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In the part library you make an attribute name, the usage needs to be symbol (to be seen in scm only) symbol and component (to see in both scm & pcb) or type component (to only see in pcb). This attribute needs the same usage in ALL parts libraries. In your scm/pcb you can then edit this attribute in the attribute (...)
Hello, Whenever I open a pcb component in the pcb library, the grid is in inches, and then I have to change it to mm (0.1mm), -how do I make it open up in mm in the first place?
Capture is inputting the schematic drawing. pcb entry is routing the pcb. Sounds like you want to add a new compomnents, this means you have to add a new component to a library. There are two library types schematic and pcb.
Look up and follow IPC-7351... Learn to do foorptints it is one of the basic and most important skills you will require as a pcb designer, and the correct footprint generation will have a big effect on downline processes such as assembly. Most of the work has been done in the IPC-7351 specification use it.
the problem is The OrCAD 16.3 editor use .Brd extintion file that used by Allegro there are two solution frist: Do the following to translate designs from OrCAD layout to Allegro pcb editor: 1. Create a catalog of the library using the layout Catalog tool and generate .max files. (...)
Normally a drill for pad goes through all the layers while a drill for via may or may not go through all the layers. In Eagle if you want to place a pad, it will be on layer 17 (can be done only in library editor). On pcb layout, a pad will be placed on layer 18 (Vias).
Hi, I am interested to find out if I can export pcb decals or pcb decals in eagle layout editor to ASCII format or netlist and be imported into other CAD software such as PADS layout? This would facilitate me as I am using PADS layout but there are some decals that I would like to use from (...)