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Hi All, I have just gone through Saturn pcb calculator for calculating current carrying capacity of traces. But I doubt how accurate is it, as it gives almost same result for Internal and External Layer traces. I underastand that no calculator can give exact results but from my previous experiences I think there has to be some (...)
Transmission Line calculator. This program allows you to calculate a variety of parameters related to pcb transmission lines for a variety of different configurations and loading conditions. The current version is 2.2, updated 12/11/97. Version 2.2 corrects errors with embedded microstrip formulas in version 2.1 . See, also, our associated article
I'm Looking For You'r Opinion About The Ideal pcb Stackup Layers For Multilayer High Speed Design. i Would like To use At Least Half Of The Layers For Signals, But I Would Also Would Like To Keep Clock Layer Isolated, I also Would Preffer To Locate Voltage Plane Near To GND Layer. I'll Apretiate You'r Contribution !
mm2mil converter v. 1.09 By Circomm Electronics Inc. 2001 Simple & verey usfull utility for pcb editors to convert "mm<->mil".
A good online tool for pcb Trace width calculation. Thanks, Nerv
I have find on Thermal Man(agement) site. Many information on temperature rise, of pcb traces, very interesting, with a FREE calculator (limited to I*P*C* 22*21). And some information on I*P*C* 2*1*5*2. It's all at the moment, if some-one have other information please reply or PM. Skywalker.
Hi, Can anybody recommend a good tool for pcb signal integrity analysis?
If you use allego, the soft have such pcb trace resistor calculator,If not,Pls go to following to download free calculator:
tanveerriaz already gave that link in this post: serch on yahoo google " pcb Trace current capacity " you fine many info. for exmp.
I am trying to layout a pcb board for a test board and I have been trying to caluclate the width of a trace to make sure it is 50 ohms. I am an RF engineer and when I did my calculations I end up getting 2.54mm (milimeters) or (0.111 inches). Seems a little big but below is my parameters and attached is the picture of the paramters: H=0.062 in
Hi all, I am looking for a pcb footprint of the dsPIC30F6014. The datasheet defines it as 80 Pin TQFP. I use Protel 98 for my schematic and pcb development. Regards Rahul
I would not recommend using the UltrCad differential impedance calculator, bought or otherwise - for some reason it is based on the flawed theory that the separation between the +/- legs of a differential pair have no bearing on the impedance - a highly disregarded theory, based on an assumption that a stripline trace represents essentially the sam
Hi all, anyone know of software that can calculate impedences, and details (e.g trace width, pcb thickness) when u input RF details e.g frequency etc
Hi Folks, Can anyone give some information r refer some links for the range of voltages a 1.6 and 1mm thickness with fr4 material can withstand(2 & 4 layers)? Regards Ramesh
Dear all, I want any document, tools, or calculators about RF pcb design.
hi. who uses high frequency dielectric materials for high speed pcb designs, who dont, and why? in an AMD appnote they use standard FR4 for a board, where the highest speed bus is 400MHz DDR memory bus. for a same speed board, intel uses some HF material, with Er about 3.2. In the appnote, they tell the width and thickness, 4/5 mils. they
I wanna know the effective resistance of copper wire on pcb. Since the effective resistance influence the compenstaion of PWM power IC, the copper resistance will generate a zero , but we can't estimate the value, it will influent the stability.
I have prepared an useful pcb spreadsheet ,Which contains the following most useful pcb calculators and Please check the output generated by these calculator for the accuracy before use. The calculators have been designed to work the best to our knowledge.Kindly find the attachment (...)
Hi I am looking for hi voltage pcb trace clearance calculator Thanks
Hi, What are the things to take note of when designing a pcb for RF circuit ?
There are free pcb transmission line 2D field solvers that can be used. TNT ( ), has a good interface and gives good results. MDTL ( ) isn't as well developed, but it still gives good results for differential traces. If all you want are close numbers, and precision isn't requ
Hi can any one explain, what will be the effect on RF performance if the physical length is changed and what is the meaning of electrical length. pls find the attached txlin calculator
You can also used Polar calculator but its need a license.. ---------------------------------------------
Download pcb trace calulator program. Download pcb Design Training catalog too for PADS, Hyperlynx, OrCAD and Allegro pcb editor training.
pcb Trace Temp Rise calculator
Hi, Is there any single tool which has Power rating calculator (Via, trace), Impedance calculator, Cree page, IPC foot prince calculator (IPC 7351), and CAM view. Basically I want all pcb related software in one tool. Regards, N.Raghavan
Assume two 50-Ohm tracks, one is 1mm track width and the other is 5mm track width. The wider track would get smaller loss. Can someone advise the theoretical formula for the loss calculation agaist track width? Thanks.
