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I have pcb see picture. NetC73_2 and NetC88_2 is high power sinus Vpp 50V 10MHz NetC89_1 and NetC38_1 is feedpack for driving amplifier with signal level hundred times smaller 500mV 10MHz sinus too, but not necessarily synchronous with high power. My question is How much interference arises on the yellow line between them? NetC38_1 is 0,
Hello all, in a production test equipment, on the tested pcbs ( DUT) there is a measurment of a RTC signal ( 32768hz nominal)... The signal is measured trough a keysight 53220A counter. The signal is routed from the tested pcb via a test probe trough a 1 meter long wiring harness -> contact switching matrix -> counter The (...)
Hi, I have been fighting this issue for hours and wonder if anyone has had similar experience or found a solution. I am quite well accustomed to using Find Similar Objects (FSO) and pcb Inspector in Altium pcb editor to make global changes to selected object properties. Today I am trying to change all via diameters in an existi
I Design Board With 5CEBA9F23C8N I choose AS Configuration for programming & EPCS128 After Develop pcb I start to program my board STEP1- Compile My Design in quartus 16.1(SIMPLE LED ON FOR TESTING) STEP2-CONVERT .SOF FILE TO .POF (FOR ACTIVE SERIAL EPCS128) STEP3-PROGRAM EPCS128 via PROGRAMMING(I SELECT ACTIVE MODE) STEP4- SUCESSFULLY E
I Design Board With 5CEBA9F23C8N I choose AS Configuration for programming & EPCS128 After Develop pcb I start to program my board STEP1- Compile My Design in quartus 16.1(SIMPLE LED ON FOR TESTING) STEP2-CONVERT .SOF FILE TO .POF (FOR ACTIVE SERIAL EPCS128) STEP3-PROGRAM EPCS128 via PROGRAMMING(I SELECT ACTIVE MODE) STEP4- SUCESSFULLY E
I Design Board With 5CEBA9F23C8N I choose AS Configuration for programming & EPCS128 After Develop pcb I start to program my board STEP1- Compile My Design in quartus 16.1(SIMPLE LED ON FOR TESTING) STEP2-CONVERT .SOF FILE TO .POF (FOR ACTIVE SERIAL EPCS128) STEP3-PROGRAM EPCS128 via PROGRAMMING(I SELECT ACTIVE MODE) STEP4- SUCESSFULLY EPC
I have build an c# application which connects to an embedded mcu based hardware via uart communication . I have used mcp2200 i am connecting the system as follows : mcu tx-rx --->max232----->db9 female connector ----> dm9 m connector on module pcb---->max232 on module pcb ---->mcp2200 on module pcb-----> usb connector on (...)
Hello everyone. I have a 4 layer pcb with high speed signals routed on layers 1 and 2, so I'd like to remove unused via pads on layers 3 and 4. If removing the via pads on layer 4 (bottom layer)...would the holes be properly plated or could it cause a manufacturability issue? Thanks!!
Is it possible to obtain low insertion loss in case of castellation pcb rf module LO output path transition? Or maybe use a pad and mimic RF surface mount RF IC? Currently I designed SIW transition, but pcb area used is a little too big - around 1x2 cm. S21 is good, an bandwidth is good, but any small gaps between pcbs worsens S11 alot. (...)
Don't use thermal spokes for RF pcb (L1 ground pad). I don't see an actual CPWG structure, rather a micro-strip with distant ground via fence, impedance is mostly that of the pure micro-strip. You could however taper the center line and reduce the ground separation towards the end. Or leave everything as is and put some series inductance for
The only advantage of using a 3mm diameter hole is that you can use that hole to hold the pcb using screws. I think better than using a single 3mm hole is to use multiple vias in parallel. For the same area of a 3mm hole (7mm?) you can place 6 or even more small vias in parallel.
I am doing single rank ddr3 routing in a 6 layer board with the following stackup:- Signal(L1) -> Gnd(L2) -> Signal(L3) -> Pwr(L4) -> Gnd(L5) -> Sig(L6) (I am using Saturn pcb Toolkit for calculations) via 1 (L1-3) via 2(L1-6) Height of via 12 mil[/td
Arduino mega +ssd1963 Problem Hi all.. I have designed a custom pcb with ATmega2560 for my project. Have a 4.3 inch tft on it With SSD1963 controller (16bit data bus). All the data and control lines are translated to 3.3 logic With 74ahc541 buffers. The connection from my pcb to display module is via a 40pin flat ribbon Cable. (...)
