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i want to make simple project.i want to make timer counter. but only five minute.five minute later counter is stop. when i press button counter is starting.. 5 minute later, automatic alarm and i press button again and stop sound. or automatic stop (1 minute sound) yes how is making it? i want schematic and pcb file.. SeTRoX from GWPT
Microcontroller are the most single solution and ease for building... See the options: PIC10F200 $0.55 PIC12F508 $0.80 ATtiny 11 $0.24 The schematic and pcb for Your project are minimun, them I think microcontroller the perfect choise for You! *OBS: The development tool for the microcontrollers are free! MPLAB (for Microchip)
Hi everyone ! I'm working on project "pcb thrilling Machine" it's a special one of "CNC Thrilling machine". The problem is: i only know the electronic part (controller), but i have to build the mechanic of the machine, anyone who knows, has the drawings, plans, Ebooks of the machine please help me, or shows me where can i find these thing
Im using the AM Transmitter and Receiver Pair along with the RF600 enoder and decoder. I have constructed my pcb, the output is going to a 555 timer with a basic pair of LEDs and a buzzer. At the moment when I press the learn switch the status LED on the decoded goes on but when I let go, it goes off again. I have this working on breadboard w
I've tried a company for pcb manufacturing in HK. You may like to try it. You can contact them by
I have built a cd4541 based timer. timing can be changed by setting a dip switch. while the timer is running, oscillator is monitored using Q1 2n7000 and LED. After selected time the OUTPUT pin 8 is set high by timer. which in turn switches Q2 another 2n7000. and the output (jumper) should be set high. while the (...)
Hi all, I am working on a project on which i have to send some information via RF. my system works fine on a pcb i made as a general purpose. my second board works fine but when i enable GIE it hangs. if i do not enable interrupt it is fine. (does not hang) extra things i have added in this board are Ferrite beads on Key Pad inputs and to RF modu
Folks, Could you recommend a small OEM timer module? The output of the module should be able to go on for 0.1s with a repetition period of 1.0s. The output could be a relay or TTL. The module may be programmed with potentiometers, or via other methods. Mechanical dimensions - about the size of a deck of playing cards (or smaller). pcb witho
Hi Everyone , I want to make UV exposure machine for pcb manufacturing. I want to know the important things to be consider while making such a machine. This machine will be for prototyping pcbs only. Please contribute your thoughts. Thanks in advance.. :idea:
The capacitance between any two adjacent tracks on any breadboard may easily rich 33-47pF, so be careful when you try to fine-tune circuit on a breadboard and then install them on a veroboard or the target pcb .. In comparison, a pcb or Veroboard would have about 1-2-3pF .. IanP :D
Hi Everybody, My name is Saim and i really want to built a digital timer which can perform these things 1- display 3 or 4 digits for minutes and seconds 2- Run & turn on 2 Relays (First relay will stay on until finishing point, Second relay will stay on for 10 seconds 3- Reset 4- Pause & run from same point 5- At end of time
/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //// EX_PULSE.C //// //// //// //// This program uses the RTCC (timer0) to time a single pulse //// //// input to the PIC.
Hi, Please help me to get the simple circuit diagram and pcbs of the following circuits. 1. Water Level Controller. 2. Water Level Indicator. 3. Musical Burglar Alarm. 4. Light Dimmer. 5. Heat Sensor. 6. FM Transmitter. 7. Dancing Light. 8. Audio Level Indicator. 9. Clap Switch/Sound Operated Switch. 10. Touch Sensitive Switch. 11.
First of all i want to thank CNS for this circuit i have redrawn the schematic...and thanks to mvs sarma who helped me to design a compact pcb layout you can download the firmware from the link above This circuit is an electronic fan regulator which incorporates a timer to tur
Just updated some components values. Sometime ago i made 3-5 minutes delay_0n timers for refrigerators. I will look for its schematis and pcb.
User ?reddwarf? made a LED imagestter for a pcb. The casing adapted from an old printer HP Photosmart C3180 The transformer adapted from an old TV LED: 6x1W UV timer: Omron H3CR-A Time needed to exposure
hello psyduck can you please give the pcb layout of the H-bridge sine wave inverter and the circuit description details so that we can all make it? thanks !
You whant switching time to be preprogrammed ? ---------- Post added at 00:30 ---------- Previous post was at 00:25 ---------- Project location address : ---------- Post added at 00:31 ---------- Previous post was at 00:30 ----------[/S
No problem. We’ll do a shopping list. 1. LM555 circuit (NE555/TL555) 2. TIP120/TIP121 (BDW93C/ BDW42) NPN darlington transistor 3. 1N4148 diode 4. 100nF capacitor 5. 470uF/16V capacitor 6. 4.7k resistor /0.25W 7. 1k resistor/0.25W 8. 51k( 47k) resistor /0.25W 9. 47k (50k ) /0.25W variable resistor 10. 250k (500k) /0.25W variable resistor 1
1) what are the methods available to make home made single side pcb? 2) which method is cost effective? 3) which method gives good result? 4) how to make it? You can use photo procedure with UV lamp and UV resistive pcb, or you can use toner transfer technique. With toner transfer you can have good quali
78683 To control 0.5 HP motor i did this circuit . Using pcb relay , 555 is getting heated up sometimes and relay switching abruptly. Is this Circuit correct ?
