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Hi, I am trying to simulate SISO communication with path loss. Following are the parameters involved. n=3.5; (path loss exponent) GtGr = 5dBi (transmit antenna gain times receive antenna gain) fc = 2.5Ghz; (carrier freq) d = 50m (distance between transmitter and receiver) As we all know the basic equation for SISO (...)
i want to know how to generate in matlab the complex channel coefficients for a rayleigh fading channel that change with distance between Tx and Rx with certain path loss exponent thank you
In cellular network, I want to model channel matrix which compose of small-scale fading(Rayleigh) and large-scale fading. For large-scale fading coefficient compose of path loss and shadow fading. The shadow fading modeled as a lognormal random variable with standard (...)
Hello to everyone, I am currently working on a matlab project regarding the implementation of different adapting modulaction and coding (AMC) algorithms for a mobile TDMA communication system based on an existing matlab simulation tool developed in cooparation with my university and a company. This project runs about 1 year now. It has been alr
does anyone has matlab code for simulate cellular network?? I want to know how to create channel matrix which compose of Rayleigh distribution, distant path loss and shadow fading. Please help thank you

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