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Hi, Where can you find the component libraries in Cadence pcb editor, so you can see the footprints? Thank you
the problem is The OrCAD 16.3 editor use .Brd extintion file that used by Allegro there are two solution frist: Do the following to translate designs from OrCAD layout to Allegro pcb editor: 1. Create a catalog of the library using the layout Catalog tool and generate .max files. (...)
did you try to convert with translator first. When i want to use a footprint from layout in pcb editor. I put the footprint in a dummy design, convert it with the orcad layout translator, than open the converted design in pcb editor to export footprints. So am able to use my old footprints.
Capture is inputting the schematic drawing. pcb entry is routing the pcb. Sounds like you want to add a new compomnents, this means you have to add a new component to a library. There are two library types schematic and pcb.
I have Orcad pcb editor 16.5. I make a new drawing with the type being package symbol, and set up the grid and work area. I go to place padstacks by selecting layout>pins. Then the "select a padstack" box should come up but it doesnt. What am i doing wrong?
how can i start pcb Design with protel..?
Hello, I have recently acquired Orcad pcb Designer with the CIS Capture Option. I'm having troubles transferring my schematic into the editor. The problem seems to be that the databse parts that I am using have Orcad layout pcb footprints and I need Allegro footprints. Does anyone have a solution to this? I know you (...)
Hello, I am newbie in Allegro but here are the things that will get you going: Get this boook : There it is very well explained how to start with generating netlist, importing logic, etc. Now, in order for you to start you need to translate your OrCAD layout footprint li
Hi mates.... I have netlist (DSN) file for Allegro.. But i dont know what is the next thing to be done in allegro pcb editor.. ie., How to assign footprints to the orcad schematic's components and after assigning, how to import the nelist into allegro??.. Plz reply me frnds... Thank u so much.. yrs.. Prince.
Look up and follow IPC-7351... Learn to do foorptints it is one of the basic and most important skills you will require as a pcb designer, and the correct footprint generation will have a big effect on downline processes such as assembly. Most of the work has been done in the IPC-7351 specification use it.
I have some footprints with non-trivial pads. I used a region in top layer over a pin to model required shape. How do I assign this region to overlayed pin? I can see there's Net option in pin and region properties but cannot choose nothing (not surprised in library where no nets). The problem is after placement this footprint in pcb editor (...)
Procedure is as below: 1. The "pcb Footprint" attribute of Orcad must have valid footprints, meaning the the Allegro (pcb editor or layout- both are same) footprint library has footprints with the same name. 2. Once you create the Orcad netlist, import the same in pcb editor (...)
Which version of UB, which version of Orcad. Up to UB5.7 UB could only import < SDT IV netlist and only using command line utility on CD to convert netlist to net/plc files. It was called ORC2UC.exe I think. You also needed to have SDT installed with the enviroment set for lib paths and all other SDT stuff. I never got it to work right.
hellooo friends,,,, iam new for pcb routing now iam in confussion that which tool i have to choose, can any boby suggest me, which will cover footprints of maximum IC's and all PIC microcontrollers.
Hi, I am interested to find out if I can export pcb decals or pcb decals in eagle layout editor to ASCII format or netlist and be imported into other CAD software such as PADS layout? This would facilitate me as I am using PADS layout but there are some decals that I would like to use from (...)
please, let somebody help me with ,free pcb layout and auto routing software
Hi I am using OrCAD pcb editor(version 16.3) and my layout house is using Allegro; I got error message of "Failed to find the file 'SOIC24' in the directory path 'PSMPATH." by trying to use the layout house' library. Does anyone know what is going on? and how can I make this work or what should i do for this.
Hi all, bit of a novice user with Cadsoft Eagle and was hoping someone could help me out a bit with a problem please? If I add an SMD resistor or capacitor from the R-EU_ library (say an 0805), the package is shown having a box around it on the top layer of the board (seems to be 4 lines connected around the outside of the pads). This shows on t
Hi aslam Here i attached sample footprint for you (check page no 256 in your datasheet). 1) open your PAD designer (cadence-->pcb utilities-->pad designer-->select Layer mode-->select shape as rectangle in downside )after that select TOP,solder mask,paste mask for SMD Package,enter the width and height of the package as mention in rectangle box
open pcb librarian expert, next open cell from library, after that Tools > part table editor > file > new part (of file) Serg Cadence PSD come with library, but iam not able to find a *.ptf is there any methord to generate the same? i mean an automatic process. Please correct me if my question is wrong. Rega
hi, I need library for PROTEUS 6.9. Because there are not pcb of some electronical components.
Hi, I didn't understand your query in first place,it is out of context.Anyways for schematic capturing power logic is best tool if your using Pads layout,since its good for cross probing. Orcad schematic is the best for schematic capturing, if your using any pcb design tools. Regards Ramesh
I have a pcb footprint that should work for the TSSOP 54 pin package. It's made to IPC 7351 nominal specs. It's attached below. Check it carefully for yourself. I do not have a schematic symbol for this chip. You'll have to build one for yourself with the library editor.
I find the "pcb decal" is wrong. What is the best way to update it? In layout, Set the selection filter "cntrl-alt-f" to parts, click on the part, right click "edit part" Then File, exit decal editor, yes update part.
Normally a drill for pad goes through all the layers while a drill for via may or may not go through all the layers. In Eagle if you want to place a pad, it will be on layer 17 (can be done only in library editor). On pcb layout, a pad will be placed on layer 18 (Vias).