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How can P*otel? protel :) I advice u u read a bit this document. With protel only, it might be hard... :) And I heard that this "method" need several prototypes and component implementaton can cause difference as well. Like I've seen something on the inet : I
what is the layout will be for , RF pcb or IC layout khouly
Hi.. I have an interesting query. Is there is any company to which can convert pcb based design into chip ? Also, is it true that every pcb can be coverted into chip ? If it is not true please give some exceptions ?
any company here ineterested with my expertise! I'm very willing to relocate!(europe, usa, singapore etc.) i'm a senior pcb layout design engineer from philippines just send pm
hi! you can find ebooks regarding pcb in ...and lots more. If you need circuit, why not try simple circuits such as power suply with bridge type configuration. hope this helps. :D blastronics
Hello , After I search in this forum ,I found that problem of AD7730 interfacing is a pcb layout design . Anybody can share experiance of failure or success of AD7730 interfacing , pls help me to share them. There are some question about AD7730:- 1. Which power supply is suite for AD7730 , switching power supply or linear power supply ?
Can anyone explain or point me towards any papers that have been published to describe coil behaviour beyond the self resonance of a spiral pcb coil. I have created two different length pcb coils, both with similar inductance and self resonant frequecies but viewing the impedance of the (...)
Hi All, Am using Expediton pcb and design capture SP1. I have drawn the schematic and I have used more than 6 characters for pin numbers (S1-TOP_A11) but the report writer doesnt shows the report more than 4 character. i.e S1 is device ref.designator and TOP_A11 is the pinnuumber but now i get only TOP_ from the report writer. Coul
Hi, wich software to calculate UHF and VHF pcb coil? (spiral, round, linear ect) Best regards Leemarrow
Does anybody want to outsource the pcb layout design? we can undertake it for you with reasonable price,smooth co-operating and time-to-market tactic we have four layout engineers all with five years experience on pcb layout design for high speed signal upto 10GHz. skilled at implimenting design with DFX (...)
Hi, I have 8+ years of experience in pcb layout design field.Now I'm doing freelance work. My expertise are - designing commercial boards,ATE boards,Bench boards,evaluation boards. - Library creation - Reverse engineering boards - Working upto 40 layer boards - Using PADS,Allegro,Orcad tools I'm sure that I will (...)
Is anybody here using this pcb layout design tool software? (CADVANCE by YDC) If so can you please help me out with the following questions: 1. Is it possible to attain the expected performance of the software for the following set-up: Layout Editor server license and Concurrent server license is in another country(ex. Japan) while the U
Hi, I'm very new, but please, I need some help After designing with design View of Mentor's an schematic, compiled with CDB, and no error appeared. I tried to open in pcb, from design View, and directly from Expedition pcb, but the error Job Wizard: Failed to copy all files appeared. In (...)
Hi, I would like to design antenna for inductive coupled circuits. To be more specific, I want to connect device for impedance measuring with passive LC humidity sensors. On the sensor, capacitance is variable due the presence of moisture. Resonant frequency of the sensors is in range 20-80 kHz (I have several) and impedance measuring sy
Hi, i am making a board with a video chip and in the recomended circuit there is a coil components that is suppose to between 0.1 to 0.4n. this component has a note that says: * Formed by the printed circuit pattern (L = 0.5 to 1.0mm/W = 0.5 to 1.0mm) i was wondering how exactly i do that, i never made a coil using the pcb traces (...)
1. INVESTIGATION OF CURRENT RETURN PATHS IN FOUR pcb 2. design and pcb Layout for Dynamic Memories 3. New Alternatives for Power Bus Decoupling in pcb 4. TV1 Power Bus Noise Measurements
the frequency i m using is 433MHz. any other special considerations for pcb layout Munib since the design come under high speed design it is good to go through Regards binu G
here are some books for referance on pcb design
you can find everything about pcb from design to Iplementation and layout in the following link
if you have software of this programmer plz upload it. Added after 58 minutes: THIS IS SCHEMATIC WITH ORCAD9.2. NEXT pcb UPLOADED.
This link should contain some useful information on pcb antenna design: Regards, IanP
Hi All, Iam having exp of 5 years in pcb Board design in telecom field. Looking for good MNC or indian companies in Board (pcb)design field. Can u please list the best companies in Bangalore,INDIA regards, Srilu
Hai, Any body can show me some links to read about the RF pcb design Technique. thanks in adv. ks
Hello, Recently I received a pcb stackup design from my client that I feel the design is very odd, but I'm not sure whether the design can be fabricated or not? please refer in the following enquiries: 1) Client intended to use 3 layers(1 copper foil +1 core with 1oz of copper at top and bottom) to form a lamination (...)
