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How can P*otel? protel :) I advice u u read a bit this document. With protel only, it might be hard... :) And I heard that this "method" need several prototypes and component implementaton can cause difference as well. Like I've seen something on the inet : I
It's not particularly a coil, rather than a short straight pcb trace. You'll have higher parasitic inductances a many places in your circuit. Unless you're targetting to a mutiple GHz microwave circuit, the note sounds rather ignorant. Strictly spoken, the inductance of a pcb trace can't be calculated without knowing the substrate height an
Hi all, Im new to rf electronics and want to design an on-pcb coil to use in a tda7000 receiver circuit. I calculated the desired inductance as 250nH. Altought im searching and reading about it for a while, couldnt make it. I tried asitic, agilent ads etc but ... no! How can i calculate it and draw on proteus or even ms-paint =) Could (...)
1. High frequency transformer's Applications: pcb circuits, computer, TV, monitor, scanner, duplicator, mobile adapters, printer and other equipments and instruments High frequency transformers ferrite core range Depends on design parameters and the designers personal preferences Indicative power capacity for different core types (chart (...)
How can calculate spiral coil on pcb ?
It will be very difficult to construct the antenna on pcb at this freq. The antenna should be part of resonant circuit tuned at 125khz. BTW, for RFID, as far as I know, freq. is 125khz, not 135. The antenna should have the approximate area of a credit card, and the number of turns should be around 30. Wire diameter : 0.3-0.5mm. As I said before, th
Yes, an air-coil wire antenna is better than a pcb antenna assuming that you are using an usual FR4 material. This due to higher loss. You can try to use a wire length of lambda/8. Theoretically the circularly coil give the best radiated resistance. You can flattened the coil and measure what gain you get, before and (...)
It seems that concern is pcb board design not a PSM core!
Hi all I have to design a pcb for a device which use RF-ID and i'm wondering which software i can use for this. I use O*cad and Pr0tel and none of them can design or calculate the parameter of the coil on pcb. I wait for your sugesstions. Thanx a lot.
A rough rule of thumb is 1nH per millimeter of straight track so 6.2nH is a very small inductor paticularly if you need some bends in it. Printed coils have high flux leakage and are affected by close metal objects such as other components or a metal box. You may need to fabricate several iterations of the pcb design or do a full (...)
Usually, loop antenna is a good way to realize near coupling. You can search some RFID antennas as examples. It can be realized by multilayer pcb, Flex Printed Circuit, or just wrap a wire to form a coil.
6-pole LC tubular layout, with L=4 nH, and caps to ground 2.5-5.5 pF, coupling caps around 0.5 pF. coil Q 200 (easily at this frequency) and cap Q 1000 (can use single layer cap or make cap from rogers pcb), you should get insertion loss of 2.5 dB or less. If you can live with less rejection, the insertion loss would be even lower with less pole de
The pcb Toolkit has a planar inductor calculator. Saturn pcb design - pcb design Service | Electronic Engineering
i am trying to simulate a core-less pcb transformer with maxwell 14 3d . my problem is that i have assigned coil terminals to 2 faces of a copper spiral but when i validate the design i get this error for my terminal: Project3 (C:/Users/mine/Documents/Ansoft/) Maxwell3Ddesign1 (Transient) Illegal external (...)
Hello: I have build a FM radio using STR TEA5757, according Philips Application note AN99041. I have a problem with FM VCO alignment. If you align VCO coil the tunning voltage should change between 0.8V(88MHz) and 1.9V(108MHz), but in my pcb this isn't happen. If I align my VCO coil the tunning voltage is constant in all the FM band. (...)
Trough the parasit capacity of the optocoupler, high frequency noise could easily pass. For example spikes produced by contacts, short impulses electromagnetically induced in the wires etc. The usual mistake done when you design an opto input is to "forget" about this (usually due the lack of space on the pcb) and not add a simple RC filter and a
Assuming you are talking about dc motors, the MOSFET relay from your second PDF file seems to be the possible choice .. its continous current is 2A .. The pcb relays from your second PDF file are just samll relays rated for mAs current, and are design for switching small signals (pcb applications) .. GP --> general purpose HF --> (...)
Hi guys I am first day user of em simulation so please dont be angree for stupid questions .) Well i need to design HF rfid antenna and it was possible to simulate spiral rectangular structure. But netlist got from Spice does show different model compared to reference design from Sonet .
"coils on pcb": Regards, IanP
Use the general rules for RF pcb design: short connections, the connections that are still long should enclose very small areas, use decoupling capacitors placed very close to the U2270. Since 125kHz is quite low frequency, use for decoupling something like 100n parallel with 1uF and 10uF,very low ESR and place them close to the U2270. On the (...)
You'll find rules of thumb in RF handbooks and amateur radio literature. For complex geometries, e.g. pcb coils, I prefer a measurement or a numerical simulation. FastHenry from is a good free tool. You'll need a method to fine-tune the circuit after making it, so an oscilloscope and either a signal generator or
in some vco design about 2GHz,the supply of BJT cross through a inductor.the inductor is not film or coil type. the package is 0805,and look like a spire inductor.but it's not desgined on the pcb,it's a device could be installed.i guest the inductor could provide a high Q.could anyone told me the manufacture factory or the Part Number?thanks!
Hi all, im trying to design a RFID 125kHz system that only recognises one passive tag, with an output to show the tag is recognised. Could someone suggest or point me in the direction of the minimum numbers of components i would need to create this application? im hoping to an as small as possible pcb with separate antenna. Thanks in advance
Hello! I just registered. I am not specifically electronic trained, but I have some hobbyist notions. I am trying to create an adjustable current regulated power supply. Requirements: Input: 3-4V DC (more specifically, a single LiIon cell, 18650) Output: 3-7V DC @ a maximum of 1.5~2 Amperes. constant current, Adjustable via potentiometer o
Some of your components (like 3.7 nH coil) are a bit unrealistic at 145 MHz. The unload Q will be bad. The pcb short transmission lines at 145 MHz are pretty much just contributing additional stray capacitance to ground, the most damaging being the 0.7 pF or so pcb stray to ground between your series 1.8 pF/644 nH coupling resonators. If (...)
To increase noise immunity of the 555, try to power up from a 12V power supply. Install a bypass capacitor on pin 5 (control voltage pin) and use a bypass capacitor near to the 555 power pins. Try to eliminate any ground loops, the most common source of noise in electronics systems. Proper grounding is essential for glitch-free design. Use lar
What parts did you use. What coil and with what current rating you use? You didnt show values of resistors in circuit. Probably you have problems in circuit parts values. Post photo of your pcb with parts, and complete circuit with parts values what you have.