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Hello, Orcad/Allegro consists of several programs needed to be opened. So open Capture(diagram) on one screen and pcb editor(layout) on another screen. To make them synchronize you can press the highlight symbol which is a sun-symbol. Then you select a component or a net and it will also be selected in Capture. The same should apply if you (...)
Hi, Where can you find the component libraries in Cadence pcb editor, so you can see the footprints? Thank you
did you try to convert with translator first. When i want to use a footprint from layout in pcb editor. I put the footprint in a dummy design, convert it with the orcad layout translator, than open the converted design in pcb editor to export footprints. So am able to use my old footprints.
Hi, Would anybody know how can I export a pcb allegro layout (as a gds format) in Virtuoso layout editor? Thanks and best regards, Added after 58 minutes: no one replied to me but i wanna specify that i tried to export that allegro pcb layout using : export > DXF.. then i had (...)
Hi, I am just start to work in OrCAD pcb editor, If anyone know it please mail it's library file(*.dra). Thanks, Kishor
the problem is The OrCAD 16.3 editor use .Brd extintion file that used by Allegro there are two solution frist: Do the following to translate designs from OrCAD layout to Allegro pcb editor: 1. Create a catalog of the library using the layout Catalog tool and generate .max files. (...)
Capture is inputting the schematic drawing. pcb entry is routing the pcb. Sounds like you want to add a new compomnents, this means you have to add a new component to a library. There are two library types schematic and pcb.
I have Orcad pcb editor 16.5. I make a new drawing with the type being package symbol, and set up the grid and work area. I go to place padstacks by selecting layout>pins. Then the "select a padstack" box should come up but it doesnt. What am i doing wrong?
I want to connect two pins of footprint with Ratsnets connection in OrCAD pcb editor. I used OrCAD layout to design pcb. But there is much difference between two. The function of the pin "Reconnect" in layout is to direct the connection line between two pins. We can then route that lines using routing (...)
hi sir/madam, iam new for orcad pcb editor software. iam having a problem while creating a new component footprint. how to create a component footprints in orcad pcb editor. the problem is the footprint which i have created is not visible. in capture while iam selecting view footprint its showing blank. (...)
Hello everyone! I am using Capture and pcb editor. The schematic capture part of things is a snap for me but the pcb editor seems a bit overwhelming to get started. The tutorials in the help section don't take me through the entire process of generating a board ready to be sent out to a board house. But instead every (...)
No problem, From programs menu go to "pcb editor Utilities" then "DB Doctor". You can use wildcards to grab all libs or brds. Regards, M
I've taken on a project where I have to use Cadence Allegro for my designs. I've already created a schematic in Capture CIS, and am ready to start the pcb design process. Unfortunately, this is my first time using pcb editor (I've used OrCAD layout up until now, but my experience with pcb software in (...)
What is the most widely used pcb editor program in companies that design electronics? I would like to see replies from people that actually work int the industry.
you can directly put mounting holes into pcb you have to create the package of the mounting hole and save it into the library you are using. then from place menu you can put the mounting hole by selecting the place by part option( i dont exactly remember the option as it has been a while since i used allegro). but the process is similar you can t
Hi all Hope to be fine I really need your help as soon as posible since I am really worried about what I am doing:cry: I am trying to design a board with FPGA cyclone III ep3c80 484 I need the footprints for this device and I found them in altera website: and w
Hi I am new in allegro pcb editor. I have converted some of my layout Libraries in to allegro pcb editor for my new pcb. I have placed and routed my board and mean while some of the component reference text are found miss aligned. Rotate command is not active while i select the (...)
Hi there, I'm not an pcb layout expert. This is my third time using Orcad pcb editor 15.5. Previous occasions things were setup for me, such as the layers, sheet size, etc. With that said, I'm having problems generating Artwork for my 1 layer board. The top etch layer is not coming out properly for my dimensions (...)
Hello, there is probably a better way for doing it, but what I do is back annotate the design first, then in Capture change the footprint type, generate new netlist and import it in Allegro pcb editor. That way I change the footprint of some components if nessesary during the pcb Design process. Good luck
Two questions (1 OrCAD, 1 pcb editor): 1. Is there a way to associate a nonelectrical component with an electrical component? Example: I want to use an Aavid Thermalloy 507002b00000 heatsink with a component in a TO-220 package. Obviously, the heatsink has no electrical properties, and wouldn't appear on the schematic. However, I would lik
I am using OrCAD pcb editor 16.3. My problem/question is partly software specific, and partly pcb layout in general. I am attempting to create the footprint for a connector that will be carrying significant current loads (i.e., I ~ 16.5A). The connector is through hole, and has an odd pin with two "feet" (i.e., two (...)
I have to design the layout of an embedded device with bluetooth interface. I use an STM bluetooth module and an antenova Chip Antenna. In this contest, I have to design the Antenna Matching Circuit to adapt the Impedance value between Antenna and Module. It is very important to calculate the Impedance value of the trace that I have routed from
Iam using orcad 16.0 version.I obtain the following session log error when i tried to create netlist from Orcad Capture to be used by pcb editor for layout.I can able to get netlist files but it can't update in pcb editor.I getting following netlist files. 1) pstxnet.dat 2) pstxprt.dat 3) pstxchip.dat (...)
I am using OrCAD 16.0 and new to OrCAD pcb editor. I draw the schematic in Captur CIS .and copy foot print from OrCAD Laout library manager and past it into the foot print(cell) in edit prorerties of Schematic. i got the error. inter-tool request denied in library manager. then i select creat netlist for (...)
