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Hello, every one. I should introduce my self first :) My name is Dragos, i'm 30 years old, and i'm from Romania. I'm an electronics engineer. About 2 years ago I woke up at 6 (instead of 7) cause my girlfriends birthday was coming up and I wanted to make for her a small heart shaped circuit that lights up at night. She doesn?t like the dark and
Hi dear, We're a Chinese MANUFACTURER, mainly produces cnc pcb Routing Machine and cnc pcb Drilling Machine. Products are mainly used for processing Aluminum pcb, FR4 pcb and Rigid pcb, FPC and Acrylic etc. Machines are with features: 2 or 4 heads KLKJ Ball bearing (...)
Even though we now have 3D printers and technology has become a lot more advanced and cheaper. What options exist to manufacture pcbs at home? I am not talking about the UV and etching method. I am talking about using some sort of mechanical device. I think people call it milling machines. Are there any cost effective options available today?
Hi, I need some advise from you guys....:) I run a small company whare I develop and produce electronics. All in house... When I need to make a protype or just need to produce a small quantity of pcb's, I use a cnc router to do this. But it is very time consuming and more expensive to do the trace routing, compared to etching. So I'm thi
Friends please tell me any body I am starting the pcb fabrication industry single layer and double layer I want to purchase cnc machine for drill and routing purpose please tell me any body which one is best in low cost means 1500$ to 2500$
Hi everybody. Some time ago I started to design/develop an USB controlled cnc machine, intended mainly for pcb drilling. In this post I'm trying to show my work until now. The attachment contains a PDF file with the schematics of control board, based on PIC18F4550 from Microchip and also a ZIP file with gerbers of pcb for this controller (...)
Wow great Hexgon pcb in your video :) Strsngelly it has 8 sides :)
Walaikumassalam, You can try to make pcb cnc milling machine. Using this machine any one can make a pcb prototype within a short time. See the youtube link here
Hi I am searching for a pcb cnc machine which can make double sided pcb with good accuracy. So I need suggestions from experts :)
Hi, Assume you know the price of the laser devices ? Trouble is you do not really define your current and future needs very well; basic things like board size, volume / quantity per day, etc etc At seemingly $75,000 a pop over 7 years that $10,000 year for bare prototype boards without tinning, plating though, coatings or silks etc etc.
hy friends, How to generate cnc Drill File In Protel 99SE software... I Generated all Gerber file with NC drill File.....But Dn't knw how to generate cnc Drill File..... Help me PLZ.....
I need some basic help. I am working with an older cnc machine controlled by a pcb (which controls 24vdc step motors). I wish to use an Arduino or Pi to control this from my computer interface (i.e., digitally) I have 7 lines from the MASTER pcb that need to go to the ARDUINO to control everything. Line 1 - Ready analog voltage READY (...)
Similar complex-form shields are mass-produced of plastic and covered with copper or aluminum layer. Good contact is often made from a braid laid in grooves in the shield form, to optimize the contact between the shield and a pcb or the other half of the shield. Open a cell phoe to see the details.
@Josephakash07...Hi, do you know about 'toner transfer method' of pcb etching?..pls check my behance profile may be this will help you,some photos and videos are there related to this.pls feel free to contact me if you need any additional details
yes it feels quite nice to have made my first board Plus I did it on my own cnc machine. I spent all weekend making a vac bed for my machine that didn't work how I wanted it to, My pcb board was to bent for the vac to work. with this in mind I'm going to increase the size of the intake holes from 6mm to a whopping 32 mm as I have some old pvc p
Hi everyone! I really need help from the people here as i'm really new to cnc and pcbs 1) I would like to know what are the methods used to measure board thickness variation of pcbs? 2) I understand that there are machines that can measure the thickness of panels by double mapping first the machine bed and then the panel surface(the (...)
Does anyone have any recommendations on where to purcahse a cnc router for 2 layer pcb's? I don't need anything fancy, just something to mill out DIP and TO-220 package layouts. I prefer purchasing Made in America. Thanks!
Hi! my boss just decided to buy a professional cnc Milling system for pcb prototypes, but we dont have enough information about which one should we choose? LKPF s60 or Acuratecnc a362or any other brand? i dont know about most , hope any one here can help me to decide, also want to consider about availability of the accessories and (...)