Hi I'm simulating a two layer pcb layout in ADS, which has an SMA connector to a coplanar transmission line. The figure shows how the ports are connected to the SMA connector. For simulation purpose I've removed the PTH via from the signal feed. In the EM setup the port P1 is made + and P4 is made - . Is this the correct way to model the ports
Hi, i am working on a design with this chip: It is 0.5mm pitch, ball diameter of 0.3mm, and my landing pads are 0.25mm. After much research i came across 3 options to do the fanout on my pcb, and i would like to minimize the cost. The options are:
Hi, I am interested in learning Orcad and Altium. From scratch to high speed pcb design. Can some one teach me the same online via Skype and Team viewer? If interested, please reply with following details. 1) Timing 2) Fees details 3) Duration Regards Mohan.
Just so, hole size/pad size, sometimes you can go to 0.2/0.5 but that will depend on your pcb house, 0.3/0.65 or so is usually doable by most reasonable prototype shops. Do check the minimums with what your preferred pcb vendor supports, Wurth are very different to a generic Chinese low cost prototype company when it comes to minimum feature size
Hello together, i have problem with Altium Designer: The button "Favorite Interactive Routing via Size" is missing??? Normally it should be under Preferences->pcb Editor->Interactive Routing But there is nothing, i´ve attached some picture how it should be and how it is. Thanks for your help guys Marcus 129406[/ATTAC
Hi guys I have the laboratory experience of prototyping single 2-layer pcbs. Regarding the complexity of my new design and board size limitation, I am going to consider a 4-layer pcb. 127240 Here is my question: since Through Hole and Blind and Buried vias are parts of multi-layer pcbs, is it possible to implement
Hi all I'm using codevision with studio 7. I have a new pcb design that is connected to my pc port via a Olimex AVR ISP MK2 device. I checked the cables and all looks good. The code is from avr448 3 phase HV motor controller The problem is when I build all program files with codevision and program the chip I get back an error the mi
It can be pcb solid copper area 7X8mm, preferably on both sides, connected with 4-8 solid via (via filled with solder) Most likely your pcb will have 1 oz thickness of copper; you can increase the area in that case You cannot just replace 2oz with 1oz copper and increase the area, the heat spreading effect of
A pcb has a specific transition requirement where polygon pour gap around the via needs to be 0.17mm while the gap of the stripline to polygon pour is .425mm. The via-to-pour gap rule has been set to higher priority but the gap doesn't decreased around the via because the stripline terminates in the middle of the (...)
Datasheet pg 3 does say 23degc/watt for rthJA….but that it with an enormous amount of pcb copper and thermal via’ing, so if you cant replicate that, then there is no way a soic8 can do 3W.
I am unable to find a low profile DC connector for 50V 7amp adapter . I asked digi-key and they say they dont have it. this connector will be mounted on the pcb and exposed via the panel face of the box. look at this amazon listing , its selling 12V 7amp adaptor with a cylindrical connector so there must be a mating connector available.
I know, new openers use rolling code algorithms to communicate with remotes... that is why I was trying to figure out if there are all-in-one ICs to manage the rolling and storage part, so that all I have to do is make a pcb housing the battery, the loop antenna and few other things without managing the algorithm or the RF signal generation. I actu
I'm skipping the question if your stackup definition is reasonable and if blind vias can be produced with the intended substrate and prepreg dimensions. Your pcb has a via through all layers, it can of course connect layer 2 to 16.
Actually as i said I'm not familiar with pcb design. I'm concern about pcb elements like via's, PAD's and parts that are related to lumped elements and their effects on overall response of design.
What if we solder source pin directly to ground plane on the other side of pcb? Although need to put vias on gate and drain, i can imagine gate and drain can be coupled to waveguides without vias. For high gain amplification and still stable solution
Are you sure that you don't mean backdrilled via, a commonly used technique in high speed pcb design.
Interesting question. I think this is a question for the pcb manufacturer. My guess is that you need some minimum annular ring to insure the pth is solid, but not sure if it needs to be the same as on outer layers. I'm interested to know what you find out.
HXP circuit is a experienced ISO&UL licensed pcb factory. We can do rigid, flex, rigid-flex board boards. We can asl do some of special boards, like aluminium boards and CU substrate boards. We have rogers material in stock. Our website . Contact me via
I didn't seen your pcb. For reference voltages reasonable to use intependend ground and supply, connected via low pass filter, based on inductor and capacitor.