Hi, There is an article in EPE Mag about "Super motion detector" with schemtices + pcb PM me if you need it. Bye
Hi captainkirksdog, You don't have to worry about triggering a 555 from a CMOS-level logic source as long as you use a CMOS 555 variant, which in fact is a must if you want such long delays: 1-hour. With standard 250 nA BIAS input currents you won't be able to acquire 1 hour delay without special circuits and pcb layout. Read this nice tutori
Hi All, I want to make UV exposure box for double sided pcbs, any good ideas on parts and box design. Thanks.
555 timer calculator
here i am uploading electronics softwares on 1)circuit maker for analog circuits and included some examples from Electronic devices from boyalsted. 2)PinTAr virtual lab electronics. 3) 555 to simulate various circuits based on 555 timer. digital circuit simulator for digital circuits pcb designer all above are zipped with electronics.rar
Hi Compprod, You can choose from two circuits. If you are building it for yourself you can use the second circuit, it has the advantage that you don't need a pcb. If you are building it for somebody else, you gonna have to go for the circuit with the timer because it will bring you more money. And don't forget to put at least two leds in
I hope this is in the right section, I think so....maybe someone can help me, im looking for a pre-built circuit / device that is readily purchaseable (from perhaps like an electronics hobbiest site) that uses a momentary pulse signal to switch on and off a 12 volt bosch type automotive relay. So basically, im looking for a small device that wh
Good day, I have some questions, if you will have time to dedicate to me. I have the necessity to verify that the 8051 (Philips P89C51RC) installed on my card, I don't understand because it stops, for problems hd or fw. The control I would want could cyclically be effected departed an interval of time second T=3. Every suggestion is o
Hi, The best is to make a list of possible microcontrollers and put the price behind them and select the best price/quality. Since you will write in C most likely you will not really notice any difference between PIC AVR MSP, etc... Also think about the future, additional features that must be supported should be possible without a redesign. Best i
My Junebug kit can be setup for RS485 with an external SN75176 and pcb. So can my new Wasp kit.
i am used EI33 and tested for 40W load with 25khz, and can increase the power by changing the freqency to 40KHz. the circuit is showing the winding shorted only to make the pcb easy( i am not good in designing pcb's) . for 20khz i have primary 11+11t and sce 350turns .the circuit is corrected for view. If you want to work for 230v better go for Hal
The next is a example of code made for PICBASIC, I got it from internet made by Melanie. I want to change it to Proton, I made only litle changes to use with PIC16F630, and I tested and it works, but I need use PROTON... THANKS a lot ' Program BatLo ' ============ ' Embedded Software Version 1.00 ' Target Processor PIC16F628-04/P '
missing parts for the schematics pcb lay file
Two general comments. - please ask a clear question. Tell which processor you are talking about. This isn't a guessing game. - choose the right forum. The question is surely not related to Hardware & pcb Design P.S.: The register name suggest a PIC processor. You'll find a detailed description of timer operation in the datasheet of the respect
You may buy different electronics kits for sale, to include the NE555/NE556 timers, see LMC555 CMOS timer IC Design Kit #1 with pcb (#1550) |
I want to share a recent purchase I made on eBay - it is a 36W UV box - which seems to be applicable to pcb exposure. The 2 minute built in timer seems to be a useful duration (I have only played with it so far with spray on photoresist) Just enter these search terms into eBay - 36W UV There are vendors selling them for under a tenner!!
Hello mtwieg, Thanks for an early reply. The relay's contact is used for ups,the pc running on the ups gets restarted when the main(grid) goes off whereas the other same pcb with the same circuit having the same type of relay does not restart the pc.The ohmic value and other parameters of the relay/circuit are quite same but the the behaviour is
First you need to find a suitable relay. To keep some safe room you need a minimum 12-15Amps relay 120Vac rated. You may use a pcb mounted or panel moun
I couldn't change the pin because i have designed the pcb and ordered more pcb. All interrupt pins in uC are used for some other purpose. Even i can't change the crystal frequency, because my device is battery operated. If you are locked into using pin RC0 as the button input, another possible option is to imp
...electric shock machine... 8-O Can you describe device with more details. You can try this repeating timer, circuit and pcb working 100% : 85236 85237 85235 85238 Pins 5 and 6 should be linked with 9 and 11 pins.
yes, it's possible to do this... Please make sure to keep equal track lengths for driving the clock inputs of two micros. This is really important to keep proper timings... Remember, signals travel about half of the speed of light on FR-4 pcb boards... therefore differences in track lengths makes a big difference in signal travel time...