameter sweep?
hello, i have a problem when i design rectangular patch antenna for GPS, there are words that say Defined reference frequency for open boundary condition (2 GHz) is larger than the lowest relevant system frequency (monitor at 1.57542 GHz). Please check open boundary settings to ensure accurate monitor results for the lowest frequency
Hello, I am facing this error : "Port number 1 and 2 have overlapping areas in mesh representation. Consider to decrease the port dimension or to refine the mesh distribution." I am trying to simulate this design in cst which uses two coaxial feeds for the lower patch and the upper patch. The coordinates for the feed location have to be (...)
Hello all, I have been using cst for the past few days to design a PIFA antenna with circular patches, circular substrate I am doing stacking, by : ground plane -substrate 1- lower patch- substrate 2- upper patch- superstrate. However, I face this issue (see attached). I seriously, don't know which option to choose from (...)
Looking your return loss, the question arises about feeding. What feeding you doing, u can start with inset feed or quaterwavelength feed. And, try matching the feed impedance with the edge impedance of patch.
Hi, I have designed a single unit cell csrr metamaterial and microstrip patch antenna using cst. I don't know how to combine these two structures together and what port (waveguide/discrete) should I used to run the simulation when they are combined. The boundary condition for metamaterial is magnetic for z axis, electric for x axis and open for y
Hello to all respected Members. Wish you to be in good helath. I simulated patch antenna and bend it different textile material for substrate as well patch.... But when I use head model phantom... then my computer slow down and my RAM is 100 utilized.... and some time..give error... also some time it g
Good Day Member, I am working on a rectenna that harvest GSM energy at 900 MHz and converts it into DC Voltage for charging a cell phone battery. From various literature review, I have made a simple patch antenna in cst MWS and designed its relevant rectifier circuit in ADS. The questions I want to ask are following: 1. In most of the rectenn
can help me? i'm designing microstrip pacth antenna with cst studio suite 2014... i got this message when i do "parametric sweep" anyone know how to solve it? the message is* "The structure update failed for at least one parameter combination. Additional inform
Does anyone here knows the difference between radiator patch and antenna microstrip patch? though the process of the design is similar, using the same software. Here i used cst. Thank you!
what would be the geometry? tubes forming some sort of patch?
I am having the same problem.Members plz antenna is to be fed from the bottom layer ground, to the patch on the top layer. can someone also give step by step instructions on creating the coaxial port. And secondly r there any formulas to calculate the precise probe feed point of 50 ohm excitation?
I am trying to simulate an antenna at 0.3 THz. I m using a wave-guide port to excite it. Its a simple patch antenna structure with SiO2 as substrates and Drude model Silver as conductors. I came across the following error. "Maximum simulation time reached, solver stopped." I know this error can be resolved by increasing the "Number of pulses" f
I am trying to simulate an sntenna at 0.3 THz. I m using a wave-guide port to excite it. Its a simple patch antenna structure with SiO2 as substrates. I came across the following error. "Maximum simulation time reached, solver stopped." I know this error can be resolved by increasing the "Number of pulses" from 20 to a higher number. I have inc
Hi to everyone I have a question that troubles me a lot and would be grateful if I could get a little help. I've designed a simple square patch antenna at 60GHz in cst (attached), frequency domain. The problem that I face is that I can't get the maximum gain at broadside. maximum is tilted by 30 degrees. I changed dimensions of the (...)
looking a way to plot the power loss versus distance or (dB) vs (distance) of a patch antenna in cst studio, thank you for your contributions
Hello, I am designing a rectangular patch antenna.but I am getting negative to make it positive in cst software.Please I need help. Thank you
Hi.. I am designing an aperture coupled metamaterial patch antenna. So through which method i should implement metamaterial i.e. srr or csrr and where to implement it on substrate or patch or ground using cst.
I made a simple patch antenna in cst. Now I want to compare its results (S11) by designing it in ADS and HFSS. I'm able to import DXF files from cst into HFSS and ADS. I successfully simulated the design in HFSS but was wondering if I can simulate the DXF file in ADS (Momentum) as well? Is it doable? Solutions?? Awaiting replies, regardsR
Dear friends, I am trying to design a u-slot aperture coupled patch antenna in millimeter-wave band (about 30 GHz) using cst and according to the picture attached. I have a few problems in the procedure: 1- I can not find "foam" in cst material library so I think I should make a new material myself. But the problem is that only the (...)
u want to make a slot in the patch or want to see the current distribution???/
I have few questions regarding coaxial connector and coaxial feed design. 1. What type coaxial connector should be used for Microstrip patch when it is fed by probe feed . Can we use normal SMA connector or any special SMA connector available. 2. When designing coaxial feed in simulator (cst or HFSS) what should be the length of the SMA connec
Hii, I am doing my final yr grad, for my proj, m required to design a circular patch in cst, m totally new to this software, from online info, i have designed a cicular patch at 10.45GHz, substrate - FR4(lossy) material substrate height - 1mm radius of the patch- 3.56mm ground nd patch height - 0.1 (...)