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Im using the AM Transmitter and Receiver Pair along with the RF600 enoder and decoder. I have constructed my pcb, the output is going to a 555 timer with a basic pair of LEDs and a buzzer. At the moment when I press the learn switch the status LED on the decoded goes on but when I let go, it goes off again. I have this working on breadboard w
i want to make simple project.i want to make timer counter. but only five minute.five minute later counter is stop. when i press button counter is starting.. 5 minute later, automatic alarm and i press button again and stop sound. or automatic stop (1 minute sound) yes how is making it? i want schematic and pcb file.. SeTRoX from GWPT
Hi everyone ! I'm working on project "pcb thrilling Machine" it's a special one of "CNC Thrilling machine". The problem is: i only know the electronic part (controller), but i have to build the mechanic of the machine, anyone who knows, has the drawings, plans, Ebooks of the machine please help me, or shows me where can i find these thing
I've tried a company for pcb manufacturing in HK. You may like to try it. You can contact them by
I have built a cd4541 based timer. timing can be changed by setting a dip switch. while the timer is running, oscillator is monitored using Q1 2n7000 and LED. After selected time the OUTPUT pin 8 is set high by timer. which in turn switches Q2 another 2n7000. and the output (jumper) should be set high. while the (...)
Hi all, I am working on a project on which i have to send some information via RF. my system works fine on a pcb i made as a general purpose. my second board works fine but when i enable GIE it hangs. if i do not enable interrupt it is fine. (does not hang) extra things i have added in this board are Ferrite beads on Key Pad inputs and to RF modu
Folks, Could you recommend a small OEM timer module? The output of the module should be able to go on for 0.1s with a repetition period of 1.0s. The output could be a relay or TTL. The module may be programmed with potentiometers, or via other methods. Mechanical dimensions - about the size of a deck of playing cards (or smaller). pcb witho
Hi Everybody, My name is Saim and i really want to built a digital timer which can perform these things 1- display 3 or 4 digits for minutes and seconds 2- Run & turn on 2 Relays (First relay will stay on until finishing point, Second relay will stay on for 10 seconds 3- Reset 4- Pause & run from same point 5- At end of time
First of all i want to thank CNS for this circuit i have redrawn the schematic...and thanks to mvs sarma who helped me to design a compact pcb layout you can download the firmware from the link above This circuit is an electronic fan regulator which incorporates a timer to tur
User ?reddwarf? made a LED imagestter for a pcb. The casing adapted from an old printer HP Photosmart C3180 The transformer adapted from an old TV LED: 6x1W UV timer: Omron H3CR-A Time needed to exposure
You whant switching time to be preprogrammed ? ---------- Post added at 00:30 ---------- Previous post was at 00:25 ---------- Project location address : ---------- Post added at 00:31 ---------- Previous post was at 00:30 ----------[/S
No problem. We’ll do a shopping list. 1. LM555 circuit (NE555/TL555) 2. TIP120/TIP121 (BDW93C/ BDW42) NPN darlington transistor 3. 1N4148 diode 4. 100nF capacitor 5. 470uF/16V capacitor 6. 4.7k resistor /0.25W 7. 1k resistor/0.25W 8. 51k( 47k) resistor /0.25W 9. 47k (50k ) /0.25W variable resistor 10. 250k (500k) /0.25W variable resistor 1
1) what are the methods available to make home made single side pcb? 2) which method is cost effective? 3) which method gives good result? 4) how to make it?
buzzer can be fitted on pin3 to gnd (i mean -ve of battery.) place +ve of buzer to pin . this small ckt can be easily assembled on veroboard . general purpose pcb
The fact that this works fine on the breadboard and not on the pcb would point to an error on your pcb.
Good "pcb" in Taiwan.... there are lots of them Compeq! the new FCPGA substrate for Intel, also the largest pcb supplier in Taiwan. Nanya, the 2nd one in Taiwan. Unicap/WUS/Unimicron/PPT....etc... there are lots of big/excellent pcb vendors in Taiwan. Indonesia? Sorry I don't know anything about it.
This free 555 timer design program provides for four operation modes (3 astable, 1 monostable), plus 16 application examples, and timer/component specifications. File size: 253KB
Which software do you use in pcb layout when you design RF circuit? Is there any inofrmation about how to draw pcb board in RF design? Thanks in advnace.
Does anyone know about flush pcb - encoder application? Thanks rocknrule
Hi, Is anybody has pcb in Protel 99, Eagle oe something else except PDF files. I need also doublesided pcb for pcb-3b version Please let me know on PM or mail me at: Thanks, ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post. Thanks
Hi all The below picture represent a block diagram of a DWELL timer. Does anybody know how to design the shematic diagram.(connections) The two D-type flip-flop(4013)are used as edge triggerning device which activate the monostable that it turn activates the astable. Please HELP !!!!!! ./uploads/timer.JPG ______________
I have simulated it by Ansoft HFSS. The result R as following: If U use just a bent wire, it should be 100mm-102mm If U use the line on your pcb, the lenbth should be 53mm-54mm Good luck , and send me back the experimental results. thank U. And would U PLZ tell me what the usage of your project, in detail, especially 4 what customer. T
hi guys! i have designed a 24v,4A low cost battery charger works in simple constant current mode as stand alone.also it is possible to control its output current/voltage by a microP or even a computer port,if an a/d card is available. its docs (sch & pcb)in protel format is available. if u want it respond to this letter! :smil
Anyone have a design or link to a GSM pcb aerial.
