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my self sivakumar from chennai, i have completed b tech, now i am plan to do, so i need part time job. i have completed certification course on electronics design automation. Contact number 8438377679.
Hi everyone, I'm using protel dxp for pcb design. I wanna know how to design coincident to IPC standards Exactly. is there a plug in or template or somthig like that to import these rules to protel? how do you call a design "STANDARD" and how prove it? I know there is IPC2221,IPC2223,...etc. but i think they are (...)
hi, Lab view and Multi sim is a simulation tool and proteus is the pcb design tool as well as simulation for embedded code.i think in your syllabus simulation lab may be available (pspice,multisim or lab view) but in proteus you can write the program and run the simulation.better study proteus
i was an Eagle user for about five years in collage , i didn't had many problems back then with the light edition , as most of the circuits was simple and of course for education or hobby , but lately i required to do a pcb design job , and of course i chose eagle , as i have experience with it after i already have (...)
Here you can find the Spice model: At 4GHz on the top of using Spice or S-param files, the design of the pcb layout would play a very important role getting good isolation of the buffer amplifier.
What is your question(s)? Are you asking for a complete course on pcb design? I have no idea what "check both combined circuit dig & layout" means. Are you asking how to check your schematic against your layout? There is no single answer; all software is different.
but if the width is too narrow like 0.8mm then I have matching network problems. Why, particularly? Also thinner track means less current, right? Yes, it's your decision to use 0.38 mm substrate height and enforce respective low trace width... If you think a bit, you'll realize that there other possible geometr
Hello Engineers, I'm new here and I've a computer science background. I have the basic knowledge in electronic circuits and I do fun circuits and prototypes at home. But, I don't have enough knowledge to design circuits and pcbs own my own. So I would like to go for a crash course, (say 1 month or so) and learn mor
There isn't sufficient GND vias on your will-of course-oscillate. Put GND vias around active devices and all over pcb as much as possible.Check the application board layout carefully and apply as the vias as mentioned.
It's better to build your own library. Because even the most expsnsive Schematics/pcb tool might not give you an exhaustive set of library that covers almost every component.
Hello, There is a nightmare called CPW pcb design. I have an FR4 board (1mm thickness) and I need to match two ports. One port is 50 ohms and the other (antenna) is 23+j38 on 2.4GHz ISM band. Of course I need to introduce some attenuation on harmonics too: 4.8GHz and 7.3GHz. Apparently simple for someone using Ansoft (...)
If you are able to get Murata's inductor and capacitor design kit ( for instance LQP series inductors and GRM series capacitors) you'll find the values which are necessary for your design.Filter design needs proper and precise values of caps. and inds.Of course pcb is also very improtant. And input and (...)
for freshers need to some certified course like embedded design,VLSI and pcb design better learn these things
Don't be penny wise and pound foolish. The cost of most FPGA's dictate not scrimping on pcb design.
Can anybody tell me how flying probe test is done on a pcb for detecting short. Will they apply some voltage between supply pin and ground and measure current?
You could probably look for an entry level job for Hardware Engineer. And over the period of time you will gain experience on it. your pcb design experience can help you with some of the aspects of H/W designing like basics, specifications of the components etc
Of course you can do this: 1. Create you left or right side 2. Save the routed pcb area as a snippet 3. Load the snippet in pcb - you'll get now 2 absolutely identical copies 4. You can modify the schematic as well by doubling the existing one and renaming the components on the new one. Then you need manually to change the names in the (...)
Hello, I am PWB Layout engineer, I got a question, How do you route and what are all precautionary thing you take care for Gate Drive mosfet or Power Mosfet in PWB/pcb.
Hi,i am new to pcb design and interested in doing FPGA design so can any one tell me the scope of design in market and what are the steps should be taken to start learning it,is any course on FPGA is required to take,please reply me.......advance thanks regards prathi
Hi, I am hardware design Engineer working on many areas like Board design, pcb design, Testing ect. In the course of time, I haven't done any SI analysis on my own. I know many concepts ect about Signal Integrity. Now I want to know how to use tool (Preferably Cadence allegro) for SI analysis & its (...)
Hello, Can anyone help me build/make the pcb design of this circuit that i saw on youtube(I'm confused when reading schematics) a pot here is used to control the slow fading of the LED (cool) while others used only resistor (for me pot is better to use). I have basic skills in so
Hi! i am a freelance pcb designer, work in Alti*m designer. I will be glad to participate in interesting projects. My email is:
hi, i am an ECE presently working in software industry in chennai. i like to switch over to my core industry.certification course is now became mandatory. so friends please suggest me with list of courses and good centers in like embedded/pcb design/networking/telecom/analog ic (...)
Hi everybody, We have some old .pcb files created with Pcad, but now we have to open them with Proteus 7. Is it possible to do that? Thank you.
