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Does PTFE coated screws provide insulation.Like i want to insulate my pcb from chassis while mounting can i use PTFE coated screws for it.
Hello, I'm trying to define the required clearance through insulation for a power electronics multi-layer pcb. Following IPC 2221, a rather high internal conductor spacing of 0.75 mm would be required for 700 V working voltage (Table 6-1, column B1), applicable both for horizontal (same substrate surface) as well as vertical (through substrate)
No, not at all. You just need to know all the geometric dimensions of your pcb: layers widths, lengths, thicknesses, and the thickness and εr of the pcb insulation layer. I don't agree about εr playing a role in calculating the inductance. but if i want to design that with my self and some equations , what shoul
I followed step1 to step five,set dmm to ohms, again (nothing), step6 dmm set to ac 20v and above,applied mains voltage tested output (nothing) Have'nt you read a previous post which warned you "6. Only do this if the resistance checks 1 to 5 were OK:" ? step6 dmm set to ac 20v and above,a
hello, do you think its ok to root pcb tracks under this sepic inductor? (i.e. go between the pads on the same side of the board as the inductor is mounted on.) -or wll the track be shorted by the underside of the inductor? MSD7342 SEPIC INDUCTOR DATASHEET:
I got blue pcb, it's beautiful.
What is the standard isolation voltage between top and bottom layers in a 1.6mm FR-4 pcb? I need to route some 230V/380V AC lines to the pcb and some parts are quite difficult to route single sided while maintaining adequate distance between tracks. So is it OK to use top side of the pcb for neutral tracks and bottom side for the live (...)