Default settings refers to values of current technology in pcb manufacturing industry for drilling or corrode the copper. Don´t means that necessarily must exists relation between both minimum values.
Hi, I would like to put a thyristor with (Ipp=500A 2/10 us) for longitudinal protection( Telcordia G1089-CORE standard) in E1 circuit. I want to know the number of vias in pcb layout design required to be put for the thyristor pad connecting to the ground for this high current. Is one via enough or multiple vias (...)
Hello All, I am relatively new to pcb layout and fabrication and our small company doesn't have access to much, well any, real layout software. As painful as it is to layout a GCPW board with autoCAD we managed. The only problem that arose was trying to define and give the pcb manufactures the via hole locations and sizes. I realize there (...)
Haii all I am facing with a problem I designed a circuit in Proteus ISIS and pcb of the same in Proteus ARES, via manual routing, but still I want to place a small track (that not present in ISIS schematic ) between two pins of an IC, and Proteus not allowing for that. How can I add it, what will be the reason behind it, please help me.
After following all the steps to configure vias: 1. Create the via pad on Pad Designer. 2. Make definition for similar vias from BB vias Setup on pcb Editor. Setting start & end layers. 3. Add via to physical contraint set, at respective top layer. 4. At routing time, select start (...)
Hi, there are some doubts I need to solve before adding vias to the layout. Two types of vias are needed, through hole and BBvias, could the drill hole be the same for both of them? via Pad <= 0.3 mm via Drill Hole <= 0.15 mm Which would be the recommended pad & drill hole for different kind of (...)
I have a relatively simple circuit for a low power HF AM transmitter (10W CW) and have neither the time or experience of laying out a board. I'd like to pay for someone with professional experience of laying out RF pcb's to assist me with this project. If you think you could handle this please feel free to contact me via skype: transmitterman
Hi all, I've a problem with Altium 15 at the end of pcb routing: Once routing was done, a "from-tos" line (one ratsnest) remain on the screen. It link an object connected with VDD (smd pad, or also a with a via through power plane (VDD)) with something that resides off-screen. No way to see what kind of object is because the line go away from
If it is approved and I use it in my pcb and control it via my ARM cortex processor, do I need to get the entire pcb board FCC approved ? Yes, FCC approval is required for a product, not a chip. It involves conformance with general EMC regulations and specific radio standards.
I have this via structure, It looks like its throughhole but I don't see any clearance/isolation area with other layers. Is that means it's touching and connecting to every single layers? It doesn't make sense. If it's a via to ground then its touching the ground plane and clearance/isolates with other layers. From the picture it l
Hello, A Basic Question: Two paralle long coupled traces on a pcb have lets say mutual capacitance of Cx. Say one trace is open ended at one end and connected to GND via at the the other end. Now if somehow I remove that GND connection at the top, will the two conductors will still have a mutual capacitance ? In a nutshell is there an
Hello, I am looking for an USB interface board that acts like a joystick. I took a few gamepads apart and used just the pcb but there must be better solutions. Also I would like to connect not only buttons but also rotary encoders to the board, so it has to determine the rotation direction. Can we make such a board ourselve
The silkscreen ident does not affect the via, however the reverse is not true. If you have any drilled hole underneath silkscreen ident then you will not always be able to tell what the ident text says even when it is tented. It is much better to move it so it is not drilled through. It is a process during pcb design to go through the silkscreen
Not sure if in the right section but... I recently made the jump from perf (vero) board and decided to etch my own boards via toner transfer and using murialtic acid and hydrogen peroxide and lets say that the first board I made came out great! But then I go to etch another board and instead of etching fast like the first board it doesnt etch at
IEC standards!!!! The footprint standard for surface mount devices is IPC-7351 if you are serious about pcb design I would recommend getting to know this standard. As to microvias, generally based on a 0.1mm pad with a 0.3mm target your case and mine in the past I have done a micro via with a land the same size as the width of the pad fo
Hi every body , now when I make pcb and send to be manufacture , I receive it but all via are exposed and if some metal touch to via it will be short it, my question is how to cover this vias with mask or something using ISIS ARES this website explain the tenting for you .. regards
Hello, i am facing problem without fan out feature of auto router in allegro pcb editor. the through hole component should be connected to plane without via but auto router is using separate via for its connection to plane. images of before auto routing and after auto routing are attached. please advise
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