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Hello all, in a production test equipment, on the tested pcbs ( DUT) there is a measurment of a RTC signal ( 32768hz nominal)... The signal is measured trough a keysight 53220A counter. The signal is routed from the tested pcb via a test probe trough a 1 meter long wiring harness -> contact switching (...)
Diptrace (may not be professional) have this 3d view of the pcb
Red and Blue tape-ups, organic, carbon free, user friendly, low cost of ownership, totally customisable.... A list of available programs... As to which is best, make your own decision.
Image in Design ? 2015 is available today The latest version of Image in Design is very powerful to translate company logos or any pictures in PADS-Layout pcb format. The main features are the Matix Display Mode, the Dynamic Two Tones and the Pixel Editor. The matrix Display Mode shows each pixel contained in the picture. and Zoom O
hello i'am trying to design a pcb for my led matrix , i'am using 5x7 matrix from lite_on(datasheet is linked below) and i want to palce 4 matrices,i'am using ARES to design the pcb on a single layer but i have a problem when the routes cross each other what should i do ?96314
I developed some years ago, a project with following specifications : ---> Target to PIC16F877A ---> Compiled on CCS ---> Dot matrix w/ 9 Characters 9x12 dot size ---> pcb board drawn in PROTEL99 +++
Hello, I need a viewer for a pcb file which is a "Protel pcb document" All i can find on google is gerber viewers, even though i am searching on "protel pcb document viewer"
So you have already use ARES a few times if I understand correctly. I assume you have made your schematic in ISIS so press the ARES button ,place the components in positions that seem to give the easiest routing solution and either wire them manually or use the autorouter to see how far it can go with the solution. In order to use the autorouter yo
Hi, I have MM74C922 IC in my pcb design for driving membran keypad. But I realized that the MM74C922 IC is obsolete anymore. So, could you suggest me an IC for keyboard driving? Thank you all...
I'm using trace analyzer to calculate differential (and single ended) impedances for pcb design. Otherwise everything works fairly agreeably, but for some reason TA insists on giving broadside coupled impedance in matrix form. I know this is very basic mathematical stuff but I was always much better designer than mathematician and I've (...)
wow karesz, you are a most generous and kind fellow. Has me thinking I could send you my next schematic and you produce pcb for me, I need do nothing:D Anyway, don't you think the OP is probably a 12year old kid ? in which case I wonder if he/she has learn't anything ? It would have been better to steer the OP at vero or matrix (...)
You can download the LP viewer directly from pcb matrix website. It does come with a library of general components where you can change data based on needs. However you cannot extract parts from viewer or save. but you can print. Even un demo mode tool is pretty useful. Regards, Eda
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can u please post the pcb file
does anyone know of "good enough" general purpose footprints available for these types of discretes for using standard solder? i know pcbmatrix is the savior of footprints and they're the greatest thing that ever happened to pcb design, but for general purpose footprints are the ones that come with the (...)
Hi edaborders, I have just installed Proteus v7.4. Unfortunately it seems that some component's package are missing. I need badly the proteus package of the 8X8 led matrix. If someone have it please share it, I'll be really very thankfull.
Hi all, I am looking for a pcb mounted, 2x9 relay matrix, to be used in a low power, communication/signal project. I can't find anything like this in or any of the other electronics distributors out there. Can anybody help identify a source for this?
Sometimes I have problems with reading / understanding the dimensions onto the datasheet. Most sizes are given into mm, minimum or maximum, others aso with t +/- tolerance. But what to do with "TYPIVAL SIZES" For calculating pcb pad sizes I use PCM matrix Wizzrd. The tool is asking for the minimum and maximum sizes. In this case I will (...)
hello i have made a new web page recently, showing these two projects, and everything else that I have. I also have my own BBS now: I would welcome discussion about: -LED multiplex -low power PIC circuits: dc/dc converter, small batteries, solar cells -unusual clocking methods, fo
Contact who can turn your dream projects in to reality. they give you complete schematics, explanations and codes too with Assembled or un assembled pcb's....Good luck
hi if i run fasthenry on a geometry file, it produces a mat file with an impedance matrix. how to get the inductance value between 2 nodes (1 port). i want o get the mounting inductance of a capacitor on a pcb. they say fasthenry is for computing inductance. is there at least a c source file which computes actually the inductance? (...)
hi is there already some freeware, maybe opensource pcb extraction tool, with import from usable universal formats (gerber/DXF)? or should i wait few more years? the minimum would be to get an S or Z parameter matrix between 2 (or more) points, specified on a pcb. this would be usable for signal (...)
Hi, Recently I got a gaming machine display board from ebay, It has 6 5x7 matrix ,32 bar graph Led's and 4 MM5450 controllers. Is it possible to use these controllers with AVR or PIC to make a moving display..? I am attaching the circuit and the picture of the pcb.. Thanks Surej
Just be warned the project uses a professionally built bicolor LED display with built in controllers and drivers. Only the interface and its schematic is described in the document (the brown pcb in the lower left of the photo). Here's the site and a photo of the display modules. www.
Which technique is used in professional pcb fabrication houses ? is it Silk screen or there is another ?
The fiducials are used to calibrate the position of the components relative to the board. There are two kind of fiducials: global and local. Global fiducials are placed usually on oposite corners of the panel (a panel can contain a matrix of several identical boards). These fiducials are used to determine the relative position of the components on
Hello friends I am trying to interface a 4*4 matrix keyboard and a LCD to 8051 ATMEL microcontroller. I request you to provide me the pcb layout for the above specified application. Its urgent please help me. Thanks in advance
Help Help Help I Make a matrix cam programmer for Nextwave SUC-2500C I Need: pcb files or figures or schematic thanks for all
I have a led matrix produced by APOS with these features: 2 line 20 package/ 1 line I see many text on the pcb APOS FIT DISPLAY, its so small!! 20 cm (width).. and I can't find datasheet or information about it. Any one help me?
Roughly what is your budget? There are some companies that do small volume using pcb as the base material. The price is around $8 for a 4 x 4 matrix keypad. ASIC
Is there any pcb of dot matrix led display?
Hi, i want to build key matrix array to control cpu. where can i find key matrix? how it is connected to pcb? what about the buttons? what about mechanics? prices? any help would be aprichiated... bull
Hi I have a circuit that have some analog and digital parts + microcontroller and a dot matrix lcd. When I strike with a metal rod (in my hands) to the ground trace of pcb of that circuit ,the system will be reset and LCD shows some strange data. I have TL7705 as supply supervisor and reset generator. Please say how Can I solve (...)
Where to find a nice development board for pic 16F8XX (schematics + pcb) with LCD module 4 x 4 matrix keyboard 8 Led RS232 interface IIC Serial EEPROM interface bootloader supported regard