they are similiar in some parts. from pcb layout design to ic layout. for the floorplan, they should be the same, and the routing signals should be thought in the same way. but for the IC layout, you need to have some basic knowledge of the how the geometries being drawn into different devices. and some of the basic rules for matching devic
hi. As i heard, most of the companies, especially the big ones separate the schematics and the pcb design for different people. why is it? -because it worked 30 years ago with simplier circuits? -because it works very well? (I dont think so) -because the managers want to separate the required knowledge between employees, to easily replace
hello may i know what are the softwares avilable for Hich speed pcb Board design. and which is the best among them
Hi I want to know about "Ceramic pcb" & Its design constraints? I mean pcb routing & its settings. If any one know about this..Please Help me... Regards. SWAROOP
People, I need design a pcb antenna for a Mifare reader, but my antenna need to be more bigger than antenna suggested in Mifare IC datasheets. For this reason, I'm finding a good book or software about topic. Anyone can help?? thks, leomecma
new using hfss.i dont know how to assign port and boundary in pcb layout.i upload my design.i hope anybody can help me.plz.i need ur help.plz
Dear Edaboard people, I wish to establish a general approach for determining the trace characteristics required for a Opto-Isolator's dry contact feature. My circuit includes a common 9-PIN D-Type and an Opto-Isolator that are connected on the pcb via various traces and vias. In my opinion, all traces should be solid on external layer (TOP) and
Hello, I am new at pcb layout design, and I am looking for any book or tutorial which could guide me through the full process: the more it goes into details, the better it is because it could help me to understand and learn. It doesn't matter which program it refers to. Can you help? Thanks
Hi, any body have the different types of Key patterns for pcb layout design?let me know. thanks and regards havi
I am a newbie in RF pcb (LAYOUT) design field. I only know about the impedance calculation of the straight micrstrip line. Please help me about how to start learning the RF pcb design, consideration of bendings, effect of impedance by bending of track, how to design layout when high freq and low freq are (...)
I am an electronics engineer with over 10 years experience in CMOS integrated circuits design and CMOS/BiCMOS IC layout design . If you need my services in IC layout design and pcb layout design please find more details at and don't hesitate to contact me.
Hi, where do I buy pcb wil coil, 100 microns Cu winding width, 35 microns winding height, 200 microns winding pitch, and a number of windings between 4 to 10? Thank you.
Hi I'm provding pcb Layout design jobs service. I have experience around 10 years in PADS, ALLEGRO, PROTEL Very cost effective & excellent technical service Any one needs our pcb layout service, let us know
Hi lixnig, Did you checked it i.e.: K.
Yes you can export design rules from one pcb to another. In your pcb rules and Contains Editor there are two section. Right click in the left section where the design rules are listed and select export rules or import rules. Then another panel opens and there you highlight all the rules you would like to export. Use the same (...)
hi I am a freshman in pcb design area. I have a question about pcb fabrication : After finishing your pcb design for fabrication ordering this pcb what design files are needed ? Suppose someone work with Protel99 or Altium designer or (...)
hello guyz, My Advisor want me to design a MRI RF coil by using HFSS.Problem is I am very much new to the HFSS. I need to operate this coil at two different frequencies 64 Mhz(1.5T) and 300 Mhz(7T).That means 64 Mhz and 300 Mhz should also be the resonance frequencies.Feeding should be L or C and I need to match the impedance to (...)
Hi all, Check the following link for a Complete pcb design for the Electrical Engineer: Complete pcb design for the Electrical Engineer - Mentor Graphics Best regards.
I'm a freelance pcb layout designer. I have 8+ years experience in all kind of pcb layout designs like ATE,commercial boards,evaluation boards. Now i'm giving free schematic service for any type of pcb designs. If anyone interested pls contact
Hello, I want to design a coil for transmitting power into the brain (<50Hz frequency) using transcranial magnetic stimulation. Can I do it in ansoft HFSS?? If so, how should I give the excitations. If not, what other software can I use??? thanks in advance.
Hi All, I have a question about different types of pcb in terms of designs.. Can someone explain me them and what they mean? eg: ATE, load boards, reference boards, eval boards etc... and what are they used for?
Hello, I want to design coils in HFSS. A transmitting coil and a recieving coil for wireless power transfer and see the radiation pattern. My frequency is 450 KHz. I am doing this in ansoft, so I have to have an airbox right? But lamda for my case is 666m. lamda/4 is 666/4m which should be the air box size then. But my (...)
Hi everyone. Finally I was able to finish the clone. I based mine on this design: I've attached my design with a few modifications, which have been discussed in this forum, on my previous thread. Also attached is the pcb layout I created from scratch, using Proteus ISIS and ARES. My
Hi Group, I have been designing my low to medium speed (below 1Gbps or 2.5Gbps) pcbs in Atlium designer using FR4 material. I found Altium designer as very easy and very smart tool when it comes to schematic design, pcb layout design, pin swapping, parameter management, (...)