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Hi! My work is generally limited to power electronics and therefore I do not have much of experience with high frequency signal transmission. However, an application requires carrying 5 digital lines, from one portion of a 4-layer pcb to another portion. Length of traces will be approx 50mm. Frequency is 24MHz. 1. Do I need some special treatm
You know that Saturn pcb toolkit does the calculation?
Use the latest Saturn pcb tool, it uses current standards - many other calculators give different results because they use outdated information. Or use a calculator and do it manually. Me - I'd rather use the pcb Toolkit.
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Hi all, There are two different dielctric constant for Rogers pcb material in their datasheet; "Dielectric Constant" and "Design Dielectric Constant". For example, Ro3006 has dielectric constant of 6.15 and design dielectric constant of 6.5. I check a line calculator (MWI-2013 from Rogers itself), that uses some empirical formula to calculat
If I have a six layer LED driver pcb of 6 layers, 2 oz copper on every layer.......... what is the approx. cost difference of having different inter layer thicknesses as follows... 0.4mm thickness interleaving board sections 0.3mm thickness interleaving board sections 0.2mm thickness interleaving board sections
this might help:
Polar Instruments
Look at this, for starters: I'd also be concerned about large variations in your 60 amp currents, which will induce HORRENDOUS noise on your digital lines.
Hi, Im developing a triac circuit for a high current switching application. And i was able to find this triac TIC263 which can support 25Arms continuous current. The triac comes in a SOT-93 package. but im confused as what to use as the base of my circuit. I cant use pcb because the tracks would have to be massive to support 25Arms and i cant w
Saturn pcb calculator will help you search HERE
hello all, R there any specific standard or formula for deciding width of the track according to current?? I am a pcb designer and have designed some boards but i just used simple logic that u should make width as wider as possible for higher current or power ckts. but this question of specific width for specific current was occured in
Got to and download the "pcb Desing Tool Kit. It can do what you want, and a lot more !!!!!!!!!
Hi to all.I want design pcb for 2GHZ to 2.5 GHZ.HOW can I provide 50 Ω for my pcb? w=.24mm er=3.48 h=.8mm T=78?m
Dear All: In the online calculator below, there is an input called Via Length, is it the via height? like, the vertical distance between top& bottom planes for a through hole via. More to ask, what value should I fill for "Applied Current" in Optional
Hi, If i give 12V for a pcb and current passing through it is 5A. This board in turn supplies voltage for some other pcbs. The distance between two end pcb is 2 meters. How much width should i give for a supply voltage track so that the voltage drop is 0.5V between the two end pcbs. 91452 Thanks, Murugesh
How many stitch vias should I add to a pcb? I have added stich vias close to where signals changes reference planes and also near all bypass capacitors. But how many stitch vias besides this should I add? Any web links where I can read more about this? Any books that explains these kind of quastions?
Yes, I am doing that one. Actually, I have finished my desgin and when I do it practically, the pcb technician told me that the gap in my Balun design is quite small. So, I need to improved my design without changing the result. DO u have any ideas? Hi, you need to pass from a umbalanced mode to a balanced one. The bal
Hi All, I have just gone through Saturn pcb calculator for calculating current carrying capacity of traces. But I doubt how accurate is it, as it gives almost same result for Internal and External Layer traces. I underastand that no calculator can give exact results but from my previous experiences I think there has to be some (...)
Hello all, Does one pair of odd and even impedance correspond to an unique set of w, s, l of the coupled microstrip line ? With the ADS line calculator, the s and w sometimes is smaller than 0.1 mm it's too small for hand making pcb! Thank you for helping!!
Hi,everybody We are a pcb manufacturer, support dealer service. Our new website platform supports Instant Price calculator ( Professional pcb manufacturing services of electronic experimentation. 2-layer up to 11.9USD, and 4-layer up to 47USD.(No blind or buried via hole) Support the Gerber f
Nowadays, pcb companies have their websites equipped with instant quote tools. And trying these tools is a hassle as you have to input more and more data. Even after providing data to these tools, its quotes and the official quotes have a lot of discrepancies. I do not like surprises. Can anyone provide me the link that complies with my concern?