Hello, First you have to draw your board shape (board geometry/outline). If you don't have any error message during the netlist importation, you can go to place-->manually and then pick your components and place them on your pcb. There is also automatic method to place component (around the board for example). Regards, Franck.
Hi mate... I am using allegro 16.2 pcb editor, where i have placed all the components after importing the netlist created by the orcad capture.. I want to know that how to rotate the placed components horizontally as well vertically after placing inside the board geometry shape.. thank u so much.. Yrs... Prince Moses,
hai, I am using orcad layout 16.2 for pcb design, i am create a new library in the layout and adding a number of footprints to that library. my problem is that, when adding library the library will be present in the library manager, but I close (...)
hi if you using pcb editor means select tools--> update symbols. and then click ok..
Hi there! Is there any person around who could kindly point OrCAD layout experienced freelancer to some online publishing or books about pcb editor? For some reasons I couldn't attend any of Cadence classroom trainings but badly need to quickly learn the product. Great thanks in advance! androm
3D viewing mode seems to mostly work, but it only renders parts that were created using the built-in "3D bodies" feature of Altium. When I import STEP files, they don't show up in 3D mode. However, when I use Legacy 3D mode, the STEP models appear just fine there. I have checked all preferences in the pcb editor to prefer STEP It's basically
Dear all , i had drawn my simple schematic in capture cis . & created netlist for allegro. but it says can't locatae sysmbol file. But i hav already assigne footprints in capture CIS . that is i hav typed footprint name which are located in share->pcb_lib->symbols. but still not able to get components with ratsnets in allegro pcb (...)
Hi everybody, I am a Project with Schematic Entry in Cadence Allegro Design Entry HDL and a first generation of layout designed with pcb editor. I have to update the layout with components that have a new footprint. I have thought to make this board update with this simple flow: 1. Start Part Manager in the DE HDL; 2. (...)
Hi, there, I was using OrCAD v10.5 layout Plus previously, and recently I switched to OrCAD pcb editor. But I have a problem. In OrCAD v10.5 layout Plus, I could connect a pad to the surrounding copper like copper pour type (please see Fig.1). What I need to do is just to change the padstack setting by checking the (...)
Hello Friends I want to ask what do you use for a 5 relay on a Allegro pcb editor. tell me what to do for this, Like for an IC we use a dip what we use for Relay or is there relay in library file please tell me. Note: Relay type(name) KT-603, And i had been using Allegro Version 16.3. Thank you...
Hi, is just that i have no idea how to relate a line with a net in Allegro pcb editor, it keeps showing me that the lines ar not in a net, how could i solve this, i need help, thanks in advanced.
hi sir/madam i designed 4-layer pcb using orcad pcb editor. in these one problem occured problem description: found some stubs in all copper layers. i used via to interconnect top layer to inner planes, and inner place to bottom is this process is correct or not. now i wanna overcome above problem. pls suggest me (...)
You can Do ECO on existing board instead of creating new board. Default setting in OrCAD Capture- pcb editor is to create new board. You can change this to perform ECO by defining input board, keep input and output board name same. This would save all changes done by you on board and push only incremental changes from schematic.
i am new to cadence . i go through various tutorials. i make one footprint in orcade pcb editor and save it as dra file at location C:\Cadence\SPB_16.3\share\pcb\pcb_lib\symbols\ location. when i open pcb editor and then open this foot print its look perfect as i created . but when i (...)
Good day to all, Please I need your support and guide on how to solve this Problem.I am using Orcad pcb editor 16.0 for my circuit design.After completing the layout,i generated the Gerber files and sent it to the company that will produce the Board but the Company sent a message to me that my Bottom Soldermask contain Component (...)
REQ:Documents about pcb EMC layout for 1.9G phone
hi i dont fiind anywhere in layout library's the footprint for P-LCC-4 (LED ...surface mounted)..and for 5mm Led from Lumex... have anyone this library....anyway...wher i can get more library's than PSD15.0 offer ?
I guess pcb editor is scale down Allegro.
pcb editor is Allegro's pcb tool - there are varying levels of capability 610 being the highest - the entire design package - Concept or Orcad with pcb editor, among other tools is called Allegro. SiGiNT
Hi Folks, Does anyone have a simple and easy to read tutorial on Orcad pcb editor ? Please upload or provide a link. Thanks! :D
In Altium designer: Tools---Preferences---pcb editor --- Display---Highlighting Options--- Apply Mask During interactive editing.
Hi . I am using Allegro 16.0. But when i made net scheduling in sig explorer and then apply the constraints back to pcb editor, there are no updation.Can any one help me in this regard? sandhya
Following are the files Can somebody tell me how to import them into Orcad pcb editor
Are there any good sources for libraries for OrCad pcb editor 16.2?? I tried the Allegro Footprint Maker on here and is does not draw anything when I execute it. I get the following error: "Command not found: skill 'load "c:\\FPM\\" ' " Any help would be great.
Hi all, I am using Allegro pcb editor 16.2. I was trying to create a new foot print in allegro pcb editor. The steps that I found in some tutorials are 1. File -> New. In the "Drawing Type" Select Package Symbol 2. Click on Setup, "Drawing Size" - enter the desired size .... But I couldnt found any option (...)
Hi there is one doc by chakravarthy80pcb.I am attaching here,u can refer the same for silkscreen generation