Hi, i am working as pcb design engineer. i wish to do IPC Certifaiction for pcb design can anyone give me the details regarding the certification course and the fees details. what is the proceedure for this? Thanks&Regards, S.Senthilkumar.
Centre for Electronics design Automation offers Online pcb and Signal Integrity course to help students, engineers, and board design professionals to understand pcb design process. pcb design Training course on demand at your desk without (...)
There is no version of Cadence for Windows platform to design IC... For designing pcb, of course there are some tools such as SPB, Orcad etc...
What advise is offered to find cad program to design enclosure for my pcb? tia
Of course SMPS is an art. A good SMPS engineer must have knowledge in: 1- Power Electronics. 2- Magnetics 3- Analog Electronics 4- Feedback and control theory 5- pcb and layout for EMC
hi all, I am from india. I working as a pcb design Engineer. I have done the Physical design course (6 months). If any of your company have the requirement Please let me know. My Mail ID is : Prithivi.
Hi all! I would like to design RF printed pcb inductances/capatiances (mostly inductances). From 310 MHz to 1 GHz, FR4 with 35 um copper (for instance). Has anybody good hints, where to start? (I have EM simulators). designer program kits, tutorials, literatures(pdf:)) are welcome! Thanx! Zoltan ps.: I will honor your help (...)
In my opinion, cadence virtuoso is for chip layout; while ADS is for pcb.
hi all, I am B.E graduate. Currently I am working in pcb design field. I am planning to move from pcb design to IC layout design. I have the plan of joining the course in TIIT (TTM) bangalore. How is this institute? Are the industries preparing B.E guys for IC layout (...)
Hello RF modem based design includes keypad and connection between keypad to pcb is done by 10-20 cm wires. To reduce costs keypad scan is done by microcontroller directly. Due to rf modem operates something around 900 MHz there could be problem with rf immunity of microcontroller inputs . Of course it is possible to use ferrite beads (...)
Most viewers and CAM software are written in C++ - of course you'll need a copy of the RS274D & RS274X specification. SiGiNT There is an open source pcb design package out there somewhere, if you can find it reviewing it's source code might be of value.
I want to design a 4 layer pcb. My question is, how should I calculate the characteristic impedance of the bottom layer microstrip lines? I have equations, but I am not shure, in the hight parameter. ------------------------------------top layer ------------------------------------gnd plane ------------------------------------power plane --
if you have alot of money protel would do just fine. or find it around the internet of course. I'm using Electronic workbench and in version 8 it finaly begins to look like a nice cad program. inc 3d view (not as good as in protel) inc simulation and capturing and pcb design & even auto placer/ router.. and that for 1/3 of the (...)
Hi, Look at the altium web site you will found: Protel Training Manual Protel 2004 Training Manual (ZIP 7.5 MB) Training manual used in the 3-day Protel 2004 training course. Day 1 - environment, editors and projects Day 2 - design capture Day 3 - pcb
Hi, I am currently taking a course in SHRDC ( Selangor Human Resource Development Centre) in Malaysia in pcb design.. Is it worth the time or is it better for just searching for jobs?? From joinning this learning centre do I have a better oppurtunity to work for bigger company?? Thanks.
Training manual used in the 3-day Protel 2004 training course. Day 1 - environment, editors and projects Day 2 - design capture Day 3 - pcb design
Hi, I've searched the forum and googled this one and I can't seem to find an answer, so I've come to you guys :) Right, I have a pair of those 2.4Ghz A/V modules, but the ones I have don't have an SMA connector for the antenna. Instead they have a 3-pin header, with 2 GND pins and the centre one being the RF out. The output
The trace width on a pcb is a tradeoff between available space and the the desired electrical properties. The impedance of the trace is a function of the trace width, the trace thickness, the distance to the return path, and the dielectric loss of the material above and below the trace. The material above the trace would be solder mask or air f
High-Speed Board design Techniques, This ebook is AMD, Vantis, the Vantis's Applicatio notes (40 pages .pdf file) about pcb design techniques.
In my new design I have to use current mirrors. I have one current with hundreds of nA, and I have to mirror it in 1:1, 1:10, 1:100 and 1:1000 ratios. Of course thermal compensated. I know it is simple with IC design - a few transistors, resistors, cascode etc., but I am looking for any IC or another solution I could use on my (...)
hello, i want to design a pcb on which is a spartan II (bga456) too. where can i get the schematic symbol for orcad capture and the footprint for layout? any ideas? thanks in advance, hqqh
Mentor Graphics Corporation is offering free classes in programmable-logic design, pcb design, IC design and verification for jobless EE under their Displaced Worker Program. A complete list of course descriptions, schedules, and training locations is available at . To apply for the Displaced Worker (...)