Derating of current/voltage depends on ambient temperature and pcb material. for further information please refer following link hope this is helpful.
The project was inspired by LINK . In this case, the pcb was made again, because of used Russian lamps IW-6 from an old ELWRO calculator, different AC outlet and
Hi, Just Try "Saturn pcb Design" tool (FreeWare). as i think it can do.
Download this toolkit: pcb Via Current | pcb Trace Width | Differential Pair calculator | pcb Impedance
try tool from saturn Saturn pcb Design - pcb Design Service | Electronic Engineering it wont give you fulll layer stackup analysis but help you to calculate impedance,spacing etc.
There is not that much difference between plated and rolled copper. The Blog ? pcb Via calculator Read the comments at the bottom, there is other info regarding this.
Hi, I am designing a pcb substrate (FR4 with 1mm thickness) to place 4 pads chip on top, and then it has a thru hole connect to the bottom layer of the pcb, and the pcb will be mounted on a flex circuit. What is the best way in controlling the impedance of the pcb substrate since it do not have traces (only pads with (...)
Wider the trace, lesser its impedance, hence higher is the current flow. Similar thread was discussed in EDA board on The Blog ? pcb Trace Width calculator . Also I found following links to be very useful in calculating track width for a desired
The pcb Toolkit has a planar inductor calculator. Saturn pcb Design - pcb Design Service | Electronic Engineering
hello, I want to know how to check the width of the track that supports a value of current flowing through this track in the pcb design ? thanks
Hey guys, I have been told that there exist some kind of standard time used to calculate how long assembly of a pcb would take in general. I have searched on google and all I can find is this manual that cost 1000$, but ofc I am looking for something "open source" aka. free :) Does any of you know these standard times or know where I can find a t
You can try The Blog ? pcb Trace Width calculator or ANSI pcb Track Width calculator Alex
hi, I use OrCad pcb Editor 16.3 I create footprints all the time. I do not love it. I am very good at it. Can anybody direct me to: 1) downloaded libraries specific to OrCad pcb Editor 16.3 2) Free 3rd party software tools to create footprints. LP Wizard cost money. LP calculator not downloadable, only get it with purchase of IPC (...)
Try google , there is a lot of calculators for that. ANSI pcb Track Width calculator The Blog ? pcb Trace Width calculator
pcb Trace Width
Hi, Can anybody recommend a good tool for pcb signal integrity analysis?
Im currently designing a pcb with GPS circuit. The GPS antenna stated the signal to have 50ohms. Is the consideration for the line width same as in digital signal. I get thin line width so im confused. Any suggestion would be a great help. Thanks
You have to know what is the Dielectric of the material you are using to get λ εr = ?. If you put those dimensions listed on a pcb w/ εr = 4.3 it might be good, but if your pcb has an εr = 9 it might be way off. Look for APPCAD or go to Rogers pcb website and look for a free web transmission line (...)
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Hi all, I found (randomly searched) one side for small projects- for (not only)beginners... calculator complies with ANSI/IPC-D-275 and IPC-2221 design standards for pcb trace width. pcb trace widths are calculated using following formulas; I = 0.0150 x dT 0.5453 x A0.7349 for inte
Hey, I have a board that have some signals, that will have non repetitive pulses of 8A 20 mSeg long. The problem, is that my board don't have enoght space to use a 150 mils or more to meet the 8A current in average mode. Do somebody has a I2t (current vs time) formula for the widht of trace in pcb?. Do somebody has s
Hi, Is there any single tool which has Power rating calculator (Via, trace), Impedance calculator, Cree page, IPC foot prince calculator (IPC 7351), and CAM view. Basically I want all pcb related software in one tool. Regards, N.Raghavan
Download pcb trace calulator program. Download pcb Design Training catalog too for PADS, Hyperlynx, OrCAD and Allegro pcb editor training.
You can also used Polar calculator but its need a license.. ---------------------------------------------
Hi, Can anyone help me in understanding what is the significance of Electrical Length in designing a microstrip? When I change the electrical length parameter, it doesnot effect characteristic impedance, only the physical length got changed. Then, what is the role of this parameter and how should i take care while designing RF pcb at 2.4GH