i want to know whether any company produce cnc pcb milling machine for commercial manufacturing of circuit boards
Hello, I have designed pcb in protel 98 and using NC drill file for cnc drilling. The drill path is very lengthy. Does protel have drill path optimisation option while generating NC Drill file? Or is there any other way to optimise drilling sequence? Thanks deepak
Hi All i want to make home made cnc router for pcb engraving . from where i should start ? i havn,t vast knowledge of electronics :roll:
Fiducial Marks - Fiducial marks are used to provide visual alignment points for the automatic assembly of a pcb. They serve as reference points for the optically aligned pick-and-place cnc machine that picks up and places all of the surface mount components on the pcb board. Each Panel needs at least 3 fiducial marks to provide alignment
dear all i want to know how much it costs the following prototype pcb , count one pcb i need to know the cost for the double & the single including cnc-drilling-green mask nothing else including also shipment to cairo - egypt thanks all
Hi all, I have bought a cnc pcb milling machine. Included was Ncstudio and coppercam. The problem is that coppercam does not accept smd pads. It makes them "hollow" I have talked to the creator of coppercam and he confirmed that it was not possible to use smd pads. So I found out that my layout program Sprint-Layout supported the export
Draw the board outline in MECHANICAL layer in Altium. Generate the mechanical gerber along with the other layers and send it to pcb fabricator. This should solve your problem. -Nishal
Hi'i want to cut pcb's like circle shape.normally 8 inch,10 inch 12 inch and 15 inches radius.normally 100 pieces each radius.can i get any information about how can do it easy and fast .thanks
Hi, (For Administrator check) I am not sure if this post is in the right place, please move it if needed. After a lot of struggling to cnc machine a board designed in Eagle, finally succeeded with a test board (many thanks to all forums on the internet). Now switching to a board I am going to use, which has 7 of LM7809 to supply power for
I want to make an automatic pcb drilling machine...hw should i extract coordinates to be drilld ? Can i get them from dxf file? Is it feasible? If yes,are there any particular format for drill points in a dxf file Please help me
what's the trick to getting good alignment between the top and bottom layer when milling a pcb?
Dear all , I have 5 pcb designs where done by auto cad ,I want to convert them to pcb file ,like (V-cut .cnc. qty. and so on ) Best regards M.Tarifi
I would like to present my homemade cnc for pcb routing. It has a floating head so height adjustment isn't critical. It is made of plastic. Max speed is 1400mm/sec. (It has Nema 17 steppes so there is not much torque) Later i will post photos of pcb I've made with it. images.ele
I have a manual tool-change Bungard CCD :). I bought it primarily for drilling and routing board outlines after I put a 1.2mm pcb drill through the end of my finger. I started drilling boards after wet etching but I found registration far better when drilling the board beforehand.
Can somebody recommend a cnc pcb mill suitable for personal use?
i am confused with laser powers , i want to make a cnc pcb machine as a final project . any body having a work experience on LASER's ? what power is enough (no more no less) which can etch , drill , and cut a (copper clad) pcb board . i just want to use a single laser module . would i use 10w-20w CO2 or less power would (...)
I want to buy cnc pcb Router Machine FROM China, Specially from Shenzhen. Because when we will go to china it would be better for us to stay at China. So can anybody please inform me some useful link or company that manufacture cnc pcb router at Shenzhen.
Hello Friends, I am a Robotics Hobbyist. I always wanted to have a pcb Milling Machine, but commercially available ones are pretty expensive. And I don't have a great deal of knowledge to build one myself. If you guys can provide links of where I can start for a DIY Machine. I mean theories behind cnc machines, mechanics and stuff. Th
I need help for pic16f628 cnc machine 4 pcb; machine to design pcb without etching
Hello! I'm new with cnc (Kosy3) and I have a layout in Eagle 5.2 that I will mill with my cnc. My cnc can import DFX files, is there any posibility to get thes files from Eagle? Thanks H?kan
Methinks putting both pcb manufacturing & assembly in the same plant is not a good idea.
Hi, We are planning to make a mid size pcb manufacturing plant. so far i have planned for the work flow is as follows: my max board size is a4 1) Drilling the Fiducials using a cnc drill machine. 2) Drilling the DIL holes using the same cnc machine. 3) Through hole plating. (Please advice in PTH.) 3) Mill the track using a (...)
Hi, We are planning to make a mid size pcb manufacturing plant. so far i have planned for the work flow is as follows: my max board size is a4 1) Drilling the Fiducials using a cnc drill machine. 2) Drilling the DIL holes using the same cnc machine. 3) Through hole plating. (Please advice in PTH.) 3) Mill the track using a laser (...)
Hi, I've made a NC drill file in protel, and now i have to drill the singelside pcb board with my cnc machine, but the NC drill layout i displayed from the Top layer, and i want to drilled it's from the bottom layer. please help best regards PicBlaster
The BEST selfmade Hardwarecontroller to make from Step/Dir to an real DC Servomotor Uli`s Homepage: The Proz UHU Proz Komplett pcb , Circuit usw. Werner Startmann`s Online Analyzer: www.peters-cn
I am also in the process of making one myself for cnc milling and drilling of pcb. However I'm stucked with the mechanical parts of it which quite difficult to obtained. On the 3-axis stepper driver I plan to built the Linistepper driver which have microstepping and looks like having smoother control on the stepper motor.
Follow this thread for cnc drilling mc There are many manual pcb drilling mc found in the DIY store.
i saw the machine posted on ebay for $4000 US. this is not practical solution for hobbiest.. does anyone have a design/build project for a pcb router that can do 0.005" inch min trace and 0.00025" resolution? Mr.Cool
That hi-tech piece of machine cost >30KUSD! unless you have a fat bank acc. we hobbyist couldn't afford one! It is the same machine for pcb routing as LPKF one and in the same price range. For us hobbyist we are more interested to built one using COTS parts and you can find one somewhere in this forum.
cnc pcb Drilling Machine
it looks good one...How do you feed the cnc drill file you generate from pcb file? How do you take reference of origin. Is this available in english?
I have been told also that the tools can break easily and are expensive - if you do not make a lot of differents pcb with it, it's better (cheaper) to order your pcb from a specialized company such as olimex ?