Hi, Does anyone have an idea what is the (very) high volume (100k+) price difference between six layer (4Sig, 2planes) vs 10 layer (6sig, 4 planes). Or, any web based calculator (haven't had luck locating one) for high violume pcb. I am inclined to try with 6layer, but then the traces must be 4mill and not well protected, I am facing EMI/EMC iss
I am a newbie in RF pcb (LAYOUT) design field. I only know about the impedance calculation of the straight micrstrip line. Please help me about how to start learning the RF pcb design, consideration of bendings, effect of impedance by bending of track, how to design layout when high freq and low freq are together in the same pcb, etc. (...)
can anybody tell about constraint manager for pcb of 4 layer - prepeg thickness,fr4,copper thickness.etc.,this is for get to impedance controll on the tracks(selected ones). i hope you will help in this matter.
Hey, I have a board that have some signals, that will have non repetitive pulses of 8A 20 mSeg long. The problem, is that my board don't have enoght space to use a 150 mils or more to meet the 8A current in average mode. Do somebody has a I2t (current vs time) formula for the widht of trace in pcb?. Do somebody has s
Hi all, I found (randomly searched) one side for small projects- for (not only)beginners... calculator complies with ANSI/IPC-D-275 and IPC-2221 design standards for pcb trace width. pcb trace widths are calculated using following formulas; I = 0.0150 x dT 0.5453 x A0.7349 for inte
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Hi Naresh, You can check thes (updated) topic_"pcb Trace width calculator"_too: K.
I have to design the layout of an embedded device with bluetooth interface. I use an STM bluetooth module and an antenova Chip Antenna. In this contest, I have to design the Antenna Matching Circuit to adapt the Impedance value between Antenna and Module. It is very important to calculate the Impedance value of the trace that I have routed from
Hi all, I am going to create a set of rules for different type of pcb class dimension in Altium. Can anyone tell me what are the width for the power and ground signals? I have set the width of signals line to 4,5,6,8 and 10mils accordingly for PC-4, PC-5, PC-6, PC-8 and PC10. Now I want to know is it power and ground line should be the sam
Hi, I am looking for information about low to medium volume pcb assembly cost in Asia where the components mostly SMD. Considered low volume if the board qty < 1000, and medium volume if the board qty is above 1000 and up to 10000. Searching the web didn't give enough clue, hoping someone with real experience will share. TIA, Ichan.
Hi. I am trying to make an inverter circuit. The thickness of copper on my pcb is 35 microns (.035 mm).. to carry a current of 12 A how much should be the track width.. The base material for the pcb board is glass epoxy .. any precautions to be taken for this current level ?
Hi!, i want to build my own patch antenna for my huawei echolife BM622, which operates at 2.5 - 2.7 ghz. I have no background on telecommunications, so i need some references like ebooks,tutorials,software or a schematic diagram/layout of the antenna will be much appreciated. Hope you can help me with my problem. Thanks in advance:-P
I would like to reduce manufacturing costs. Can I combine pcbs of two different projects and make to a single pcb.
I would recomend going for the IPC-7351 footprints, they are becoming the de-facto industry standard. The viewer is free and will give you all the information you want for nothing: IPC-7351 Land Pattern calculator and Tools
hi. i'm learning to use spectre simulation tool. can someone teach me how to display open loop gain wrt to frequency using spectre calculator? in hspice I can plot like v(vx) vf .pz v(vx) dec 100 10 100000Meg .print vdb(vx) vdb(vf) how about in spectre? and also how to alter two parameters
Hi, I've been wondering if the routing my boards in a certain way makes me save money on the pcb Bare board tests. I route the board in order to have the minimal number of end points as possible. Each end point will require a nail in the fixture. 59187 The questions are: 1) Having fewer nails is good or n
hello, I want to know how to check the width of the track that supports a value of current flowing through this track in the pcb design ? thanks
The pcb Toolkit has a planar inductor calculator. Saturn pcb Design - pcb Design Service | Electronic Engineering
Wider the trace, lesser its impedance, hence higher is the current flow. Similar thread was discussed in EDA board on The Blog ? pcb Trace Width calculator . Also I found following links to be very useful in calculating track width for a desired
Hi,ark I used some calculator which shows that if I use 2 oz. copper, I need 7 mm. That would be too wide. If I used even thicker copper, I'm afraid that I would be not good for other trace, or unless we could design the thickness of copper for certain trace? would it be a good idea to use 2 oz. copper with 1mm width and cover it with solder layer
Hi, I am designing a pcb substrate (FR4 with 1mm thickness) to place 4 pads chip on top, and then it has a thru hole connect to the bottom layer of the pcb, and the pcb will be mounted on a flex circuit. What is the best way in controlling the impedance of the pcb substrate since it do not have traces (only pads with (...)
Hi All, Have you ever used any "FREE", or "OPEN SOURCE" tool for creating & editing the pcb Stack up ? I am aware of tools such as Polar instruments, but they are licensed tools. Any help will be of great use.
Hello. In pcb design ... I am quite confused about determine pcb clearance. Generally my default Signal lines are 10mil Trace Width and 10mil Clearance. Now what Clearance I need to use for a +12V Line which may draw max 3A? I set 40mil Trace Width for this high Voltage Line, is 40mil good enough to pass 3AMP? Can anyone advice me ... abou