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i am trying to simulate a core-less pcb transformer with maxwell 14 3d . my problem is that i have assigned coil terminals to 2 faces of a copper spiral but when i validate the design i get this error for my terminal: Project3 (C:/Users/mine/Documents/Ansoft/) Maxwell3Ddesign1 (Transient) Illegal external (...)
The pcb Toolkit has a planar inductor calculator. Saturn pcb design - pcb design Service | Electronic Engineering
in some vco design about 2GHz,the supply of BJT cross through a inductor.the inductor is not film or coil type. the package is 0805,and look like a spire inductor.but it's not desgined on the pcb,it's a device could be installed.i guest the inductor could provide a high Q.could anyone told me the manufacture factory or the Part Number?thanks!
A rough rule of thumb is 1nH per millimeter of straight track so 6.2nH is a very small inductor paticularly if you need some bends in it. Printed coils have high flux leakage and are affected by close metal objects such as other components or a metal box. You may need to fabricate several iterations of the pcb design or do a full (...)
Hi all I have to design a pcb for a device which use RF-ID and i'm wondering which software i can use for this. I use O*cad and Pr0tel and none of them can design or calculate the parameter of the coil on pcb. I wait for your sugesstions. Thanx a lot.
It seems that concern is pcb board design not a PSM core!
Yes, an air-coil wire antenna is better than a pcb antenna assuming that you are using an usual FR4 material. This due to higher loss. You can try to use a wire length of lambda/8. Theoretically the circularly coil give the best radiated resistance. You can flattened the coil and measure what gain you get, before and (...)
How can P*otel? protel :) I advice u u read a bit this document. With protel only, it might be hard... :) And I heard that this "method" need several prototypes and component implementaton can cause difference as well. Like I've seen something on the inet : I