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Hello. I am making a SSTC (Solid State Tesla coil). That's a device which converts mains power (directly powered from 230V socket) to high voltage (100kV +). The halfbridge is made of two IGBTs which are switched at around 200kHz (or less, I might go for 100kHz or so in the end). I'd like to design my single-sided pcb well but I don't (...)
I have used it for simulation of RFID coupler coils and pcb trace self and mutual inductance as well as skin effect losses. Yes, you need some time to become familiar with the description language. You can also visualize your geometry file with the FastModel tool.
i am trying to simulate a core-less pcb transformer with maxwell 14 3d . my problem is that i have assigned coil terminals to 2 faces of a copper spiral but when i validate the design i get this error for my terminal: Project3 (C:/Users/mine/Documents/Ansoft/) Maxwell3Ddesign1 (Transient) Illegal external (...)
The pcb Toolkit has a planar inductor calculator. Saturn pcb design - pcb design Service | Electronic Engineering
in some vco design about 2GHz,the supply of BJT cross through a inductor.the inductor is not film or coil type. the package is 0805,and look like a spire inductor.but it's not desgined on the pcb,it's a device could be installed.i guest the inductor could provide a high Q.could anyone told me the manufacture factory or the Part Number?thanks!
A rough rule of thumb is 1nH per millimeter of straight track so 6.2nH is a very small inductor paticularly if you need some bends in it. Printed coils have high flux leakage and are affected by close metal objects such as other components or a metal box. You may need to fabricate several iterations of the pcb design or do a full (...)
Hi all I have to design a pcb for a device which use RF-ID and i'm wondering which software i can use for this. I use O*cad and Pr0tel and none of them can design or calculate the parameter of the coil on pcb. I wait for your sugesstions. Thanx a lot.
It seems that concern is pcb board design not a PSM core!
Yes, an air-coil wire antenna is better than a pcb antenna assuming that you are using an usual FR4 material. This due to higher loss. You can try to use a wire length of lambda/8. Theoretically the circularly coil give the best radiated resistance. You can flattened the coil and measure what gain you get, before and (...)
How can P*otel? protel :) I advice u u read a bit this document. With protel only, it might be hard... :) And I heard that this "method" need several prototypes and component implementaton can cause difference as well. Like I've seen something on the inet : I

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