I think you have to get a pcb design package, CadStar is good, then you can lay it out exactely to suit your requirements, I'm sure you will learn more by doing that. Especialy when it dont work first time! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! 8)
Dear public! Will not prompt, what sch/pcb Design - programs for Linux are. Really qualitative packages (probably known, and it it is possible - and not so) firms are interesting. Eagle to not offer :)! pcb and shematic!
:D I think I understand your question. I’m also thinking same for long time. You want to feed pcb instead of Paper in the laser printer to get direct print on pcb. You can try to modify any old laser printer. Or try flexible pcbs(i.e. copper on plastic sheet). If u gets success then inform me too.
Hi friends, this is projekt in Protel 99SE format of timer for driving UV lamp on UV eraser for EPROMS. Regards
Is there any source to get CHEAP Pcik and Place machines that work on SMT devices.. I am looking for a low (maybe mediam) production machine, that can successfully pick parts/chips/resistors from reel, place them on a pcb according to placement files..i.e. Fully ataumated (or maybe semi-automated).. Could be used for prototyping, or low production
Please, who can help me to find pcb test points (smd type) to use with standard oscilloscope probe?
Hi, I am willing to produce a pcb around a Motorola 555 microcontroller. But this is a BGA packaged chip and I can't solder it myself. Does anybody know of a company that can solder BGAs for proto boards (ie. not at a high cost and in indicidual quantities) ? PS: I'm in France, so please links only in European Union, thanks
You can download a freeware version of eagle from - it works well and stable. i have it running on SUSE Linux 8.0 but theres another pcb 'design' tool included in the SUSE distribution - i forgot the name of it, but it's not worth a try (its more like an paint prog)
Can anybody tell me something about the possiblities to include a GSM Antenna on a pcb. Any information is welcome Hollaender
can anybody tell me if there are any antenna design tools availbale for pcb or simple antennas for 868 915 Mhz bands. or does any body have a design for good omin directional antenna's for these bands thanks
Hi SATCAD - a schematic capture, pcb design and tooling package. The source code, dos executables, manual and many other bits and pieces are at 1. -> t tnx
How about pcb GNU
i used some uv tubes from the things used to check currency 6 each side then i could do double sided pcb.s i found code here this gave me the pwm to drive all the bulbs using my own circuit to wire them all up to one supply {in series 6 then parallel two} it takes 3.36 sec exp
Hi, does anybody know a pcb application that supports IDF 4.0. I checked with Mentor Graphics and they will not implement in the near future. I checked with ProE and they won't implement as long as ECAD vendors don't implement.... :evil: anyway, if you know...let me know... greetz, venz
Hi Folks! Can someone explain me how to do an home-made negative photoplot of pcb with P - C @ D 2**2? :( I can make positive photoplot without problems. I used a HP laser printer with a transparent sheet and it works fine for positive. For negative I've tried many color options unsucessfully. I search for any option to "revert" the pcb
maybe u can ask to get an educational license. a lot of companys do give such licenses. From handling aspects i would recommend Powerpcb which have a very clear and structured user interface and its perfect to use. i really tried a lot of Schematic/Routing Systems. regards Elvis P.
Hi I need help to plot a pcb file in the format L10, supposed to be sent directly to a HP laserjet. Is there any way to open and print this file in another fileformat? I attach the file so anyone can help me or check the file. Regards
Who can give me some advice on how to mount a BGA chip on a pcb board ? What kind of special devices needed to mount it on ? thanks
Since this post conforms to the rules, I will re-post it, I don't understand why the original was deleted. Free pcb cam software is available at this is similar to cam350 - the disadvantages that I have found are - you need to download a new license every month - it does not output IPC-D-356 - and it doesn't import HPGL - h
I have been using mils since I started to layout pcb's. I come from a metric country. I used both systems, now I moved to USA and I switched to metric and I'm helping my mechanical guys to do that. All the stuff is made over seas now and they use metric. If you need to start your own library I will suggest you to do it in metric units. In a couple
Hi guys... I'm newer using the accel version of the old tango... I can't read the "net list" 'cause its appear do not have some equals pieces in schematics and pcb library... How can I fix it? Sorry my poor English
I have drawn a pcb by Protel99 following Motrola's document, but the pcb is not good, maybe the length of line is not crect. So, who have designed MCF5272' board ? Please send me a copy of Ur file, thank U. :oops:
The ususal signal speeds in a powerpc processor based design are such that logic supply planes and ground planes are needed. In case of dual logic supply I would go for a plane for each supply. It is by the way not handy to have 7 layers (or any odd number). The pcb manufacturing process is such that layer numbers are always even. In other words: i
hi, i have a question about microstrip on pcb. when talking about microstrip on pcb, we may focus on phase vilocity and calculate the time delay between source and load, what i want to know is that if the working freq of my digital system is 100M, what is the rf freq i should assume when dealing with microstrip.
Why do you want make this ??? POWERpcb is hardly a good "ShareWare" whereas MENTOR is a true software of CAO... Best regards..
For additional info about WILLEM programmer look in and There you can find schematics and pcb board design and software too ! mikasi